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Chancen und Gefahren der Mediendemokratie. [Joseph Paperback; Publisher: Uvk Verlags GmbH (June 30, ); Language: English, German; ISBN
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Against this background, this quantitative content analysis of print, TV and online news investigates the antecedents of strategic game framing in a non-electoral context in two Western European countries — Austria and Switzerland. The study focuses on media type, online versus offline editions, and content-related variables as antecedents of the media's framing of political news. Findings reveal that the highly competitive online environment, opinionated story types and issues focusing on the functioning of democracy fuel the use of the strategic game frame in political news coverage in non-electoral times.

Furthermore, the results indicate. Comparing 48 News Websites from Six Countries. Journalism, online first, doi: Media organizations throughout the Western world struggle to adjust their practices to rapidly ch Initially, online journalism was celebrated for potentially revolutionizing political reporting due to its new technological possibilities: According to this, it is able to 1 increase transparency by providing hyperlink sources, 2 increase understanding by providing further background information, and 3 add to deliberation and follow-up communication by providing a platform for interactive exchange.

A comparative content analysis of 48 news websites from six countries France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Great Britain, and United States examines the degree to which these three potential strengths are fully exploited. By mapping the different news outlets in relation to the digital functions, we identify three models prevalent in different countries and organization types.

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The first model contains outlets promoting the usage of links to make their sources transparent to the reader 'transparency model' , outlets focusing on the provision of background information to enable their audiences to gain a wider understanding of the reported topic 'background model' , and outlets that mainly avoid the adoption of new technologies 'print-oriented model'. These findings show that different structural developments and professional orientations lead to the adaption of different technologies in digital journalism.

The Push to Popularize Politics: This study offers a five-item based measurement of popularization of news combining sensationali A content analysis of more than stories from 18 news outlets regional, national and weekly papers in six press systems United States, Great Britain, Germany, Switzerland, France and Italy stretching five decades s to s finds an increase but no convergence in the popularization of political news.

Factors located at the national and the organizational levels correspond in characteristic ways with differences in the use of popularization-related strategies. With the growing need to offer additional attractions to oversaturated consumers, further increases in popularized political news are to be expected in the future but only according to specific conditions. KEYWORDS comparative media research; content analysis; convergence; emotionalization; political news; popularization index; scandalization; sensationalism. Medien und Kommunikationswissenschaft, 62 4 , Auch beruhen viele Befunde auf der Analyse von Spezialzeiten wie dem Wahlkampf.

Visuelle Gestaltungsmittel in der Wahlkampfberichterstattung amerikanischer und deutscher Fernsehnachrichten: Based on a content analysis of news stories of two US-American and German television channels aired during national election campaigns in and respectively, this study examines the visual representation of political actors. Results indicate that rather negative connoted camera angles and wider shot lengths dominate the newscasts in US-American news coverage. In Germany, a greater proximity between viewer and politician is evoked by closer shot lengths. However, there are large differences between the two German channels analyzed.

The comparative analysis allows for interpretations that take differences in the two media and political systems into account.

Overall there are an increasing number of deviating and extreme camera angles and shot lengths in so-called Image Bites. Another result confirms that there are significant differences between the leading candidates in ARD Tagesthemen, which indicate a visual bias. Image Bites, Rollenbilder und nonverbales Verhalten. Publizistik, 59 3 , Political communication research still lacks indepth information about the role of visual informa Results of our bi-national comparative study confirm expectations about a transnational convergence with regard to the increasing importance of image bites, whereas sound bite journalism is particularly prevalent on commercial TV channels.

Comparing Six News Systems since the s. A content analysis of 2, political news stories from national and regional newspapers examines The study traces how hard news practices diffused differently across borders, and how they have been combined with elements of interpretation and opinion over time. This process has led to the formation of three distinct news cultures.

