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Feel free to post this e-book or e-mail it to friends, as long The poems presented in this anthology, then, are a primer for this . project; 2) I had found a number of the poets to be online and saw that, One of the contributors, no less than that exquisite Weird "Irony in Tibetan Notions of the Good Life".
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Lewis collect around four, but individuals like Carlton, Alexis, Keefe, Marissa, Dorcas and Jedidiah felt so vague and half-hearted that I can't even calibrate their scores which is disappointing as Langston's heroine proves she is capable of so much more. Langston's tendency to introduce conflict that never evolves is another point of concern.

Do Marissa and Mrs. Lewis ever figure it out? What kind of person is Fletcher? How did Carlton get mixed up with Mark's ex? Is Jedidiah a friend or foe? How does Susanna's mother fair with Mr. Did John recover from his obscure head wound? Langston dropped the ball in failing to provide closure to her subplots, leaving readers to wonder at their necessity in the finished narrative.

When all is said and done, I found myself wondering where the editor was with this piece. Both of my previously mentioned points should have been easy enough to recognize, but there also continuity issues that should have been caught before this piece went to print. Langston's already made it clear Mark has a cell, he whipped it out of his pocket to show Susanna in the cave behind the falls, and since built-in cameras are a typically standard feature Langston's target age bracket will probably appreciate Whisper Falls, but I personally found the haphazard construction left much to be desired.

Langston's debut novel Whisper Falls is truly a wonderful read. One that draws you in with rich historic detail of the times and the mystery and budding romance between Susanna and Mark. Susanna's life and hardships as an indentured servant in the the late 's were so interesting and heartbreaking. To think that we treated one another with so little respect and regard is hard to read about let alone stomach.

To see how much they struggled and worked while at the whim of their master's every c Langston's debut novel Whisper Falls is truly a wonderful read. To see how much they struggled and worked while at the whim of their master's every command was terrifying to see and truly a part of history that should never be forgotten or repeated. The Pratt family was Their only redeeming quality were their children well, the younger ones and really, that was all owed to Susanna, not the Pratts.

I have never wanted a husband and wife to get their just rewards as much as I did the Pratts. Susanna by far had the more captivating voice of the two the other being Mark's and the history nerd in me couldn't help but love to read about her daily life, from tending the children to cooking, she did it all. Mark surprised me, he ended up being strong and determined and a great friend for Susanna. Even though they were centuries apart they both experienced very similar situation that I think drew them to one another.

They understood each other even if they didn't understand the times and it wasn't long before a friendship was forged. Susanna was already a strong girl when her story began but to see her grow stronger, braver and to really stand up for herself was truly a treat. Especially when she was in a time and place when that just wasn't considered acceptable behavior for a woman let alone an indentured servant.

She took charge, she changed her family's history and she did it all with little to no though of how it would impact her life and her future. She ended up being quite the kick butt girl and I loved her for it. I couldn't help but want them to end up together and while I won't say if I got the happily ever after I wanted, I will say that I was satisfied with the ending. Nov 29, MaryannC. Well written, had me hooked to find out what keeps happening next.

A Very enjoyable read. I've read a bunch of young adult fiction lately, and none was able to grab me the way this story did. It's fresh, not relying on some of the recent formula for young adults. It grabs you immediately. Susanna and Mark are adorable. Both independent and strong characters, they still learn how to support each other. Nu scot niciun sunet. Dar n-a avut parte prea mult de ele. De asta avem nevoie — de mai mult timp. Ceva greu de definit. Ceva mai presus de prietenie. O calitate pe care i-o admir!

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Whisper Falls , is a brutal and heartbreaking story about one girl life in an unjust colonial time and the boy who cared enough to want to save her from a cruel fate. Mark Lewis is training for an intense Cross Country mountain bike challenge, when he stumbles off his bike by Whisper Falls. There, he see's an odd girl wearing strange colonial times clothing in the cave behind the falls.

But when she spoke to him about his "odd machine", Mark suspects something is off. The strange girl is named, Su Whisper Falls , is a brutal and heartbreaking story about one girl life in an unjust colonial time and the boy who cared enough to want to save her from a cruel fate. The strange girl is named, Susanna Marsh and she claims that the year is Whisper Falls is a very impressive debut novel by Elizabeth Langston.

