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Wisdom and Guidance. Explore the world of Lion Symbolism, Lion Totem, Lion Meaning, Lion Dream, and Lion Messages. Spirit Animal.
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With rapid socio-economic advancement, families have become more prosperous.

Living standard has risen to an extent that it is different from the adverse living conditions in the s. Children nowadays can receive free education. It includes not merely the support for each other in a physical manner, but in a spiritual or political way. The "Lion Rock Spirit" has in recent years been modernised to express the socio-political aspirations of Hong Kong people for real democracy, social equality and justice. More young people assembled together to join protests and public consultations on issues like moral and national education , [15] the amendments in housing policies [16] and democratic reform for genuine universal suffrage in the legislative and executive positions.

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Lion Symbolism, Lion Meaning, Lion Totem, Lion Dream, Messages, Spirit Animals

Retrieved 19 March Retrieved 21 March South China Morning Post. Retrieved 24 March Retrieved 15 March Retrieved 17 March Retrieved 13 March Time Out Hong Kong. Retrieved 23 March Retrieved from " https: Please help me to find out a reason for this reason Thank you. I was being chased by a Lion. I ran into a room and held the door shut. There was a knock on the door and I can hear the lion getting closer.

I opened the door just enough to let him in. Too my surprise my young son walked like nothing was wrong. I slummed the door just as the lion got to it. His roar was loud and he was pushing on the door. I looked to my right and there was a woman on the bed. She looked like my mom but then looked Iike me. Can you please tell me what my dream means? I just woke up. I was dreaming about calling my little dog. Two white lions both male, one staying farther off. The biggest white male was with a white femaleness wolf. They acted like a mated pair.

At one point she sat down and looked at me, while he came up close behind and sat. It was a shocking dream. When she got up he followed closely. You could tell they were together. I dreamt of myself staying and playing with two lions and always fed them and they become happy. They seemed to be happy with me and I also seemed to be happy with them but the other part of me was scared of the lions and I wanted them to go.

Lion Spirit Animal

The lions looked sad and then I woke. But she also reminds me that Lion is the one big cat who does not hunt or live alone. Lion is the cat who cooperates, who communes, who Dances and Hunts with others in order to survive. Giving yourself over to others and trusting others requires more courage than most of us think. Lion does not stand alone. Neither do any of us. Lion is a foreign animal to me and to all my Ancestors.

Yet I know that I would not be here without the help and the love of so many friends, family and even strangers. My instinct is to stand alone, to push all others away. But that is the easy way, the fearful way for me. Real courage is knowing that it is love that has kept me here, and the courage of others.

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Real courage is being grateful to those others and that it is so. A group of Lions is called a Pride for a reason. But this time of a different friend. When you begin to doubt your strength and your courage my beloved friend, lean on mine as I have so often leaned on yours. We have always been together. And we are as strong as either of us may need to be. We can share this burden as if we have shared so many, together with Pride.

Do not forget your fierceness. We will always walk together. You should not trust everyone, some one could betray you. Someone may seem sweet, caring or docile but could have dark intentions. Aside from courage Lion asks that you speak what it is you want from this life clearly, not just to others, but most importantly to yourself. Listen closely, my beloved friend.

There is one thing that you want to do in this life more than any other. It will not be a selfish thing, though it may require you to listen to the needs and desire of your self, rather than others, which means that it may feel self-ish at first. It will be something that you are afraid of admitting that you want.

Something that you have always wanted but have put aside in order to pursue the life that you are now living. We all must live with our duties to those around us, but it is not doing them any good if we are making ourselves miserable in the process, because that will mean, intentionally or not, that we are making our loved ones miserable too. There must be something in your life that is yours. It will go beyond the easy general answer. Those are things that we all want and, in the end, they mean nothing if we are not specific with our self.

Beyond the fear and the noise and the seeming confusion. There is something that you need to give yourself. Not a fantasy that cannot live in this world. There is a Lion inside of you roaring to be heard. Listen to it today. It is time for you to listen to the Lion inside of you. I dreamed I was walking ahead of a friend who was not very friendly. This former friend always used to do drugs. I decided to walk ahead on my own an started to enter a jungle. I saw a huge lion. I did not feel afraid, however, the lion started charging directly at me and was about to pounce on me.

I put both hands in front of me, thinking I had no other weapons I would have to use my internal power to stop the lion. When I put up both hands, the lion stopped and bowed to me, remaining prone until I walked away. I know I had it under control and I would not be harmed. In dreams I sometimes see a golden lion statue. Like some times it will be full bodied or just the head. To my right is a golden lion head. In my dream I always look at the statue for a few seconds then I walk to the stairs and just fall down them and come back through the fire place and I just keep tumbling never stopping.

Through the whole thing I can just feel the lion watching no emotion no anything just watching. The full bodied lion statues will be just sitting there completely motionless like there protecting the building. Ill turn to leave but before I completely walk off I turn back around again and they turn to look at me then go back into the sitting protecting position once again being motionless. Do these dreams mean any thing or are do they just both happen to have lion statues? Eventually, the lion left but he showed up on my property, just lying on a door step.

Strange dream but I was never afraid. Can someone interpret — thanks. My mother got a dream that she saw a lioness got back of my shoulder asking her to release her cub. My mother released the cub and the lioness released me. This all took place inside a Hindu Temple. Can anyone interpret this? I believe that may be a sign that your mother was possibly being a bit too controlling or overbearing probably from motherly worries lol , and this dream signified the need to release you and allow you to be yourself, which really is a way of freeing you both.

