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The Global Women's Rights Movement: A North-South Dialogue 19 Jan Potential research gaps raised in this paper include practical consequences of debt cancellation, the mechanisms that maintain the debt problem, and how these can be addressed. These issues should be thought of within a framework of developing alternative structures for the world economy. Public Pensions in a Development Context: The Case of Canada 22 Feb This paper starts by describing the Canadian pension system, which consists of a mix of public and private elements.

It then focuses on the reforms made to the public parts of the system in recent years. In particular, the paper examines the ground-breaking changes to the financing of the Canada Pension Plan. Appraising UN-Business Partnerships 3 Oct The paper outlines the growing number of partnerships across the UN spectrum and notes the recent emphasis placed on mainstreaming and scaling up partnership activities in the UN system. The authors argue that the case for scaling-up, and how this should be done, rests on whether it can be plausibly demonstrated that such scaling-up would, in and of itself, have a decisive impact on the problems or issues at stake.

Books by John Rhodes

The series is intended for scholars and students of gender studies, development studies, comparative politics and related disciplines. Litt degree from Rhodes University, South Africa. The Senior Doctorate degree is based on the examination of a collection of the works of the recipient of someone who, in the estimation of the Senate of the university, is an internationally recognised and reputable scholar.

Thereafter the selected works of the candidate are submitted to an international panel of assessors. New IMF and World Bank programmes and initiatives', aims to focus on the most recent programmes of these two influential institutions with a view to examining their role in the African continent. The conference will be held at the Foundation for International Studies, Malta between 23 and 25 April Mechanisms, Effects and Policies 19 Mar The evolution of inequalities in terms of incomes, economic, social and gender conditions, both within and between countries, is a major concern for scholars and policy makers.

Such themes are at the centre of the EU research project on "Inequality: The summer school, organized as one of the activities of the INEQ project, provides a multi-disciplinary approach to the study of inequality. It invited researchers to submit abstracts proposing papers that address one or several themes and questions concerning how large corporations and business associations are shaping patterns of social development and government policy in developing countries. The authors of the selected abstracts will be contacted in April with an invitation to submit full-length papers.

Only those authors whose abstracts are selected will be contacted. Research is organized under six programme areas: The Case of Finland 10 Aug The history of Finnish pension policy indicates that it is possible to unify social policy and economic development in such a way that a more or less just and stable society, decent social security and strong economic growth can be achieved simultaneously.

Ethnic Inequalities and Public Sector Governance 10 Aug Using empirical data and a typology that classifies countries according to their levels of ethnic polarization, contributors of this edited book discuss the links between ethnicity, inequality and governance. Gender and Social Policy in a Global Context: Working and living conditions can put people at a higher risk for disease and infection. Poverty-driven sex work and labour migration, for example, are acknowledged socioeconomic risk factors for HIV. Knowledge, Power and International Policy Making 10 Aug This book looks at why changes in discourse and policy are taking place, as well as the potential and limits of what has been called "the new development agenda".

Ethnic Diversity and the Governance of Public Institutions 10 Aug This study highlights the potential and limits of redistributive policies in situations of durable inequalities. Disempowering New Democracies and the Persistence of Poverty 18 Jul The author argues that it is important to bear in mind the ideational and the many structural impediments to the consolidation of democracy in the developing countries. One such constraint, he says, is the predominance of orthodox economic policies that ultimately hamper democracies from addressing issues of equity and poverty.

Occasional Paper Gender Policy Progress and Regress since Beijing 12 Apr This paper takes stock, focusing on political parties both as possible instruments and as sites of negotiated power, against a historical background where they have also been instruments of coercion and exclusion. Ethnic Inequalities and Public Sector Governance.

Report of the International Conference organized by UNRISD, UNDP Latvia and the Latvian Ministry of Integration, 25—27 March , Riga 12 Apr When inequalities in income, wealth, and access to social services or political power coincide with group differences, ethnicity may assume importance in shaping choices and mobilizing individuals for collective action.

A Review of Research and Policy 22 Mar In this review of the impact of foreign direct investment FDI on productivity, trade, employment, wages and working conditions, the author finds few of the straightforward conclusions that the popularity of FDI as a tool for development would seem to indicate. Feminized Migration in East and Southeast Asia: Policies, Actions and Empowerment 21 Mar This paper discusses the causes, processes and consequences of feminized migration in the context of East and South East Asia's expanding global capitalism, increasing feminization of the economic means for family survival, and rising civil activism both in local communities and transnationally.

Social Policy and Development Programme Paper Collins in this recently released paper. Public Sector Reform in Developing Countries: Capacity Challenges to Improve Services 21 Mar Public sector reforms need to be grounded in a policy framework that privileges the developmental role of the state if the goal of improved delivery of services, especially as they affect the poor, is to be achieved.

The Indian Parliament as an Institution of Accountability 21 Mar This paper assesses the performance of the premier institution of representative democracy in India: Ethnic Structure, Inequality and Governance in the Public Sector in Switzerland 21 Mar Switzerland is one of the few multilingual countries in Europe that does not confront political difficulties among its linguistic minorities. Yet it would be fundamentally wrong to think of Switzerland as a country without historical conflicts: Targeting and Universalism in Poverty Reduction 8 Feb In this paper, the author discusses the forces behind the shift from universalism toward selectivity in using social policies to combat poverty in the developing countries.

He then reviews the lessons from such policies while paying special attention to cost-effectiveness, because advocates of selectivity in the fight against poverty raise it as the main argument in its favour. Ethnicity, Inequality and Public Sector Governance 8 Feb This study shows the potential and limits of governmental and institutional reforms for managing deeply divided societies, especially when such societies have been plunged into war. She calls for a concerted effort to learn from the experiences of the Rwandan rape victims to ensure that the United Nations does not continue to short-change victims of sexual violence in war.

Some Theoretical Reflections and Empirical Evidence from the First European Social Forum 19 Jan This paper discusses the main hypotheses developed in social science research with reference to the social basis for social movements and considers the relevance of these questions for research on contemporary protest, in particular those mobilized around claims of global justice.

Malaysian Experiences 18 Jan This paper analyses Malaysian experiences in managing ethnic imbalances between the indigenous community and immigrant communities. The analysis is given ample grounding in data. Social Policy in the Middle East: Economic, Political and Gender Dynamics 5 Jan This book provides political and economic perspectives on social policy and its evolution in the Middle East and North Africa.

Economic Policy Making and Parliamentary Accountability in Hungary 5 Jan The authors examine the process of democratization in Hungary and discuss the fine balance between economic policy making and parliamentary accountability. Overarching Concerns Programme Paper The World Bank as a Knowledge Agency 4 Jan This paper claims that the production of social knowledge in all international organizations is problematic, because of their nature as a form of public bureaucracy. This general claim is advanced as a modification of Weber's theory of bureaucracy.

Overarching Concerns Programme Paper 9: The Search for Policy Autonomy in the South: Universalism, Social Learning and the Role of Regionalism 4 Jan Countries of the South, argues this paper, must secure greater autonomy in development policy making. But how can this be achieved? Peter presented on the current challenges and future of responsible sourcing. He also chaired the afternoon sessions. Occasional Paper Gender Policy 9: Neolibs, Neocons and Gender Justice: Lessons from Global Negotiations 18 Nov This paper is a reflection on the environment within which the struggle for gender justice is currently under way in the global arena.

The welfare states in these two countries have undergone significant changes since the Asian economic crisis of — The Politics of Welfare Developmentalism in Hong Kong 18 Nov This paper examines the change in social policy in Hong Kong Special Administrative Region after the Asian financial crisis, tracing how the historical path of development, economic globalization and the state of political development have combined to structure the response of the state to growing pressures for change in its welfare regime Identities, Conflict and Cohesion Programme Paper A Review of an Age-Old Concern 17 Nov The author states that the long history of interest in the links between inequality and violent conflict has not been matched by an evolving progression in theory or empirical certainty.

There remains huge indeterminacy in the discussion of linkages between economic inequality and violent political conflict. A Reflection on Key Research Issues. Participants in this workshop discussed how research findings and evidence were being used in the run-up to the summit, as well as in other global information and communication technology and development policy forums.

Technology, Business and Society Programme Paper But they also suggest that the criteria that should inform the judgement as to what is acceptable fiscal behaviour are not only technical and legal, but also ethical and political. Overarching Concerns Programme Paper 6: Approaches to Globalization and Inequality Within the International System 11 Nov Global poverty reduction is being taken a lot more seriously in the early decades of the twenty-first century, thanks partly to the consensus forged in the United Nations over the Millennium Development Goals.

However, the author writes that a major hindrance to any initiatives to tackle growing inequality is the prevailing policy consensus favouring market-friendly policies. Overarching Concerns Programme Paper 7: Neoliberal and Internationalist Views of Changing Patterns of the Global Trade and Financial System 11 Nov Neither a wholesale embrace of the neoliberal conception of globalization nor an outright rejection of the processes leading to increased international integration makes sense.

Overarching Concerns Programme Paper 8: The Sources of Neoliberal Globalization 11 Nov In reflecting on the future fate of neoliberalism, it is important to understand where the doctrine has come from and what sustains it: Technologies, Power and Society: An Overview 11 Nov The paper synthesizes the findings from 10 case studies examining the role of information and communication technologies ICTs in forming contemporary Senegal and aims to predict major future trends. Overarching Concerns Programme Paper 5: Methodological and Data Challenges to Identifying the Impacts of Globalization and Liberalization on Inequality 11 Nov Globalization and liberalization are defining features of the current era.

