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Don't head out early after "Ant-Man and the Wasp. In case you missed either of them, we have you covered. The scene unfolds on the reunited Dr. Hank Pym ( Michael Douglas) and Janet Van "You wanted a smaller Quantum tunnel. " Healing particles secured for our new ghost friend," Scott says.
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Marvel villains have always had very washed out and underdeveloped backstories. This was changed with the magnificent stories created by Killmonger and Thanos.

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For example, why were a little girl and her mother hanging out in a dangerous lab? Were they visiting the father or did they oddly live in the lab?

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After the Quantum Realm portal stopped working, Hank and Hope rushed to figure out how to get it back online. Then they were surprised to see Scott walk over and enter in the correct equations. Scott was able to correct their mistake because he was being embodied by Janet van Dyne. However, how is this possible? Also, where did Scott go during this transaction?

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Why does Hank assume that Ghost is a man? Woo sees Ant-Man on the news and has hundreds of eyewitnesses that can confirm the event. However, how does Scott know that? However, how can he afford that house when he could barely afford a dingy apartment in the first movie? We see that Scott and Luis started up a business called X-Con.

Hank has a bag full of Hot Wheels cars that he can instantly turn into completely drivable life-sized vehicles. So, how can a toy turn into a real car? However, if so, where did he get the money to buy all of those cars? He was on the run with no access to his money. Another interesting thing to point out is that license plates in California must be shown on the front and the back of the vehicle.

However, most of the cars in the movie only had a rear license plate. Throughout the movie, we learn that Ghost wants to extract healing powers from Janet so that she can stop suffering in pain. Scott has also been to the Quantum Realm and, according to the mid-credit scene, it only takes a couple of seconds to harness the healing powers in a container. This is particularly true for two-story homes.

Scott makes a joke about it in the movie when he asks Hank if he knew she could do that. However, the source of her powers and her time in the Quantum Realm are ultimately left unexplained. They were both said to have taken a plea deal and were currently under house arrest.

So, when will we learn more about the missing Avenger and what he was doing during Infinity War? However, in a place where time is irrelevant, it seems as though Janet aged the same as she would have in the real world. Also, when she returned, Janet was wearing some new threads. Was that the tone we were seeing in the van in that last scene?

So are we going to get to see them discussing that in this movie? The secret is, I love making movies.

I love the process of making movies. But they love it — the more complicated they get, the better. Now we see him building a lot. Is he more centered now, feeding his scientist self? I mean, 30 years a long time. You know this is one of the joys. You guys getting dessert?

Scott Learns To Control Ants

When Scaring Children is a Good Thing: Why Kid-Friendly Horror Matters. Especially — I never know what I can say.

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He still looks a little judgmental. Thinks she can do a little better. What about his relationship with Hope? The catharsis has gone over. How is Hank involved in the whole thing? Well, let me think now. We sort of — well, we get a signal. No, really, what happens — I expect Marvel to shoot me with a blow gun in the back of the neck — we get a signal. Hope is certainly integral, but we get a signal that actually, through Scott …. I made a big effort to meet the production designers to see them, because I thought it was just so cool.