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Premium Kostenlos PDF German Seiten Professionell moderierte Besprechungen und Workshops stellen ein . Dieses eBook erläutert, wie Sie eine interessante Bewerbung erstellen und so die . This is the first in a series of books on Adobe Photoshop. This eBook will help you find your professional path.
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As first argument This is exactly the location of the tex4ebbook. Your location might be different according to you Windows installation. As second argument enter. Finally click on OK for each open window 2 to close and save your changes. In later tests I have recognized that TexWorks has problems in working with additional arguments, at least I did not manage to make it work and did not want to spend more time in finding it out.

I strongly recommend to use WinEdt. So, if you want to use the advantages of advanced styling of your ebook chnage from here on to WinEdt. Other Tex-Editors may have other ways of adding these execution commands. I have managed this in WinEdt also. If you use WinEdt, you may know how to do this, if not you find some hints in the help file. The creation of the e-book should run without error messages and if so, you will find the ebook in an subdirectory of the original tex-file location with the name [filename]-epub and inside you have your e-book named [filename].

With XeLatex it did not work for me. If this is OK you need to install tex4ebook.


So you have to do it manually. Create a directory texmf in C: In my case I created:. You now need to tell MiKTeX to be able to find this directory to execute tex4ebook. WinEdt has a great tool to do this. In case you know more about Latex then I do, you may find different ways of achieving this. The below windows will open. Next is a correction of a software bug in MiKTex. If you would create an eBook now, you will get an error message like this one, unless MiKTeX has updated the software by the time you read this.

Thanks to Ulrike Fischer for finding this out. This is a problem of tex4ht in MiKTeX: The workaround is to move unicode. Locate the file here. Create a directory below.. If you are a fan of command lines you know how to do this anyhow. You now should have your test epub file in the same folder as your tex file. There are two errors to correct still. One is to install tidy.

Create eBooks from Latex tex files – E-Book aus Latex tex Dateien erstellen

This is explained below and not different to TexLive. This is due to a different naming of the file compared to TexLive. MiKTeX calls the file miktex-zip. So just locate the file in the directory. In case you want to use special fonts with the fontspec package of Latex you need to have the following lines of code in your preamble of the tex file after declaring the document class. The first part is used for the ebook, the second part for your PDF file.

Some examples of such packages are fancyhdr or pdfpages. This is helpful, if you want to distribute the PDF file with a cover. For printed books you mostly need a separate cover file and would not need this. To prevent that from happening you could use different document classes for books and eBooks like this:.

Images — different to only producing PDF files — must be stored in the same directory as the tex file or better in a directory below e. If this is not modified in existing tex files, the image will not be displayed in the ebook or the html file. You then access the images with this command:. Tex supports Ligatures when the fonts used have them as glyphs. Most standard fonts used in html and e-books do not have ligatures. To prevent this from happening in e-Books you need to create file with following content:. Save it in the same directory as your tex-file with the name of your tex-file and the extension.

This file will be used by tex4ebook automatically when creating the e-Book and removes the ligatures resp. To use special characters that are supported by fontspec for creating PDF files but not by tex4ht you need to include some special commands in the preamble after.

By this you can print the above defined characters in html and in the ebook as long as they are available in the font you are using. You may need more and different ones depending on you language and needs. There is more information one the new unicode character package here. Michal has been a great help in this area. To print a good looking image on the maximum width of an A4 page 21cm with dpi you need an image width of appr. Fitting the image size to the maximum need reduces the time for compilation for each image and the size of you PDF file.

To get to the maximum size needed do this calculation: Convert the image width to inches, by dividing the cm with 2.

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Multiply this with , e. They will not look good in your book. Images with a caption left or right look good like this.

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  • E-Books erstellen: Professionelle E-Books mit PDF und ePub (Professional Series) (German Edition);
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You may want to modify the width of the image by changing the number 0. To test your e-Book on Windows you may use Calibre. The format epub3 is more advanced and creates better looking eBooks. The above reader can handle this file format, some older reader will not open epub3 files. In case you decide to create epub 3 files you need to add a parameter to the compilation command:.

You do this by adding the parameter t like this. To make it work you need to download and install tidy first. Download the file from here. Unzip the file to get tidy. Copy the file tidy. Download kindlegen from here. The important file is kindlegen.

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Note on the mobi format: Mobi is not as advanced as epub3 and not really good for mathematical formulas. It currently does not support mathml.

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So if you need this, stay away from mobi. To make use of the advanced presentation of mathematical formulas with epub3 in your ebook you finally cann add. You may have recognized that the preamble has some large modifications. You might find it easier to seperate the files into one preamble for the PDF-Book and one for the eBook and from there use the same file for the main content of the book. The html file created as a side product of the conversion process from tex to eBook can be used to create a website of your book.

If you know a little about modifying the look of a html file with css style sheets it is easy to achieve. The software creates — depending on the number of chapters in your book — various html files all starting with the name of your original tex-file.

You can combine them in one file or leave them as single chapter files and put them on a webserver. To make cusstomized css work you need to create a file config. Next you create a style sheet and call it custom. Inside this file you can add the style definitions like this one. This is for selecting a different font, if you like and adjusting the line space for better legibility.

It is also for limiting the width of the page and good margins. By this your web-page looks more like a book page. The page-width and padding commands do not work well with eBook files. So if your priority is on eBook, do not use the width and padding styles. If you want to use it for html website, have a second run after your eBook is finished with the width and padding set to the correct values. One other thing that might not look in your eBook like in the PDF file is how lists are displayed.

This can also be modified in the custom css file. Also instead of putting all single html files into one large file you can create a file named index. Here is an asp example:. Tables are difficult in any word processing software. And Latex is very special. I decided to use the package tabularx for this. For detailed information and complete documention of the package look here. The number is a factor to increase it.

You may want to play with it to fit your taste. These three lines define new column types. You may add more definitions according to your needs and the requirements of your table. To create this look of the table you need to add a few commands in the file custom. Check this in your html file which is created during the process of creating the eBook. Find a working tex file and sample pdf, eBook and custom.

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