The author reviews the evidence on how the two trends have affected inequality at the world level and within countries. From Self-Regulation to Social Control 11 Nov One of the greatest challenges of the contemporary era is to ensure that market liberalization and the increasing dominance of transnational corporations in global trade, investment and value chains do not undermine patterns of development that are socially inclusive and ecologically sustainable. The Contemporary Global Social Movements: Emergent Proposals, Connectivity and Development Implications 28 Oct This paper explores the complexities and potential for change inherent in a new wave of global movements concerned with contemporary patterns of development and globalization.

Civil Society in United Nations Conferences: A Literature Review 28 Oct In this paper, Constanza Tabbush reviews the current literature on the role of civil society at UN conferences, discusses the key concepts involved, assesses the scope of the literature on civil society engagement, and identifies some of the gaps that might usefully be addressed by further analysis. Overarching Concerns Programme Paper 4: In Quest of Sustainable Development 28 Oct This paper reviews research into the social dynamics of environmental change and thus makes a contribution to ongoing debates about policy options.

Environmental Movements, Politics and Agenda 21 in Latin America 28 Oct While the Earth Summit, Agenda 21 has guided the aims, praxes and policy proposals of international institutions and governments, the spaces, mechanisms, values and agendas that could garner the favour of Latin American governments and social movements toward sustainable development have been lacking. The State of the Art 28 Oct In this state-of-the-art paper, the author investigates the link between UN world summits and civil society and contends that the summits have provided challenges and opportunities for the emergence of global identities and initiatives within civil society, and have stimulated a wide range of developments within national civil societies.

Occasional Paper Gender Policy 7: For or Against Gender Equality? Evaluating the Post—Cold War "Rule of Law" Reforms in Sub-Saharan Africa 25 Oct The author reviews the reform programme in sub-Saharan Africa, discusses the priorities that have been articulated by gender justice advocates in the region, and then evaluates the reform initiatives taken by governments and donors in order to highlight specific gender gaps in the rule of law agenda.

Occasional Paper Gender Policy 8: It is demonstrated that even in a seemingly best-case scenario such as South Africa, it is difficult to integrate gender into the processes of local-level democratization and service delivery. Commercialization of Health Care: Global and Local Dynamics and Policy Responses 24 Oct The book aims to contribute to a shift in the international "common sense" in health policy toward a more humane, inclusive, egalitarian, and ethical framework for policy formulation.

Occasional Paper Gender Policy 6: Gendering Migration, Livelihood and Entitlements: Migrant Women in Canada and the United States 24 Oct This paper compares migration regimes in Canada and the United States, examines gendered work environments, and studies social entitlements for migrant women in the two countries. How some hunters in Arnhem Land, North Australia, engage with the state, the market, and globalization. Civil Society and the Market Question: Dynamics of Rural Development and Popular Mobilization 12 Sep Drawing on case studies from Asia, Africa and Latin America, this new volume based on research commissioned by UNRISD looks critically at how civil society organizations are able to assist poor cultivators and agricultural workers to improve their productive asset base, working conditions and group power through influencing the market mechanism.

Occasional Paper Gender Policy 5: Occasional Paper Gender Policy 4: Social Policy and Economic Development in the Nordic Countries 27 Jul This volume challenges the contention that there is an unavoidable trade-off between equality and efficiency, and shows that social protection and economic development can go hand in hand. Un informe de UNRISD que critica la doctrina neoliberal 1 Nov Este informe afirma que la fe en la capacidad de los mercados no regulados para proporcionar el mejor entorno posible al desarrollo humano ha sido excesiva.

Education as Social Action: Knowledge, Identity and Power 30 Jun Education plays a key role in breaking the cycle of poverty and increasing opportunity. Social movements may play an important role in providing educational opportunities to communities and social groups that might otherwise be excluded, filling the gap left by the state. This book critically examines the origin and outcome of social action for education in different parts of the world.

Racism and Public Policy 28 Jun This book discusses two important public policy issues that have been central to debates on racism. The first deals with citizenship while the second is about social justice and equitable governance. These are needed to achieve stability and consolidate the values of citizenship. Occasional Paper Gender Policy 3: The Status of Women in the Labour Markets of the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland 14 Jun The author argues that women's labour market position deteriorated in the three countries, but not to the extent that had been expected.

Women improved their positions in some areas, and their losses relative to men have—so far—been minimal. The significant variations across the three countries in how women fared are also examined. Occasional Paper Gender Policy 2: Livelihood Struggles and Market Reform: Un making Chinese Labour after State Socialism 14 Jun This paper traces the historical evolution of core changes in Chinese labour reform and worker entitlements: Three New Research Projects Developed at UNRISD 13 Jun The recent arrival of Naren Prasad as a research co-ordinator at UNRISD, where he took up work in the area of markets, business and regulation and of social policy and development, has resulted in the approval by the Institute of a new research project on social indicators; the launching of the second phase of the research project on the commercialization of public services that focuses on water supply; and the elaboration of another new project on social development in small island countries that is to be unveiled soon.

Occasional Paper Gender Policy 1: The Feminization of Agriculture? The Search for New Policy Principles, and the Possibilities and Problems of a Capabilities Approach 18 May In this paper, the authors discuss the shift in policy assumptions toward an "adult worker model family".

Within this policy model, care work must be conceptualized as both a "legitimate" choice and as a necessary human activity, which provides the basis for arguing that it must be shared between men and women. However, the task of devising social policies that promote real choice for men and for women in respect of paid and unpaid work poses huge difficulties. Regional Responses 18 May This paper critically discusses the possibilities that regional and transregional forms of collaboration in social policy offer for the progressive social reform urgently needed because of globalization.

Partnerships between the Poor and Local Government in Johannesburg 13 May According to the authors, the future of partnerships appears gloomy, and they argue that it is difficult to predict the impact that futher changes in the inner city may have in making future partnerships more meaningful and viable. In Search of Linkages 14 Apr The issue of how civil society can work better with research and extension services at the local level is frequently raised in policy debates. This paper explores this question with respect to the research programmes and agricultural production of Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan.

Environmental Movements in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Political Ecology of Power and Conflict 24 Mar This paper critically examines environmental movements in sub-Saharan Africa by drawing on two prominent cases: Identities, Conflict and Cohesion Programme Paper The Politics of Land Distribution and Race Relations in Southern Africa 24 Mar This paper discusses the politics of land distribution and race relations in southern Africa, with a particular focus on the experiences of the former colonial states of Zimbabwe, South Africa and Namibia.

It examines how inequitable land relations have contributed to intensified race-based conflicts. Although the average proportion of women in national assemblies has only increased from 9 per cent to almost 16 per cent, in 16 countries the proportion has reached 30 per cent or more. Under what conditions can they and their male allies be effective in producing gender-sensitive public policy?

Transforming the Developmental Welfare State in East Asia 4 Feb The book explains the way in which shifts in economic strategy have influenced social policy reforms in East Asia. It also analyses the political dynamics of social policy in which economic imperatives for social reform were transformed into social policy reform.

From Unsustainable to Inclusive Cities 7 Feb This page volume brings together case studies by urban development practitioners who have contributed to efforts to achieve dignified living and working conditions for some of the most vulnerable groups in large cities of the South, from Asia to Africa to Latin America. Social Policy in a Development Context 4 Feb The central message contained in the book is that social policy can be a major transformative contribution to economic development.

Gendered Connections 4 Feb This volume finds that although there are opportunities for combining an orientation towards export markets with an emphasis on social rights, the gendered segmentation of labour markets and the architecture of social policies need considerable policy attention before this can become a reality. Chicago's Near South Side: Revisiting the South Loop and South Armour Square, 26 Jan Financing for urban development, including affordable housing, is now determined by the returns these investments offer creditors seeking opportunities in a globally integrated market.

Because of these pressures, local governments, even when committed to reversing historical social inequalities, have little leeway in working with socially progressive forces to accomplish such ends. Communities and Local Government: Post-Soviet Institutional Design, NGOs and Rural Livelihoods in Uzbekistan 19 Jan The purpose of this study is to analyse the processes of post-Soviet transformation of rural institutions and to discuss their implications for the welfare and livelihoods of the rural population in Uzbekistan. Social and Environmental Dimensions 26 Jan This paper describes the corporate social and environmental responsibility agenda in Brazil, examines its history, identifies the factors and actors that are encouraging firms to adopt CSER initiatives, and asks whether CSER is really making a difference in terms of social and sustainable development.

Identities, Conflict and Cohesion Programme Paper 7: The New Economic Policy and Interethnic Relations in Malaysia 6 Jan This paper initiates a careful analysis of the Malaysian experience of "restructuring society to eliminate the identification of race with economic function" while briefly reviews the background to the country's New Economic Policy NEP. Peasant Associations in Theory and Practice 6 Jan This paper considers the ways in which liberalization and global market dependence have affected poverty, hunger and "entitlements": Social Knowledge and International Policy Making: Exploring the Linkages 6 Jan UNRISD organized this conference to examine the linkages between research, activism and policy making related to social development issues.

The Developmental Welfare State in Scandinavia: Lessons for the Developing World 6 Jan This paper traces crucial steps in the history of the Scandinavian welfare state from its early beginnings in the late nineteenth century to the present time. Particular attention is drawn to the general adherence to the principle of universalism. Corporate Social Responsibility and Development: Towards a New Agenda? Identities, Conflict and Cohesion Programme Paper 9: Exclusionary Populism in Western Europe in the s and Beyond: A Threat to Democracy and Civil Rights?

