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Meerah is a level - NPC. This NPC can be found in Vol'dun. This NPC is the objective of The Warguard's Trail. In the NPCs category. Always up to date.
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Findings show that these students were unprepared to deal with the new environment and resorted to literacy practices that they were comfortable with and useful in their home country's academic culture. This implies that it is important to identify what is similar and different in the two learning environments to help study abroad students adjust and connect with their new learning context.

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  • The results of the factor analysis and the high reliability estimates for the MBS and its subscale confirmed the hypothesis that the MBS can be used to assess beliefs of pre-service mathematics teachers in Malaysia. Inculcation of action research among university lecturers. University lecturers in many parts of the world are beginning to take seriously on their roles as teachers. In Malaysia we are aiming for scholarship in teaching and various agencies have been set by the stakeholders to facilitate the improvement on the quality of teaching and learning.

    The Higher Education Leadership Academy under the Ministry of Higher Education together with the Centre for Teaching and Learning at each university are in charge of training of lecturers. The Malaysian Quality Agency has drawn up the so-called Malaysian Quality Framework for Universities to gain accreditation of Higher education programmes and for recognition by the government , as well as for regular auditing guidelines purposes. In addressing the need for higher institutions to plan on scholarships in teaching, the National University of Malaysia has decided a programme to encourage academic staffs to embark on Action Research in order to improve the learning and teaching at the university.

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    This paper described how successful the university motivates lecturers in different disciplines to embark on action research. Teaching marginalized children primary science teachers professional development through collaborative action research. This paper discusses an attempt on teachers' professional development through collaborative action research to enhance marginalized children's learning. Despite all efforts to overcome the difficulties of learning encountered by marginalized children, their performance both in the external as well as in the school-based assessments show poor performance especially in subjects like Science and Mathematics.

    This situation prevails and has resulted in dropout of the students at the primary level before they pursue for secondary education. Based on a series of observations, focus group discussions FGD with teachers and consecutive school visits, it was identified that the teachers face some difficulties in teaching Science, Mathematics and language. Teachers tend to use similar teaching approaches as those were being used in the urban schools, which are more teacher-directed in nature.

    Further, many teachers do not possess sound pedagogical skills to teach Science and Mathematics and to employ alternative approaches suitable for marginalized children in their context. To overcome this situation, teaching modules are developed by the teachers and researchers to provide alternative ways of teaching science. Additionally, teachers become known to the concept of action research. Two professional development workshops have been conducted to introduce some alternative approaches to teach primary science.

    Preliminary findings show that teachers perceive the modules very useful and beneficial to them.

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    Moreover, the students demonstrate better motivation to learn as well as active involvement in the learning activities. The promotion of students' metacognitive skills will help develop self-directed learners who possess a very important characteristic for lifelong learning. Past studies have suggested a framework to promote metacognitive development in the classroom. This study aims to identify any differences by preferred learning style in student's preferences regarding strategies to promote metacognitive skills development in the classroom.

    The study sample consisted of science-stream students from six secondary schools in Malaysia. Two instruments were used to collect the data on the student's learning style and their strategic preferences for promoting metacognitive skills development in their Science Classes.

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    The data were analysed descriptively using SPSS v The results indicated that students need encouragement and support from teachers to develop their metacognitive skills. Perwakilan yang cenderung digunakan pelajar apabila menyelesaikan masalah matematik: Innovative apparoah in inculcating positive attitudes towards environmental management. This study aim to systematically design environment learning module based on constructivist learning approach and to measure its effectiveness on attitudes towards environmental management among some secondary students, involving two different schools in Pekanbaru, Riau Indonesia.

    This quasi-experimental study employ pre and post control group design design involving some Level Seven students segregated into two; experimental and control groups. Throughout the intervention process, students in the experimental groups are exposed with environmental learning experience using the designed module, integrated with the constructivist approach.

    On the other hand, their counterparts in the control groups undergo conventional teaching and learning routines. The case of Malaysia. What do they Say? In Malaysia, like many other countries, problem solving is one of major aspect in mathematics curriculum which required students to apply and to integrate many mathematical concepts and skills as well as making decision. However, students were reported to have difficulties in mathematics problem solving. The study was carried out on three focused group samples that were selected through purposeful sampling.

    A mixed qualitative and quantitative approach is used in order to have clearer understanding. Apart from the questionnaire given, focused group interviews were carried out. Interviews were recorded and transcribed. Data finding was analyzed descriptively.

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    Data findings showed that respondents lacked in many mathematics skills such as number-fact, visual-spatial and information skills. Information skill was the most critical.

    The deficiency of these mathematics skills and also of cognitive abilities in learning inhibits the mathematics problem-solving. This understanding on how the deficits influenced the problem-solving is expected to give effective guide lines in preparing diagnostic instruments and learning modules in order to develop the mathematics skills. A Mixture of Intricacies.

    This study looks into the mathematics skills difficulties faced by students during mathematics problem-solving so as to understand the issues faced by them. The study was carried out using a qualitative method involving a group of fourteen years old students. Test, observations and semi-structured interviews were used to gather data. Results show that the students have a mixture of difficulties in mathematics skills and their cognitive abilities in learning further intricate the difficulties faced by the students in their mathematics problem-solving.

