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March 9, ; Published: ABSTRACT Avian plumage has captivated scientists and the public alike for generations and has been a fundamental study system for research into signal evolution. Modification of the social order in flocks of hens by injection of testosterone propianate.

Effect of Eimeria acervulina infection on chick Gallus domesticus high density lipoprotein composition. Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology B An experimental test of the dose-dependent effect of carotenoids and immune activation on sexual signals and antioxidant activity. The American Naturalist Adjustment of female reproductive investment according to male carotenoid-based ornamentation in a gallinaceous bird. Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology Teststerone-mediated trade-offs in the old age: A new approach to the immunocompetence handicap and carotenoid-based sexual signalling. Proceedings of the Royal Society B Why are female birds ornamented?

Multiple receivers, multiple ornaments, and a trade-off between agonistic and epigamic signaling in a widowbird. Short-term exposure to testosterone propionate leads to rapid bill color and dominance changes in Zebra Finches. Hormones and Behavior Evolution of sexual dichromatism: Contribution of carotenoid- versus melanin-based coloration. Biological Journal of the Linnean Society Carotenoid trade-off between parasitic resistance and sexual display: An experimental study in the blackbird Turdus merula.

Johann Pachelbel: Aria Quinta (Air and variations)

Associations of avian facial flushing and skin colouration with agonistic interaction outcomes. Are large wattles related to particular MHC genotypes in the male pheasant? Relative importance of male and territory quality in pairing success of male Rock Ptarmigan Lagopus mutus. Age-dependent effects of carotenoids on sexual ornaments and reproductive performance of a long-lived seabird. Dynamics of PHA-induced immune response and plasma carotenoids in birds: Should we have a closer look?

The Journal of Experimental Biology Carotenoid-based bill colour is an integrative signal of multiple parasite infection in blackbird. Does gape colour indicate body condition in the Antarctic Petrel? A UV signal of offspring condition mediates context-dependent parental favouritism.

Carotenoids and skin coloration in a social raptor. Journal of Raptor Research Why egg yolk is yellow. Intrasexual competition in Zebra Finches, the role of beak colour and body size. No heightened condition dependence of Zebra Finch ornaments—a quantitative genetic approach. Journal of Evolutionary Biology Indentation hardness of the bill keratin of the European Starling. Natural selection and coloration: Protection, concealment, advertisement, or deception?

Carotenoid concentration and coloration of American Kestrels Falco sparverius disrupted by experimental exposure to PCBs. Sexual dichromatism in birds independent of diet, parasites and androgens. Effect of dietary carotenoids on vitamin A status and skin pigmentation in false tomato frogs Dyscophus guineti. Bill colour and correlates of male quality in blackbirds: An analysis using canonical ordination. Ornament size influences mating success in male Rock Ptarmigan.

Older males have bigger knobs: Correlates of ornamentation in two species of curassow. Adaptive functions of fleshy ornamentation in Wild Turkeys and related birds. Female choice, parasite load and male ornamentation in Wild Turkeys. Thermoregulatory role of the unfeathered head and neck in male Wild Turkeys. Male dominance and variation in fleshy head ornamentation in Wild Turkeys.

Journal of Avian Biology Jones Dukes , S. Journal of Animal Breeding and Genetics Sexual selection of aesthetic traits in species with biparental care. Bill color preferences of Zebra Finches. Bill color, reproduction and condition effects in wild and domesticated Zebra Finches. Colour of the upper mandible: An adaptation to reduce reflectance. An analysis of physical, physiological, and optical aspects of avian coloration with emphasis on wood-warblers.

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Relative contributions of developmental and adult conditions to adult immune function and coloration in Mallard ducks Anas platyrhynchos. Journal of Comparative Physiology B Developmental immune history affects adult immune function but not carotenoid-based ornamentation in Mallard ducks. Differential effects of early- and late-life access to carotenoids on adult immune function and ornamentation in Mallard ducks Anas platyrhynchos. Eggshell coloration reflects both yolk characteristics and dietary carotenoid history of female Mallards.

Immune function is related to adult carotenoid and bile pigment levels, but not to dietary carotenoid access during development, in female Mallard ducks. Journal of Experimental Biology How many color metrics do we need? Evaluating how different color-scoring procedures explain carotenoid pigment content in avian bare-part and plumage ornaments. Testosterone does not affect basal metabolic rate or blood parasite load in captive male White-plumed Honeyeaters Lichenostomus penicillatus. The use of multiple cues in mate choice. Parental care and external sexual characters in the Warbling Doradito Pseudocolopteryx flaviventris.

Journal of Ornithology Similar preferences for ornamentation in opposite- and same-sex choice experiments. Differential effects of testosterone metabolites oestradiol and dihydrotestosterone on oxidative stress and carotenoid-dependent colour expression in a bird. Patterns of serum carotenoid accumulation and skin colour variation in kestrel nestlings in relation to breeding conditions and different terms of carotenoid supplementation. Phenotypic, genetic, and environmental causes of variation in yellow skin pigmentation and serum carotenoids in Eurasian Kestrel nestlings.

