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The Affair has ratings and reviews. This 16th book in the series goes back to , when Jack Reacher was an army MP (military police). A young.
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The maid Buxton brings the tea. The pink in her cheeks. I watch her hands as she turns the teacup. She stands before me. A film of moisture upon her brow. Black silk at assizes. Reacher is a good soldier. But when he gets to Carter Crossing, he finds layers no one saw coming, and the investigation spins out of control. Local sheriff Elizabeth Deveraux has a thirst for justice - and an appetite for secrets.

Uncertain they can trust one another, Reacher and Deveraux reluctantly join forces. Reacher works to uncover the truth, while others try to bury it forever. The conspiracy threatens to shatter his faith in his mission, and turn him into a man to be feared. A novel of unrelenting suspense that could only come from the pen of 1 New York Times bestselling author Lee Child, The Affair is the start of the Reacher saga, a thriller that takes Reacher - and his readers - right to the edge.

Jack Reacher 16 Author s: The Affair Author s: I'm sorry, but I can't quote from an audio book--that's one of their drawbacks. Indeed, wry wit permeates the book, from an ongoing joke with a fellow MP about the downsizing the Army will be doing to his comments about how to choose a diner. Of course, I like some books better than other, but I think this new book is one of his best.

View all 9 comments. As my second book in the Jack Reacher series although 16 in publication and a prequel in sequence , The Affair wasn't a shabby audio read at all. The narrator Dick Hill has a terse, noirish delivery that adds to the story. He sounds a bit older than I would associate with Reacher, but he definitely has Reacher's 'you ain't the boss of me' attitude and conveys his ruthless, efficient approach to solving injustices. I think he is a good choice to narrate for the Jack Reacher books.

I do have to As my second book in the Jack Reacher series although 16 in publication and a prequel in sequence , The Affair wasn't a shabby audio read at all. I do have to admit that I was giggling like a schoolgirl on the love scenes. I can't help it. Audiobook love scenes always strike me that way, and especially with an older male narrator who sort of gave them a 'dirty old man' vibe!

This seems like a simplistic storyline, but when everything came together, it wasn't. The Affair is the story of small town secrets tied in with the bigger and murkier waters of powerful people who feel the impunity to do whatever they want. Child kept me guessing. I went back and forth about what was going on and who was behind it.

He really had me going and thinking that the killer was someone I really didn't want it to be. In the end, I was like, "So that's not the killer? Child has an interesting way of being very brisk about describing some aspects of his narrative, but descriptive in a vivid, emotive way about others. I felt immersed in this small town with its racial divisions, brutal poverty and a seething sense of injustice that comes from the eternal 'haves versus the have nots'.

As it does to Reacher, injustice sits heavy on my stomach, so even though Reacher can be highly ruthless, in a way it's a rewarding thing to know that there is an avenging angel out there at least in the fictional world to fight for those who have been disenfranchised and denied of their rights and their voices.

I suppose that's why Reacher is around. When you have these kinds of situations with so much brutality and casual discarding of lives, it makes you want a meaty fist of vengeance like Reacher who is there to clean up the mess. I don't know if he got all that right, but it sounded plausible to me. At least some of the governmental parts struck a familiar note. Reacher is an interesting character. He's really kind of a basic sort. His view of life is so simple and without the extra qualifiers that most characters seem to have.

He understands authority, but he also has a habit of doing what he thinks is right even if that's against the dictates of authority. Sheriff Elizabeth Deveraux was an intriguing character. Ex-marine and sheriff of Carter's Crossing, the daughter of the long-term sheriff. She's a bit of a study in contrasts. The romance between Reacher and Deveraux was fairly basic, although Child effectively conveys the attraction and mutual respect between them.

Neither is a good bet for a long-term relationship, but I still wished that things might work out in that direction view spoiler [ even knowing this is a prequel so that wasn't in the cards hide spoiler ]. The Affair was a good book, but I felt an emptiness when it ended. I don't know if it was just the stripped down nature of the overall plot or that I felt unsatisfied with the overall nature of things that went down. It bothered me to see those people die like that and how it was handled. And while Reacher did what he could to make things right, it doesn't bring those people back, or prevent it from happening again.

And Reacher pays a heavy price in the end to do what he did, or maybe for being the kind of man he is.

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Was that a deliberate thing on Child's part? View all 8 comments. Apr 18, James Thane rated it it was amazing Shelves: This is the sixteenth Jack Reacher novel and it's among the best of them all. For the second time, Lee Child goes back to tell a story from earlier in Reacher's life and this is the Jack Reacher origin story. It takes place back in , when Reacher was still in the Army.

Jack Reacher - The Affair (Fan Film)

Reacher loves the Army and it's the only home he's ever known, even as a child, when he grew up a military brat. But the Army is now in trouble. The Cold War has ended; the war on terror is yet to begin, and budget cutters are This is the sixteenth Jack Reacher novel and it's among the best of them all. The Cold War has ended; the war on terror is yet to begin, and budget cutters are looking to downsize the Army.

