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The Rising Tide of Color Against White World-Supremacy has 72 ratings and 10 reviews. Matthew said: Mr. Stoddard did a good job predicting how the risin.
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Racism To what extent was Stoddard a racist? To answer this question we need that seldom-found thing, a definition of racism that withstands more than momentary scrutiny. Thomas Sowell provides a useful one: In various usages, the term applies to the ideas of 1 those who have an animosity to those of another race, 2 those who believe that people of another race are genetically inferior, 3 those who believe in discriminating against people of another race, out of sheer self-interest, and 4 those who believe that people of another race or ethnic group are less capable, or have other undesirable traits, as of a given time, even if for non-genetic reasons.

Those who believe all these things at the same time provide the clearest examples of racism. But all four notions need not go together and often do not. Winnowed by ages of grim elimination in a land populated to the uttermost limits of subsistence, the Chinese race is selected as no other for survival under the fieriest conditions of economic stress. Accordingly, when removed to the easier environment of other lands, the Chinaman brings with him a working capacity which simply appalls his competitors.

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By contrast, however, Stoddard himself seems quite rational. He puts down tribal war, he wages endless combat against epidemic disease, and he so improves communications that augmented and better food supplies minimize the blight of famine. In response to these life-saving activities the enormous death-rate which in the past has kept the colored races from excessive multiplication is falling to proportions comparable with the death-rate of white countries.

The consequence is a portentous increase of population in nearly every portion of the colored world now under white political sway. Now what must be the inevitable result of all this? It can mean only one thing: Remember that those homelands are already populated up to the available limit of subsistence. Of course present limits can in many cases be pushed back by better living conditions, improved agriculture, and the rise of modern machine industry such as is already underway in Japan. Nevertheless, in view of the tremendous population increases which must occur, these can only be palliatives.

Where, then, should the congested colored world tend to pour its accumulating human surplus, inexorably condemned to emigrate or starve? Again, if he bears any animosity to the nonwhite races by which I mean wishing them ill , I must have missed where he says so.

The Rising Tide of Color Against White World-Supremacy by Lothrop Stoddard

Whether Stoddard was unaware of things like this he had a Ph. But he is disarmingly frank about other matters that have since been swept under the carpet, some not without topical relevance: By a number of secret treaties negotiated during the war the Ottoman Empire had been virtually partitioned between the victorious Allies, and these secret treaties formed the basis of the Versailles settlement. During the war years the Allied statesmen had officially proclaimed times without number that the war was being fought to establish a new world-order based on such principles as the rights of small nations and the liberty of all peoples.

These pronouncements had been treasured and memorized throughout the East.

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When, therefore, the East saw a peace settlement based, not upon these high professions, but upon the imperialistic secret treaties, it was fired with a moral indignation and a sense of outraged justice never known before. An International History , p. I knew this book would be racist, but I didn't know it would also be so boring. I can handle the racism it's useful to know the "arguments" advocating white-supremacy in order to debunk them but I've got more interesting and relevant things to read.

Feb 24, Najib rated it really liked it. This book inspire me that Indonesia has opportunity to be a big country if it has audacity against US hegemony. Jan 07, Lisa rated it it was ok.

Stoddard The Rising Tide of Color: The Black Man

This book caught my attention during my research on affirmative action and the concept of "model minorities. Also, I've heard he made some startingly correct predictions on how certain ethnic groups would progress. Mar 18, John rated it really liked it. If you want to understand the underpinnings of early 20th century fascism and eugenics then start with this book. A clear understanding of history and modern events is helpful. If you can stomach the racist rhetoric it is an eye opener. Even the prediction of Gulf states induction of Africans as line troops in a struggle for religious hegemony has some merit.

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Every person of color should read this book. Don't worry about potentially filling the pockets of some dicey supremacist m Know thy enemy. Don't worry about potentially filling the pockets of some dicey supremacist movement. This work is in the public domain and available for free. You can clearly see the geneaology of modern fascist rhetoric and gain insight into the mythos these nationalist factions construct to indoctrinate themselves and others.

Dec 11, Fred R rated it it was ok. Occasionally he talks sense.

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  7. His racialism looks to me about as accurate or helpful as Marxism in terms of understanding history. He seems to have understood and predicted the Japanese program fairly well. On the other hand, his theory that the Arab world would use Islam to convert Africans into shock troops for a coming civilizational war with the West seems quite bizarre, the short career of Umar Farouk Abdulmutallub notwithstanding.

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    Jul 06, Monique Jackson rated it it was amazing. If your serious about learning how racism white supremacy works read this book. Chet Ozmun rated it it was ok May 20, Screaminjay rated it it was amazing Mar 17, Biafra rated it it was amazing Jan 02, Tean rated it it was amazing Aug 31, Sam Cox rated it liked it May 09, Juanita rated it did not like it Feb 25, Doug Stephens iii rated it it was amazing Apr 20, Rami Tammenoksa rated it really liked it Feb 18, Vetrano rated it it was amazing Oct 08, Ayman rated it liked it Jan 06, Crazyarms rated it it was amazing Mar 26, Jeff Slayton rated it it was amazing Oct 03, First rated it it was ok Sep 22, Duane Smith rated it liked it Dec 18, Greg rated it liked it Aug 30, Occidental Odinsson rated it it was amazing Nov 23, Sanguinius rated it it was amazing Sep 28, Geoffrey Kabaservice rated it liked it Dec 13, Stoddard examined the races of the world and separated them, including a separation among the whites which he divided into three groups: Nordic, Alpine, and Mediterranean.

    In his view the Nordic whites were the best of the three. Common among white supremacist thought, Stoddard's book contains a strain of Anti-Semitism. Stoddard, who was a member of the board of the American Birth Control League at the time of the publication, received a favorable review of his book from the Birth Control Review: In both the book and the movie [9] The Great Gatsby , the story's antagonist Tom Buchanan mentions the ideas in the book favorably, as noble and scientific. Will America Survive to ?

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