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There is a clear need for cooperation among States in marine scientific research and sustainable governance to build the new vision of the Blue Society.
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To ensure our future, we need to place the ocean at the heart of our daily lives and of our societies, in a way that enables everyone to benefit from it and live a better life, while at the same time preserving this precious resource and its heritage for future generations. This is what we mean by a Blue Society. We often think of the ocean as separating human communities, from continent to continent, when in fact, it is precisely what links us together.

Our ocean faces major threats: Its tremendous potential is at risk. By doing this, the ocean has already spared us a major change in temperature.

But this extra heat is penetrating into the ocean, with its effects recorded up to m deep. In the long run, this will change the patterns of ocean currents, with dramatic effects on conditions across the globe.

Towards the “Blue Society”

We live in an era full of new discoveries, many of them coming from the ocean. New technologies emerge, and many are linked to maritime activities. As such, the gains we make from the ocean are constantly increasing. Europe's coasts, seas and oceans have the potential to be a major source of new jobs and growth.

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