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Travelling, soccer and piano. Thing about you that would surprise most people: Best nightclub in Toronto: My apartment Describe your ideal night out in Toronto: Last time you went to Italy: Summer Favourite Italian city: Frank Sinatra Best Italian song: Best way to feel Italian in Toronto: Embracing Italian events like Chin Picnic. What you like most about Panoram: It promotes Italian events and people in Toronto, and connects us to our Italian heritage.

Daniela Di Geso Nickname: Ripi Frosinone , Lazio Speaks: Victoria ckham and Federica Nargi. Food, travel, health and fitness. I am a huge believer in malocchio the evil eye. Best pizza in Toronto: Crema Coffee Best panino in Toronto: Grande Cheese Favourite vino: Italian saying or quote: Summer of Favourite Italian city: It brings second and third generation Italians together and helps them stay connected with their culture and Italian community, while addressing the latest trends relevant to them.

Mi scappa la pipi, papa by Pippo Franco. Alessandro Matri Best way to feel Italian in Toronto: A nice summer day walk up and down St. Rosie or Rosay Occupation: Hong Kong, China Speaks: Guess jeans and dressshirt, Danier jacket and scarf. Ralph Lauren Fashion idol: Food, flying, family and friends Goal in life: To one day fly the A The Purple Pear Favourite dish: Osso buco and risotto alla Milanese Best pizza in Toronto: The Standard Best panino in Toronto: Describe your ideal night out in Toronto: Nessun Dorma by Luciano Pavarotti Italian soccer team: AC Milan Sexiest Italian: Sara Tommasi Best way to feel Italian in Toronto: Strolling down College Street with my Paolo Maldini shirt on.

How long have you been reading Panoram? Since it launched in Best memory growing up ItalianCanadian: Helping my father make homemade wine every year, and taste-testing it! Student at the University of Toronto Age: Intermix Dream in life: I hate chocolate yes, even nutella. Pasta carbonara Best pizza in Toronto: Zaza Best panino in Toronto: Rapido Best nightclub in Toronto: The Hoxton Italian saying or quote:.

Esilio by Ada Negri

This past summer, when I completed the Siena program offered from the University of Toronto. Ti porto via con me by Lorenzo Jovanotti Sexiest Italian: Riccardo Scamarcio What do you like most about Panoram: It connects ItalianCanadian culture by offering information on our culture through history, diversity, fashion, beauty, and much more. From the great American houses of Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger to the high street Vivienne Westwood and Dior, the girls were unabashedly copying the boys in terms of outerwear, office wear and most surprisingly with more conservative evening wear in the form of pantsuits and blouse-skirt ensembles.

Shared staples for the season include crossbody bags, suede and sheepskin coats, oversized sweaters and dramatic lapels. Colour-wise, the unisex winter palette consists of a rich wine Bordeaux — best worn in a leather material for a wow factor on trenches, skirts, suits and accessories; charcoal — for an androgynous Londoner look that is always win-win this time of year; and caramel — always a refined choice especially when worn consistently from head to toe with a cashmere-wool blend coat.

The patterns for the season are traditionally male, from herringbone to Prince of Wales check, flannel and houndstooth for a Scottish appeal that can dress up a pair of jeans or a crisp white shirt. Your source of style inspiration this season comes from an equestrian setting with page boy caps, thick blazers, knee-high or ankle boots and a belt and bag to tie it all together. Keep this mood in the back of your mind when surveying your wardrobe on a bleak Monday morning. The challenge is clear: A city at the heart of the Alps It is hard not to be impressed by a town like Bolzano.

Located in the heart of the Italian Alps, this city, also known as Bozen, is home to some , inhabitants who enjoy fresh mountain air, landscapes of incomparable beauty, and an engaging Austro-Hungarian heritage, which stands out as a pleasant diversion from the rest of the country.

Of the two newspapers published in Bolzano, one is written in Italian, the other in German. Interestingly, a sister language to the old Latin of Roman times, called Ladin, is still spoken in the area, particularly around Val Gardena. The staple bread, which is ubiquitous throughout Bolzano, is made with crunchy whole grains in a style reminiscent of Viennese bread. When it comes to drinks, the locals have a slight preference for beer over wine.

Mountainous country Not far from Bolzano are the Dolomite Mountains — a large outcrop of limestone, featuring karst lithology that climbers are particularly fond of. The mountain range is home to extreme peaks, including eighteen that reach altitudes of over metres. The region is a playground for hikers. During high season, cozy huts welcome them with food, shelter and, of course, wine.