It has about everything I like in my escape. Time travel, fantasy, romance and even though I don't usually read historical, I found this one to be exceptionally interesting. This is a very strong and compassionate tale that reflects on a cruel time period. Langston writing is very bold and brave, with emotional and touching skills, she brilliantly and painfully captures what life was like in colonial times. Every time we visited , I felt like I was transported through the pages. I felt so nervous to see what would happen next to Susanna or the other people in her life.

To think of that time period in history hurts my heart. The life of an indentured servant or any servant for that matter, is hard, lonely, bitter and utterly cruel. To think, you must obey your master and be mindful of everything you do. To be barefooted except for winter , to clean, cook, sleep on hay and endure savage punishments when ever the master see's fit. To be hungry, lost and always frightened and not being able to change your fate. I think that's why I took to this book so quickly.

The way Susanna's story is expressed really does weigh heavily in your mind and heart and like Mark, you feel like you would do anything and everything to change this fate. I also found the history aspects fascinating as Mark would find new information to uncover about Worthville, North Carolina and the consequences his actions has caused in Susanna's time period. There is a lot of gray areas -realistically speaking- about walking into each other's time periods and the unanswered question of why Whisper Falls acts as a sort of portal to the past. I think this could have been ironed out a little more, but once the story is said and done, it really doesn't seem to matter.

Call it destiny or magic or an act of mercy, Mark and Susanna were meant to be brought together. The moments between Susanna and Mark was very sweet, tender and warm. Susanna is from a different century, so a lot of the conversations between the two was very amusing, specially since Mark doesn't hold back today's lingo's and slang. Susanna is a sweet and humble girl who has a beautiful heart. She's brave and caring and tougher then one would expect. Mark is good people. He's like your everyday teenager with family issues and girl problems, but he's dedicated to his sport and always tries to be a good person.

Something about Susanna touched him and without any real reason, his whole world changed and all he wanted to do was find a way to see her, be with her and free her. This is the kind of love story that I want to hug. It's not about lust or want, it's simply about caring about a person so deeply that you would do anything, even walk through centuries, to save her. And it was beautifully done. All in all, I quite enjoyed this book. It was hard to read at times since certain scenes were a bit disturbing to get through, but the writing is absorbing and outstanding, the story is inspiring, magical and moving and Susanna and Mark will steal your heart and make you believe in a fate like no other.

I can't wait to see what Langston will come with next! Elizabeth Langston delivers with this time travel historical and current day romance. She effortlessly switches the narrative between Mark, the present day character, and Susanna, the indentured slave who is living in I have read few other books that switch the voice so well.

Typically you are reading trying to figure out who is talking. I love reading historical fiction because not only am I entertained, but I also walk away with new knowledge of a different time or culture. The story of a Elizabeth Langston delivers with this time travel historical and current day romance. The story of a female teen indentured servant has not to my knowledge been told on the YA fiction level ever. While this is not a history book, I think it is an important book to share with anyone especially YA teens to give us a good glimpse into that life and time and remind us of our lucky we are today.

I mistakenly read a couple of reviews before reading this book. One was very critical of the main male character Mark. So while reading the review I saw some of the things the critical person pointed out. Yah he does talk about cycling a lot, but that's his passion and he is a teenager. My husband is a big time cyclist and I know how important his training schedules are. Anyone to that matter that cared about anything or cares if you are actually a YA when you were young knows how obsessive you can get.

Great novel, easy and quick read, wondering what else is next for Whisper Falls I received a free copy of Whisper Falls. After finishing Whisper Falls last night, I decided to wait a little while to post my review. After a night of contemplation, I am still unsure how to review such an amazing book and do it any kind of justice with just a few words.

That being said, Whisper Falls is both beautiful and devastating, heart-warming and heart-breaking. The pains and suffering the characters go through for the one's they love touched my soul and broke my heart at the same time. Th I received a free copy of Whisper Falls. The author made an amazing choice when she chose to write this book from the alternating perspectives of Susanna and Mark.

I believe this story wouldn't have worked if she hadn't given the reader a view of both sides. Both characters are extraordinarily strong and brave, their love for each other pure and beautiful. I personally feel that this book would be an excellent addition to any high school English curriculum.