Skin carotenoid concentration correlates with male hunting skill and territory quality in the kestrel Falco tinnunculus. Differential effects of testosterone, dihydrotestosterone, and estradiol on carotenoid deposition in an avian sexually selected signal. Journal of Comparative Physiology A Bare skin, blood and the evolution of primate colour vision. Sexual character intensity and its relationship to breeding timing, fecundity and mate choice in the Great Cormorant Phalacrocorax carbo lucidus.

Mouth color signals thermal state of nestling Dark-eyed Juncos Junco hyemalis. The response of chicks of the Franklin's Gull to parental bill-color. Statistical analysis of factors which make for success in initial encounters between hens. Female mate choice in the Zebra Finch—the effect of male beak colour and male song.

Does beak colour affect female preference in Zebra Finches? Changes in sperm quality and numbers in response to experimental manipulation of male social status and female attractiveness. Experimental evidence that female ornamentation increases the acquisition of sperm and signals fecundity.

Plasticity in reproductive phenotypes reveals status-specific correlations between behavioral, morphological, and physiological sexual traits. Sex-specific patterns of aging in sexual ornaments and gametes. Age-dependent allocation of carotenoids to coloration versus antioxidant defences. Anatomy of the vascular system of the head and neck of the Helmeted Guineafowl Numida meleagris. Journal of Zoology On ornamental maturation of two Philippine hornbill species with a note on physiological colour change. Carotenoid-dependent coloration of male American Kestrels predicts ability to reduce parasitic infections.

A test of the Darwin-Fisher theory for the evolution of male secondary sexual traits in monogamous birds. Mouth coloration of nestlings covaries with offspring quality and influences parental feeding behavior.

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Effects of brood size manipulation on sexual attractiveness of offspring in the Zebra Finch. Handbook of the Birds of the World. Lynx Edicions , Barcelona, Spain. The liver but not the skin is the site for conversion of a red carotenoid pigment in a passerine bird. Maternal investment in eggs is affected by male feet colour and breeding conditions in the Blue-footed Booby, Sula nebouxii. Manipulating the appearance of a badge of status causes changes in true badge expression.

Carotenoid-based bill coloration functions as a social, not sexual, signal in songbirds Aves: Social stimulation, nuptial coloration, androgens and immunocompetence in a sexual dimorphic cichlid fish. Colouration in Atlantic Puffins and blacklegged kittiwakes: Monochromatism and links to body condition in both sexes.

Sexual skin color contains information about the timing of the fertile phase in free-ranging Macaca mulatta. International Journal of Primatology House Sparrow, Passer domesticus , parents preferentially feed nestlings with mouth colours that appear carotenoid-rich. Proximate correlates of carotenoid-based mouth coloration in nestling House Sparrows. Carotenoid-rich mouth colors influence the conspicuousness of nestling birds. Correlation of cere color with intra- and interspecific agonistic interactions of Crested Caracaras.

Shield characteristics are testosterone-dependent in both male and female moorhens. Size dimorphism, intrasexual competition, and sexual selection in Wattled Jacana Jacana jacana , a sex-role-reversed shorebird in Panama. Natural selection on color patterns in Poecilia reticulata.

Natural and sexual selection on color patterns in poeciliid fishes. Environmental Biology of Fishes 9: Environmental stress affects the expression of a carotenoid-based sexual trait in male Zebra Finches. Male bill colour and competition in Zebra Finches. Nonautosomal genetic variation in carotenoid coloration. Quantitative genetics of a carotenoid-based color: Heritability and persistent natal environmental effects in the Great Tit.

Condition dependence of nestling mouth colour and the effect of supplementing carotenoids on parental behaviour in the Hihi Notiomystis cincta. Feather corticosterone levels independent of developmental immune challenges predict carotenoid-based, but not melanin-based, traits at adulthood. Immune activation rapidly mirrored in a secondary sexual trait.

Bill colour and immunocompetence in the European Blackbird. Breeding strategy and morphological characters in an urban population of blackbirds, Turdus merula. Bill colour and body condition in the moorhen Gallinula chloropus. Carotenoid-based colours reflect the stress response in the common lizard. Costs to reproductive success restrict sexual selection processes.

Repeatability of mate choice in the Zebra Finch: Consistency within and between females. The presence of females modulates the expression of a carotenoid-based sexual signal. Male attractiveness and differential tesosterone investment in Zebra Finch eggs. Sexual selection is influenced by both developmental and adult environments. Maternal investment of female Mallards is influenced by male carotenoid-based coloration. External markers of social rank in Willow Ptarmigan. Female-specific colouration, carotenoids and reproductive investment in a dichromatic species, the Upland Goose Chloephaga picta leucoptera.

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The Biochemistry of the Carotenoids, vol. Chapman and Hall , London, UK. Parental preference for red mouth of chicks in a songbird. The hypothesis of reproductive compensation and its assumptions about mate preferences and offspring viability. Melanin- versus carotenoid-based sexual signals: A hierarchical system of classification based on crystal structure and composition by Mitchell, Roger H.