This paper explores the ideology behind these movements and analyses the political doctrine. Identities, Conflict and Cohesion Programme Paper 8: Confronting Environmental Racism in the United States 29 Dec Environmental racism refers to any policy, practice or directive that differentially affects or disadvantages whether intended or unintended individuals, groups or communities based on race or colour.

It combines with public policies and industry practices to provide benefits for corporations while shifting costs to people of colour. Civil Society and Social Movements: The Dynamics of Intersectoral Alliances and Urban-Rural Linkages in Latin America 29 Dec The author argues that the sustainable livelihoods approach has the greatest potential for bringing about an improvement in the quality of life of the rural poor—that is, for providing a theoretical and practical solution to poverty, social exclusion and underdevelopment.

It is the intellectual output of a group of nine research endeavours carried out under the Social Policy in a Development Context project that mobilized researchers in many countries for over four years. The cluster of projects and the resulting books collectively explore one of the greatest challenges of our time--that is the building of a state-society nexus that is developmental, democratic and socially inclusive. Late Industrializers and the Development of the Welfare State 12 Oct The author identifies certain commonalities across all later industrializers, including considerable evidence of "institutional learning".

There are certain advantages in being a late-developing welfare state, and a number of states have used an active social policy as a mechanism for promoting their own social and economic development. Ageing, Development and Social Protection 30 Sep This book examines relationships between the well-being of older people and processes of development, taking examples from a diverse range of low-, middle- and high-income countries. Technocratic Policy Making and Parliamentary Accountability in Argentina, 17 Sep This paper examines factors that propel legislatures to develop technical and oversight capacity.

It focuses on the strategies adopted by political parties for dealing with the executive. A typology of different strategies, and how each might affect congressional development, are presented and tested against the Argentine case, The enormous influence that technical cadres gained in pre-transition politics has sustained the pragmatic strategy followed since This papers examines both sets of questions, exploring the ways in which women entered the public scene and coalesced as major social and political players. Identities, Conflict and Cohesion Programme Paper 6: Lessons from the New Economic Policy?

Understanding the Evolving Diversities and Originalities in Rural Social Movements in the Age of Globalization 6 Sep This paper aims to locate the potential social movements have for development in this age of globalization and, specifically, to trace how the politics of collective action at the local level develop as rural social movements to change and shape national and international development agendas. Au coeur des crises nationales au Rwanda et au Burundi: Identities, Conflict and Cohesion Programme Paper 5: Loury reflects on the interconnections between economic marginalization and racial discrimination in the United States, focusing on African-Americans.

New Resource Guide on the Regulation of Corporations 12 Aug A new Resource Guide reviews a broad range of regulatory initiatives that relate to the social, environmental and human rights responsibilities and regulation of transnational corporations TNCs. The Guide contains a brief history of TNC regulation, before classifying the initiatives under three main sections.

It will be useful to anyone involved or interested in issues of corporate responsibility and regulation. While new initiatives are proposed every day, this Resource Guide gives a comprehensive overview of the main types of corporate regulation to date. Weblinks for each initiative plus a list of selected references are also provided. A recurring theme throughout the conference centred on the fact that the scope, scale and quality of CSR essentially depend on the institutional and political contexts in which companies operate.

Civil Society and the Uncivil State: Land Tenure Reform in Egypt and the Crisis of Rural Livelihoods 24 Jun This paper examines the impact of recent changes in the relationship between landowners and tenants in Egypt. On the downside, a mutually convenient alliance of powerful governments blocked action to tackle the erosion of civil and human rights in electronic space. But other areas might, in time, yield modestly positive results.

The Dis information Society? The "information society" fits well within this dream. The rapidly growing importance of information as a concept, however, could not have spawned an information society all by itself; at best, it could only have prepared the ground for it and done so in an unintended manner. Identities, Conflict and Cohesion Programme Paper 4: Policing and Human Rights: Eliminating Discrimination, Xenophobia, Intolerance and the Abuse of Power from Police Work 22 Jun The authors examine racism, xenophobia, discrimination, intolerance and the abuse of power in policing, based upon a critical analysis of theoretical and empirical research on selected police forces in England, South Africa, Australia and the United States.

Identities, Conflict and Cohesion Programme Paper 3: It also reviews several areas in which persisting racial inequalities affect life chances. The Civic and Political Participation of Women in Central and Eastern Europe 21 Jun While the enlargement process of the European Union has not explicitly emphasized equal opportunities for women and men, the new member states have implemented equality legislation, and now have statutes to deal with gender issues and non-discrimination clauses in their constitutions. They provide this information in a concise format that should be of use to policy makers, scholars, activists, journalists and others.

A Contemporary History of the Corporate Accountability Movement", presents an in-depth analysis of the history, current challenges and future directions of a movement that is challenging the global growth of corporate power. In the context of a growing debate about the impacts of and resistance to globalization, the author argues that world development is being undermined by corporate power.

Identities, Conflict and Cohesion Programme Paper 2: Migrant Workers and Xenophobia in the Middle East 7 Jun This paper analyses trends in migration to oil-rich and other labour-receiving countries in the Middle East. It examines causes, patterns and cases of discriminatory or xenophobic practices by employers, civil society and the state. UNRISD Prepares Research-based Policy Report on Gender and Development 24 May To complement the ten-year review of the Platform for Action of the Fourth World Conference on Women held in Beijing, the Institute launched an ambitious project involving over 70 researchers from diverse regions, and commissioned over 60 background papers to examine some of the most serious and controversial issues that currently preoccupy a wide range of actors and thinkers in the field of gender and development.

The research findings will be synthesized in a flagship Report on Gender and Development. The Political Economy and Social Ecology of Agricultural Expansion and Commercial Logging 30 Jan The book critically examines the major economic, political and social forces responsible for deforestation in Malaysia today. Exploring the Linkages", will be held from April , in Geneva. A question often asked of United Nations organizations is whether their research on social development issues is useful for international policy making.

Implicit in this question are concerns about the relevance, quality, dissemination and impact of research. The Institute is now orienting its future research work on civil society activism and policy influence at the international level, but which also have significant impact at national and local levels. Deeply concerned with the many negative aspects of globalization and the concentration of economic and political power UNRISD Conference Examines Corporate Social Responsibility and Development Today 3 Mar While transnational corporations TNCs are increasingly acknowledging the need to improve their social, environmental and human rights record in developing countries, the voluntary initiatives they have adopted have generated considerable criticism and prompted calls for alternative regulatory approaches.

Rethinking UN-Business Partnerships 11 Feb Published with the Geneva-based South Centre, this book reviews the factors contributing to closer relations between business and the UN, and examines a range of issues that affect the extent to which these partnerships are likely to contribute to development. It suggests that there are various grounds for concluding that close relations between the UN and business will do little to promote development. And how can development economics be revived, not as a deviant branch of mainstream economics, but as a discipline whose role is to address the vital problems that developing countries typically face?

The Political Economy of International Communications: Foundation for the Emerging Global Debate about Media Ownership and Regulation 30 Jan In this paper, the authors examine the changing balance of public and private control over media and telecommunications in the global political economy, patterns of concentration and investment in the overall communication sector, and possibilities for improving the contribution of media and communications to development in different parts of the world. Global Capitalism, Deflation and Agrarian Crisis in Developing Countries 5 Dec This paper seeks to analyse the nature of the economic policy regimes associated with globalization, and to contextualize the issues of land rights and gender in the present era.

It illustrates the main theoretical propositions with reference to the experience of India in the s. Facilitating Knowledge Networks in Eastern Europe 4 Dec This paper explores how civil society organizations can be a source of organizational and technological innovation necessary for their societies' continuous adaptability in a fast-changing global economy.

Communicating in the Information Society 10 Dec This volume brings together various perspectives on the information society questions which information society we are building, and who will benefit most from it. The contributions range from practical, down-to-earth advice on concrete implementation of an information society, through strategies to enrich the potential of WSIS, to philosophical insights into the central concepts.

They all support the idea that the process of communicating must be at the centre of such a society Identities, Conflict and Cohesion Programme Paper 1: The Historical Construction of Race and Citizenship in the United States 4 Dec This paper reviews how race has been socially constructed in the United States since the founding of the republic, and how conceptions of racial difference and inequality have affected, and been affected by, prevailing views of citizenship and American national identity.

Waking Up to Risk: Overarching Concerns Programme Paper 3: Globalization, Liberalization and Equitable Development: Lessons from East Asia 9 Oct This paper assesses the developmental effects of globalization and economic liberalization on five economies: Gendering Health and Human Rights 2 Oct This book is a deeply informed analysis of women's efforts to affect health policy at international and national levels. It is also a major contribution to contemporary debates on gender, health and human rights in the contemporary world.

Overarching Concerns Programme Paper 2: Needs, Rights and Social Development 3 Oct Stavenhagen points out that it is "development" itself that is the problem, when it is imposed without taking into account of specific contexts. He also maintains that development policies designed to alleviate poverty, overcome social exclusion and reduce inequalities must focus on the needs and rights of specific categories or groups in society, and insists on the role of the state in doing this.

This conference will provide an opportunity for researchers from UN agencies, universities and NGOs to examine the relationship between CSR and development, and to debate alternative approaches and Agrarian Change, Gender and Land Rights 26 May This edited volume focuses on recent shifts in thinking about land rights, particularly as they relate to women. Leading feminist scholars in the field provide searching treatment of the long-neglected subject of gender and access to land.

Agrarian Change, Gender and Land Rights: It also recalls that attempts by some African governments to introduce individual land tenure have often met with resistance from the population. Technology, Business and Society Programme Paper 9: The Riddle of Distance Education Promise, Problems and Applications for Development 7 Jul The present study probes the generally held assumption that distance education represents an unquestionably positive step forward in the developing world.