I learned a lot about how the indentured servants lived just from this first book in the Whisper Falls series and I think the aspect of having one character from the 18th century and one from the 21st would be an excellent tool in teaching teens about the vast differences two hundred years can make. Also, this book is very exciting and age appropriate unlike some I read in High School that were a little boring for someone in their teens to have to read.

I cannot wait to continue reading Mark and Susanna's story in the next book. Thank you Elizabeth Langston for the opportunity to read your amazing book. If you are a fan of historical novels, you want to take the time to check this one out. Plain and simple, this is one of the most surprising books of the year. I love the way the author managed to overlay one story on top of the other, showing the reader the similarities between the lives and experiences of the two main characters, regardless of the fact that they were centuries apart from one another.

The way Elizabeth Langston managed to weave together two separate time periods and make it com If you are a fan of historical novels, you want to take the time to check this one out. The way Elizabeth Langston managed to weave together two separate time periods and make it come out smooth and wrinkle free was most impressive. This book was lovely, and there is nothing to complain about. The characters were richly drawn and three dimensional.

The story was beautiful and the historical research was evident in the story and the writing. I loved the dialogue in this book and felt like I was right there with the events of the novel every step of the way. From the beginning, the reader is invited to feel what the characters feel and to experiences their worlds. I felt close to both of the central characters from an early point and by the end, was sorry to see them go. If you are looking for something new to read, this may be the book you have been searching for.

This review is based on a complimentary copy from Netgalley. All opinions are my own. The abundant action, concept of Whisper Falls, and history are all very interesting. I kept telling some people around me about aspects of the book, which is usually a good sign that t 4. I kept telling some people around me about aspects of the book, which is usually a good sign that the plot and characters intrigue me. The conversations between Mark and Susanna about speech and cultural differences are so interesting and feel fairly realistic , reminding me what we often take for granted in our current era.

Plus, these conversations enlighten some of the weirdness of some of our current customs. If you're interested in finding out what aspects of history included are fact or fiction, check out the author's website! She also lists some of the resources she used while researching the history.

The story told in Whisper Falls is far more riveting than anything that I would have imagined upon first endeavoring to read it. The story of Susanna, and her plight as an indenture to a family in colonial America; is enough to make one rethink all of one's notions about the guises and slippery slope justifications for slavery and its brutalities. Though the book does have a time travel premise. The element of future versus past is thankfully not as much of an issue as the more important one invol The story told in Whisper Falls is far more riveting than anything that I would have imagined upon first endeavoring to read it.

The element of future versus past is thankfully not as much of an issue as the more important one involving Susanna. The romantic element is even allowed a backseat to the stronger component of social injustice. There was no time where the plot seemed forced or rushed.

If anything, the reader becomes so invested in the story that one is loathed to see it end Full review to come. It grew on me. It's such a cute story. But to be honest the first half was a struggle. I was not sure I liked it. But at the halfway point it just blew me away.

