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When life seemed to have settled into a normal routine, a surprise encounter In Coming Unglued, you will read of a woman who overcame insurmountable.
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Published in November, , this was without a doubt the hardest book I ever ventured to write. Inspired by true events - with fictional elements added to protect peoples' identities - almost every time I sat down to write, I was filled with emotion. During the first half of the book, I went through highs and lows but mostly found myself rewarded with a sense of peace - until tragedy struck, bringing the second part of the book to life. I cried and cried, then cried some more as I wondered what the main character, Kelly McSheaver, would have to deal with next.

Essentially, until the time Kelly McSheaver left home, she had it all; she grew up with the proverbial silver spoon in her mouth. Though she worked for things, she didn't have to work as hard as most people. What she needed, she had and what she wanted, she sought to gain through grit and determination. Making good grades in school came easily and she had an abundance of friends. She loved her family and had a terrific boyfriend, even planned to marry him.

In fact, she became one of my first fans. She spread word about An Affair to Remember to her family and friends in Ohio, and beyond. She is always first in line to buy my books when they. Catching Up With Author Mary Campisi I had the pleasure of catching up with Mary Campisi, an author whose books I've come to enjoy over the past couples of years, or so. It started with A Family Affair, and I still can't say enough good things about this title and series. Granted, there are more books in the series than I've read - and I requested a road map, so to speak, to point me in the direction of the order in which the remaining books should be read.

They have brought me through a wide range of emotions, not to mention engaged my senses in many ways. For one reason or another, about a dozen of those titles didn't make the cut. To be featured on my site, a book must be one I feel giving 5 stars to on Amazon and Goodreads just isn't enough. Congratulations go out to the 20 authors whose books did receive a unique review here at Budden Book Reviews in I hope you continue telling ter. The cooler weather is settling in and the frigid Arctic winter is just around the corner.

It's a perfect time to settle in and read, which I've been doing a lot more of lately, especially in the evening hours. What does reading do for you?

My Personal Journey to Hell and Back

For me, it does a couple of things. First, it provides relaxation for my body. When I read, it's my sole focus. I'm not thinking about my next storyline, nor am I thinking about what I plan to. On January 1, people make resolutions for the upcoming year - improving their lives in some way, planning a trip they've been putting off forever, finally deciding to buy their dream house, and so on.

It's a new beginning and many people want to embrace something new. I live in the Arctic. Though I, too, have ideas for what the new year may bring, it isn't until spring when I really feel as if I'm getting a new beginning. You may, or may not, celebrate Valentine's Day, but I wanted to take a few moments to wish you a wonderful day.

I think about all of the love I feel for the various people who make up my life, and I cannot help but take a few moments to tell each of you how much I appreciate having you in my life. First, I thank God for creating me. Looking through time before I was ever created in the flesh, He saw me in His mind. A Time of Renewal. Late winter and early spring have been busy seasons during which I've had little time to write book reviews here at Budden Book Reviews. I've even been a little slack at posting reviews on Amazon and Goodreads.

However, over the next week or so, I intend to play catch up. What has been the reason for such a lengthy period of silence, you may ask.

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Well, I decided to take my granddaughter on a spring vacation - just the two of us - before she turned two-years-old the l. Before Time The Time Trilogy: Book One by Xunaira J. In the story I watch a friendship grow largely through text messages to the point that, on a site built around anonymity, the two begin to trust each other. They look forward to the time when they can chat again and even go on to share their real identities and photos with each other. It begins with Mia as an adolescent, starting to act out drug abuse, promiscuity, cutting, eating disorder, etc and inexplicably running away.

After deeper examination, it appears that Mia is acting out unresolved trauma from being sexually abused by her biological father. As part of Mia's treatment, Claire and Paul are also required to engage in group counseling and special workshops as parents of troubled teens. I liked that the story was told by both Mia and Claire and that their words were interspersed in each chapter.

The reader is able to hear about the same time period and events from two different perspectives and see a parallel process of exploration and recovery. I am also happy that the treatment approach included Claire and Paul and that she was forthcoming with the details. It was interesting to read about Claire's process of becoming aware of her own dysfunction.

The Descent of the Virgin into Hell

The book is an effective illustration of family systems therapy in action. Overall, this was an interesting book and I am glad that the graduate students are reading it and I look forward to discussing it with them. Claire and Mia Fontaine have done a masterful job of showing what happens inside a reprogramming center for out-of-control teens Since this is a "memoir", I was somewhat skeptical of some of it.

