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Stephen Hawking, who sought to explain the origins of the universe, the mysteries of black holes and the nature of time itself, died on.
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The power of his intellect contrasted cruelly with the weakness of his body, ravaged by the wasting motor neurone disease he developed at the age of As his condition worsened, he had to resort to speaking through a voice synthesizer and communicating by moving his eyebrows.

In the book he related how he was first diagnosed: But now, 50 years later, I can be quietly satisfied with my life. He said he wrote the book to convey his own excitement over recent discoveries about the universe. I think they understood most of it. This is called imaginary time, because it is not the kind of time we normally experience — but in a sense, it is just as real as what we call real time. Another major area of his research was into black holes, the regions of space-time where gravity is so strong that nothing, not even light, can escape.

In he was admitted to hospital in Cambridge suffering from pneumonia and was later transferred to a specialist heart and lung hospital. Any other of these spark your interest? I like the black holes.

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I like this one too about relativity: The scale of the universe is amazing. As Stephen Hawking pointed out, if time travel were possible, we would have people from the future visiting us. The scale of the world is fascinating. Atoms are so incomprehensibly small while galaxies are so huge! Interestingly, some parts of physics break down at the quantum i. Scientists are currently trying to bridge this gap with a Theory of Everything.

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Do any of these stand out to you in particular? You know this by science, but spiritual teachers will tell you this as well.

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Time is an illusion… think about it. Once we get that through our heads, we can live in the present, the only real moment there is! Black holes are fascinating! My husband and I are obsessed with space. I am going to show him this post when he gets home! Thanks so much for sharing and congrats on being FP, this was truly deserving!

Wow thanks so much! Reblogged this on Radhika Bauerle Radhika Puranam. Thanks for the lesson! What really blows my mind: The idea that our galaxy will very likely collide with Andromeda is very cool—though a little bit disconcerting haha. Any of these stand out in particular? Yeah, black holes are pretty crazy. The idea that there is a rip through space-time is enough to give anyone a headache. Funny captions to the photos. Space always interested me since childhood but I have reluctantly come to accept the chipmunk family that is my mind — I cannot comprehend it.

Most astronomical mind bending facts like these leaves my mouth agape but can hardly recall it later… not even for bragging! Anyway, this is incredible stuff. Anywho, what is your view on the possibility of a parallel universe? I think it has some merit to it. I fondly remember its reference in the movie Rabbit Hole. People first believed that the sun orbited us, that we were special. Then they thought that our solar system was the center of everything. Then that our galaxy was the only galaxy. I just hope to figure it out before the sun eats the earth!

This site might be helpful for special relativity.

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For the most part you can just ignore the text and go to the first interactive part where you can press play and watch the path of the light traced out. Light always travels at the same speed, and both reference frames are correct. The thing I struggle with most is reconciling observation with reality.

24 Secrets from Outer Space

For me, time is an absolute scalar reality that is not dependent on the speed of light. In fact, it is the other way round. It definitely took me a long time to understand it at first. The fact that light always travels at the same speed baffled scientists for hundreds of years. Even if you were moving at. As technology improves we will be able to observe events from the very early universe.

10 mind-blowing secrets of outer space Part I | The Weekly Show

From outside our atmosphere, the stars appear as constant lights! I never really though it was a real change of colours and have always guessed it was some optical ilusion kind of thing, but at 11 I wondered and thought my science theacher would be able to give me some answer… ;o. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

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Very true, most questions remain unanswered. Like any of these in particular? Got lot of knowledge. More atoms in a glass of water than glasses of water in the sea! Find any of these particularly interesting?

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