Be sure to have a camera on hand to capture the sublime landscapes, which change dramatically from one side of the mountain to the other. The local tourism offices Azienda di Soggiorno e Turismo , in conjunction with the specialized mountain guides at Arc Alpin, offer an interesting array of excursions. Preserved in ice for over years, this man is thought to have been a shepherd who was around 45 years old when he died of hypothermia after suffering a shoulder injury.

His body, tanned by the freezing cold, has been on display since in an enclosure replicating glacial conditions temperature and humidity. Found almost intact, along with clothing and tools, this man from the past has provided valuable insight into the lifestyle and techniques of the people who roamed the area long ago. Its Austrian-style palaces, built during the reign of Napoleon, offer a glorious foreground to the snowy mountain tops behind them.

Drive with confidence knowing that the durability and reliability built into the Mirage is backed by one the most comprehensive warranties in the world. Colours may vary due to the printing process. Exterior and interior lights on vehicles shown may be illuminated for illustration purposes only. Vehicles are shown with optional equipment or images may be international models shown. Not all equipment is available on every model. For complete details about equipment configuration and Mitsubishi Genuine Accessories, please contact your Mitsubishi Retailer.

Based on highway rating of 4. Your actual fuel consumption will vary based on powertrain, driving habits and other factors. Soaring above beautiful valleys with meandering streams, vineyards and picturesque church spires may not quite be nirvana, but it certainly seems close. Bolzano, along with Innsbruck, is seat to the Permanent Secretariat of the Alpine Convention established for the protection and conservation of the Alpine territory.

With about one hundred thousand inhabitants, it is a city with a thousand faces. There is also the jewel in the crown of the city: A blend of different cultures and languages This is a place where Germans and Italians live together, each with their distinct culture and language, although the cohabitation is not always easy. As a result of this majority, jobs in some sectors are dominated by German native-speakers.

The autonomy of South Tyrol is, in fact, based on the principle of linguistic separation: Una convivenza non sempre facile. Sono i giovani italiani, invece, a voler imparare la lingua tedesca e a volerla far apprendere ai propri figli: Compared to the past, tensions between the two linguistic communities have lessened. Today, Trento and Bolzano are two autonomous provinces, the only ones in Italy, and the disputes of the fifties and sixties have become less passionate.

Gateway to the Dolomites In addition to being a bilingual city a third linguistic group, largely a minority, is Ladin , Bolzano is a city of art and culture, insofar as it is now in the running for the title of European Capital of Culture Bolzano also boasts the Museum for Modern and Contemporary art, the Mercantile Museum, the Civic Museum, the Nativity scene Museum in a convent, and the Messner Mountain Museum, a project designed by South Tyrol mountaineer Reinhold Messner and which consists of five locations in the region of the Dolomites.

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One of them is the museum of Firmian Castle, just outside the city of Bolzano, which, through a path of towers, halls, stairways and courtyards surrounded by the magnificent view of the Tyrolean Alps, showcases natural artefacts aimed at raising awareness of the bond between man and nature, particularly in mountaineering. Moreover, the cycling paths going through and around the city provide a convenient, easy and green road network.

Besides nature, sports, amazing views, museums and castles, Bolzano also offers entertainment, good food and shopping. Oggi Trento e Bolzano sono due province autonome, le uniche in Italia, e i contrasti degli Anni Cinquanta e Sessanta sono diventati meno accesi. Because it is considered to be the lowest crossing point in the central Alpine mountain range, travelers can cross the Alps at this point without having to change trains.

It is also a strategic point for the military as well as for commercial transport. While the Brenner Pass is one of the lowest routes running across the Alps from Austria in Italy, its 1,metre altitude calls for at least three connected locomotives to pull the weight of a freight train up and down its slopes. From Roman route to railway Long before its train days, travelers saddled up their horses to make their way over the Alps via this route which experienced frequent use, especially by ancient populations searching to migrate to new places.

The plans for a railroad were developed in the 19th century by German architect and engineer Carl von Etzel. Trains began operating on the Brenner Pass in , making it one of the principal passes through the Alps. In its beginning, the Brenner railroad served as a means of internal communication for the Habsburg Empire. This altered when Brenner became a part of Italy with the shifting of the international border between Austria and Italy. What lies along the course of Brenner Pass is just as attractive as its logistic convenience and it comes in the form of fantastic mountain views containing miles and miles of majestic trees, picturesque cottages and high Alpine pastures with grazing cattle in the summer months.

