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Frustrated and saddened, Miss Richards must return to giving C. One day, however, she overhears C. This proves that despite his stubborn refusal to participate in class since returning to school, he has actually continued to learn.

All That's Bright: A Romantic Holiday Short Story Collection

Seeing this demonstration of knowledge, she is heartened and quietly changes his most recent failing grade to an 'A'. As the other students and even Miss Richards panic and swat at the bees, C. The school year ends with the Miss Richards' class observing a caterpillar emerge from its cocoon transformed into a butterfly. Miss Richards notes that it is reborn, "just as you and I will be born again someday, and everyone we've ever known or loved", and that witnessing the butterfly's first flight represents "a wonderful promise of things to come.

First published in Ladies' Home Journal in , it also appeared in Ebony magazine in When Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer purchased the rights to adapt the story to film, Vroman helped write the screenplay, in so doing, becoming the first black member of the Screen Writers Guild.

All Is Bright

Belafonte and Dandridge were both known to audiences for their singing talents and Bright Road showcases each of them in that light. Sweet And Low" to the tune of a lullaby. Belafonte and Dandridge would go on to co-star again the following year in the musical film Carmen Jones Bright Road was not commercially successful [3] and was criticized for having "dealt too timidly with racial and economic questions.

She wrote that she was "profoundly fond of I had a feeling that themes like this might do more real good than the more hard-hitting protest pictures. I wanted any white girl in the audience to look at me performing in this film and be able to say to herself, 'Why, this schoolteacher could be me. The only places I have seen this story reprinted are the collections Mathematical Magpie and Time Machines , but GalaxyeZine promises to have at least excerpts from the story here soon.

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If you look at the review of Tomorrow's Children at Amazon, you will see that this story is memorable enough that it is mentioned in some of the reviews. I'm torn between 2 and 3 as far as the math is concerned. Math well, geometry isn't as central to this as, for instance, "He Built a Crooked House", by Heinlein.

Mindscape in Words: All the Bright Places. (Book Review #8)

It's probably more important than the stange, hyperspatial geometries that appear in some of Lovecraft's stories. Contributed by Anonymous Note that this story was transcribed for radio's "X minus 1. Same vehicle, the t esseract is used in both. Contributed by Anonymous A teacher read Star Bright to my class years and years ago.

I still find it as amazing as ever, it's rather depressing not literally to believe that their is a perfect circle of life. Yet in its context, the book seems to be explanatory, not a tale. I've been looking for another copy of it everywhere ever since.

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Contributed by Anonymous As a gifted teen, I've noticed a classification like the one in the story fits well. Contributed by Bruce Cutright Great Story.

My sister and I read this together, shortly after it was published. We now read it to our grandchildren, while we struggle with how to ease the way of exceptionally bright children. Our educational system focuses on the lowest common denominator, how can we find and free the minds of children like Star?

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Contributed by Jim Napolitano It's available as an eBook at http: High, in the collection "Tomorrow's Children". This story really struck a chord with my young self I'm 52 now. I was already interested in sci-fi, but this story helped to cement the love into place permanently. Although there isn't all that much math in the story, nevertheless, it helped stimulate my interest in math by the mention of the Moebius strip and it's higher dimensional analogs. Contributed by Sarah Schaidle I really enjoyed this story because it depicts the struggles that exceptionally bright kids encounter as they try to fit in to the mold of the general population.

It also gives insight about how a parent deals with having a genius child. Along with mathematics, the time-traveling aspect adds another dimension to the plot.

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Contributed by Bob Dvorak Star, Bright is probably my all time favorite short story, possibly because of the age at which I read it. It was published ca. This book MM was reprinted ca.