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If you've never made money online, focus on making your first dollar. If you've earned some money, focus on building a site that brings in $
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This page may include affiliate links. See our disclaimer for more details. Maybe you really enjoy writing and just want a place to keep all of your work. Others may be looking to replace their income and live the digital nomad life. When I started Average Joe Finance I had the goal of helping others better understand and manage their money.

It was this desire to have my site be self-sufficient that led me down the path on how to make money blogging.


Either way, the first step is making your first dollar. Then your first fifty or hundred dollars. Once you have a process in place, you really are only limited by your effort. A lot of people think they need to have tens of thousands of page views in order to monetize their blog.

The first time to make money blogging is to actually create your blog. If you already have a blog in place you can skip to the next section.

7 Proven Steps to Earning Your First $100 Online

Selecting a topic to write about should be simple, but for many people, this is the hardest step. Often it is easy to succumb to decision paralysis. Do you keep searching for the perfect topic? Stop worrying about trying to find the best topic in the best niche and just go with what feels right to do. What are your interests, hobbies, passions? Pick one or two and try writing a few sample articles. But if the words are just flying off your fingertips? A lot of people talk about making sure you write in a popular niche.

Sure, writing about popular topics gives you more potential readers, but it also increases competition. The interest is a big place. Write about what interests you and focus on creating quality content and the readers will come. Next you can select which plan you want.

The marketing offers include free Bing and Google credits, which come in handy when it comes time to market your site. Once you select your plan, you get to select your domain. Once you have your domain and hosting in place, you need to create a site for people to visit. Select your domain and click Next.

You can ignore those ads at the bottom for professional installation.

Next, enter all of your site and admin info. This is the information you will use to log into your site to make changes to your theme or schedule posts. To log into your new site, go to www. From the admin dashboard in WordPress you can select your theme and start posting to your site.

How to Make Your First $100 Online

Customizing your theme could be an entire post to itself. There are a lot of great tutorials available online that will walk you through this process. Not doing so is what prevents a lot of bloggers from making money. In this case, the product is you. Your readers are going to keep coming back because of you. Think about your favorite sites. What do you love about them? Why do you keep going back for more? Chances are they have a consistent look and feel across their posts. This is their brand and if you want to be successful you need to stay true to your brand.

In my opinion, the quickest way to being monetizing your site if with affiliate marketing. In return for sending them a sale, you receive a commission. The commission you receive can vary pretty drastically. A quick note on affiliate links. Make sure you set them to nofollow otherwise search engines may penalize you as spam. There are a lot of plugins that make it easy to set certain links to nofollow. A great place to start is with the products you already use. Come up with a list of potential products or services you could market.

Typically, if you take courses from other bloggers, they have a way for you to become an affiliate. Or you can check the major affiliate marketing programs like Click Junction or Share a Sale. This goes back to thinking of yourself as a brand or platform. You need to create content that takes the time to explain the pros and cons of using the product. Think about what made you purchase it. Why do you continue to use it? If it does, then you need to revise your strategy and eliminate anything that is not working for you.

How to Make Your First $ Online

We are continuously tweaking and restructuring our marketing approach to making money online. I do 3 three things to achieve sales. You are a blogger and you know what other bloggers need? They need amazing images for their blogs. Photos to beautify their blog, to create graphics and market their business.

If you are already great with a camera, then you are ahead of the herd. If not, then do not worry. If you are a creative entrepreneur and you love taking photos, you can start making money with this venture. Do you have an outstanding Instagram account? Is it well branded?

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If so you can update your skills and make some money. Is there a market for this? Bloggers like me are always looking for beautiful images to promote our work. They are several bloggers that feel that you should not use ads on your blog because it distracts the reader.

But I think if you have the right ads that relate to your blog, then it should work. I keep the ads on my blog to a minimum and mostly use affiliate banners. But using high-end ad companies is best and you will be able to bring in income for your business without losing your style and authenticity. In order for ads to work, you need blog traffic. There is no getting around this. In fact, some of the best high-end ad companies require you to have over thousand page views before they can accept you. I personally use Media. Again, to see the benefit, you need traffic.

They are bloggers making thousands of dollars just by having ads on their site. Just ensure the ads that appear match your blog theme and topic. You might also like: It has the best Pinteresting strategies that will help you get from zero to thousand page views per month. The bloggers in my Facebook group are seeing great results after using this method to promote and market their blog. Blog traffic does take a while to come, but Carly does an amazing job of explaining the best way to get traffic with Pinterest.

We are going to highlight a few places you can find sponsored posts today. Make sure you have a media kit ready, and you have a great following on social media and only accept posts that work with your niche and brand. You might also be interested in this: The Best influence Network for Bloggers to earn income. We wanted to add a few more things you can consider. We recommend having multiple streams of income in order to be successful. This month you may really rock it with affiliate marketing and the next, your sales may deep below the norm.

But your sponsored posts might be really good. Sign up for a few things and work your magic each month. If you liked this post, pay it forward and pin it to your Blogging tips board right here: The page is created to share your work, pitch your services and learn from other experienced bloggers! This means that if you purchase something that has an affiliate link, we will get a commission from it. Not all items recommended on our site are affiliate links. We only recommend items that we have used and tried. These items have brought us much success and we highly recommend them to you in order to be successful.

Thank you for your trust! A great way to increase traffic to your blog, which will help you earn money from those ads, is via guest posting on other blogs. I am just now jumping into this realm, so, fingers crossed! And it is still taking a long time to earn any money. Do you have any tips with making affilate sales. Trying to stay positive and plug along! I always enjoy reading your posts, they are super helpful as I am new to the blogging world! My next step is to incorporate some affiliate programs. That is the motivation I needed today. Someone who has been where I am and have earned real money, to say that it was actually posssible.

I have bookmarked your site, I will check out all these links and options soon. Gayathri Musings Over Nothing. I love the ideas. Thanks for posting them. Do you ever feel like ads discourage people from your blog? Thank you for the detailed resource. Can you do a detailed post on the ultimate bloggers bundle whenever you have the time? Lots of excellent ideas in this post. I have the Pinteresting Strategies, I need to sit down and really dig into more. Wow, this is a lot of great info. I am saving this to digest it carefully. So many good tips! Thank you for creating this post.

Love the blog by the way. Thanks for these helpful tips. I started to work towards monetizing my blog this month and am 20 cents in! Gotta start somewhere, ammirite? I loved this post inrecently started using media. I started using it this month so far I have made 2 cents lol still figuring out where to place them. But thankyou for this information. Your email address will not be published.