The modern day route along the Eastern Alps begins in Innsbruck, Austria, and then crosses through the Austrian towns of Matrei and Steinach before arriving in Italy. Once in Italy, the train locomotives have to be switched as Austrian trains operate on an alternate current, while Italy uses a direct current. Once switched over, the train continues on to Colle Isarco, Vipiteno, Foretezza, Ponte Gardena and then Bolzano before terminating its course in Salorno.

All of the stations, tunnels and viaducts which the train passes through still have German names. It enjoys idyllic surroundings amidst Lagrein grapevines and offers breathtaking views over the surrounding area. It has been renovated throughout the centuries and today houses a large collection of frescoes that depict a vast array of scenes from court life to hunting and chivalric competitions as well as literary illustrations, such as that of Tristan and Isolde and the adventures of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.

Cultural events and exhibitions take place regularly at the castle which also houses a restaurant that gives visitors the unique opportunity to dine in a Medieval setting,. Messner Mountain Museum Firmian Housed within Sigmundskron Castle, near the town of Bozen, the Messner Mountain Museum Firmian is one of four branches founded by local celebrity Reinhold Messner, a climber, writer, photographer and a Member of the European Parliament from to , who was born in the region in and later went on to achieve numerous feats in mountaineering, chiefly being the first to reach the top of Mount Everest without oxygen support.

Zelten of Bolzano A sweet bread filled with dried and candied fruit, nuts and other ingredients. It is the Christmas cake par excellence and can be found in any patisserie in December. Beautiful scenery aside, warm and hearty country cooking is interwoven with specialties of the Mediterranean gastronomic tradition. Prepared with dough flavoured with lemon peel, they are rolled in granulated sugar and are filled with custard.

Served as a hearty breakfast or as a tasty snack! They are only found in the north-east of Italy Trentino-Alto Adige, Friuli, and part of Veneto , where they are served as a first or main course. They are typically enjoyed with a little olive oil and sprinkled with Parmesan cheese and parsley or chives. They are also known to be served with a main dish such as roast lamb. It's a specialty from Alto Adige and is a bread mostly made with rye flour and spices, such as fennel seeds, caraway, and bird clover. Every Saturday in May and October the Tourist Office offers guided tours to the Santa Maddalena and Lagrein wine-growing valleys with a visit to a winery in Bolzano, which includes wine-tasting.

Speck is the German word for bacon, but the speck of Alto Adige is not bacon at all. Made from pork leg, not pork belly, it is brined with herbs and garlic and then cold smoked and aged, resulting in a texture reminiscent of Italian prosciutto and a flavour that resembles pancetta. Speck is eaten thinly sliced as an antipasto with figs or melon, and is also used in cooking to flavour everything from pasta sauces to pizza and dumplings. Gulasch di selvaggina Cubes of venison meat are browned with onions and garlic and combined with Worcestershire sauce, oregano and covered with water.

This is a typical hearty second dish of the region. It's the town's oldest restaurant, dating back years, and is housed in one of Bolzano's typically tall and narrow Tyrolean-style buildings. We stopped to enjoy a beer with brezen from the rack on the bar. The huge woven pretzels are soft and light and pair perfectly with a glass of the house dunkel beer, a darkish, spicy brew. It dates back to the 12th century and has been transformed with contemporary style. It has a large sun terrace where you and your family can enjoy local cuisine while taking in the breathtaking surroundings!

The beautifully decorated Piazza Walther is the festive meeting place where family and friends gather to share in Yuletide joy. Here the romance and magic of a traditional Christmas is alive and well. Shimmering lamps and candlelight bathe the city in a magical glow as people celebrate the traditions of a bygone era while indulging their sweet tooth with artfully decorated seasonal pastries that seem to have jumped off the pages of a medieval cookbook. Live Christmas concerts are also held throughout the historic centre in churches and other venues, along with beautifully displayed nativity scenes.

There are also horse-drawn carriage rides as well as numerous activities and exhibitions. This is a special time of year in Bolzano where the outdoor market is filled by the sights, smells and sounds of a good old-fashioned Christmas. On the eve of December 5, when the sun sets behind the mountain peaks and darkness envelops the land, the Krampus come out from the woods to parade through the streets and alleyways of Alpine villages to scare adults and children. During the parade, the rowdy Krampus scare bystanders with their pitchforks, sticks and whips as the procession of Saint Nicholas makes its way to the local church.

