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A villain who is Drunk on the Dark Side will show how "Evil Feels Good", he has become a God and With Great Power Comes Great Insanity, releasing waves or.
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However, he manages to stay on track and not go power crazy during the standoff and after he wakes up from his Heroic BSoD after shutting down the weapon he's still his old self. In an episode of The Goodies , Graeme's plan to set up a pirate radio station and pirate post-office and the resulting success soon turns him into a raging fascist dictator, complete with uniform and ranting Germanic accent, and he develops a mad plan to drag the entirety of Britain outside of the five-mile limit so that he can rule over it as a 'pirate state'.

When Bill and Tim walk out on him in disgust, he eventually resorts to trying to tow Britain away single-handedly in a rowboat. Harvard from Ground Floor puts himself in charge of the building support staff when Jenny temporarily becomes Mansfield's assistant. He immediately launches into a version of the famous Glengarry Glen Ross speech using Pop Tarts as an incentive. He's Hoist by His Own Petard soon enough, though, as everyone walks out as he's talking taking the Pop Tarts with them leaving him to deal with 'New Phone Day' on his own.

He ends up accidentally locking himself in a cage. In Happy Days , there were two notable examples: Has happened a number of times on Hogan's Heroes when the prisoners have let Schultz think he's boss for various reasons and have found it difficult to 're-tame' him. Played perfectly in an episode of Home Improvement , where Wilson becomes the director of a previously laid-back production of Romeo and Juliet at the school and the episode morphs rapidly into a Tyrant Takes the Helm story.

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It doesn't show too often, but Tim at least privately sees himself as the dictator of Tool Time. Showcased with his constantly threatening to fire Al, his reactions anytime Binford sticks him with any kind of producer, and most evident in the final season when he lets Mark create a segment to show off his finished hotrod - "There's just three rules: In "Tribunal", when Admiral Chegwidden is away overseas and has designated Lieutenant Singer as Acting JAG , one of the first things she decides to do is to have a fire drill and to have Lieutenant Sims to review and update all internal administrative manuals.

A sketch on The Kids in the Hall did this when the mailroom clerk is given a promotion. Not two seconds after receiving it he instantly goes mad with power even admitting it and starts to boss around his co-workers. Oh, you came in on time every day. That's good, that's really good. But you killed Perkins, and that's bad. A slightly unusual example, in that no one really thinks he's up to the job and both Larry and Artie are aware that Hank is exactly the type of person who will become a raging egomaniacal " Ass of the Western World " if given such responsibility, but are forced to let him do it due to the last-minute nature of Larry's illness.

True to form, after his initial appearance in which he is bumbling but humble and self-deprecating, which the audience engages with Hank becomes impossible to deal with - so Artie and Larry let him go on for a second evening, during which he is still incompetent and bumbling, but the audience finds his newfound arrogance so off-putting that he is booed off the stage, thus providing him with a humbling come-down.

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Hale in Lost Girl starts out as nice guy, but once he becomes the Ash in Season 3 he winds up taking a level in jerkass. He hasn't particularly abused his power, but he has adopted the Fae's attitude towards humans. Lauren however, who has gotten thoroughly sick of the Fae treating her this way, dismisses this idea. She claims that power doesn't change people, it shows them for who they really are.

An episode of Austin and Ally shows a What If? However, she doesn't take her career seriously and starts writing selfish songs to brag about her newfound fame. She even tricks Dez into being her assistant and nearly destroys her friendship with Ally. This eventually leads to her downfall when the fans start to lose interest because of the jerkish songs. In one of the several instances of 'Frank in charge', there was a partial aversion when Frank decides that the medical staff is getting too alcohol-dependent, and declares the 'dry'. He's a jerk about it, overbearing and shows all the signs of the trope Hawkeye and Trapper even find themselves asking themselves in horror if Frank has a point after they almost tear into each other over something trivial from booze withdrawal.

It reaches an extreme with Frank when after being left in command he brings Pierce up on mutiny charges which is a capital offense. After all sides are heard the court marshal board concludes that Frank should have never been left in command, and had he not been drafted as a doctor he would have been assigned as a pastry chef. Frank's replacement, Charles Winchester, went another way: He mainly used it as an excuse to drink more and get extra time off his shift, and the rest of the camp ran as efficiently as ever. However, in one episode "Tell It to the Marines" Winchester assumes command in Potter's absence and turns Klinger into his personal valet.

Semi-averted in "Commander Pierce". While Hawkeye does start acting authoritarian and in the way he normally despises officers' behaving, it's clear that it's because he's discovering the real problems and headaches of command in the absence of Potter and incapacity of Winchester. As CO he can't afford to only look at his own problems any more, he has to consider the needs of the unit Mystery Science Theater — anyone who unexpectedly was given authority almost immediately began throwing their weight around in this manner.

In his first appearance, TV's Frank vehemently declared that there's a new sheriff in town to Joel and the 'Bots When Pearl Forrester places him in charge of the Satellite of Love as part of a variation of the Stanford Prison Experiment , Tom Servo is gussied up as a Fascist dictator and demanding that Crow and Mike now done up like downtrodden masses in chains that they turn over their cookies before he has them torn in half by Sumo wrestlers, before she's even done explaining the nature of the experiment.