Whisper Falls

It was so good. I found myself attached to Mark, and Susanna, even Phoebe and the children Susanna looked after. What a tough decision to make. Do you stay in and deal with your douchebag master. Or take a risk and go to where everything is so weird? The shock of it all. The whole thing gave me anxiety. I think the author It grew on me. I think the author did a great job with this subject. It was fun and had that magical realism feel, but it also felt realistic. I also liked that it took place in North Carolina. Hungry eyes rest on their graffiti on the desk Face hidden at the window hear known voices Facing the sun the lone flower dying to bloom After the sunset wheels of a returning cart along the paddy Unmoved by the wind he sits on a rock wearing peace of the lake Unable to see his pale shadow reeling through vapour of the earth Night washes the sky-- the sun brings morning freshness to my window After days of depressing rains golden orb Her frisky bounce like snakebird springing its head in water preying Her eyes flash in dark the eel slides into her cave I watch the mirror They take off again their un thrown nets frighten fish- water turns whiter Storms circling within love is vision in action blue dot in deep space Sound turns fainter with greying geometry a rusted sign Hope in hidden words the invisible essence nearer dawn's glory The mountain doesn't know the river flows through its skin now stains memory Filling emptiness of the room with ikebana A fly flying in IC free of cost On a sheet of ice the chick trying to free itself from its mother's claws Two souls celebrate sailing on flames of white light new millennium The lone hibiscus waits for the sun to bloom: Rain-soaked sun sheds its sultry light-- her bare back Dew drop on a blade of grass rainbow A child's fingers feel the butterfly lying one with yellow leaves Shell -shocked or frozen he stands in tears on hilltop craving nirvana A dead leaf hangs by a spider's thread invisible in sun Staring at each other two fishes in half -filled tank ready for truce Only two of us- and a big house with roaming rats and cockroaches Meditation cell phone rings love echoes No god appears in the dark of my closed eyes— dream-image falters The little toddler with her fey appearance: Seeking good news I watch the lines on my palms taking new turns We meet again in the album ever fresh her memory Tending the hooks she blushes to see the line of jewels The half moon on her neck reminds of love before departure Her trilling laugh on the phone- spring love Falling leaves-- a sheet of autumn in the courtyard They all look for a little more moon coming back from movie Waves of mist shine with sun the day resumes laughter shakes each bough Fearing allergies he misses full moon party savours white light After morning walk the trio gossip each day fresh revelation The holy Ganges tolerates the city's garbage even rape and death Greeting the first rains after months of soaring heat-- the lone mango falls Exploring the world in haiku silence God an event The string of life lost in the knots of small things: Sweeping gelled leaves they raise dust in my compound agitate windpipe The lone letter box rusting in rain for years none come to open Prolonged rains keep dahlias from blooming- seeds die again Shining on rose-leaves silken layer of dew drops: Chilly wind slaps the window panes closed to keep cross-legged couples warm Cloud over cloud darken earth and hide stars: Red oleander and hibiscus calling morning to Kali Making love she presses with her nails: After lunch stretching legs in cubby-hole: Love tickles with erect pistil: Without washing hands he touches hibiscus for worship: After little rain lilies smile with hibiscus- the sun in May Too short can't reach the height: Around falling leaves a lone dreaming flower- mid-February 9.

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It was original, heartwarming and engaging. I thought it was fantastic. Check out more of my reviews at www. View all 33 comments. It was dark-ish, addictive, fantastically written and oh, my…so intriguing. Webster delivered an authentic story, in every possible way, that sucked me in from the very beginning. This story of unconditional love and dedication will leave you breathless, will make you think and feel, will make you b 4 Stars!! Needless to say, K. Twelve years has done nothing to change the way I feel about her.

The time with us separated is over. No more denying our complicated relationship. Love is everything in this story. Love can make everything better and love can heal you. The two main characters, Kady and Yeo were fantastically portrayed, endearing and had so much depth, their story being equally heartbreaking and heartwarming. As for Yeo, he was such an amazing hero. He was simply wonderful!

Sweet, protective, loyal, considerate, Yeo was everything I love in a hero, so yeah, he melted me from the inside out. What to expect reading this one…besides the epic love between the two main characters? And we wage war on the inside. Every single one of this POVs were well done, engaging in their own way and left me wanting more as the story unfolded. Overall, 'Whispers and the Roars' was an intriguing, complex tale, with an interesting premise and great themes that you definitely should try if you are looking for something…unconventional, consuming and of without a doubt, though-provoking.

Open you heart and mind before starting this one and most of all, go in blind. View all 59 comments. Whispers and the Roars stand-alone. This stand-alone is best dived into.

Whispers and the Roars

View all 86 comments. This review is going to be fairly short. This is a book that needs to be experienced without any preconceived notions. You need to go into this one with an open mind and an open heart. You need to take your time and savor every little morsel this author lays on your plate. Then you need to break it open and suck it's very marrow out. It is THAT good. These characters will tear your heart out and then piece it back together.

No, it's not an easy subject matter. It will be hard. This is one amazingly special and stunning book. My advice to you View all 69 comments. You will probably consider doing something similar when you read this, so get ready! I was totally unprepared for the story that was waiting for me inside the pages of this book! I wound up reading all night long. How my kindle still work 4 Roars I almost opened a bottle of vodka at 2 a.

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How my kindle still works is a wonder to me! Whispers and the Roars was nothing like I thought it was going to be. If you think you know what this story is going to be about, trust me, you have no idea! You have to go into this one completely blind. For that reason, this review was difficult for me to write. Just sit back and enjoy the ride! This is the story of two people, Kady and Yeo, and their beautiful, unreserved, and unyielding love for one another. In the beginning, we learn that Kady and Yeo had been in a serious relationship until Yeo went off to college without Kady at her insistence.