    OBE focuses on learning outcomes covering the technical and generic skills such as communication, team work, professionalism and lifelong learning. For these reason, the traditional teaching and learning activities such as lectures, quizzes, examinations and assignments are not adequate to achieve the targeted learning outcomes. Overcoming marginalized children learning through professional development of teachers. This paper will discuss on the attempt in improving marginalized children through professional development of teachers. Despite all efforts to overcome the difficulties of learning face by marginalized children, their performance both in the external as well as in the school-based achievement assessments showed that they lag behind in the learning of Science and Mathematics.

    This situation starts at the primary level and hence resulted in dropouts before they could pursue their secondary education. Based on a series of observations and consecutive school visits, the researchers were able to identify some of the difficulties faced by the teachers in the teaching of Science and Mathematics as well as in the learning of the language.

    Teachers tend to use similar approaches as teaching children in the urban schools, which are more directed in nature. Many of the Science and Mathematics teachers do not possess sound pedagogical skills to apply alternative approaches, which are suitable within the context and realm of the marginalized children. In overcoming the situations, teaching modules were developed to provide alternative ways of teaching science.

    Additionally, teachers were also introduced to the concept of action research. Preliminary results showed that not only teachers perceived that the modules were very useful and beneficial to them, their pupils were also motivated and demonstrated active involvement in the learning activities.

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    A study on students' misconceptions on quantum physics is rarely being done, because the target audience is quite small. It is important to understand quantum physics concepts correctly especially for science students. This study was under taken to help students identify their misconceptions at the early stage. The aim of this study is to develop a diagnostic test which can access the students' misconceptions, and use the findings for the benefits of quantum physics courses. A multiple-choice Quantum Physics Diagnostic Test QPDT , that involves concepts of light, atomic model, particle-wave dualism, wave function, and potential energy, was administered to university students.

    The results shows that many students use the classical concepts to describe the quantum phenomenon. For example students describe light only as a wave, an electron only as a particle, and that the atomic structure is parallel to the solar system. To overcome these problems, it is suggested that lecturers spend more time in explaining the basic definitions and using analogies in quantum physics teaching. This study seeks to identify the needs of urban and rural science educators majoring in mathematics.

    In Malaysian secondary schools, due to a lack of qualified science teachers, the phenomenon of mathematics majors teaching science is common. Analysis of data revealed that the perceived needs with the highest overall rating were related to ICT Internet, Communication and Technology , followed by the need for short professional development courses and the need for critical thinking skills.

    The lowest rated perceived needs were related to implementation of PEKA Science Practical Work Assessment , the updating of content knowledge in the field of biology, and supervising laboratory assistants in preparing apparatus. All tests were conducted at the 0.

    Views from Malaysia and Abroad. Jan Bangi, Selangor: Faculty of Education, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia. It will be a source of inspiration for a broad spectrum of people: Konsep Kecerdasan Pelbagai KP atau Multiple Intelligences telah tersebar secara meluas di institusi pendidikan seluruh negara melalui siri—siri kursus semakan semula kurikulum di kolej dan institusi pengajian tinggi. Kajian lepas menunjukkan seseorang individu yang mempunyai IQ Kecerdasan Intelek yang tinggi tidak semestinya berjaya dalam kerjaya mahupun kehidupan peribadi.

    Selain IQ, setiap individu mempunyai kecerdasan lain yang penting dalam menyelesaikan masalah kehidupan manusia. Kajian ini bertujuan untuk mengenal pasti kecerdasan lain yang disebut sebagai kecerdasan pelbagai di kalangan 51 orang ahli akademik di sebuah institusi pengajian tinggi.

    Kajian ini menggunakan instrumen Multiple Intelligences Checklist for Adults MICA yang mengandungi 49 item bagi mewakili tujuh domain kecerdasan pelbagai. Dapatan kajian menunjukkan kebolehpercayaan Cronbach Alpha item—item adalah antara. Domain KP yang dominan ialah verbal—linguistik dan intrapersonal. Korelasi antara domain—domain menunjukkan juga verbal—linguistik dan intrapersonal yang paling kukuh.

    Analisis regresi berganda menunjukkan kecerdasan visual—ruang menyumbang sebanyak Kecerdasan pelbagai, analisis item, kebolehpercayaan, ahli akademik. This paper discusses the in-service needs of Malaysian secondary science teachers. It first reviews the literature to seek for trends and issues of in-service needs perceived by science teachers. Second it reports on an empirical study of in-service needs assessment of Malaysian science teachers.

    The paper discusses the current trends of in-service needs of Malaysian secondary science teachers in relation to other countries and its implications. This study examined Malaysian science teachers' pedagogical content knowledge PCK of selected physics concepts. The two components of PCK investigated were i knowledge of students' understanding, conceptions and misconceptions of topics, and ii knowledge of strategies and representations for teaching particular topics.

    The participants were 12 trainee teachers from various academic science backgrounds attending a one-year postgraduate teacher-training course. They were interviewed on selected basic concepts in physics that are found in the Malaysian Integrated Science curriculum for lower secondary level. The findings showed that trainee teachers' PCK for promoting conceptual understanding is limited.

    Meerah is currently a staff writer, podcast producer and web editor for Eugene Weekly and was the Emerald's Digital Managing Editor. Though she mainly writes about art, culture and music in the Pacific Northwest, Meerah prides herself in having a diverse workload. The issue was focused on solution journalism and her group specifically worked on a story about women farmers in Oregon.

    In late she traveled with a group of UO students and faculty to Sri Lanka to explore the country and meet with people who shared stories of what it means to be Sri Lankan. Meerah was a writer for the project. The compilation of all those stories are available here.