Ghimire explores the changing environment in which young and impoverished rural people in Brazil, Egypt and Nepal currently eke out an existence and seek to get organized within civil society.

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Media Coverage Expands for UNRISD 3 Jun The Institute has always nurtured a strong relationship with a wide range of academic journals and reviews, but has tended to devote less time to cultivating links with the more general public media outlets. However, over the last few months, the Institute has been reassessing the need to cultivate new and diversified audiences.

Therefore, in order to make the Institute's work more accessible to the public and also to generate debate, the Institute has been reaching out to public media. The papers are refreshingly original, always richly informative, sometimes provocative, and unfailingly of absorbing interest", said the editors Terence J. Byrnes and Henry Bernstein. Local Actors, Powers and Accountability 26 May The most recent wave of decentralization reforms in Africa has seen a shift toward democratization, pluralism and rights. The present review is concerned with the degree to which this is being codified in laws and translated into practice.

How are CSOs striving to influence international and national policies, and with what results? How are they trying to implement new approaches and policies ensuing from the summits? Gender Justice, Development and Rights 13 Mar This paper applies a "gender lens" to the analysis of political and policy processes, in order to illustrate the ways in which liberal rights, and ideas of democracy and justice, are absorbed into the political agendas of women's movements and states.

Agrarian Reform, Gender and Land Rights in Uzbekistan 12 Mar Based on fieldwork, this paper analyses the gender-differentiated outcomes of post-Soviet agrarian reforms in Uzbekistan. The paper shows, among other things, that the shift from collective farms to joint-stock shareholding companies has greatly affected women, and has consolidated farm management as a male occupation.

Second Session, Geneva, February 7 Feb Our studies found that some of the great advances that have been made in the field of citizenship are associated with efforts to roll back the pernicious frontiers of racism and incorporate previously excluded groups into the system of rights and obligations that define citizenship.

The theme of the seminar was "globalization and inequality". Global Competition, Gender and Social Wages in South Africa, 4 Feb This paper examines the changing relationships between labour-intensive industrial production and the conditions of reproduction of labour in South Africa. A Declining Technocratic Regime: Bureaucracy, Political Parties and Interest Groups in Japan, 4 Feb This paper provides a broad picture of contemporary Japanese politics and looks at the role of civil society organizations, which have been increasing their importance and influence in policy-making processes.

Gender Justice, Development, and Rights 10 Jan Rising income inequalities, coupled with widespread poverty in many countries, have been accompanied by record levels of crime and violence. This book reflects on this ambivalent record, and on the significance accorded in international development policy to rights and democracy in the post-Cold War era. A former director of the Institute , Solon will always be fondly remembered by all his friends and colleagues at UNRISD for his dedication to his work, his achievements, his humanity, his love for humanity, and his sense of humour.

A funeral service was held on 26 December. Our heartfelt condolences go to his family. Civil society has become involved in education; in some cases providing welfare assistance to poor household and, in others, developing education initiatives to provide an alternative to government policy.

Vice President (REF: 175804)

It brought together much of the findings of UNRISD research in the area of tourism conducted in the late s and early s. The event took place on 2 December , and was followed by a discussion involving representatives from the media, government, parliament, academia Given the limits imposed on productivity by low skill, labour-intensive strategies, increasing competitiveness must come in large part from technological upgrading and increasing labour productivity.

This important new p. A Beginner's Guide 24 Sep This book aims to further our understanding of the main issues and forces at play in global media and communications governance. Globalization, Export Orientation and Social Policy in Europe and North America 27 Aug Today, in developed countries, women's employment and the policies that facilitate, constrain or ignore it are central to social politics. It also helps build stakes in gendered social politics.

Agrarian Change, Gender and Land Reform: There are several reasons for what has gone wrong, and over the past 15 years UNRISD research has shed light on many of them. Social Policy and Development Programme Paper 9: A Review of Issues for Social Policy 16 Aug This paper reviews key issues on achieving gender equity in education. It examines contradictions and tensions in donor discourse and policy efforts, and points out some of the disjunctures between policy assumptions and the complexities of household decision making in different contexts.

Yet, they are similar in that they share several historical and political factors, such as their links to nationalist movements, their links to processes of modernization and development, and tensions between secular and religious tendencies. UNRISD to Hold Parallel Event at Johannesburg Earth Summit 16 Aug This conference aims to highlight the importance of "political economy" and "political ecology" perspectives for understanding environmental and development problems and for formulating strategies for sustainable development.

It will take place in the Palais des Nations, Geneva. This has been due, in part, to economic liberalization and globalization, which have created a climate conducive to foreign direct investment and international trade. Yet there is serious concern that the increasing power and freedom of transnational corporations TNCs is not matched by But what are the gender implications of the new policy dispensation? Social Policy in a Development Context 1 Jun The question of how social policies can be used to enhance social capacities for economic development without, in the process, eroding the intrinsic values of the social ends that policy makers claim to address was debated at this UNRISD conference in Tammsvik, Sweden, from 23—24 September Gender and Agrarian Change under Neoliberalism 10 Jul In this edited volume, Shahra Razavi and her colleagues explore some of the recent changes in rural development policy through regionally diverse case studies.

In doing so they unravel the ways in which economic and social structures, institutions, and policy outcomes are affected by gender as a social relationship. Multiculturalism, Universalism and the Claims of Democracy 10 Jul Does democracy have a role in resolving the tensions between universalism and cultural relativism? In addressing this question, this new UNRISD programme paper argues that cultural relativism does not serve the cause of women. Technology, Business and Society Programme Paper 6: Corporate Social Responsibility in Indonesia: Quixotic Dream or Confident Expectation?

Second, at this stage of its development, and in the context of crisis, is CSR relevant to Indonesia? The Greening of Business in Developing Countries: Rhetoric, Reality and Prospects 11 Jul This pioneering set of studies provides a rich seam of analysis and data on the environmental performance of big business in developing countries.

It also assesses the scope for promoting corporate environmentalism in the South and the effectiveness of different types of regulation. The rhetoric of corporate environmental responsibility is now being extended to developing countries, but very little is known about the actual environmental performance of big businesses in such settings. This page book scrutinizes the environmental record of big business in developing countries, and the policy issues that arise. Actual work on the redevelopment began in October , and has recently been completed.

Ghimire, spent much of May in Central Asia, meeting with FAO representatives, officials at the various Ministries of Agriculture and statistical bureaus, academic experts and civil society actors. The purpose of his mission The Institute has a stand at the Forum, where it is presenting its wide range of new publications. You are most welcome to visit and meet with staff members who are present there.

It is located in the immediate proxi Popular Development and Democracy: What are the problems of Social Policy and Development Programme Paper 8: Social Policy and Development Programme Paper 5: Les politiques sociales en Afrique de l'Ouest: Quels changements depuis le Sommet de Copenhague? Technology, Business and Society Programme Paper 1: Decentralization Policies and Practices under Structural Adjustment and Democratization in Africa 10 Sep Decentralization in Africa has often been designed on the basis of ideological arguments which extol the supremacy of party, state or market rather than on analysis of what exists on the ground.

Hence evaluations of decentralization programmes in African countries have generally produced negative findings. Technology, Business and Society Programme Paper 3: Corporate Environmental Responsibility in Singapore and Malaysia: The Potential and Limits of Voluntary Initiatives 1 Aug This paper examines the experience of voluntary environmental initiatives in Malaysia and Singapore.

Based on survey findings, it identifies the influences and pressures underpinning such initiatives; examines the types of action taken, and considers the extent to which they may substitute for other forms of environmental regulation. Technology, Business and Society Programme Paper 4: The Development Divide in a Digital Age 1 Sep This paper considers the role that information and communications technologies ICTs can realistically play in improving the life of millions.

It focuses on low-income countries, where most development assistance efforts concentrate and where the challenge of utilizing ICTs is greatest. Overarching Concerns Paper 1: Toward Integrated and Sustainable Development? The only way out of this dilemma is for the meaning and content of development to change in practice. Fiscal Decentralization in Developing Countries: A Review of Current Concepts and Practice 24 Aug Economic reform in developing countries in the s focused largely on increasing the role of the market and improving the environment in which it operates.

Reformers almost seemed to forget the potential role of the public sector in promoting development. There are now widespread attempts both to redefine the role of the public sector in developing countries and to improve its performance. Social Policy and Development Programme Paper 2: Social Indicators and Welfare Monitoring 29 Aug The attempt to record and measure changes in welfare over the past four decades has been influenced by a number of factors, including the changing ideological climate, practical difficulties with concepts and data, and objective changes in social conditions.

Technology, Business and Society Programme Paper 2: Corporate Codes of Conduct: Self-Regulation in a Global Economy 24 Aug This paper examines the different types of codes that have emerged and assesses their benefits and limitations. It finds that provisions for code implementation and effective monitoring are vital and constitute the basis of any real and meaningful impact.

Human Rights and Social Development: Toward Democratization and Social Justice 31 Jan The paper shows that human rights provide a highly relevant framework for the goals of the Copenhagen Declaration. It regrets, however, that little progress has been made in the realization of rights that are central to the Declaration. A Comparison of Chile and Brazil 10 Sep This paper examines the evolution of grassroots political activity in Chile and Brazil, and assesses its impact on social development. It scrutinizes transition from authoritarian to democratic rule, and focuses on the response of grassroots organizations to democracy and the rise of neoliberalism in the s.

