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This basketball driven romance is simply delicious and I enjoyed it very much. . Fast Break (Brooklyn Monarchs #1) by Regina Hart omg this book is amazing.
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If you love the movie Love and Basketball, they had a similar scene to the one at the end of the movie, and after reading that scene I thought to myself, wow these two have a ton of passion for one another and they are a good match. They had a few sensual love scenes which just added to the overall appeal of the book. This was an excellent read, and I can't wait to read on in the series. Apr 23, Amanda rated it really liked it Shelves: The last part was frustrating because I felt like there were a lot of circular arguments and conversations and people being kind of stubborn. Otherwise, solid first book in a series from a new-to-me author.

I love basketball I grew up in NC, so no surprise there and I rarely read sports romances with basketball players.

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In this case, both protagonists are retired pros and that was awesom 3. In this case, both protagonists are retired pros and that was awesome. Regina Hart has written a simple story filled with complexities and excitement. This basketball driven romance is simply delicious and I enjoyed it very much. In Fast Break, a former Brooklyn basketball star returns home to coach a history filled second rate team, that wasn't always second rate.

He waltzes into a tension filled situation that is dressed in deceit, manipulation, hate and controversy wrapped in many egos While D action, romance, drama and sports While DeMarcus Guinn assumes the head coaching position with his father's favorite basketball team he is confronted with some near impossible situations that are compounded with him falling in love with one of the team's owners, Jaclyn Jones. Jaclyn Jones, a former WNBA superstar, is fighting to save her family's legacy and plans to do so at all cost.

While these two battle the forces that have allowed this team to became the worst team in the NBA, they battle finding the footing with each other as well. Dive into this engaging novel and see if love wins I give this novel 4 stars and eagerly await her next one. Very good job Regina Hart. View all 4 comments. Jul 01, Helen rated it it was amazing.

Fast Break – Patricia Sargeant

This is such a great story fast paced exciting and a great HEA between Marc and Jackie thank you Regina for hours of reading pleasure. Dec 19, Shavonna Futrell rated it really liked it. Jul 15, Shelley rated it really liked it Shelves: I was excited to pick this book up since it combines two things I love: Plus the main character, Jackie Jones, has the same name as my mother. Jackie is the new owner of her family's team, the Brooklyn Monarchs, who are the worst team in the league.

She is not too happy when she finds out that Marcus, a former NBA championship player, has signed on to be the new coach. Even worse, she wonders if he is part of a plan to sabotage the team so they will have to relocate to a I was excited to pick this book up since it combines two things I love: Even worse, she wonders if he is part of a plan to sabotage the team so they will have to relocate to a new city.

This one started off really slow, and I wished there had been more romance, and less of the basketball behind-the-scenes meetings. Those parts really dragged the story down, but the romantic parts with Jackie and Marcus definitely made up for it. If this is the first in a series, I look forward to reading more. Almost didn't finish because it ran a little too long! This book was mainly about the business and the basketball organization itself and the scandals that surrounded them rather then about the characters themselves. That world was well-depicted--even giving a blow-by-blow of action on the court with each game.

But as a thoroughly fallen woman, the only work she can find is as housekeeper to the cynical, jaded Viscount D'Aubrey. Gillian, the Countess of Greendale, has survived a brutal first marriage. Christian, Duke of Mercia, has survived capture and torture by the French.

When she takes over the management of his household upon his return to England, these two terribly damaged people begin to build a new life together. This, too, is part of a series that's worth checking out in any order you want to read them. Set in colorful Tang Dynasty China, these richly detailed romantic mysteries center on the celebrated courtesans of the Lotus Palace, who seem to attract as much trouble as admiration.

Anne Wilder leads a double life: But Jack doesn't know that the seductive thief who charmed him, and the honorable widow he loves, are one and the same. Portrayals of Native Americans in romance can be problematic, but our judges loved this story of a spoiled Boston heiress who heads west with her father to inspect some gold mines, and the Harvard-educated Absarokee leader who challenges their claims. Widowed Elly Dinsmore has been treated cruelly in her small Georgia town.

She's got two young boys and a third on the way, and she needs a man to help out. So she places a classified ad for a husband — and gets Will Parker, a lonely drifter condemned to live on the fringes of society after serving time for murder. Morning Glory takes readers on an emotional rollercoaster of love, betrayal, war and trials, but Will and Elly finally get their happy ever after. In the aptly named town of Marrying Stone, Ark. Find a husband by Christmas, or they'll find one for her. The last thing she expects is to fall for farmhand Jess Best, a good man who's been written off by the town because he doesn't think quite as fast as they do.