In her heart, she truly felt that her being with him was holding him back. Now that he has his degree, he is coming home to reclaim her with the intention of making her his wife. His love for her has never wavered over the years, and neither has hers for him. Despite that, Kady still thinks that Yeo is too good for her. He is sure to melt your heart. The love he has for Kady is unconventional and unconditional. He is her lover, her protector, and her very best friend. I love every single part of you.

I always have and always will". Kady is fragile and broken, but she loves Yeo with every fiber of her being. He understands her like no one else. Sending him away from her was done with only his interest in mind. Now that he is back, she is ready to admit that she needs him in her life. If it were only that simple….. You might be thinking this sounds like something you have heard before. At first, I did, too. It is unlike anything else I have ever read. Go into it with an open mind free from expectations, and see it through to the end before you make any judgements.

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It will all become clear soon enough. However, if you have triggers for abuse of any kind, this is probably not the book for you. It entertained me, toyed with my mind, made me cringe, made me smile, and kept me guessing. In short, I really enjoyed it! Why 4 stars instead of five? I had a few problems with it, but unfortunately, I can't discuss them, because it will give too much away. Overall, this was still an incredible story. Once again, another book by K. Webster has made me wish that I could be inside her head for just one day.

The things that she comes up with and writes about boggle my mind.

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She has quickly become one of my favorite authors. I read Sweet Jayne in September, and since then have read everything she has written that I can get my hands on. I will continue to do so until I have devoured every last drop of her dark genius. Whenever I read one of her stories, I know that I am in for a crazy ride, and this one was no exception! This is not a book that you will soon forget. If I can assure you of anything, it is that. Whispers and the Roars is an intricately woven and expertly executed story that will have an impact on you whether you like it or not.

The characters are interesting, exceptional, and multi-faceted. The plot will have you scratching your head, clutching your heart, and glued to the page. This ARC was generously provided for an honest review. Teasers used are from the author's Facebook page. Webster is truly talented at writing the really dark stories but she also has proven to be quite a versatile author. Never pigeon-holing herself into one genre. Whispers and the Roars definitely has its dark elements but it is also a story about true unconditional love…something that only exists in fairy tales.

It is truly best to go into this one without having any preconceived notions. I kind of figured out what was going on right before the halfway mark as I am sure most of you will. Kady and Yeo have been childhood friends and sweethearts since they were in elementary school. The poor girl has endured things that no innocent child should ever have to be subjected to, but the one loving constant in her life was the beautiful boy next door, Yeo. Yeo loved Kady despite all of her complexities and always acted as her protector, till one day she pushes him away.

The two end up separated for twelve years but now Yeo is back in town. Nothing and no one is going to get in his way, not even Kady! I really loved Yeo!! I rarely get to read about a Hero who is half Korean and half White like me and the fact that Yeo was, turned out to be the icing on the cake for me!! Whispers and the Roars is currently available! View all 13 comments. Dec 15, Clumsy Storyteller rated it really liked it Shelves: View all 26 comments.


I just got off the crazy train and let me tell you on that ride, that chick did NOT make any local stops! I went from being severely confused to the point where I honestly thought I was going crazy my damn self, to flipping the pages at warped speed because I had to know if the theories that I had circling in my brain were right, or if I needed more alcohol. Now after reading this, I can safely say that I need a therapist because what was supposed to be a shock factor for others, had me rubbing my hands together in excitement because I figured out the plot.

Webster the Queen of Dark for nothing!

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All I care about is you. It feeds off of us and it can snuff out our light that we tried so hard to make the brightest one possible. Torn apart by distance but reunited by an unconditional love that never wavered for neither of them is what made this love story like no other. I always have and I always will.

I even love the parts I hate about you. You HAVE to go into this completely blind and leave your reservations at the door because it has no place in this story. Did I love everything about it? You want to a mind fuck? This one is most definitely for you. View all 34 comments. Dec 04, Sabrina rated it it was amazing Shelves: Just know that I absolutely loved this book, and will definitely be re-reading it in the future. The characters were amazing and I found myself feeling so much emotion for characters that I didn't think I would.