I think the book could have used some editing for length and I also found the plethora of details about the seminars attended by the parents and the sessions the da Claire and Mia Fontaine have done a masterful job of showing what happens inside a reprogramming center for out-of-control teens I think the book could have used some editing for length and I also found the plethora of details about the seminars attended by the parents and the sessions the daughter attended for two years to be just too many words.

I got real tired of all the jargon and lingo, to be honest. It began to sound cultish. I also think that there was a lot of unneeded trivia in this book. One thing that I found to be unbelievable was that Claire "forgets" that a therapist told her that when Mia became a teenager, the memories and emotions of her abuse as a young child will begin to have an effect her. How could she possibly have forgotten such a warning?!?!?! But it was a compelling, horrifying inside look at what a family goes through when one of its members is a drug addict. Their desperation led them to do what they did, and I cannot judge them for that as many other reviewers have done.

Jun 22, Amy Plum rated it really liked it. I read this book after chatting with the author Claire by email. It was a gut-wrenching story for a mother to read. I can't imagine going through what she and her daughter experienced. Though it's non-fiction, it's definitely a page turner, with the reader crossing fingers, toes, and anything else crossable - praying that the story will not end in disaster.

Sep 27, Caitlin rated it really liked it. I wasn't expecting to like this book as much as I did, but I found the psychology of abuse and drug addiction and the dynamic between a single mother and her daughter fascinating. The story jumps back and forth between the mother's story and then the daughter will jump in with her perspective, so the book flips back and forth between them, which I thought would be gimmicky but actually works.

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By the end, I really found this book quite moving and hopeful- I can't actually think of an example I've seen in my own life of two people taking a hard look at themselves and deciding to change and spending years and years trying to do so. I also thought it was amazing the mother actually looked at her own behaviour and how that contributed to her daughter's drug addiction and set about changing her actions and approach to life -again, I've never seen a parent in a dysfunctional family scenario take responsibility and make a serious change.

Anyways, for me, that made this story really amazing, and thought it really gave you a look into child abuse, drug addiction and where that can lead and how to get back from it. Jun 25, Suzanne rated it it was ok. I appreciate all that Claire and Mia Fontaine went through, and I almost hate to not write a good review of this book, but I am reviewing the book, not the people.

I found the book to be basically what felt like an ad for a recovery program for teens and parallel programs for the parents that sounded very cult-like to me. It worked for Mia, who sounded seriously drug-addicted before entering the program and I have to believe the mother knew nothing of this until she ran away, even though she I appreciate all that Claire and Mia Fontaine went through, and I almost hate to not write a good review of this book, but I am reviewing the book, not the people. It worked for Mia, who sounded seriously drug-addicted before entering the program and I have to believe the mother knew nothing of this until she ran away, even though she was only , but after a while, reading the special language and way of thinking of the program gets very tiring.

It also was hard for me to believe that Claire, the mother, stayed with her first husband as long as he did. He sounds like a monster. When someone comes across as that evil in a memoir, I always start to wonder if I am not seeing both sides of the story, although in this case, even a tenth of the bad things he did would be pretty bad.

Overall, not a book that really engaged me or added much to my knowledge of the world portrayed here. Aug 30, Nina rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Jul 12, Lynn rated it liked it. It was a really good story, but sometimes hard to follow I didn't really like the ending. Aug 27, Leslie rated it liked it Shelves: It is a great story, especially sense its true.

Although at times it is hard to follow Otherwise I loved it. Just found myself wanting to read the parts the daughter wrote more. Aug 12, VegasGal rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Very well written memoir from the mother of a daughter who was an addict.

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There was a touching bond between daughter and mother that really made this book flow and kept me interested and wanting more, 'til the very end. View all 5 comments. Apr 08, Mom rated it it was amazing Shelves: Dec 29, Yasmin rated it it was amazing. I am not one usually to read non-fiction, but this mother-daughter story "through hell and back" was a fantastic read. Jul 25, Rhonda rated it really liked it Shelves: Mia is sexually abused at a very early age by her father, and this story is her struggle to deal with the emotional damage she suffers in her teenage years as a result of this terrible trauma.