Given that her version involves having fire ants dumped down his clothes, he should have waited another minute. In a later episode, Crow doesn't show himself to be much better, instantly becoming an abusive babysitter when Pearl leaves him in charge. Spoofed in NewsRadio , when Matthew is given a promotion and it immediately goes to his head. Thing is, the promotion is a purely 'in-name-only' kind of thing, with absolutely no increase in authority or influence at all, and in any case his attempts at throwing his weight around are so petty and inept that no one pays any attention to him anyway.

He still gives it up at the end anyway, citing that he's becoming someone he doesn't like. Dwight is given the task of choosing the company's health plan, and quickly gets delusional about it. Jim notes that it's the smallest amount of power that has ever gotten to someone's head.

In the British version of The Office , Gareth was in a near-constant state of this as a result of his 'promotion' to 'Team Leader', which Tim perceptively notes is not a promotion at all, merely a job title someone has given him to encourage him to take on an increased workload for no extra money. Curiously enough, when he gets promoted to being the office manager when David is fired, there's no noticeable increase in his arrogance or paranoia - which, granted, is not exactly saying much, since he's a pretty unpleasant person to begin with.

Furthermore, even with his real promotion, no one pays the slightest bit of attention to him anyway. The fourth season of the US version features this a few times: Jim is put in charge of the office and attempts to turn all the birthday parties into one, which is met with disdain from the staff who treat him as if he'd gone mad with power.

Former temp Ryan is promoted to corporate and likewise goes mad with power, to the point of conspiring to have Jim fired and committing fraud when it seems as if his groundbreaking new plan to revitalize the company, won't.

Once Regina in Once Upon a Time started on getting revenge on Snow, she slowly became more and more addicted to using magic. In season 2, she decided to stop using it and is treating it like a drug addiction and seeing Archie for help to treat it. Laurie is appointed Peer Teacher and is assigned to Danny's seventh-grade English class. Happens to Jack in Power Rangers S. He learns not to abuse his power by the end of the episode and remains leader through the end of the series.

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In the episode "Officer Rimmer", eternal prat Arnold Judas Rimmer is promoted to officer after he weasels his way into a captain's good graces in fact, he was trying to blow up the captain's ship, which accidentally saved him from an asteroid belt. He immediately starts instituting a blatant class system on the ship with the other crew members relegated to crappy service elevators and corridors while Rimmer opens an exclusive officer's lounge and reclines in luxury.

Then he goes one step further by creates dozens of duplicates of himself to order around and sing his praises. By the end, he's forced to give up his promotion when he inadvertently creates a Rimmer-hybrid monster and has to beg the others for help.

And how to tell if you are the power hungry offender.

At one point, Gore good-humouredly asks he if can briefly sit behind the desk in the 'Oval Office' When Daniel Jackson of Stargate SG-1 gains the ancestral knowledge of the Goa'uld, he quickly promotes himself to world emperor, nukes cities and kills his friends. This is shown to be All Just a Dream created by the current holder of this knowledge to show Jackson exactly why he was repressing it instead of trying to use it. Turns out that tapping into their collective memory of a race of interstellar dictators also means getting a dose of their Axe-Crazy A God Am I mentality.

Subverted later when he actually gains the much greater knowledge of the ascended, and remains the compassionate hero we know him as. Then again, the ascended have an Alien Noninterference Clause they strictly enforce, in part to prevent this kind of thing. In the season six finale of Supernatural , Castiel absorbs all the souls of Purgatory, boosting his angelic powers to a godlike level, enough to utterly destroy Raphael, an Archangel.

Unfortunately, the power of the souls had made him drunk with it to the point of proclaiming himself as God, and as a result, goes on a smiting spree in season seven's premiere; wiping out all of Raphael's followers, killing a hypocritical priest, and even willing to kill Dean when the latter binds Death to kill him.



Immediately after Sarge's funeral in season five of Red vs. Blue , Simmons declared himself Red Team leader and took mere minutes to become corrupt. You have gone blind with imaginary power, Simmons! Oh ho ho, on the contrary. I think I've gone blind with very real power. Alice became one of these when she temporarily replaced the Pointy-Haired Boss in a Dilbert arc, to the point she started wearing a crown and scepter.

Drunk with Power

Similarly, Wally attempted this when he got himself put in charge of moving to a different building, threatening to abuse his power to assign people cubicle locations: When he becomes manager of his school's football team, this leads to many Amusing Injuries. Sunday, 19 August, , 1: More on this story. Opinion The reason the US-China trade talks will work: This Week in Asia. You are signed up.

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Weinstein berated woman who rebuffed advances, claims new lawsuit. We gain power and we get stupid. It gets into our blood stream and affects our thinking and our actions. If you are parent you are a concentrated force of power. Teachers, coaches, and managers all wield significant power. Anyone in a position of authority does, but so too does anyone who is respected or looked up to.

The salesman who can talk a negotiation into his favor and the pretty lady who can get her way with a bat of the eye lashes are both powerful. If you are richer, smarter, or more disciplined than others you have power. Really, only infants and the desperately poor lack any sort of notable power.


As sinful people we constantly look to gain the approval of some at the expense of others.