Ruth Berger, daughter of a Jewish professor, was meant to escape Vienna, but her plans went awry. As the Nazis march on the city, her father's colleague Quinton Somerville decides to rescue her with a quick marriage of convenience — he'll sweep her away to England, and they'll get a quick annulment. But neither Quin nor Ruth counted on falling in love.

Buttoned-up widow Martha Russell is desperate. If she doesn't produce evidence of an heir soon, her late husband's cruel family will seize the estate she loves. There's only one solution, obviously: She offers to pay her rakish neighbor Theophilus Mirkwood for a month of assignations. And Mirkwood is determined that Martha will get her money's worth. Lady Jane Cummings is finally out of mourning for her mother, but her father is showing signs of dementia, and her brother has only just returned from the Continent, where he escaped the responsibilities Jane has had to shoulder.

Jane needs a distraction, and it arrives in the form of reclusive neighbor Byrne Worth — who has mysterious ties to a highwayman who's been plaguing the area. Notorious wastrel Reggie Davenport is only good for gambling and drinking — until a relative offers him a second chance in the form of a manor house, complete with secretive estate manager Alys Weston.

Romance ensues, but Alys' past and Reggie's alcoholism prove to be formidable obstacles to overcome. Rector's daughter Drusilla Delaney becomes a companion to the spoiled, arrogant Lavinia Framling. But which will prove more dangerous to her — a supposedly cursed peacock feather fan, or Lavinia's brooding brother Fabian? Blurbed by Charles Dickens himself, North and South features one of the most memorable heroines in Victorian literature: Margaret Hale, who conducts a stormy romance with industrialist John Thornton while clashing with him over her quest to improve the lives of the workers in their gritty Northern mill town.

A resonant mix of romance and social concern. An epic tale of forbidden love during the British Raj. British botanist's son Ashton Pelham-Martyn is orphaned in India and raised to believe he's an Indian boy named Ashok. Anjuli is a neglected princess, condemned first to an unwanted marriage and then to suttee when her husband dies — but happiness beckons for Ash and Anjuli in the "far pavilions" of the Himalayas, away from the prejudices that have kept them apart.

Jane Austen's most famous work was one of your favorite picks second only to the Outlander series.

So much has been said about Elizabeth and Darcy that now their place in the romance canon goes without saying — we'll just leave you with the mental image of Colin Firth diving into that lake. A poor, mistreated heroine, a dour, misunderstood hero, and a mad wife locked in the attic — if that's not romance, we don't know what is! Reader, she did indeed marry him, and they lived happily ever after.

We couldn't have a romance list without Georgette Heyer, the venerable grandmother of the genre. And readers agreed, giving the nod to Venetia, her charming novel about a sheltered Regency beauty who sees the best in a notorious society rake and then convinces her family to approve the match. Rainbow Rowell's story of two misfit kids who fall in love over mixtapes and comic books in s Omaha, Neb. While the ending is slightly ambiguous, we choose to believe Eleanor and Park got their happily ever after.

We love them too much not to! Anna is looking forward to her senior year in Atlanta, Ga. But then her father decides to send her off to boarding school in Paris. A slight exception to our happily-ever-after rule, the romance in the Queen's Thief series gets off to a rocky start in the first book.

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But stick around for the next few volumes in this story of a master thief who steals the heart of a queen, and then must face the reality of being king. High school golden girl Brittany Ellis finds her life turned upside down when she walks into her senior chemistry class and ends up partnered with tough guy Alex Fuentes, a gang member who longs to leave the life and go to college. Things start to spark when Alex impulsively takes a bet that he can get Brittany into bed. Singer and guitarist Alegria Montero wants to make it big, and she's hoping that a shot on a reality show will help her leave behind her boring life of playing family parties.

But when she makes it to the finals of a competition for the "next Latin superstar," she has to deal with the whirlwind of publicity, professional jealousy and a budding romance with NYU production major Jaime Lozano. If you ever got annoyed that Lois Lane couldn't figure out Superman's secret identity, try Pamela Clare's I-Team books, featuring tough-minded investigative reporters who find love while digging up dirt on everything from environmental hazards to al-Qaida kidnappings. Nora Roberts makes her second appearance on the list writing as J.

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Robb with the long-running romantic suspense series, In Death. After a long debate, we named the Nora Roberts Rule after her: While many great writers were nominated, only Roberts is legendary enough to show up twice! In this classic gothic suspense story, governess Linda Martin arrives at a mysterious French chateau to take care of the 9-year-old master of the house and discovers a sinister uncle, a dashing, sardonic cousin, and a possible plot against the life of her young charge.