Mia goes from a very good student to a runaway druggie This is written by both Mia and her mother, Claire, offering parallel points of view throughout the book. This book was enlightening in that it was not just tough love that Mia is sexually abused at a very early age by her father, and this story is her struggle to deal with the emotional damage she suffers in her teenage years as a result of this terrible trauma. This book was enlightening in that it was not just tough love that brought Mia back, it took drastic measures by the parents, too.

Mia spent about two years in a behavior modification school, and her parents had to take training, also. It reinforces how we are all responsible for our actions and choices we make, even though sometimes we can't control what happens to us, we can control our reactions. The child as well as the parent. A very gripping story. I really liked it.

It was NOT a religious book, but a few of my quotes are religious, just because the mother questioned God for what happened, and there are a few quotes when she works through the answers. I highly recommend this book, not only for the insight into child sexual abuse, drug use, street life, but also for taking responsiblity for your choices and actions in life.

Clarity, cooperation, choice, caring, change, ceremony, comedy, communication, commitment, conflict resolution. I glance at Paul and wonder if his list starts with chaos, catastrophe, or crisis. And here's what bridges the gap between the two. She wrote that when God wants your attention, first He throws feathers. After that, He starts throwing bricks. With her tied to my waist so she couldn't run away while I slept. In the end, she did run away, when I was asleep in my own life, when I wasn't looking because I didn't want to see.

She untied the knot between us and ran as far and fast as she could. Because, I now believe, she knew, she always knew in her heart, that her mudder would catch her, still. I no longer rail or beg or sass back. I was standing on a bluff over the ocean the other day and suddenly laughed out loud as I realized what an illusion that was, what an impossibility. That would assume a relationship between a "me" and an "Other", a separation. There is no otherness; to be separate from God is to be separate from myself, from life itself.

What I've been looking for , I'm looking with. I'd never been in love, never had a child, I'd never loved unselfishly. So I couldn't fathom how someone's live for me could also be their undoing, make life unbearable. I wasn't capable then of understanding the pain I caused, just as Sonia isn't now. I have always thought of my mother as my hero, and here she is making me feel like one! The process makes complete sense now, and it's so powerful in its simple metaphor. We blundered our way through the darkness to rediscover what was always within us. I think of my brave little self running into the dark to save my mom, much like she ventured into the darkness to save me, and feel happier than I think I ever have.

But there'll come that inevitable moment where the world conquers you, and it's then that you'll choose. We live by two thingslove and fear. Every choice, every thought, every action, stems from one of these, and when you time comes, when you reach outif you reach outit's love that will save you. Love will get you through everything. But there is darkness in the womb as well; inside a cocoon only blackness is visible.

Yet, the creature inside is exactly where it needs to be in order to transform itself. And there's only room for one. I could put Mia into a cocoon called Morava or Spring Creek, but only she could put her broken pieces back together and emerge the winged girl she is. Mia was never really mine all mine, as I had once thought. Mia only ever belonged to herself. Mia' done it in reverse, gaining wisdom before accumulating most of her experiences. Phil and shakes her head.

People often marvel at how open we both are to giving and receiving the kind of feedback and coaching most people pay a professional a lot of money for. Still, the relationship between any mother and daughter is both primal and complex. The same intimacy and intensity that brings such joy to our relationship will also bring the inevitable storms; what we've learned is how to stay connected and communication through them. Morava and Spring Creek's philosophy is based primarily on accountability, of being aware fo your choices so you don't wake up one morning miserable and wonder how you got there.

But, it's ironic that the most powerful lesson I learned, the awareness that you alone create your reality, is one that children instinctively know. It never occurs to them that there's anything they can't do or be. And it shouldn't occur to adults either; we've just grown accustomed to living with limitation.

Nov 05, Jana Singley rated it really liked it. The book "Comeback", by Claire and Mia Fontaine was a very special and eye-opening book. This book was a story written by a mother and daughter, talking about how they each felt while going through a very difficult time. The daughter Mia, a smart, and beautiful girl goes from having good grades and hanging out with friends, to smoking drugs and roaming around Indiana.

From Mia's point of view, it talks about how she needed to get away from her "seemingly perfect" life. Claire, Mia's mothers point of view was totally different.

Death and the Journey into Hell part 1 of 6

She was wondering how her daughter went from all A's, to running away. Throughout the book, you could vividly see how distraught Claire was, like any mother would be in this situation.