Lots of positions could be lost, even that of a career military man like Reacher. More immediately, the Army faces a potential crisis down in the backwoods of Mississippi. A scandal could be brewing there that would hit the Army hard at a time when it is already vulnerable. Reacher is assigned to head south incognito to work as the outside man in a two-man investigating team that will try to define and resolve the crisis. But their most important mission is to protect the Army no matter the cost. The assignment, though, is very vague and it's clear that Reacher's commanding officer expects him to do a lot of reading between the lines.

The crisis--whatever its real nature--has been triggered by the savage murder of a young woman in Carter Crossing, Mississippi, a tiny town that exists to serve an Army base with a somewhat mysterious purpose. The Army's apparent fear is that a military man will be exposed as the killer, triggering a major scandal at a time when the Army can least afford it. Reacher makes his way to the little town, but his cover is blown immediately by the local sheriff, a very tough, smart, sexy ex-Marine named Elizabeth Deveraux.

The two form a wary partnership and it quickly becomes apparent that a huge conspiracy may be at work here. But what is the conspiracy? And, most important, who can Reacher trust? Reacher being Reacher, he is determined to ferret out the truth. Along the way, he'll have to beat the crap out of some local bad boys and he'll also have to sort out his relationship with Sheriff Deveraux.

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Reacher being Reacher, he will also attempt to mete out justice, however rough. The real question is whether he can do so in a way that serves his mission and his determination to protect the Army without destroying himself in the process. This is really an excellent addition to the series, much more nuanced than some of the other entries with a plot that builds to a great climax.

Reacher's fans are sure to love it and those who have not yet made his acquaintance would find this an excellent place to start. Mostly solving a mystery. Books 1 to 15 in the Jack Reacher series flow in chronological order. All of them are set after Reacher left the army in March except for Book 8 The Enemy and this one. This book 16 goes back in time and is set in March A woman is murdered in a small town in Mississippi. The Kellum army base is nearby.

They army is hoping that the murderer is Mostly solving a mystery. They army is hoping that the murderer is not a soldier. One MP is sent to investigate within the army base. Reacher is assigned to go undercover as a civilian and work with the local cops to investigate. Reacher and the local sheriff Elizabeth Deveraux become an item.

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Reacher learns other women have been murdered in the same manner and some civilians have been shot near the army base. This book is not a thriller. This is mystery, suspense, and some action. I like being in his world. Again, as with all the Reacher stories you need to suspend disbelief. I will admit there were a few things about the plot that were not developed or explained well, but they were minor.

This is my comic book hero escape. One of the fun things I like about Reacher is how he confronts people and does not avoid conflict, which is so opposite of me. I like to avoid confrontation whenever possible.

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What does Reacher do? We hear about this toothbrush in every book. He needs to purchase traveling supplies, so he goes shopping for a toothbrush. He really likes this folding covered toothbrush and buys it. Later in the story, his boss tells Reacher not to go back to Mississippi. Reacher says I need to go back for my personal property. His boss asks what did you leave there? Reacher said my toothbrush. His boss said forget it.

Reacher asked will the army reimburse me for it? His boss said no. Reacher said then I need to go back and get it I then thought of another scene from one of the other books. This book has more sex than any of the other Reacher books. It had six sex scenes. They are sensual and passionate and designed to turn on a female reader.

The Reacher sex scenes are not. And they fit Reacher. There is nothing wrong with them. I just find it funny the way they are geared to a guy - not written to appeal to a female. I liked it for the humor. To my surprise a second story by Lee Child was at the end of this audiobook. His brother Joe was They had just moved with their parents to a marine base in Okinawa. There is a local bully and a couple of thefts.

Reacher fights the bullies and solves the mysteries. The narrator Dick Hill was very good. Unabridged audiobook reading time: Number of sex scenes: View all 30 comments. Sep 02, Barbara rated it liked it. The army brass, fearing a soldier may be blamed, sends two military cops to look into the case.

One is sent to Fort Kelham, presumably to discover if a soldier committed the crime. At the same time Jack Reacher is sent to Carter Cros 3. At the same time Jack Reacher is sent to Carter Crossing, posing as a civilian. His job is to see what local law enforcement is doing about the crime and hopefully to deflect attention from the army. Carter Crossing's sheriff, the beautiful Elizabeth Deveraux, rumbles Jack immediately. She's a former Marine, and she knows a military cop when she sees one.