Growth of continental crust: Alteration of nanocrystalline calcium silicate hydrate C-S-H at pH 9. On the nature and origin of garnet in highly-refractory Archean lithospheric mantle: Zeolites at high pressure: A review by Gatta, G. Volume 80 Issue 7 Nov , pp. Volume 79 Issue 7 Dec , pp. Volume 78 Issue 7 Dec , pp. Volume 77 Issue 8 Dec , pp. Volume 76 Issue 7 Dec , pp.

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Volume 75 Issue 6 Dec , pp. Volume 74 Issue 6 Dec , pp. Volume 73 Issue 6 Dec , pp. Volume 72 Issue 6 Dec , pp. Volume 71 Issue 6 Dec , pp. Volume 70 Issue 6 Dec , pp. Exactly solvable toy models of unconventional magnetic alloys: Bethe Ansatz versus Renormalization Group method. A previous one has been sent to Archive because of my technical mistake. Oscar Bolina , Domingos H. Kastner , Hadas Shtrikman , D. Wenjin Mao , Kevin S. Jongsoo Yoon , C. Level statistics of quantum dots coupled to reservoirs. Resonant multiple Andreev reflections in mesoscopic superconducting junctions.

Mis- handling gauge invariance in the theory of the quantum Hall effect III: The instanton vacuum and chiral edge physics. Overall time evolution in phase-ordering kinetics. Claudio Castellano , Marco Zannetti. RevTeX, 14 pages, 18 figures, to appear in Phys. Hall Conductivity in the presence of repulsive magnetic impurities.

B 7, , Low temperature resistivity in a nearly half-metallic ferromagnet. Xindong Wang , X. Altshuler 1 , Dmitrii L. Kolwankar , Alexander Punnoose. Quantum phase transitions in the Triangular-lattice Bilayer Heisenberg Model. Fermionic random transverse-field Ising spin chain. B 58, Zheng Weihong , J. Physical Review B58, Vortex stabilization in Bose-Einstein condensate of alkali atom gas. Tomoya Isoshima , Kazushige Machida. Derivation of the Matalon-Packter law for Liesegang patterns. Coherence correlations in the dissipative two-state system.

Lang 1 , E. Paladino 2 and 1 , U. Relation between Vortex core charge and Vortex Bound States. Optical conductivity of colossal magnetorestistance compounds: Role of orbital degeneracy in the ferromagnetic phase. Revtex, 14 pages, 14 figures. Landau model for uniaxial systems with complex order parameter. Parry Imperial College, London. Quantum spins mixing in spinor Bose-Einstein condensates. Hopping Conduction in Uniaxially Stressed Si: B near the Insulator-Metal Transition. Degeneracy Algorithm for Random Magnets. Sorin Bastea Michigan State University. E 58, December 1st Physical Review E 58, On the first-order phase transitions in a bistable large-spin systems Mn12Ac and others.

Two Magnetic Impurities in a Spin Chain. B as Rapid Communications. B 58, RR Physics Letters A Interaction between impurities and solitons in quasi one-dimensional spin-Peierls systems. Optical Conductivity in the Copper Oxide Materials. Zhongbing Huang , Shiping Feng. Persistent edge current in fractional quantum Hall liquids. Pati , Rajiv R. Singh , Daniel I. Comment on "The Glassy Potts Model". Charged and spin-excitation gaps in half-filled strongly correlated electron systems: Sankalpa Ghosh , R.

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Further information can be obtained from chenz physics. Grain boundary component in W-Ga composites: Inertial Effects in Non-Equilibrium Thermodynamics. Kramers-like Picture for Crystal Nucleation. To appear in J. Correlations of conductance peaks and transmission phases in deformed quantum dots. A Wannier-function-based ab initio Hartree-Fock study of polyethylene.

Energy barriers for diffusion on stepped Pt surface. Orientational order of the two-dimensional hard disk system. Eldon Emberly , George Kirczenow. Hubbard model with SU 4 symmetry. Nonequilibrium Green's function Approach. Microscopic calculations on Raman scattering from acousitc phonons confined in Si nanocrystals. Spin excitations in ferromagnetic manganites. Physica B, , Short-time dynamics of the positional order of the two-dimensional hard disk system. A Large frequency range of negligible transmission in 1D photonic quantum well structures.

Simulation of a non-invasive charge detector for quantum cellular automata. Equation of state for polymer liquid crystals: Cantori and dynamical localization in the Bunimovich Stadium. RevTeX, 8 pages, to be published in Physica D. Analysis of a three-component model phase diagram by Catastrophe Theory: Potentials with two Order Parameters. B, 59 Metal-Insulator transition in one-dimensional Hubbard superlattices. Thereza Paiva , Raimundo R.

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three fantasiestcke no 3 in c minor Manual

Escape rate of the nanospin system in a magnetic field: Park , Dal-Ho Yoon. Detection of vorticity in Bose-Einstein condensed gases by matter-wave interference. Bolda , Dan F. Gang Su , Masuo Suzuki. Revtex, 3 figures upon request. Abelian Cascade Dynamics in Bootstrap Percolation. Physica A, , Magnetic Properties of a Quantum Ferrimagnet: Jpn vol 67 No.

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