Social Policy and Development Programme Paper 4: Technology, Business and Society Programme Paper 5: Regulating Large International Firms 1 Jan This paper explores existing arrangements for multilateral regulation of large firms. It argues balancing strengthened global corporate property rights with more explicit and enforceable social obligations. Social Policy and Development Programme Paper 6: An Institutionalist Political Economy Alternative to the Neoliberal Theory of the Market and the State 24 Aug In this paper, the author critically examines the neoliberal discourse on reducing the role of the state, and proposes, as an alternative, an institutionalist political economy.

He demonstrates that IPE, which is a theoretical framework that takes the role of politics and institutions seriously, can overcome neoliberal limitations. Efficiency, Accountability and Implementation: Public Sector Reform in East and Southern Africa 24 Aug Present reforms tend not only to be top-down in design and implementation, they also tend to focus on the upper levels of central and local government. This is the wrong starting point. A better understanding of the interaction between government agencies and citizens where services are delivered is necessary if reforms are to aim at improving service delivery, efficiency and accountability.

Trade Unions and NGOs: It reviews the historical background, the existing record, the difficulties and the potential for co-operation. Pay and Employment Reform in Developing and Transition Societies 29 Aug The author discusses the experience of reform in the light of the Declaration and Programme of Action of the World Summit for Social Development, with a particular emphasis on the impact of reform on workers, including those who are members of disadvantaged groups, and on the steps that governments have taken to alleviate negative impacts.

The Encounter between Feminism and Reformism in Contemporary Iran 14 Jan Although the goal of feminist solidarity has so far eluded the Iranian feminist movement, like many other others around the world, women are starting to take collective action over specific rallying issues. The paper notes that feminists must now make a choice between withdrawal and engagement. If engagement prevails, then collaborative efforts between Islamists and secularists are inevitable. Social Policy and Development Programme Paper 1: My name is Reginald McDowell, Reggie and I have a strong history of providing strategic leadership for all areas of hospitality operations.

My track record, in development, turning around hotels and leading regions of hotels is documented as sound. I believe a person with my experience could be considered an asset internationally. During my career, I provided growth-focused stewardship for a diverse portfolio of hotels and oversaw hotel development, capital plans, directed associate satisfaction, and Brand customer service programs, drove profits through accountable metric based sales and operation plans and implemented macro business development strategies. I directed resolution of complex business situations, developed long-term plans, made difficult decisions through cycles of economic downturns and provided stable leadership in challenging situations.

I have lived in Los Angeles for 21 years, managed 3 hotels in the market, and was based here while with Interstate Hotel Group as Vice President Operations for 9 years. I thank you for your consideration and I look forward to opening conversations. She has been working in the industry for 3 years now. Classically trained in India, his intentions are to transform the face of Indian cooking by drawing inspiration from age-old recipes and ideas and evolving them to create dishes 'beyond authenticity'. With eight years of management experience, between Hotel Management and Food and Beverage in Asia and exceptional hospitality skills.

Familiar with opening hotels. A TEAM player with high customer service standard. A firm but fair manager emphasis on employee's' welfare. A results-driven and work well in high expectation and demanding environment. A very good communicator. Committed to implement quality improvement techniques in Food Preparation and Kitchen, implementing operations for leading hotels, resorts, and restaurants.

He Has the opportunity to gain a hands - on hotel opening, closing and re-branding experience from budget to luxury market within the industry experienced with many Property Management Systems , alongside he has developed extensive skills within the e-commerce industry. He has outstanding communication skills, and work well with all types of people. Hotelier with degree in Hotel Management, 20 plus years of experience working on high end properties such as 5 Stars Hotels and Private Communities. Knowledgeable in financial, operations, customer service and training. Experienced on Management level responsibilities.

Skilled on developing and implementation of standard operating policies and procedures. He has been in the Hospitality Industry for over 20 years, working with International chain Hotels, Boutique Hotels and Local Resorts owned by Costa Rican companies, during this time He has had the opportunity to experience the different fields of a hotel operation, and structure. Executive Chef in 4 star hotels. Working for operated properties gives me the insight of the real needs to fulfill in any hotel, the importance of the owners, the hotel chain and the need to cover the sales forecast from a commercial perspective and not just operational.

Has Worked In Hospitality for more then 25 years , had the opportunity to work in all outlets of an hotel. Worked as a Food and Beverage Lecturer for 8 years in a French University which enhanced his training skills. With an experience of over 30 years in Luxury Hospitality and Airline Business and a main focus on guest and associate satisfaction together with financial results, I am looking for a new challenge where my knowledge and skills developed throughout my professional career can be deployed and support the hotel operation.

I am driven for results and financial returns, constantly seeking for opportunities to increase business as well as the excellence of guest experience. I have 9 years of operations and management experience in well regarded international hotel chains Four Seasons, IHG and privately owned hotels. During this time I have accumulated over 3 years of experience developing and delivering training for hotel and villa personnel. Versatile Human Resources Executive with 23 years of experience leading corporations through change and challenge by implementing strategic planning, establishing direction, and executing initiatives in support of business objectives and corporate goals.

Seasoned, award-winning, and results-driven professional, with more than 25 years of management experience within the hotel industry across the Caribbean, United States, and European regions. Exemplify strong commitment in driving corporate growth beyond established goals and expectations. Over 15 years of experience in Hotel Operations and Corporate within InterContinental Hotels Group with demonstrated proficiency in multiple disciplines: Demonstrated track record of consistently delivering results and achieving performance objectives with extensive theoretical and practical training within InterContinental Hotels Group and specialized educational institutes.

A Hospitality professional with over 20 years experience in the industry. Multi-lingual and educated both in the US and Europe. Experienced in Hotel openings both within the environments of International Chains and Privately owned groups. IT savvy with a solid educational background, that is vital in harnessing the huge potential the Internet plays in today's business environment. Well networked and experienced in leisure, corporate and MICE sales, locally and internationally.

I acquired these last 15 years skills in management of restaurant, in management of team and in customer relationships within various restaurants belonging to big French groups of restoration. I evolve for more than 3 years at the post of Manager in a franchised restaurant member of the group La Boucherie, the restaurant having for theme the meat of beef. The total organization of the restaurant has no secret for me, and I am able to be able to oversee so much the part cook that the part room of a restaurant. Thirty years of experience in the hotel industry. Large spectrum of operational experience: Successful background in all hotels department.

Followed of quality programs: A proven track record with over ten years of professional cooking and kitchen management experience. A dynamic, results-oriented Restaurant General Manager, with more than 20 years of experience in the restaurant industry, offering focused leadership to drive sales and profitability in highly competitive markets. Well-regarded organizational skills with proven strengths in reducing turnover, controlling costs, and training management teams.

With a Post Graduate Diploma in Hotel Management, more than 12 years of experience in the food service industry in a variety of establishment such as Pizza Hut, Starbucks, Sumo Salad, Reel Cinemas, Subway, and exceptional hospitality skills to complement this experience, I am confident in my abilities to perform this role and become a central element to your team. I'm an European chef with a strong background in Italian and Mediterranean cuisine, good knowledge of France; American: Asian; and Caribbean cuisine also, been working in the Hospitality field for more then 20 years, passionate and dynamic looking for the right place to work, I'm in Miami right now but ready to relocated any time, I have also a very good experience working as executive chef in the Caribbean region Grenada , I been working in this position for more then 5 years.

I have an extensive and in-depth experience of nearly 7 years. I am confident that my experience and knowledge of human resource principles, theories and best practices, as well as my strong independent planning and analytical skills, make me an ideal candidate for the position. A Chief engineer having 11 years experience of maintenance field and 4. A professional, ethical and passionate finance specialist with 23 years of international experience in the hospitality industry, looking for an opportunity to lead and initiate change where needed, in a senior leadership role while supporting the mission and goals of the organization.

To describe myself in brief, I am an enterprising and meticulous professional with over 23 Years of experience.

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Myself Pramod Parameswaran Indian citizen with 10 years of experience in Hospitality Accounting and administration, Some of my strengths include hard working, can work under pressure,innovative,Island experience, honesty and integrity, leadership qualities, good communication and organizational skills, strong interpersonal and problem solving abilities. Professional motivated and prepared with initiative, dedication and honesty, offering more than 15 years of experience in the tourism industry specializing in hospitality management in hotels all inclusive and EP in Europe and the Caribbean.

Adaptable and flexible having lived and managed in different places. I have great passion for what I do and to further cultivate, I am always eager to learn and seek challenges. I am looking for opportunities to which I can harness the experiences I have attained from the high-end luxury hotels and resort from the Middle East and Indian Sub-Continent, into other regions in the world. Professional in the hotel and tour operator with an experience of nearly 20 years in the industry. Over 20 years of experience in the hospitality industry in Europe, Africa and Middle East.

Extensive experience in planning, supervising and managing the entire food and beverages operations, resource planning, procurement and maintenance of inventory levels for smooth functioning of all departments. Highly dedicated, competent and hard working, with an extensive experience in the hospitality trade of over 20 years. During the last 25 years I have got the total experience to make myself capable to manage all tourism projects in proficiently manner to fulfillment at any property working at the same career of touristic. I have over 25 years experience within the hospitality industry in hotels, restaurants, events management and executive hospitality.

Experience almost 30 years in tourism field , i have been through all branches and activities of tourism industry either in Egypt or Germany due to my second nationality German , i was also so lucky through my job to visit most of the world and for sure i have added huge and fantastic knowledge of learning different cultures and different mentalities which was a greet support for my career. Over 15 years of experience in the hospitality industry. Restaurant management and supervision, operational management, financial and accounting oversight, budgeting, purchasing, marketing, merchandising, international experience, Asian and Caribbean experience, strong verbal and interpersonal skills, personnel training and motivation, team leader, high energy and proactive management approach.

