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Half-Life (stylized as HλLF-LIFE) is a first-person shooter video game developed by Valve and published by Sierra Studios for Microsoft Windows in
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The Combine attack the main resistance base and take Eli prisoner. While evading Combine pursuit, Freeman and Alyx attempt to rescue her father and make their way into the Citadel, the Combine's base. They confront Wallace Breen , the Combine's puppet ruler , and destroy the dark energy reactor that powers the Combine's portals.

The destruction of the Citadel reactor has started a chain reaction that will destroy City Freeman and Alyx work to slow the reaction and intercept a transmission that could cut off the combine permanently. They fight through the ruins of City 17 and eventually escape the city with their allies. The Citadel explosion creates a "superportal" which could allow the full Combine force onto Earth. In the mountains outside City 17, Gordon and Alyx regroup with the resistance, fend off a Combine attack, and launch a satellite and using the information contained in the combine transmission shut down the superportal.

G-Man instructs Alyx to tell her father to "prepare for unforeseen consequences", shaking him. With the Combine defeated, Freeman and Alyx prepare to depart for the 'Borealis', an Aperture Science owned vessel involved in a portal related accident. Before they can leave a pair of Combine advisors attack Freeman, Alyx, and Eli. Eli is killed and his knowledge stolen before Dog intervenes and saves Freeman and Alyx. Freeman blacks out as Alyx weeps over her father. Valve began working on the first game of the series soon after the company's formation, and settled on a concept for a horror-themed 3D action game , using the Quake engine as licensed by id Software.

The Rise and Fall of Half-Life

The game was a hit at the E3 convention, where its animation system and artificial intelligence were demonstrated. Opposing Force , which was developed by Gearbox Software , a then-new company based in Plano , Texas , and announced on April 15, The second Half-Life expansion pack, Half-Life: Blue Shift , was again developed by Gearbox Software and announced by its publisher, Sierra Entertainment , on August 30, The game, Decay , was showcased at E3 , where Gearbox demonstrated the game's use of new model sets, [76] which were around twice as detailed as those in Blue Shift.

Half-Life 3 And A Valve VR Headset Might Indeed Happen After All

For the game, Valve developed a new game engine , Source , which handles the game's visual, audio, and artificial intelligence elements. The Source engine comes packaged with a heavily modified version of the Havok physics engine that allows for an extra dimension of interactivity in both single-player and online environments. Episode One , Valve modified Alyx's AI to allow her to react to the player's actions because of her significant involvement in the game.

Abrams and Gabe Newell announced that they had plans for a game and a film collaboration. Abrams said, "There's an idea we have for a game that we'd like to work with Valve on," while Newell said, "We're going to figure out if we can make a Portal movie or Half-Life movie together". A short film based upon Half-Life , titled Half-Life: Uplink , was developed by Cruise Control, a British marketing agency, and released on March 15, However, Sierra withdrew it from circulation after Sierra and Valve had failed to resolve licensing issues with Cruise Control over the film.

The critical reception of the film was very poor. The film's plot was that of a journalist attempting to infiltrate the Black Mesa Research Facility and discover what was happening there. In early , the Purchase Brothers, a Toronto -based film company, released a five-minute film based on Half-Life 2: In late a trailer for a Half-Life inspired independent short film, Beyond Black Mesa, was released.

Directed by Brian Curtin, it follows the character Adrian Shephard. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Half-Life series The series' logo, an orange lambda , is a prominent symbol throughout the series. Portal video game series. List of GoldSrc mods and List of Source mods. Retrieved October 23, Archived from the original on May 22, Retrieved May 26, Retrieved November 14, Retrieved February 16, Retrieved February 19, Retrieved November 19, Retrieved November 18, Opposing Force for PC Review".

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Half-Life at 20: why it is the most important shooter ever made

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The game progresses not as a power fantasy, but a survival story. From here, you stagger through a series of sequences that work like disaster-movie scenes: Meanwhile, the monsters scuttle about unseen: Half-Life wants you to know that other things are happening in the world.

Half-Life 3 And A Valve VR Headset Might Indeed Happen After All - Digital Overload

Black Mesa, with its sterile high-tech labs and futuristic living areas, is a theatre set: As you progress through the game, you travel deeper into these nightmarish no-go zones, like an urban explorer traversing the sewers beneath a glittering city. They attach to the victim, swallow their heads and take over their bodies — the person is still in there somewhere, screaming.

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  4. Like the Cigarette Smoking Man in the X-Files, he represents the secret cabal, the illuminati, the shadow government — he is the fear that there are powerful rich white guys controlling all the horrors of the world. The choice he offers to Freeman at the close of the game is the archetypal Orwellian quandary: Its storytelling is so clever, subtle and perfectly pitched, it can still engross you.

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    Half-Life taught a whole generation of big-budget game developers how to tell stories in an interactive space without continually wresting control from the player. Followed by a variety of sequels and add-ons, expanding the story and exploring new perspectives, it was also a lesson in universe building. No wonder that more than a decade since the last instalment, Half-Life 2: Episode Two, fans are still yearning for another sequel.

    Everybody who plays Half-Life has a favourite memory, a cherished moment, and they all feel personal. While other sci-fi horror games were telling us that monsters and demons were the baddies, Half-Life said: Tear down the scenery; look behind the lie.