The ruling Psy have awesome mental powers, but no ability to feel emotions. They punish any sign of desire, and they're on the brink of war with the shape-shifting Changelings. The action begins with one Psy desperately trying to conceal evidence of her feelings and the Changeling who sees her as the key to solving a murderous mystery.

Steampunk is more than just a fashion statement in Meljean Brook's Iron Seas books, set in an alternate world where the Mongols conquered Europe with the aid of fantastical machinery. Dive in with the first book, The Iron Duke, about a military hero who falls for a police inspector when she comes to investigate a dead body dropped — via dirigible — at his doorstep.

Fast Break

Human technological progress has triggered a magical apocalypse, and mercenary Kate Daniels lives in the wreckage. She relies on her skills with a sword to protect her from enemies who want the magic in her blood — enemies who kill her guardian and throw her into the path of shape-shifter Curran, Lord of the Free Beasts. Poor Prince Charming is cursed: Every woman who looks at him is instantly enslaved by love. And poor Ember turns to the dark arts in order to resist the prince's pull — but can he resist her?

Bettie Sharpe reworks the story of Cinderella with, as she puts it, "sex, violence and naughty words. Jemisin's tale of human women caught up in divine disputes is one of the best fantasy series of recent years, and also one of the most stirring romances: It's packed with gods and lovers whose bonds shape their world — and the worlds to come. Often described as "a Regency romance in space," A Civil Campaign stars Lois McMaster Bujold's memorable hero Miles Vorkosigan and his clone brother Mark as they scheme for the hearts of the women they love and try to keep Mark's nonromantic scheme to engineer food-producing bugs from getting out of control.

In the fallen utopia of Samaria, an angel and a slave girl are thrown together in a divinely arranged marriage that proves anything but divine. Can Gabriel and Rachel overcome their differences in time to perform the holy rite that might save their planet? There are probably more sensible books by the great Johanna Lindsey — she's better known for the pirate yarn Gentle Rogue — but none so outlandishly fun as this tale of a space-faring security officer who lands on a planet of giant leather-trousered barbarian warriors and winds up claimed by the biggest brute of them all.

Charley Davidson is a part-time private investigator and a full-time Grim Reaper, meaning she sees dead people and tries to guide them into the afterlife and occasionally hunt down the people who left them dead. As if that weren't complicated enough, she gets caught up in a devilishly hot romance with the actual son of Satan — a relationship that only gets more intense as the series progresses. The Black Dagger Brotherhood is a band of entertainingly named Rhage, Phury, Tohrment and highly trained vampire warriors, brothers who protect their kind from vampire slayers when they're not falling for very special women.

Ward has extended the series to include relatives and friends of the original brothers, but we recommend starting at the beginning with Dark Lover, the tale of vampire king Wrath. In Kresley Cole's world, there are hundreds of paranormal races living secretly alongside humans.

But every years, war breaks out — and that time is now. Although neither option affects anything later, the Olivia takes the second choice as a compliment. Although "Fancy horse race" is the correct answer there is no effect other than getting Bertrand to smile. Bertrand is happier with the second response since he doesn't want you to be overconfident and mess up because of that. Depending on your choice above the press will give you a nickname. In order of the choices: The second option is worded the way the app currently has it. Most likely it means, "Is it..? If you weren't paying attention to the queen's responses and aren't sure if you impressed her or not, Liam will tell you here.

💎MAZE SEX W/ LIAM💗Choices: The Royal Romance Book 1, Chapter 19 (Diamonds)

There is no "correct" answer here, but if you "Jump it! If you "Swerve around it! And if you "Freeze! You only get the above choice if you chose to wear the "Snow Bunny" outfit. And you only get the choices below if you choose to "See what Drake is up to. You can choose as many or as few of the diamond choices as you wish so long as you have the diamonds to purchase them. If you choose one, the other two will be there to pick as well when you finish the accompanying scene. If you chose this diamond path, Drake tells you about the bachelor party pictures being sold to the tabloid, something you don't find out about otherwise until Book 2.

If you win the race: If you lose the race: There is no effect with any of them, but the ship with the pirate flag does win the first race. Wearing the Beach Bae outfit will unlock a special scene with Hana and Drake later in this chapter. It is possible to win "Apple Queen" without the Maiden Fair outfit if you have the media approval from prior chapters. If you didn't win Apple Queen. You only get choices 11aa if you win Apple Queen and choices 11bb if you didn't win. This does not affect romance points with any of your love interests.

Liam and Hana are happy to be chosen. Each of them reacts completely differently to being chosen. Olivia is annoyed or angry.