Expert in Latin America. Initiated in Brazil, went through Ecuador Quito to establish Hilton there, then Venezuela for 8 years, responsible for 2 hotels hab and Country Director with 2 more hotels, total 4 and then Central America until today. A vibrant team leader with ability to motivate any team, and a highly motivated result focused professional with a progressive career encompassing over 18 years of hospitality management experience. Highly performing Executive Assistant Manager, Rooms with an extensive background of over 26 years in hospitality, was a part of four openings and one rebranding of luxury hotels and resorts.

Fluent in English, Chinese and Italian. Effective at translating conceptual business models into specific growth strategies and global business development campaigns to grow market share and maintaining a high quality of outcome standard. I am especially excited about the opportunity to lead The food and beverage department in the hotels at the GCC, great opportunity for me to work closer with international chain hotels. Hotelier with 25 years of experience, educated with Bachelor of Commerce and Higher Diploma of Hotel management.

Senior IT person, university grade B. My career in Hospitality had started 10 years ago , the way through a lot of memorable moments from waiter to group beverage manager. I am a hospitality professional with 16 years of experience in entertainment , hotels and restaurants. I specialize in food and beverages. Energetic and leader with over 6 years of experience in the Hospitality, Food and Beverage Industry. I was born in Philippine and graduate of associate in computer science, I'm living in Dubai for 10 years and has experience in hospitality business for 12 years.

I'm currently working as a chief concierge in five star hotel in Dubai. Have 22 years and above experience in making delicious healthy dishes in 5star hotels and leading restaurants and a five star airline catering. Over Thirteen years of experience in Hotel Industry, Hotel Operations and Management working for international brands business. Who possess excellent communication and leadership skills and the ability to interact effectively at all levels. Over seven years of experience in customer service, client relations, communications, event planning and international development with strong communication skills and ability to work in a deadline-driven, team-oriented environment, with appreciation and enthusiasm for professional foreign interaction.

I'm internationally grown on professional life as well as educated on Masters degrees of Project Management and Hospitality Management. I had over 23 years of hands on experience in operating hospitality in different hotels jockey club,Orient Palace,Royal Kenz,Thalassa hotel,Riadh palms and I have occupied different posts and functions Front Desk,First secretary reception,Front office Manager,Room Division Director,hotel Manager.

I am a front office manager, seeking an opportunity to join a 5 star hotel chain, I've been working in Marriott, Sheraton, Sonesta, Safir and finally Hilton chains, i have 30 years experience in the hotel business and i'm a front office manager since With 26 years of practical and professional experience with Hyatt International, concentration in the Kitchen Department and have been exposed to other areas and an emphasis on corporate and convention segments.

I have fifteen plus years of experience in the hospitality and development industry in all phases of city hotels and resorts operations, leasing. More than 10 years of experience at hotel industry. Opening Team for more than 3 new openings in a roll. Purchase Manager and Logistics Coordination for more than 5 projects of new hotels world wide at the same time: My experience in hospitality is 24 years and 19 as a pastry chef with experience in renowned hotels , Ritz-Carlton, Marriott Passionate, energetic hotelier, mature professional with over 25 years in the hospitality industry mostly in the South Pacific, Maldives, Seychelles, Sri Lanka, ….

Highly skilled front office manager with over 7 years of working experience in the hospitality industry. I have more than 25 years experience. I am a passionate Hospitality Professional with extensive experience in luxury hotels including properties pre-openings and openings, development of sales procedures and positioning. Adaptable and efficiency-oriented Guest Relation Manager with over 10 years of combined experience in hospitality management and tourism.

Influential communicator, personable and approachable; enjoys meeting and talking with different people. I have been working for 12 years in the luxury hospitality development and my several experiences in pre opening and openings in Asia Vietnam, China and Europe Switzerland, UK allowed me to develop high organisational and relational competencies as well as Human resources, Marketing and Finance knowledge.

And 10 years in a relevant management position, in a different countries and variety of restaurants with a different styles and characters. A strong, dynamic and passionate leader with pre- opening and takeover experience in addition to business reviews and project management. I am working in Hospitality Industry in Goa India, as the position of Administrative Executive and I am looking for an opportunity in your organization.

R Dept and Administration Department, also basic construction knowledge the position of the above jobs required a range of well developed skills such as customer services, organizational skills, effective communication, team work and autonomy. I have a strong operational background in Food and Beverage and Rooms Operations. Director of operations with over thirteen years management experience at a wide variety of 5 stars establishments and exceptional hospitality skills. Handling 30 team members and Management team.

Achieving excellent result compared to target given by the company. Having worked in the catering industry for 16 years at different levels, ,very focused and dedicated to my duties im also very passionate and eager to learn more. Experienced hotelier with over 35 years of expatriate life in 10 different countries with 3 major hospitality companies. Have worked in both resort and corporate environment including in some difficult and challenging countries.

Enriched with experience of 06 years in overseeing food preparation, Indian kitchen, Western kitchen a la carte and large banqueting. I have over 18 years experience in HR Management with a strong understanding of labor and employment law,. I am highly experienced and talented in all aspects of food and beverage operations.

As a highly-motivated and results orientated senior manager within the luxury hotel sector, my versatile year hospitality background, coupled with many years of outstanding international experience with leading sector providers, has resulted in a range of property awards. Exemplify leadership qualities and professionalism, backed by a consistent, verifiable record of achievement. Working in the hospitality industry over the last 15 years, I have developed a passion for providing top-quality customer service, and contributing to a memorable dining experience.

While training and leading a team I have always endeavored to pass on these values to other staff members. Total 32 years experience. I am working on this industry for almost 25 Years and travelling the world for 20 Years now. I have the educational background, over 14 years of professional experience; over 6 years within HR field, and track record for which qualifies me in serving the Human Capital Management field. I'm 37 years old professional with 13 years experience that I got working in restaurants and catering company in London, Dubai and Baku.

A quality, service excellence and guest satisfaction oriented professional with 16 years of human resources management and Training experience working in the hospitality industry. I am a results oriented professional with 20 years of human resources management experience working in the healthcare, communications and hospitality industry. Energetic hospitality professional with 10 years in the catering and conference service industry and 5 years in resort properties. Proactive and result oriented professional with over 14 years of experience in HHRR and personnel management.

Innovative and organised individual with strong communication skills. Recognized leader in Hotel Operations who has played a pivotal role in the resurgence and expansion of multi-million dollar properties. Leverage more than 20 years of executive level hospitality experience within 5 star, international hotels that boasts significant outcomes in guest service, revenue generation, brand awareness and leadership team development for full service hotels and resorts. Directs all aspects of sales development, building rapport with new markets including corporate and leisure travelers.

Highly valued for expertise in financial management, and vital decision making skills. Creatively unifies large hotel teams and operations with integrity and fairness and inspires teams and individuals to overachieve. Augments brand value to re-envision hotels as destinations with globally sourced entertainment, tantalizing food from world-class chefs, superior accommodations, and unparalleled customer service. Passionate, dedicated, high energy executive with strong experience in guest experience and budgeting.

I am a progressive hospitality professional with over 12 years of experience in establishments that include world-class hotels, resorts, palaces, yachts, private jets, and several upscale restaurants. Having Three years diploma in hotel management,currently having 9 years experience in the industry,currently looking for Restaurant manager job.

I have more then 15 years experience in busy cuisine. I finished high school for chef,then degree school for hotels and management in Pula and after that i finished in Opatija-Ika Faculty in Hotels and Tourism Management. In cuisine very organized and strong passion for food. An organized, confident, trained, disciplined and motivated Senior Security and safety staff with an experience of 15 years, working confidently and effectively in all levels and uses initiative to meet the highest standards.

Result-oriented leader with 25 years of solid background in the hotel industry with the last 17 years in managerial positions in Sweden, Norway, Azerbaijan and Belarus. Hotel manager with degree in Tourism and Hotel Management with over 10 years of experience managing 5 Stars International resorts. I have managed several openings resorts hotel chains taking responsibility for the implementation of the Standards, and company policies. Creator and forming teams ensuring full customer satisfaction.

I am working with PLAZA Inn Hotel Doha, almost 19 years I am in hospitality industries and I am looking for new changers with different level and different management for my career development. With nine years experience in the hospitality field I have developed my key knowledge in administration, customer service and product quality.

Qualified health and safety specialist offering over 15 years valuable experience in different international chain hotel; extensive experience gained within luxury hospitality and retail in the Egypt and the Middle East. My last stint as a hotelier was until February as General Manager of two successive pre-opening Hotel Projects - both of them also being brand launches for Brand Vivanta By Taj which is now the country's single largest Upper Upscale Brand.

A capable, results orientated hands on general manager leading high performance teams and successfully increasing revenue, profitability and productivity whilst reducing costs and streamlining inefficiencies. Experienced in business planning and execution, balancing revenues and expenses. Experienced in sales and marketing across continents with a proven track record in defining, optimizing business. Able to keep a level head at all times, nurture and grow business by evaluating opportunities and risks and also deliver innovative new solutions to challenges.

I work sense almost 16 years in the Hospitality, won several Awards for different Hotels and Bars. As a hospitality professional with more than 13 years of experience in Asia, South East Asia and Middle East, I have acquired a varied exposure to the national and international hospitality industry.

My experience highlights a steady and stable growth record and my proficiency lies in international cuisine, casual and fine dining. In addition to my technical experience, I have experience in computer and networking. I am in MBA graduate 38 yrs old candidate with vast experience of 17 years in Hospitality industry having sound knowledge in both Hotels and Industrial catering.