Two other women have been killed in a similar fashon, but - because they were black - their deaths didn't attract much attention. It seems clear that a serial killer is at work in Carter Crossing. The army is desperate to keep Fort Kelham out of the news for a number of reasons: Thus the army would much prefer the serial killer to be a civilian, and certain officers are willing to go to great lengths to prove this is the case. Jack Reacher is honest to the core, however, and won't stand for any misrepesentation of the truth. There's plenty of action going on in the story: The book's plot is engaging, the characters are interesting, and Jack does a masterful job of detection.

Though some officers try to pull the wool over Jack's eyes he is a very smart guy who figures out exactly what's going on. My major criticism of the book is that it could have been 75 to pages shorter. Some scenes are much too drawn out. At the beginning of the book for example, Jack walks into the Pentagon, and it takes what seems like forever for Jack to get from the building's entrance to a General's office.

Each of Jack's footsteps is described in excruciating detail, as is every single person he passes, what they're wearing, their demeanor, their shoes, etc. Several other scenes in the book follow this same pattern, which is irritating and boring. You can follow my reviews at http: View all 3 comments.

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Sep 27, S. I pre-ordered this book and am dying to start but I promised myself I would get all my work done first. Don't worry, I'm sure I will be reviewing by this weekend! Warning - I love all his books and can't imagine this one being any different! Well, I finished reading this book and had to think hard about what to write for a review. Yes, Reacher was Reacher in this book but it all f I pre-ordered this book and am dying to start but I promised myself I would get all my work done first.

Yes, Reacher was Reacher in this book but it all felt very forced. I don't want to give anything away and the mystery part was still so good I didn't want to stop reading but the way Child gets there is too I can't even think of the right word but things just happen that don't work for me. It felt like he wanted the story to go a certain way and nothing was going to stop that. Didn't matter if it made sense. Anyway, yes , I was disappointed, but in the end, I read this next part on someone else's review even a bad Reacher book is good.

Oct 08, Ed rated it it was amazing. After reading 61 Hours , I thought the Jack Reacher series had sagged a bit. Then I finished The Affair , and I'm happy to report the series is back in full stride, at least for this reader.

Lee Child's 'The Affair': Sixteen Books In, Has Jack Reacher Still Got It?

Jack goes back in time to his last days as an Army MP major. He's dispatched to Mississippi to work undercover to investigate three murders committed in the small town next to an Army training base. I won't rehash the plot. Jack is a hard ass when he needs to be, and he does at several points here. In some ways, he reminds me of P. Mike Hammer, determined to do the right thing but by using his own means, often violent and forceful.

He's a good detective who puts it together, and the plot twists are unexpected. At any rate, it's good to learn some of Jack's back story and get to know him a little better. Entertaining tale of which I read the final pages straight through. View all 27 comments. Aug 07, Mike the Paladin rated it really liked it Shelves: Here we are involved in a series of murders in a small town near a military base. Jack I mean "Reacher" is called in as this is an "I'm still an MP story to find out if the killings of young women were committed by a soldier or a civilian.

Of course this is Jack Reacher so THIS small town is home the 4 most beautiful, gorgeous, incomparable looking women in possibly the entire world. No spoiler to say that eventually she falls into Reacher's arms Not a bad entry into Reacher series, still some logical flaws but overall a good read.

Reacher lives a life that for "actual" people would never work without a bottomless bank account anyway. He travels around owning nothing but the clothes on his back and a toothbrush yet always manages to stay in a cheap motel, eat and buy new clothes when the ones he is wearing apparently get to gamey to continue wearing. Yet he meets an endless line of over the top, unbelievably beautiful women Oh well, fantasy I guess. View all 4 comments.

Books rarely get much better than The Affair. This is by far and away the best Reacher novel that I have read so far. I love seeing the early Reacher but this story in particular is the one that leads up to his leaving the army and wow is it action-packed, emotional and unforgettable.

The Affair (Jack Reacher, #16) by Lee Child

The Affair deals with one hell of a co Just stunning. The story here helps us to understand the future Reacher more, and make sense of all the decisions that he has made in the previous books that we have read. Whereas some others would have went with the twist here and left it at that, Lee Child keeps the suspense going and those twists and turns carry on right up until the closing pages of the story. I finished this book and immediately wanted to reread The Killing Floor because it left me full of excitement though perhaps not for Reacher at the adventures and dangers he was going to face as he walked away from the army.

I honestly just adore this series of books and The Affair has only cemented that fact even further. Jack Reacher is one of fictions greatest characters and this story is one of the best I have ever read in the thriller genre. Apr 10, Maddy rated it it was amazing Shelves: He is basically a drifter who travels around the US, encounters trouble and deals with it.

There is a secret Ranger training school in Carter Crossing, Mississippi. When a local woman is savagely murdered, Major Duncan Munro is the military policeman who is assigned to go to the base and conduct an investigation to determine if the killer is in the service. Jack Reacher is sent undercover to make sure Munro and the local authorities are doing the right thing. Of course, the military is hoping that one of the locals is to blame.