After the parade, the noisy Krampus are rewarded with holiday drinks to celebrate the holiday. The Krampus provide the same spirited fun of Halloween and are a great addition to your traditional holiday festivities! Where to stay Feel snug and at home this winter with a stay at the lovely Hotel Greif in central Bolzano, steps away from the Cathedral of Bolzano and the Monument of Walther von der Vogelweide.

It is also within close proximity of Piazza Walther where the Christmas Market is located. Experience old-world opulence at the state-of-the-art Parkhotel Laurin located in the heart of Bolzano. If retreating to the countryside for rest and relaxation is on your to-do list, then a stay at Hotel Hanny is in order. Located up the hill from Bolzano, Ristorante Castel Flavon-Restaurant Haselburg offers a new take on traditional dishes with panoramic views over the city.

Enjoy the hearty flavours of the South Tyrolean Mountains at the elegant Restaurant Laurin where chefs use locally grown ingredients to create their signature mouth-watering dishes. Surroundings This South Tyrolean capital is a charming city with lively streets and historic squares, surrounded by vineyards and an incredible landscape leading into the magnificent Dolomites. Bolzano is a great destination for nature enthusiasts with its beautiful walking trails, green hills and three cable cars that whisk visitors away to enjoy the panoramic views of this outdoor wonderland.

GOCCIA DOPO GOCCIA - 60° Zecchino d’Oro - Canzoni animate

Getting there Bolzano is located on the crossroads between Northern and Southern Europe and is easily accessible by train as it is a major hub of the railway system in the Central Alps. The Airport Bolzano Dolomites is located 5 km outside of the city centre and can be reached from most major European cities. I piccoli produttori curano personalmente tutte le fasi di lavorazione e sono accomunati dalla stessa filosofia: La maggior parte dei vini provenienti da questa zona viene distribuita localmente e spesso non varca i confini regionali: Alcuni dei produttori degni di nota per il loro impegno nel contribuire a un paesaggio unico: Buyer and Seller Representation www.

Le stelle del passato e i fuoriclasse del presente: Se in estate i sentieri di montagna si prestano al trekking e alla mountain bike, in questi mesi freddi gli stessi scenari diventano teatro per i classici sport invernali. In Alto Adige sciatori e snowboarders hanno a disposizione circa mille chilometri di piste. Negli anni la provincia di Bolzano ha dato tanti altri fuoriclasse alla nazionale italiana. Oggi cinque componenti della squadra World Cup maschile sono altoatesini, compreso Christof Innerhofer, campione del Mondo di supergigante nel In sella a uno slittino ha portato a casa cinque.

Fondo e combinata Come lo sci alpino, anche il biathlon e lo sci di fondo fanno tanti proseliti in Alto Adige. Le nazionali maschili e femminili di entrambi gli sport attingono a piene mani dal serbatoio di alteti bolzanini. Ai nastri di partenza della prima divisione ci saranno comunque tre formazioni altoatesine: Brunico, Collalbo e Vipiteno. Dopo San Francesco, un posto nella storia del presepe napoletano spetta a un altro santo, Gaetano da Thiene: Il simbolismo del presepe: Le scene di mercato e i cesti di frutta e verdura richiamano il sogno di abbondanza di chi conosce bene la fame.

Fans waiting since 6: They are from various generations, older immigrants and recent, students and fans. Italian, in all its nuances, being the only underlying theme as they wait. Never mind single file — the crowd assembles in a circle. Everyone seems to agree on one point: Battiato is considered to be a profound artist whose every word is analyzed under a microscope. A genius, whose art takes form from the steady progress on the spiritual path he wants to share with the rest of the world.

This is your time in Canada. How do you prepare to face a live audience for the first time, with the intent of relaying your emotions? What changes is the fact that you have to present something that may or may not go as planned. Yesterday in New York we played it, but tonight it may be a bit out of place, because the audience may not appreciate the experimentalism that at times is very extreme. So in selecting lyrics for translation, do you take into consideration a particular assonance, one that better lends itself to translating?

Where possible I adapt them. So, in this perspective, is the decision to resort frequently to multilingualism due to a desire to spread this advice as widely as possible? At times, multilingualism for me is just a question of sonority. However that way, your desire to spread this message for those wanting to take a spiritual path ends up involving only a limited segment of your fans.