Graduated in hospitality and tourism studies from Dr D. Y Patil Navi Mumbi with an experience of 5 years 6 months in stores management and procurement. Have experience more than 10 years in hospitality, worked in all types of restaurants such as all-day dining, fine dining, lobby-bar, night club, in-room dining.

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A seasoned professional with nearly 12 years of experience in Housekeeping Operations, Guest Servicing and Staff Management. I am working as a housekeeping Manager in a 5 star hotel with 20 years of hospitality experience. Experience of more than five years working in hospitality in Dubai and India completed a diploma in hotel management. I have been working at IHG for almost 30 years, have been in direct contact with extremely wide selection of cultural backgrounds. Now at 50 years, I am looking for a more stable location and great company.

That I could input all my ideas and innovations into and grow with and it becomes home for me. I am a committed and well-versed hospitality manager. Enthusiastic leader, powered with strong interpersonal skills, and proficient in coaching and directing teams towards preset targets to meet deadlines. I am confident in all aspects of sales skills. An Inspirational people manager and leader with credibility for leading large teams. I offer high energy level; strong interpersonal and organizational skills which I believe make me a strong candidate for this position.

A hospitality professional from 25 years. Introducing myself as an International and multicultural Hotel Finance Manager with 27 years of increasingly, responsible international experiences in the hospitality industry. I have experience in restaurants more than 10 years in Lebanese and Italy and international kitchen.

An ambitious and commercially minded sales and marketing professional, offering over 12 years experience within the luxury hospitality sector both in London and Sussex. Results driven, personable, strategic, with a strong passion for marketing the luxury hospitality product and service. I possess over 13 years of experience working in hospitality industry in various countries including Qatar, UK and USA.

I've worked for Hospitality Industry for 23 years in Mexico Presidente hotels group , in diferentes positions as a controller for diferents properties of the Group. Having a vast experience of Having more than 19 years of experience working at different levels within the Housekeeping department and also well versed with laundry operations.

I'm a qualified French pastry chef with more than 15 years of experience in a variety of hotels, fine dining restaurants, and bakeries. After my initial training in a traditional bakery, I tried to work in all the facets of my craftsmanship classic french bakery, ice cream parlor, crepes restaurant, organic bakery with wood-burning oven , then I went to gourmet restaurants and my thirst for adventure brought me abroad where I was able to improve and learn new skills. Award-winning Wine Director with 10 years of experience in wine and restaurant management, and over 20 years in food and beverage industry.

I love taking challenging jobs and am a fast learner. Executive Team member with more than 12 years experience in international hotels groups, mostly in the Rooms Division area. Guruh Basarah studied hospitality in Bandung, Indonesia majoring Hotel Operation for 3 years and completed successfully his diploma in Management Informatics. He started his career in hospitality industry approximately 9. His strong interest in public relation brought him soon into Front Office Departments of various international hotel chains.

More than fifteen years of professional cooking and kitchen management experience. Leadership qualities and professionalism, backed by a consistent, verifiable record of achievement. I am a year-old professional Chef with a collective experience of 22 years within the Hospitality industry specializing in Modern International Cuisine. Versatile, creative and celebrity chef with near 10 years experience in premier, quality star hotels and restaurants, I am passionate about food and strive to create guest delight in all preparations and interactions. MBA in Operation Management with 10 years of extensive customer services in various organization in national and international level.

Having ten years of experience in 5 star luxurious hospitality as supervisor and manager in fine dining restaurants. Excellent qualifications in planning, staffing, training and quality management. Proven track record of organizational and time management skills, with the ability to set priorities for self and others. Middle east 16 years. Career started as a Front Office cashier. Working with hotel industry from 9 years after completing IHM Degree, worked in london for around 4 years and completed Master's in Marketing with 6 months internship in Digital Marketing to get the in-depth knowledge of marketing strategy to het maximum revenue.

Analytical with strong people-management skills. He has a successful track record of developing best practices that facilitate more efficient processes and creating strong cohesive teams capable of independently achieving operational directives and targets. A motivator, trainer and mentor dedicated in sustainable quality results and improvement. He had started his career in the control field over 10 plus years in 5 star reputed hotels in India. MBA with 14yrs exp in Sales. My professional background includes Hospitality field, and I have over 9 years of experience in Housekeeping area.

I have gained significant 10 Years experience working with multinational hotels. My enclosed resume provides details. I have been working in industry for last 20 years and have been worked in India and abroad such as America, UK and Saudi Arabia. Professional development in internationally renowned chains as IHG Hotels group.

In excess of eighteen years of resourceful, efficient hotel management experience, with consistently increasing responsibilities in operational hotel management. Around 9 years of experience in cost accounting, account receivables, account payables, general ledger, and internal audit. An experienced chef with more than 12 years of involvement in the Food Preparation and Dining Operations.

During this span i worked in different Restaurants, Bars and banquet. I have more than 12 years experience and strong commitment to my job in Hospitality Industry. I am versatile professional with 7 years of proven expertise in communication and event solutions, hospitality administration operation.

A Young Hotel Management Graduate having a professional experience about 3 year 6 months of experience in Hotel Industry. I have 10 years experience in middle east in Dubai and 3 years experience in Nepal, please sir do need full for me. Work at hotel and restaurant 15 year. Now working at zen restaurant on FQA position. As an accomplished hospitality professional with 16 years front office operations experience I am looking for an opportunity to prove my skills as Front Office Manager at Fraser Suites. More than 25 years ago, when I was studying Mechanical Engineering in my home country, it never crossed my mind that the attention to detail, required for a great engineer, would be one day one of my greatest assets as a hospitality business professional.

My career in Hospitality had started almost 10 years ago , the way through a lot of memorable moments from waiter to bar manager. I as a seasoned hospitality executive with over 25 years in the industry. I have pre-opening hotel experience. I have worked in all segments in sales as well as with e commerce marketing.

Over 20 years of experience in the hotels business, corporate hotel and resort based on rooms and sales. Over twenty five years of experience producing significant results in highly competitive industries with a very strong track record of accomplishment and exceeding expectations. I have been here for 14 years now, working for resorts, boutique and Internationally branded. I have experience in branding, de-branding, pre-opening, running resorts daily as well as closing resorts, I have worked for juristic properties with multi ownership.

I have worked the last 25 years in this business in my own bars,club,cafe, either as an employee and I like to have relation to the world. I even worked in couple of restaurants. My area of specialty is Italian and continental cuisine. I have been working in the hospitality industry for the last thirty three years: I hold a Master of Science degree in Tourism Management and Development, a Certificate in Estate Agency and have sound financial, managerial and administration skills.

I have also managed local and international marketing teams. I had been working as a hotelier for about 16 years then joined the Tourism field for the last 7 years. I have extensive experience in sales and marketing and operations. A professionally-trained chef having worked with reputable organisations in hotel, travel and tourism industries in India and abroad for last 12 years. Experienced in pre-openings and re-branding. Provides personalized, luxurious experiences to owners and guests. I am a 3 yrs Diploma holder in Hotel Management and Catering Technology with work experience of 10 years.

Several years of experience in a variety of professional office environments and providing leadership and support Solid background in providing personnel and organizational management and accomplishing training objectives Continually monitoring ways for improvement of organizational development and seeking ways to reduce budgets Excellent time management, prioritizing, multi-tasking, organizational and communications skills at all levels Able to learn quickly, make effective decisions, keen instincts for problem resolution as an effective team member.

I have 30 plus years of experience in the hospitality industry in all phases of Islands hotels and Golf resorts operations, During the past 20 years, I have had the pleasure of opening, supervising and managing four and five star hotels and resorts and I use the balanced scorecard indicator system to achieve my strategic objectives in customer services and financial results. I am currently working as Head Chef in a restaurant for more than 2 years in Mauritius. I have 3 to 4 years working experience as Chef de Partie and apprenticeship in Avenue Restaurant, Ireland. I have experience in both European and French cuisine.

With 20 years of years on business development, general administration, operations management across diverse organizational domains, I present herewith, my candidature to work with your company, in a Managerial role and add value to the operations. Financial Management Account with a total 13 years experience out of which 7 yrs as Finance Manager in the hospitality industry in Middle East. Over thirty years of increasingly responsible operations management with national and international upscale and luxury hotel projects of varying size, culture and specialization.

I have a long term experience with Marriott company for 15 year starting from till from position of houseman to position of housekeeping manager. I have gained considerable international experiences having lived and worked in countries within Europe, North America and Asia. Thus far, I have consciously chosen work experiences that challenge me to constantly learn and grow. I am graduated from two renowned hospitality management schools and although, at first, I decided to focus my career on operations management to fulfill my desire to be in contact with people, I thought, after working as a manager, that I could be a right fit for an HR department.

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While I was working as a coordinator, I got the opportunity to be selected as part of the special projects team where I had good results and received great feedback in terms of team and projects management. Last year, I got promoted to Brand Service Consultant Regional Trainer , it is a role where basically I was responsible for implementing HR practices and brand programmers in the hotels I was responsible for through executive teams training. I am, therefore, used to deal with large audiences of hospitality professionals and being passionate myself, I believe I have the skills to transmit core values.

A sales professional with 5 years experience in the hotel industry with a strong operations background. An active listener with strong interpersonal skills. Strive to understand client needs and provide exceptional results. I have extensive knowledge of providing outstanding guest services by anticipating their needs and striving to execute them without delay. I am also proficient in managing the concerns of less satisfied guests by ensuring that they never leave the hotel without resolving any issues they had without a good outcome.

