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Think Big and Make a Difference by Shaun Chatterton, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.
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You May Be Making a Bigger Difference Than You Think

Unfortunately for her, she was stuck holding the back. However, without her, putting it all together would have been impossible. On the surface, it looked like meaningless work, but she was making a difference — a big one. I chimed in and helped her to understand why her job mattered and how much we appreciated her help. It helped shift her perspective , and it changed her attitude; in addition to the overall experience for everyone involved. Nobody proactively told him how his spreadsheet made a difference and where it fits into the bigger picture. Also, just as important, nobody took the time to recognize his effort and appreciate it.

Set up a time to talk about how the work is progressing but also your contribution. Share your concerns and ask about how your effort is influencing the success of the team or program. How would that change your day-to-day happiness and energy at work? However, without all of the pieces, it will never be finished successfully. Take the time to understand your piece of the puzzle and the big picture too. Want to shift your perspective? I use several techniques with my clients to help them shift their perspectives.

Knowing how we fit, matter and make a difference is a game changer. We go from being victims to empowered…. Shifting mind set, changing gears, moving forward. The kind of difference I wanted to make was not welcomed as I wanted to help the place change dramatically and the rank and file would have none of it. I learned a tremendous amount and I left at the end of year one in spite of being asked to stay on and help.

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I ended up making a difference but the environment was intolerable. It made a huge difference to remember that I was not stuck there but chose to be there. Thanks for sharing your experience too. No one for a 1: I have essentially separated myself from education topics no longer banging my head against the Wall is sooooo… much better. I have great family that are my first priority.

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I have great friends near and far which are my second priority. And attention to my fitness and hobbies are an important priority. So my life is not empty or dull yes, I do often wonder how I ever managed a tenured faculty position …. As noted this is underway. Should mattering in leadership circles and maybe back in education circles be part of that vision?

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I gave up on education because too many had no time for exploring the change I and many others believed important AND I am not actively involved in facilitating learning. Be a one-stop supplier Have self belief and resilience Be passionate about your work Embrace new technology Take new product ideas to customers Find ways to add value to your products Get greener Section 7: Find new vertical markets Know your suppliers Extend your comfort zone and be open to change Have 'man on the moon goals' Enjoy hard work Learn from setbacks, mistakes and failure Brand yourself big Your logo is not your brand Be very persistent Know your strengths and weaknesses Cash is king Know your target customers Stay ahead of your competition Punch above your weight Sell more to existing customers Recognising the importance of selling Perception has value Think big and make a difference show more.

Review quote "Shaun, congratulations on your excellent book that I believe will help many budding entrepreneurs achieve their goals. About Shaun Chatterton Shaun Chatterton began his career selling double-glazing, before joining a small, family-run office products company in his home town of Hull.

A natural entrepreneur, in he founded CPD, supplying cleaning and hygiene products to local businesses. Within a year the company was turning over in excess of GBP1million and has since generated revenues of hundreds of millions and introduced a raft of innovations, through the development of environmentally friendly products. Shaun went on to acquire Green Planet Solutions, and has recently introduced Inventors Corner, to help 'green' innovators bring their ideas to life. The book's title comes from Shaun's ethos that he and his staff should 'think big and make a difference' - to CPD's customers and all who deal with his company.

Think. Do. Make a Difference. - 60 second

In this book I've pulled out 52 of the best ideas that I have tested and found to work. Like many people I've always dreamed of writing a book, but until recently I didn't feel I had enough experience, material, or practical advice to offer anything of value. Now, however, after 25 years in business and with a successful company to my name, I feel confident that I have something meaningful to impart.

Our customer reviews Many CEO,s MD's, Guvnor's, call them what you will rely on inspirational mission statements and 'goal lists' to steer their companies through the quagmire of modern business. In this book Shaun Chatterton who is the founder and Chief Executive of CPD plc uses a handy fifty two point format to help you figure out the nature of the business challenge, design a policy that produces an advantage and create a set of coordinated actions to carry out that policy whilst retaining customer loyalty.

He moves in heady circles but is quick to spot an opportunity. Once whilst holidaying in the tranquil principality of Monte Carlo he struck up a conversation with a Merchandising Manager for a multi-national office supplies company about rubbish sacks of all things. Check out on p. This exciting innovative product sounds as though it has the potential to be the new 'tetra pack' and revolutionize the packaging industry.

It's without doubt intended as a coffee table book and this is exactly how I read it and recommend you do too!

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I didn't know who Shaun Chatterton was until I picked up this book - by the time I reached the last page, I felt like a part of the family. The successful CEO shares his business knowhow with interesting and easily accessible case studies, interspersed with motivational quotes from everyone from Henry Ford to Buzz Aldrin, who endorsed the book.

Whether you're just starting out as a young professional like myself or you're a professional veteran, this book will teach you everything from how going green can boost customer satisfaction and corporate relationships to how going the extra inch can secure you extra millions. Oh, and did I mention that all proceeds go to the charity Fresh2O?

As an owner of a small successful business I found this book to be an absolute goldmine of information and inspiration.