Yet in effect, it could sound like Chinese because of its intonation. How do you personally view, on a spiritual level, the serious events involving immigrants in Italy? I detest those who defend their roots in this manner, who do they think… [the artist pauses]. So for me, those things are unacceptable… Just ten minutes after our meeting, there he is, emerging to the applause of a highly electrified and excited crowd.

Then the first requests are heard: Sembra saperlo bene la gente che a partire dalle 6. Generazioni diverse, vecchi e nuovi emigranti, studenti e appassionati. Ad attendere noi di Panoram Italia un uomo distinto e gentile con un sorriso accennato ma dolce. La sua figura riservata e apparantemente timida, inizialmente, non sembra riflettere quella di un artista tanto eclettico quanto sperimentale. Un genio, la cui arte prende vita dal costante avanzare in un percorso spirituale che vuole condividere con il resto del mondo.

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  • Poème sur le désastre de Lisbonne (French Edition).
  • Die Götter - Das magische Zeichen: Die Götter 2 - Roman (Die Götter-Serie) (German Edition).
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Come ci si prepara ad affrontare un pubblico per la prima volta dal vivo, volendogli trasmettere le proprie emozioni? Beh, non mi curo mai di questo genere di cose, nel senso che quando sei in un luogo, poi vai e fai quello che devi fare. Per esempio, stasera io toglierei il mio periodo sperimentale. Alexis Weissenberg], a una domanda del tipo: Come se uno non fosse a conoscenza che ci sia stata questa dominazione.

Spostandoci sul sociale per un momento. Come vive personalmente, al livello spirituale, i gravi episodi verificatisi ultimamente in Italia che vedono come protagonisti gli emigrati? Si nasce in un posto per puro caso! Quindi, per me, sono cose inaccettabili… Ad appena dieci minuti dal nostro incontro, eccolo spuntare tra gli applausi di una folla tanto elettrizzata, quanto emozionata. Alle spalle si odono le prime richieste: Dunque, nella scelta dei testi da tradurre tiene in considerazione una certa assonanza, quello che si presta meglio alla traduzione? Se non riesce, non lo faccio.

The show features a selection of 25 oil paintings and works on paper from to His family then moved to Florence in , and for any artist at heart, this was the ultimate place to learn. He later went on to study with painter Silvio Loffredo, professor of art at the Accademia in Florence.

Sassone then developed his own style and vision, gaining inspiration from the works of the 19th century Italian impressionists: In , following the Florentine flood, Sassone traveled to the U. His interest in such delicate matters is testament to Sassone making a difference through his art. It also made him more socially aware. I began to go into the streets and talk to the homeless.

This process was very rewarding for me. Artistically it was tough, but it was very good for the growth of an artist, to accept humility and to continue with your own work. Love and his wife are what led him here. I think you need to be a certain individual to go through the pains of survival.

It offers many perspectives and reflections. You go through trials and you experience all these evolutions. I had to go through a few years of panic, but I knew that I was going to succeed and so I continued. For booking information please contact: Tony Zara, Publisher info panoramitalia. Two days before Christina Grossi tied the knot, she sat in her bedroom while the sounds of Italian music filled the autumn air. It was a nice feeling to have. While Marshall was serenaded, she lowered down a basket with presents including a watch, candy and beer — a spin on the traditional prosciutto, bread, wine and cheese, adds Grossi.

The lowering of this basket indicated her acceptance to get married in a few days. After this, everyone went inside the house to celebrate the impending union with drinks and dessert. This is what Toronto-based Salvatore De Angelis, 27, did before asking his future bride Diana to marry him a couple of years ago. He says his future in-laws were quite happy when he paid them a visit to ask this very special question. We went from there. On October 26, more than 1, guests cheered on the 20th anniversary of the Venetian Ball, one of the top philanthropic galas in Toronto.

Funds raised will support Villa Charities, which provides support to seniors as well as individuals with intellectual and mental health issues. Afterwards, ten dessert stations satisfied all those with a sweet tooth. Friendly competition came in the form of live auction bids for giveaways including a seat at the Italian Formula 1 Grand Prix in Monza, Italy.

If you or a loved one have to deal with the discomfort and general nuisance of wearing a complete denture, you could be a candidate for an implant option where you never have to take your teeth out. This will improve your confidence, aesthetics and your overall diet and nutrition. Make an appointment today to see if you are a candidate for this exciting new procedure.