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Conclusions are drawn for a broader understanding of the evolution of news journalism and the appropriate classification of Western media systems. Western Europe in a Comparative Perspective. While we find clear convergence in the preference for opinionated stories in covering politics, the use of objectivity-related and negativity-related reporting features continues to differentiate journalism models. Although institutional aspects of media systems cannot be expected to be directly reflected in content, we are able to confirm several expectations by Hallin and Mancini, including their suspicion that France and Great Britain are borderline cases of their respective models.

We conclude that similar technological and economic changes around the world as well as growing transnational exchanges between the national models have not led to an across the board, wholesale homogenization of news practices. Competing Models of Journalism? Political Affairs Coverage in U. Journalism, 15 8 , A content analysis of randomly sampled political news stories from national, regional and we Univariate and multivariate analyses of three key indicators opinion-orientation, objectivity, negativity reveal three approaches to newsmaking: Metacoverage and Mediatization in U.

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Journalism Practice, 8 3 , Metacoverage of Mediated Wars: American Behavioral Scientist, In Wolfgang Donsbach Ed. A Comparative Study of Metacoverage. News Management as News. How Media Politics Leads to Metacoverage. Journal of Political Marketing, 4: Framing the Press and the Publicity Process: Communication in the Campaigns. Rowman and Littlefield, Metacommunication about Media Manipulation. Populism and the Media. Cross-National Findings and Perspectives.

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Transforming Democracies and Reshaping Politics. Types of Political Communication Culture across Europe.

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Palgrave Macmillan, with E. Trust and mistrust on Yellow Brick Road. Political communication culture in post-communist Bulgaria. Building Democracy in Twenty Years, Wroclaw: University of Wroclaw Press, , Media Discourse and Polticial Contention, Cambridge: University Press, , with S. VS, , with F.

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Herbert von Halem Verlag, 20 09, Mediensysteme und politische Kommunikationsmilieus im internationalen Vergleich: National Media in Europeanized Public Sphere: A European Public Sphere: How much of it do we have and how much do we need? The Politics of News: Congressional Quarterly Press, , Statham, European Communication and Mobilization, ed. UVK Verlagsgesellschaft, , with E.

Medien und politische Kultur. Haupt Verlag, , Politikvermittlung zwischen Kommunikation und Inszenierung. Akteursensembles und Akteursbewertungen in Pressekommentaren, in: Pfetsch, Die Stimme der Medien. Theorie s, Cases, and Challenges. Cambridge University Press, , with F. Reorientations in a Changing World, in: Politische Kommunikation im internationalen Vergleich: Westdeutscher Verlag, , with F.

A Theoretical Approach to Comparative Analysis, in: Cambridge University Press, , Politische Kommunikationskultur — ein theoretisches Konzept zur vergleichenden Analyse politischer Kommunikationssysteme, in: Based on the definitive twelve-volume IEC, this new concise edition presents key concepts and the most relevant headwords of communication science in an A-Z format in an up-to-date mannerJointly published with the International Communication Association ICA , the leading academic association of the discipline in the worldRepresents the best and most up-to-date international research in.

The international encyclopedia of communication Book 23 editions published between and in English and French and held by WorldCat member libraries worldwide Collection of 1, original entries, spanning the scholarship, evidence, and methodology of communication research. Coverage of theories, media and communication phenomena, research methods, problems, concepts, and geographical areas in this interdisciplinary field. The spiral of silence: It has been tested in varied sociopolitical contexts, with different issues and across communication systems around the world.

Attracting the interest of scholars from communication, political science, sociology, public opinion and psychology, it has become both the subject of tempestuous academic debate as well as a mainstay in courses on communication theory globally. Reflecting substantial new thinking, this collection provides a comprehensive examination of the spiral of silence theory, offering a synthesis of prior research as well as a solid platform for future study. It addresses various ideological and methodological criticisms of the theory, links the theory with allied areas of scholarship, and provides analyses of empirical tests.

Contributors join together to present a breadth of disciplinary and international perspectives. As a distinctive and innovative examination of this influential theory, this volume serves as a key resource for future research and scholarship in communicaiton, public opinion, and political science. By connecting role conception to role performance, this book addresses how journalistic ideals manifest in practice.