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This rollicking British romance by the author of Asking for Trouble finds year- old smart-mouthed Harriet in an awkward position. She hasn't set out to get.
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John Mackenzie, who is practically perfect in every way. He even pays for a taxi home when Harriet finally realizes that her wallet has been stolen whilst she dawdled and daydreamed.

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Harriet rushes home to her housemates and friends to hear what they think of this unlucky encounter, gathering them from every corner of the drafty, rambling old house she inherited from her eccentric aunt. But Harriet decides to date John anyway, without summoning up the courage to ask the Big Question: Are you seeing Nina?

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Will Jacko get anywhere with freewheeling Frida when he asks his Big Question: Will Widdles, the two-ton cat, ever waddle home? There was a problem adding your email address.

Be the first to discover new talent! Harriet's engaging group of friends—housemate Sally, whose one-night stand on holiday left her with a child; Jacko, Harriet's former school chum, surrogate brother and occasional house guest, who is constantly bickering with Sally; and next door neighbor Helen, whose husband left her and her children for a younger woman—provoke laughs and sympathy as they muddle through singledom.

Harriet also manages a great balancing act between the vagaries of her own life and that of her divorced parents, each of whom has found new partners.

Scenes and conversations can sometimes drag on longer than necessary, and Young's humor is of the gentle—rather than piercing—variety. But for the most part, she holds her own against the likes of Anna Maxted and Helen Fielding.

A Promising Man (and About Time, Too)

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A Promising Man (and About Time, Too). - Elizabeth Young

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