I had a dream that I was at the zoo and a bunch of lions got out and they were near me and I backed into an area and a female came up to me I thought she was going to eat me but instead she put her paw on my stomach and sat down by me until help came and lifted her paw up to let me get help and I was told the baby was ok and woke up. I have a white winged lion in my dreams and thoughts. He told me his name was Mulaka.

Sometimes there is a black lion with him. When they are with each other they are like yin and yang. The black lion looks dangerous and mean but the white lion is the complete opposite. What does this mean? It means duality and balance, directly and very straightforwardly. Trust yourself and your perceptions clearly. I had a dream of a lion telling me to bow down to him.. And I said Jesus Christ is my lord and savior. He starts speaking arabic to me and I yell bismallah!

I peek and see what he is doing and he was quringing walking back shaking his head.. When Moses saw the burning bush in the desert did he doubt it was God, he took off his shoes as he was instructed because he was on holy ground. Please read the word let it be in you so you will recognise him next time. I think you did fine in YOUR dream. God created you uniquely and even your dreams will be unique. So you need to think about what all these things symbolize to you individually.

Do you feel positive things about lions or negative? Do you love them or are terrified by them? Also you have to think about your thoughts and emotions from the day before the dream. Check out Unclesirbobby on google. I have found his information regarding dream interpretation to be very helpful. Good luck and God bless!

I was meditating last night and spirit of the lion came to me! I called to my wife to make a distraction so the lions would leave me and i could escape. I said how did you know what i was going to do and she said I know everythnig you are going to do before you even think of doing it.

When I woke u, I could feel that impact as though as it happened for real. What it could signify? I was in an open field. In the far distance I saw a Lion running in my direction; at first I feared not. As he neared with his continued speed I realized he may be after me… I began to run checking over my left shoulder watching has a gap closed between us and listening to the strength of his approach. There was no out running him; my anxiety was extreme.

Then he was there just feet behind me… I started to feel stronger and was running faster- Seemingly empowered at his presence The two of us were running side-by-side The king was at my left and I was on his right- Like partners in the wild. What ever could this mean?? Are dreams just dreams or Do they signify something?? A few weeks ago i had another dream about when i woke up in a bathtub in a room full of glass vases and i went out and there were lions all over my yard and a weird lady in a green dress sat on top of my chickencoop and laughed at me as tried to run back inside my house and said you might be able to outrun them but you cant outrun a tiger and then a tiger walks out of my barn runs toward me and then i wake up what does this mean!?!?!?!

A few months ago i dreamed i was walking on a trail with my cousin and stepdad and we saw a lot of lions on the side of the road but my stepdad wasnt alarmed so neither was i and then they started talking to us then they saw an animal that they could eat and then they said to me theyll be back to eat me later and then one picked me up in its mouth and ran off with me it dropped me and came back to get me but i woke up before it got there and i dont know what it means.

P , but that one line you wrote really struck me suddenly, that you had gotten to this page by searching for wolf. I identify, and have my own experiences with wolf, and raven, but on a whim I checked out Lion today while thinking about a friend. Like I said I know a lion, she is very close person to me, and therefore I have some experience dealing with one, and similar experiences she has had lately. Corny, but I think your totem is perhaps angered you are looking for personal development, as it may mean turning from who you already are, and maybe there is absolutely nothing wrong with who you are, just what your doing with that person which is the true issue.

Renee, I have a lion or tiger for a spiritual guide. What this means to me is what strengths and weaknesses these animals posses is something to inquire about. Write out a list of traits there is in nature for these animals. The roles they play in nature is also to be considered. To find a meaning behind your thoughts meet feelings about the sighting or interaction.

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Society in general bases a vision of a higher power keeping us lambs in check, or thoughts or feeling based on what we can relate power and such too. The term lion means something religious to some but to you it could mean another thing shooting symbolism in your life. We are accountable to ourselves and those we love, and the earth and we are enough.

No need to bring in religion. Base this in counter off from something much more personal. If you are a true lion then respect and stay with those you love and show no mercy towards the impulsive people…now roar in a desperate need for attention, lion out! Since many years this dream keeps coming back to me, I have been seeing this dream several times, the lion has never attacked me, but the very thought that the animal is around, I am scared and I start defending myself.

Lion spirit animal, symbol of personal strength and courage

I start closing the door, window of the house I am staying in. I start protecting all the people in my house. It never attacked me nor did I go and try to fight it back.

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I, recently I had a dream about a lion scaring me. But after that I saw my grandfather riding a white horse and then after he left. I was out in my daily hike in our forest with my beloved dog. I rarely see wildlife in 5 years here. My dog chased him, I chased the dog. We reunited in ten minutes and no lion around. I still get chills, and know this was a message for me from lion. My ascendant is Leo, and the one that is a great teacher of mine is a 12th house stellium with 4 planets in lEO no less. Its his land I live on and am no leaving as well. Thank you for this site.

Thank you Mountain Lion — safety and freedom surround you always…….. I had a dream i was fighting a black lion. I had a whip and I was trying to keep it back. I woke up before the fight ended but i do remember he was getting closer to me and i started to panic about what i was going to do. Then l woke up what does that mean???? I dreamt of a black lion. The lion was trying to attack me and I was pushing him away and I woke up. She passed away 3 years ago. I just woke up from a dream and was breathing heavily after I woke.. So, a few months ago, I had this awesome dream.

I was at school, and the cafeteria people were serving mustaches. Somehow, a mustache jumped off the plate and said to me that He was waiting for me. Right when one of my friends-turned-bad opened the glass door, a griffon swooped me up, and into the sky. The griffon was brown and gold, with beautifully outlined feathers.