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Once upon a time God created man and woman from the dust of the earth and breathed into their nostrils the breath of life, and they became living beings. After a.
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I can trust in you because you have this all figured out. The Words of Life:: How to Avoid Drifting Courtnaye Richard.


The Art of Breathing

Just Keep Breathing Emily Massey. You need a vantage point to frame reality, and this is mine: Above all, He is the bond of fellowship between Christ and believers; He is the life-sap through which Vine and branch grow into real and living oneness: And we can be assured of it, that if we do but believe in His presence and working, if we do but watch not to grieve Him, because we know that He is in us, if we wait and pray to be filled with Him, He will teach us how to abide.

First guiding our will to a whole-hearted cleaving to Christ, then quickening our faith into ever larger confidence and expectation, then breathing into our hearts a peace and joy that pass understanding, He teaches us to abide. If we would have the Spirit guide us into the abiding life, our first need is quiet restful faith.

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Believe that as surely as you have part in Christ, you have His Spirit, too. Believe that He will do His work with power, if only you do not hinder Him.

Abiding NOT Striving

Believe that He is working, even when you cannot discern it. Believe that He will work mightily if you ask this from the Father. It is impossible to live the life of full abiding without being full of the Holy Spirit. Believe that the fullness of the Spirit is indeed your daily portion. Oh, if we did but know the graciousness of our Holy Comforter, and the blessedness of wholly yielding ourselves to His leading, we should indeed experience the divine comfort of having such a teacher to secure our biding in Christ.

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The Holy Spirit was given for this one purpose — that the glorious redemption and life in Christ might with divine power be conveyed and communicated to us. We have the Holy Spirit to make the living Christ, in all His saving power, and in the completeness of His victory over sin, ever present within us. It is this that constitutes Him the Comforter: Let us therefore, as often as we read, or meditate, or pray in connection with this abiding in Christ, reckon upon it as a settled thing that we have the Spirit of God Himself within us, teaching, and guiding, and working.

Let us rejoice in the confidence that we must succeed in our desires, because the Holy Spirit is working all the while with secret but divine power in the soul that does not hinder Him by its unbelief.

The Art of Breathing – Abiding Not Striving

Faith trusts the working of the Spirit unseen in the deep recesses of the inner life. Prayer is one of the chief channels of influence by which, through us as fellow-workers with God, the blessings of Christ's redemption are to be dispensed to the world. The soul who is truly abiding in Christ realizes increasingly how it is in the real spiritual unity with Christ that we are accepted and heard.

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  • And observe especially, it was not that He said, "Come to me and abide with me," but, "Abide in me. He opened his arms, to press you to His bosom; He opened His heart, to welcome you there; He opened up all His Divine fulness of life and love, and offered to take you up into its fellowship, to make you wholly one with Himself.

    There was a depth of meaning you cannot yet realize in His words: And with no less earnestness than He had cried, "Come to me," did He plead, had you but noticed it, " Abide in me. Was it the fear of sin and its curse that first drew you? Was it the longing to know and enjoy the Infinite Love that was calling you?

    Was it the weary longing to be made free from the bondage of sin, to become pure and holy, and so to find rest,. Or if it was the hope of an inheritance in glory, and an everlasting home in the presence of the Infinite One; the true preparation for this, as well as its blessed foretaste in this life, are granted only to those who abide in Him. In very truth, there is nothing that moved you to come, that does not plead with thousandfold greater force: Who would, after seeking the King's palace, be content to stand in the door, when he is invited in to dwell in the King's presence, and share with Him in all the glory of His royal life?

    Oh, let us enter in and abide, and enjoy to the full all the rich supply His wondrous love hath prepared for us!

    What Does It Mean to ‘Abide in Christ’? // Ask Pastor John

    And yet I fear that there are many who have indeed come to Jesus, and who yet have mournfully to confess that they know but little of this blessed abiding in Him. With some the reason is, that they never fully understood that this was the meaning of the Saviour's call. With others, that though they heard the word, they did not know that such a life of abiding fellowship was possible, and indeed within their reach.

    Others will say that, though they did believe that such a life was possible, and seek after it, they have never yet succeeded in discovering the secret of its attainment. And others, again, alas!