I feel like K Webster really did something unique with this story and I loved every second of it. She had me so invested in the lives of these characters and I felt so much I thought my heart would literally break in half. The story flows effortlessly between Kady and Yeo's past and their present and there wasn't one moment where I wasn't captivated by their lives. I broke plans for this book, missed dinner, and didn't sleep all night because I was so invested in this book. What the fuck will be on a continues loop through your mind while you read this book and you should be prepared to question everything you think you know.

If I can give you one piece of advice for going into this book it's to stay very open minded. Bottom line, this book needs to be read. It didn't have a big romance aspect to it but the relationship Yeo and Kady have is heartbreakingly beautiful. I hope many people will give this book a chance and love it as much as I did. ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review. View all 31 comments. There is a trigger warning attached to this book so it's advised to proceed with caution, it's graphic and not glossed over, it's dark, its gritty, it's dirty, it's raw and it's not for the faint of heart.

Go in with an open mind, This is by no means your typical romance story. I'm going to try and make this as spoiler free as I possibly can, the only advice I can really say is keep an open mind throughout, because to understand all of Kady's quirks, what makes her tick, you need to understand all of her, and to get to that point you need to wade through the darkest parts of her to find her.

We're introduced to Kady a broken down twenty nine year old female who lives in fear, a daily struggle fighting her demons such as depression and PTSD among other disorders which see her living as a recluse. The only time she can silence the roars in her head is when she sits at her piano and lets the music flow through her soul calming her thoughts.

Then we're introduced to Yeo who has been in love with Kady Marshall since he was ten years old. An extension of himself, every waking moment is spent thinking about her, his soulmate. She sent him away thinking she wasn't good enough for him and would hold him back from his dreams. Now he's back for good and he's coming to lay claim to her again and this time he's not letting go. I love when Kady is This is slow to begin with but at about the halfway mark the story picks up momentum and soars from there, like clouds that have cleared in the sky everything starts to make sense, things you didn't understand in the beginning that had you questioning things finally get answered.

This wasn't an easy read, it wasn't the darkest or grittiest read I've read but it was consuming I can't even put into words the emotional torment this author drowned me in. There will be characters that you'll be introduced to that you'll despise, but then there will be a few that will melt your heart. There is nothing typical about this story, it's unconventional, it will have you looking at things in a new light. This put me through the wringer, literally, it's f cked up, it f cks with your mind, it's a clusterf ck of a sh tstorm that you can't see the light of day through, it makes you question your own freaking sanity for sitting back and enjoying this ride so much.

It makes you wonder and question what in the f ckery did you just read!! None of this story made sense, but at the end of it the roars turned into whispers. Yep pretty much me after reading this!! I hated it but loved it, slow but it soared in the middle. Gets my 5 stars because who other than this author can think up the shit in this book lol.. View all 16 comments. Dec 01, Michelle rated it it was amazing Shelves: ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review Psst.. Do you hear it? Do you hear the whispers? The sounds of my heart beating wildly as I yell how amazing, poignant, and breathtakingly beautiful this book is?

If you can hear the rumblings and whisperings of why K. Webster needs to be on your book radar then you know what book I am talking about. Okay, I am a stalker and she knows it and I secretly think she loves it. Before I go off tangent, I want to let readers know that Whispers and the Roars is by far one of the best books that she has written. This book had depth, vulnerability, a bit of darkness thrown into the mix and yet had that emotionally pull that will have you yearning for more.

Unconditional love is biggest message that K. Webster whispers and roars in the story of Kady and Yeo. He is a protector. He is a friend. He is a lover. And most importantly, he is the voice of reasoning and the missing piece in Kady. Webster as she guides you into the darkness, the madness, and into the light. Yes, this is an unconventional love story but it is a story that will make you wish you had a Yeo of your own as he scrapbooks, whispers, roars, and tells a story of LOVE.

The writing was superb. Each word, characters and raw emotions were meticulously and flawlessly incorporated to give this book a deeper meaning of unconditional love. Yes, love can hurt and be imperfect but they way K. Webster showed us how far a man will go for love is the biggest roar and testament of them all.

It can be a tiny whisper that can roar and be felt. And boy oh boy did I feel the rumblings of K. Whispers and the Roars is a literary canvas that paints a heartrending, poignant, dark, and beautiful tale on love and sacrifices. From the opening pages to the very last page, you will hear, feel, live, and breathe for these characters.