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With a slice of cheese between both of their teeth, two Dutch homosexuals passionately embrace while walking through the dunes – with tulips in the hair and.
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Therefore, we must learn to live together and understand each other. Indian African and Vedical wisdom learns to share this world with each other and this is something that is lacking in our disrupted world of today. Why is it so easy to sow hatred in the world, instead of tolerance, love and passion for other people who are different or who have another color? I must do more theoretical research to understand this better and to develop Dewanism, as the faith or newest way of life of the new generations in future.

What was the most difficult part of writing your books? Writing is a lonely job and if you want to finish one writing project, you will have to go through and sit alone entire days and nights thinking and typing. Sometimes I work twelve hours a day to finish one project and the loneliness can be a problem, particularly if I keep on doing it for one month.

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I haven't time for social contact and this makes me lonely and isolated. Being a full- time Hindu writer is something I would not recommend to other normal human beings.

Another difficult part is to decide what you will not write in your book or story. Sometimes I make a list of things that will not be written in my story. What was one of the most surprising things you learned in creating your books? There I met a nephew of mine whom I hadn't see in ages and I was surprised that he could not believe his eyes that I ever wrote such a huge book Koran: That surprised me and I often meet other people who likewise cannot believe it. I do not know how to explain this to them.

I write to sacrifice knowledge to Altecrea and other gods and goddesses. After the publication of my book Koran: Perhaps your readers would be interested in learning about one of the shocking events in my life, which I encountered. On Friday, may 20th, Late in the evening, three tall, white Dutch Christians visited me.

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They were at a drinking party held by three students who live beside me in my flat. They wanted to forcefully convert me to Christianity. They kept on telling me that Jesus is the savior and that the Bible is the book of their white God. I was shocked and realized that the racism and hatred toward pigmented people is still a big problem in all white majority nations; therefore my holy writing work is not finished yet. Do you share drafts of your books with someone whose opinion you trust? Sometimes I invite friends to read some parts of my drafts to learn their opinions.

But people have no time to read hundreds of pages in a few days. Sometimes I believe that Wieru, my Dutch Hindu cat is the only one who reads all my writings and who admires me, as a devoted Hindu writer. What sites do you frequent on-line to share experiences or information concerning your books? I am active now on almost 50 discussions forums on the Internet in Dutch and English. I had more, but all banned me, because of my critical views. On many forums, people know me as Dewanand and they join my funny discussions and share their views with me.

On this link you can find all sites and forums which I visit and where I have accounts. If I do not write than I am sleeping, walking around, phoning my holy Hindu girlfriends, cooking, eating, listening to music from many ancient cultures, cycling, going outdoor shopping, visiting events, hugging Wieru, going to toilet or thinking.

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What do you think of the new Internet market for writers? This is a good question. Nowadays it is possible to launch your own website and publish your texts and books online. Every day, you will attract some readers and perhaps make you feel good as a writer. Real devoted writers of the future will forget about narrow minded publishers, as I predict, and they will publish anything on their own personalized website to reach out to the whole world.

It is sad to see how stupid we use the high tech Interne because it is so sophisticated and we use only ten percent of its capacity. Within ten years the speed of the internet will increase by 10, percent. When so much capacity is wasted, then also investment money is wasted.

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  6. We must develop more advanced ways of publishing books on the Internet and to provide a living for the poor, lonely, forgotten and depressed writers. I have developed a futuristic business plan to earn money with texts and books on the Internet to increase the quality. I am looking for investors who want to launch this project for me on the web. For me it is such a sad feeling when an innocent tree must die to print a book of mine.

    If I analyze my information at this moment I must say that the happiness rate in Holland went down last five years and I studied papers of experts who said that things will become worse here during the upcoming five years. It is something that many people feel here every day if I speak with them. I heard Dutch thinkers saying that the degradation of a human into an economic parameter as a working machine and a consumer is one of the worse developments in this country and even the hard proof that a human being is nothing worth anymore in Holland.

    You commented about the Surinamese people, or those of Surinamese descent have a feeling of entitlement for welfare due to their prior abuse by the Dutch. How widespread is this cultural belief?

    Holland: Paradise or Hell?

    Yes, there is a saying here, during the seventies it was normal that any Surinamese person in Holland immediately received a BMW car, a house and a welfare loan from the government and this became their whole subculture in this country. Another saying is that once there was a demonstration of Surinam people who wanted jobs, but when someone showed up and said ok I have jobs for you all, they just ran away, and refused to work. Dutch people like to tell these things if they talk about Surinam people and they tell the truth.

    However, the truth is that there are many kinds of races, religions and cultures in Surinam and these things influence the way they think about working, higher education or starting a business. It always amazes me to see that the majority of the ethnic companies and shops in Holland and Surinam are of Hindustani people, who are descendants of Indian immigrants. Even I am one of them. Many Chinese people of Surinam origin also do good business, but it hurts me to see that many Afro Surinamese people are not doing business and the majority is not highly educated, however I do believe that they are intelligent enough to do this.

    This is something that depends on the period of Negro slavery by the Dutch and I know many facts about this problem in the Afro Surinamese subculture in Surinam and Holland.

    Title: Holland: Paradise or Hell?

    I believe that the way you think can keep you poor and less developed and not the history of your ancestors. My ancestors from India were the small, weak low caste coolies possibly of untouchable Dalit tribes , uneducated and illiterate, and the whole system of contract labor for these Indian immigrants was not different than that of the Negro slavery system in Surinam. However the Hindu culture is very competitive and you are judged on your education, money, grades, religious knowledge Hinduism and manners by any other Hindustani, even in Mother India, so you will have to perform in practice.

    Delano Desi Bouterse already was speaking about the bad and low level mentality of Surinam people in and I heard him saying these things during mass events in Surinam when I was a teenage boy long ago. I do like this challenging question. In fact since the year I defined a hard target for the future and I really wanted to study all parameters of the multicultural society and did a lot of private research, funded by nobody, all by myself and my own savings. Why some non white ethnic minorities fail totally in knowledge based capitalistic economies is interesting for me to study.

    The poverty and low education of African Americans, which you are referring to, is interesting. One parameter that influences this development is their rebellious sub Afro culture in their own closed ethnic ghettos. They isolate them self into these social ghettos, even on the internet. I think this development will be fatal for them self and it will drag them down to lower positions in all white societies in future.

    Self isolation is something that is your own choice I think as an ethnic group and not the fault of the white majority or due to discrimination and racism. Almost all non white ethnic groups in the Western world have a colonial past, except the Japanese. Many things must be cultural or based on religious habits I think. I read papers which tell that the African Americans have some sort of culture of sharing the poverty, and they do not believe in knowledge, education and entrepreneurship, because they do not want to imitate the white man.

    His hearers were profoundly affected by the style and content of his lectures, and his reputation grew and spread through all sections of society. He moved into the school [madrasa] belonging to his old teacher al-Mukharrimii, but the premises eventually proved inadequate. In the words of Shaikh Muzaffer Ozak Efendi: Get exclusive offers and notices of new products sent directly to your inbox.