I am well versed with the needs of every area of a hotel operation and quite happy to be hands on in more departments ensuring the smooth running of front-of-house. I would like to introduce myself as a Hospitality Professional with over 5 years of International work experience including India and United Kingdom. I am Currently in UAE and looking forward to a good professional growth. My expertise are excellent communications, marketing and branding while being a part of the Pre Opening Management Team. It was here that he began to develop his love of wine. From there he then went and completed his Bachelor of Science: Hospitality Management at the Florida International University.

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I have always been a keen sportsman and have played Table Tennis and Martial Arts at national level with a black belt in Taekwondo. I have 15 years of experience in housekeeping role of position ,works under pressure,work enthusiastic,. An early interest for social contact with multicultural people and easy aptitude for foreign languages made me embrace the tourism industry. Great opportunity to improve skills according to the high standards of Orient Express and Leading Hotels of the World. Have been running the hotels successfully. I love this job more than anything else in the world.

I am a dynamic and well organized individual and manager, looking for a position that allows me to grow within a company. I grew up in the Okanagan and moved away to learn the hotel industry. My work experience, my sense of responsibilities as well as my ability to adapt enables me to undertake challenges with great success. I have a strong back-round in customer service and management experience. Over 13 years experience together with educational degrees in Hotel Management and Public Relations, has provided me with the excellent people and communication skills necessary to succeed in this competitive and fast-paced industry.

Seeking a long-term career opportunity with a multinational company as a Hotel Manager in the hospitality service field whereby my experience, communication skills and interpersonal skills could be strengthened and further developed. Over 13 years of seasoned experience in Housekeeping and accommodation operations added with per-opening experience of 3 properties.

Always prepared for any operational errors to rectify through training and development of human resources passionately. Looking to take up new challenges and working with target oriented teams willing to work under pressure which deliver best results. Immune to have an eye for detail. Plan, organize, prioritize and implement activities. Committed to professional growth and development.

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Strong financial acumen and totally customers and team oriented. My strengths include a high level of integrity, highly resilient, able to inspire, coach and develop staff from various professional backgrounds creating a positive and winning working environment. Able to deliver sustainable results. I have almost 14 years of experience in Hospitality filed at 5 stars operation in culinary and about 2 years in both service and production. Living the Hilton values, Hilton Promise.

Certified as proficient in front desk up selling TSA certified. More than 15 years of solid B2B marketing experience, delivering profitable solutions to drive sales, attract and maintain customers, and build a solid corporate brand. Special talent for enhancing corporate marketability through electronic and print marketing tools as well as clear, effective corporate messaging. Stellar organizational and planning skills, as demonstrated in successful event planning experience.

Rolled out two large-scale corporate re-branding campaigns. Gained extensive experience communicating with vendors and event support personnel, and effectively managed overseas marketing team. Earned solid reputation for being enthusiastic, efficient, and hands-on. I have worked in different industries and departments. This mix of experience helps as a tool in decision-making as I can conclude what impact it would have on each functioning area. My friendly and supportive attitude has always brought down our staff turnover to almost nil.

I strongly believe in ever going mentoring as it helps in quality of service and better productivity and the overall result is dramatic increase in revenues. I may have a little experience in this industry and in the senior position but I have proved better then the most. Did an outstanding job in this role improving the positioning and service levels of the restaurants and banquets.

I was then promoted in as resident manager of the hotel which allowed me to gain management experience in the rooms, security, engineering, and related areas. Astute professional offering 25 plus years of comprehensive experience in Hospitality Industry. This was over and above the Intl. Sales offices by Hilton. In addition, I offer excellent organizational skills, which have proven to be a critical asset in driving operations during the current associations. These qualities, combined with my dedication and tireless work ethic, should enable me to make a positive impact at your organization.

Hands on and a team player with Leadership Skills to lead from the front. Will to take up any challenge. A turnaround and start up specialist with out of box thinking skills. I am a 30 years old restaurant manager. I just finished a year in the UAE. I started as a commis in a 3 star hotel and I have worked my way up through different hotels and outlets. Born in in Paris. Previously, he was a key figure in public relations, marketing, communications and events for the W Doha Hotel and Residences in Qatar.

A qualified and dedicated spa professional with over 15 years experience. Able to demonstrate a proven track record in the International hospitality industry through a pragmatic approach and creative flair. I enclose my resume as a first step in exploring the possibilities of employment with your Company. However, I can assure you that I am hard worker person and able to be put under stress and high number of working hours daily. I am fully dedicated to the job with a good understanding of what is involved in this exciting industry.

After that I worked in star hotels in India for 5 years as a Commie. I have extensive experience in Sales within hotels with vast knowledge in pre-opening and re-branding. I am an experienced, passionate, and effective professional with over 10 years of events, sales and reservations experience within the Luxury International Hotel industry and luxury Italian automotive company Ferrari.

Over fifteen years of experience working at Hospitality business 5 stars hotels and restaurants in Venezuela and Europe, always looking to expand and improve my knowledge and professional level, my goal is to continue growing in the culinary arts contribute everything I can to achieve the objectives of the company I represent, Opening experience of two of the best hotels chains, Four Seasons hotels and Renaissance hotel by Marriott.

Over 15 years experience as an Executive Chef in renowned hotels, resorts and restaurants in Canada, Caribbean, Asia and Australia. Over 20 years of experience in the hotel industry in positions of increasing responsibility. Knowledgeable in all aspects and all disciplines of hotel operations. Unlike other hoteliers, I had the opportunity of entering into the hospitality industry, starting from the ground floor and building my career with a nice career progression and hands-on experience.

I spent the last 12 years with ACCOR in different position and would be very exiting with a new challenge. As Executive Director I have a very entrepreneurial mind and love to develop the talent of my collaborators. I have a background of both managerial and hands-on involvement. Worked in the Tourist Service for the last 25 years. Swim with Dolphin, water parks, hospitality services at Destination Companies as General Manager, Director of Sales and managing levels.

Having explored in operations, revenue management and budgeting last 5 years. Some of sales and marketing responsibilities given. My background combines more than 9 years in senior hotel management positions, a Masters Degree from Cornell University, and three languages including Chinese. I am very interested to continue developing a career in international hospitality management.

More than 10 years of experience in the restaurant industry with successful results. Highly intuitive with inventory control and money saving strategies. Recognised for his ability to build relationships with key personnel, while maintaining a consistent and pleasant professional working environment. Human Resources professional with 8 years international experience with focus on pre-opening and conversion of 5 stars international hotels.

Over more than 15 years of experience in hospitality and leisure travel industry with a result orientated management style based on guest satisfaction, team dynamics and organizational skills. I do have exceptional sales, leadership and team building skills with the ability to develop sales and marketing people.

Confident, creative and highly qualified Sales and Marketing professional with 25 years of distinguished performance in the Travel and Tourism Industry. I have more than 10 years of experience working in different departments including Room division, operation manager and Food and Beverage. Have a varied practical and technical knowledge and a broad business perspective. Results-oriented and dedicated professional with more than 9 years of experience working in varying roles, including Customer Service. I have over 13 years experience in the hotel industry, and would very much like to be considered as a strong candidate.

Have a working experience of more than 10years. I have accomplished most of goals through hospitality and working oversees. International Chef with more than 25 years of experience in 5 star hotels, restaurants and Private Chef for the Stars and Business elite. Musical guests included rock star Colin James, K. Progressive 30 years of enriching professional experience in the accounting field distributed mainly in the banking sector and hospitality industry of which the last 25 years,.

I have been working with International hotel chains for 9 years of the top quality 5 Stars hotels. First I started in Owner Hotels under name of Ghazala Resorts where I worked in 2 Properties starting from position of Telephone Operator to Reception in charge of night manager and by end to reservations agent. Then I joined Inter Continental Hotels Group starting from reservations agent from then reservations supervisor, groups manager of complex 3 hotels and right now current position of Assistant revenue manager.

Well-traveled professional having visited around 40 countries. I have four years experiences in food industry which include Laboratory Supervisor,Quality assurance lab supervisor. Total Coaching Experience — 32 Years I am professionally qualified to conduct advance training to senior players in the field of tennis.

I have had the honor to assist renowned coaches Dr. A professional with Degree of Hotel Management and Catering Technology with over 8 years experience in 5 star Hotel operation which include 2 preopening experience in middle east region specialised in operations like Banqueting, Room service, Butler service , Minibar ,Restaurant reservation, Amenity service. I can express myself in 6 languages Italian, English, French, Russian, Portuguese and Polish and am quite expert on restaurant business with capability to implement an excellent Italian cuisine.

Personal with more than 20 years of experience in fields of sales, marketing, customer service, hospitality Industry, cargo clearing and handling, ramp handling. Later, I decide, after I have been working in big luxury volume hotel, to work for a high class hotel chain to explore and discover the high quality standard of this hospitality industry. Experienced and Skilled Hospitality Executive for 13 years who has strongly and smartly overcome several challenges in the hospitality industry.

I have been working in this industry for more than 25 years, my roots came from room division but I have been crossing all different scenarios, openings, remodeling, new hotels,,. Been in the industry for last 16 years after a 3 years of catering college. Exposed to all different sides of the industry. Over 11 years of progressive experience in the Hospitality industry. Experienced in various departments of Hospitality Operations Housekeeping, Laundry, Public Area Housekeeping and all the Front Office Operations Adept at effective communication and able to motivate team members to perform to their maximum potential.

More than 18 years of working experience relevant in food and beverages. Thirteen years of professional experience in five star hotels and resort specializing in modern patisserie.