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The usage of Terra as a name for the planet Earth is particularly common among English-language science fiction writers. Terra had been the official name of.
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So, the stakes are high. Of course, our clients come first. But we work hard to treat our candidates and sources with that same level of respect. We work hard to communicate transparently and to provide meaning in interactions throughout our work including clients, candidates and sources. How does search work? In the model search, we call a hundred people, we interview ten, the client interviews , and we finalize with one person. But it's rarely so cut and dry. Search more frequently follows the twists and turns that are inevitable when dealing in human endeavors.

The twists and turns are where this firm shines and adds value. National Real Estate Companies Rely on Terra They know our space better than anybody and they spent a significant amount of time with me and other people in the company to really understand what we want to do and with whom we need to do it.

They fill positions for us from coast to coast because we know we can just pick up the phone and have Terra Search Partners take care of it.

The emotional intelligence of this team is a huge skill. Recent News Leading Voices Podcast: In this case, Terra will insert a call to the Terra function stored in the add4 variable:.

Agenda, upcoming dates of the travelling exhibition...

In fact, any name used in Terra code such as add4 or foo. Since escapes are evaluated before a Terra function is compiled, variables a and b will not have concrete integer values inside the escape. Instead, inside the Lua code a and b are Terra symbols that represent references to Terra values. Since choosesecond returns the symbol b , the example function will return the value of Terra variable b when called.

The quotation operator a backtick allows you to generate Terra statements and expression in Lua. They can then be spliced into Terra code using the escape operator. To generate statements rather than expressions you can use the quote operator:. With these two operators, you can use Lua to generate arbitrary Terra code at compile-time.

For instance, we can implement a compiler for BF , a minimal language that emulates a Turing machine. The Lua function compile will take a string of BF code, and a maximum tape size N.

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It then generates a Terra function that implements the BF code. Here is a skeleton that sets up the BF program:. The function body is responsible for generating body of the BF program given the code string:. It loops over the code string, and generates the corresponding Terra code for each character of BF e. We can now compile a BF function:.

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The result, add3 , is a Terra function that adds3 to an input character and then prints it out:. We can also use goto statements goto labelname and labels:: We are using these generative programming constructs to implement domain-specific languages and auto-tuners. We make it possible to integrate Terra with other projects so you can use it to generate low-level code, while keeping most of your project in a well-established language. First, we make it possible to pass values between Lua and Terra. You can call Terra functions directly from Lua or vice-versa , and access Terra objects directly from Lua more details in the API reference.

Furthermore, Lua-Terra is backwards compatible with both pure Lua and C, which makes it easy to use preexisting code. In Lua-Terra, you can use require or loadfile and it will treat the file as a Lua program use terralib. You can use terralib. Finally, Lua-Terra can also be embedded in pre-existing applications by linking the application against libterra.

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