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Directed by Jonathon Quam. A quiet and poetic documentary where a young man searches for missing memories while he and his family confront a traumatic .
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Margaret Yorke was awarded the Cartier Diamond Dagger for her outstanding contribution to the crime fiction genre. She was a past chairman of the Crime Writers' Association and the author of over 50 novels.

The Cost of Silence — Children of the Hare Krishnas

She died in November The World According to Anna. The Unfinished Novel and Other stories. From the Place in the Valley Deep in the Forest. A newly reissued edition of Margaret Yorke's classic crime novel, The Cost of Silence Emma Widnes might have died at any moment, or she could have lived for years. More books by Margaret Yorke. Margaret Yorke Margaret Yorke was awarded the Cartier Diamond Dagger for her outstanding contribution to the crime fiction genre.

Find a book you'll love, get our newsletter name email. Published on May 22nd, by Sanaka Rsi dasa. As a child he witnessed different forms of abuse on a regular basis. Sanaka has dedicated the film to the generations of Hare Krishna children whose suffering has been ignored and silenced. If you can not spend time with him then stop the duties of pujari. In ancient India children were placed in the care of an enlightened teacher, the guru, who was qualified to look after the material, emotional and spiritual development of his students.

These schools were known as gurukulas. Nowadays many believe that child abuse is a dark chapter in the distant past of the Hare Krishna movement and that now there is an effective child protection system in place. Although some progress has been made over the years the current policies are still inadequate.

In the Hare Krishna movement political influence and spiritual authority often rest with the same people. This monopoly has created conflicts of interest that have frequently led to a misuse of power. Generally the need to be respectful to these leaders and the sentiments of their followers has been given priority over the need to protect children.

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This in turn has fostered an environment where accountability has been problematic and children have suffered. Please read the complete article at: Your email address will not be published. Notify me when new comments are added. Still my eyes are crying and my guts are raging. There was a time when killing such evil doers was justifiable homicide. Deviants destroy with hellish behavior! It perverts the atmosphere besides scaring the victims to the spirit-soul.

This makes for colder and more impersonal life experience. Without love it would make one a bit loopy. By age 16 I had Police protection from my parents vowed to fight all abuse. These children are not so conditioned; as such, their open, innocent expression of life, as well as their take on events is a treasure to witness.

We still feel like family when we meet. The Devas sent by Brihaspati or those out intense desire appear hear as joyful Hari Nama Sankirtan Vaishnavas going to Krishnaloka, This must not be perverted by tama gunies! We must clean the house He left us or all will be lost.

Basicly speaking I can not say anything about child abuse in Iskcon. Hearing him preach some kind of impersonal interpretation I decided to post his mental hospitalization facts in Facebook. What was the reaction? Similar things might happen when it comes to child abuse. Well it was a normal culture when I was studying in my school to beat the kids who were not good at studies. In India up-to school kids use to get this type of punishment. Sexual allegations are serious but punishing kids in the Gurukul was a common thing in India and we students and our parents feel normal about it and this turned us into a discipline human beings.

But now even in our system punishing kids in school is a crime — this came from western society— it came same way as coke and pepsi came— This documentary only represents single point of view…, Hare Krishna. Hare Krsna Prabhuji Kindly accept my humble obeisance. First I want to say that kindly forgive any offense I make in my further sayings as I am not much experienced and trained in Vaishnava etiquette.

Prabhuji I agree to your point, that child protection from any kind of abuse should be immediately stopped and there should be proper active channel to address such issues promptly.

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I want to take your attention towards a different but important aspect of the problem, i. Despite of being a regular chanter from years, honoring Krishna Prasadam, hearing and reading scriptures, attending classes, what went wrong that people commit such abominable mistakes? This is a question coming up again and again in mind. I therefore request you to try to find and share an answer. As per my little knowledge our activities depends on our daily inputs whether by seeing, eating, listening, reading, associating and these all activities are pure in KC movement.

Still all this is going on. And despite all of your efforts to stop it you have gained almost nothing in return except some hatred in your heart for sinner, and hatred from the people whom you are accusing. That only means that he has complete control and power with him to change it, so we should depend more on prayers. By the amount of concern you have shown, I believe that you are praying for the suffering souls, I would also like to suggest to pray for the peoples involved in the act, if someone has a disease and is not willing to take medicines than prayers for him is only solution I propose.

We should try to find the cause and cut that off. May that be lack of proper sadhana, lack of love in their lives, proper enlightenment, whatever it may be.

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As far I know this has been the culture of gurukuls that Gurus may hit their students if needed. We get some instances of same in various pastimes, even Mother Yashoda used to do that with Krishna… Running behind him with a stick to hit him, remember the Damodar Lila. And in India as far I can say it has been a culture to give mild punishments to students like a slap, or hitting with stick on palms etc. But still I feel teachers should also depend on prayers more and they should be self-exemplary so that a student learns by seeing. A proper training to Staff of Gurukul, from menial staff to directors and principals, everyone should go under a proper training on how to deal with child and how to deal with different scenarios.

This can be an option to gain trust in them. Basic things like CCTV can also be used in order to have a proper proof to put on while investigation. Everyone including students, teachers, and managerial staff on a personal level have a freedom to raise their concern and they should do so, with proper understanding of the situation. As my Counselor say that being something can be a big task but maintaining that is bigger, and many do fail in such attempts sometimes badly.

But we must have a heart with concern and compassion on condition of those who commit such things despite knowing spiritual matters and the result of such things. Fallen souls are first candidates of mercy. I am sorry for such big note and I also apologize again if anything offends you, and I apologize for trying to teach a Vaishnava much more experienced then a fool like me.

I hope you will not take any offence. Problem is in Kali-yuga there are many demons in the dress of devotees. They are not devotees. It is because they are demons in the dress of devotees. That is the reason. What is the reason for their suffering prabhu? Acharya said if he is unable to spend time with them stop the acts of pujari. He valued them so much. They suffered very heavily in body and mind. Somewhere u told it is not karma. Then what is the cause? What is the guarantee that some of them who were unable to complete KC in this life and if they get treated like this in their next life?

However, Krishna consciousness is supposed to be transcendental to Karma. Instead they establish these schools and the leaders knowingly staff them with pedophiles. This is the business of demons. They get innocent devotee children together and attack them like this. It was exposed years ago and they did not stop it, just forgave all the pedophiles and gave them big positions with the children again.

Now it is exposed again. That is they way they work. The demonic mentality is to destroy the devotees. So what better way to destroy the devotees than to have pedophiles molest them in the gurukul? Hiranyakasipu was a demon and Prahlada was a pure devotee. So Hiranyakasipu tortured his son Prahlada, because that is what demons do, they torture the devotees….

Degrading behaviour whilst pretending to love God and help others is extremely detrimental to all those honest and true devotees. I sincerely hope your efforts will bring some sort of relief to the victims, because of these perverted self centred perpetrators of innocence, these childrens lives are scarred by the trusted authorities. Its not an easy subject to encounter because it does hide in dark corners and these bad men support each other in wrong doing.

Price of Silence

The film is an understatement of the problem.