You will walk in with your dentures, and may go home with fixed teeth. Quantity of life is a gift of nature, but your quality of life is a gift of wisdom. Grisolia said he decided to participate because the issue was close to his heart. I wanted to raise some awareness. The event, which was held at La Primavera Hospitality and Convention Centre, included a silent auction featuring Toronto Maple Leafs autographed memorabilia and a Tom Thomson limited edition print.

And as she neared old age, the situation became overwhelming, so her other two children, Maria Pronesti and Antonio Panetta, found a way to help their mother and others like her. Three years later, in , after attending hairdressing school in Scarborough, he opened up Riviera Hairstylists Inc in Oakville, which still operates to this day. Chiappetta has come to be loved by his hundreds of loyal clients — who come regularly from as far away as Barrie, Orillia and Peterborough —and this year, he celebrates 45 years in business. Last Supper Mausoleum Reserve now for best selection. Call or visit Glen Oaks for details The pledge, announced at the Joseph D.

Their belief in our shared vision to bring accessible, world-class healthcare to its surrounding communities is demonstrated through their deeds. We feel privileged that the Calabrian Benevolent Association of Ontario is championing our cause. It currently operates on three sites with a total of beds and 3, staff members. A truly fantastic read. The game ended with a convincing victory for Roma, and the change of tactics, skill and mindset that AS Roma has experienced under Rudi Garcia was clearly noticeable. This revolutionary transformation has resulted in an undefeated start to the season for the giallorossi.

Following four years of playing mediocre soccer and changing three coaches, Juve made several key off-season acquisitions, but most importantly hired a new coach Antonio Conte with a new mentality, and it proved successful, resulting in two consecutive Scudetti. After being taken over by American Thomas DiBenedetto in and his investment group, Roma made several acquisitions and plans that proved unsuccessful. Some systems only work with the right players, and they did not have them that year.

In , Zdenek Zeman, who had just brought Pescara back to Serie A after 20 long years in B, was asked to return to the Roma bench for the second time in order to create a sparkling brand of football. After two years at the helm, romanisti could be excused for their skepticism concerning their Yankee owners and their misguided plans.

First they chose to replicate Barcelona, and then they tried to sell tickets with the promise of a giostra del gol. With a good core group from the previous seasons set in place, management decided to get rid of mercurial striker Pablo Daniel Osvaldo, starlet Erik Lamela and made a massive 35 million Euros off of one-season wonder Marquinhos.

With some extra cash to play with, they decided to bolster their squad in the right areas. In the back end, they added veteran goalie Morgan De Sanctis and in front of him the likes of Mehdi Benatia and Maicon. To add to their impressive midfield of De Rossi, Pjanic,. Florenzi and Bradley, the Dutch starlet Kevin Strootman was persuaded to come to the capital as well as Gervinho and wantaway playmaker Adem Ljajic.

I think that the Coppa Italia final defeat against archrivals Lazio signaled the push to start over. Under Garcia, Roma found the perfect asset, someone who is able to find the perfect balance throughout the squad. In every game, their opponents get very few shots. With a Scudetto victory, Roma would have their first league title in 14 years, but more significantly, become the first foreign-owned Serie A team to lift the title.

The world is a ball and money makes it go round. The sooner Serie A figures this out, the better it will be for the league, teams, players and fans. Frontage lots - some as deep as ft. Italian restaurant, convenience store, pharmacy, cleaners. Robert Pagliariccia, robertpagliariccia intercityrealty. Specifications are subject to change without notice. Rendering is artists conception. Introducing wireless TV Now, for the first time ever, you no longer need to plug all your TVs into a cable outlet to enjoy your television service, thanks to our new wireless receiver. Your additional TVs — up to five — are connected through our new wireless receiver, which means you can put them just about anywhere you want.

Fibe TV was already the best TV service. Current as of November 4th, Available to Bell TV customers in Ontario where access and technology permit. Customer responsible for use of wireless receiver; do not expose to heat sources, rain or damp and temperature extremes. Range of wireless signal may vary due to electromagnetic interference, home construction material, obstructions and other environmental factors.

Fibe is a trademark of Bell Canada. Italian-Canadian Magazine with an urban flare. Proudly represented by Charton Hobbs. August 1, Draws: January 7, Deadline: January 1, Must be 18 years or older Subscribe to the magazine online at www. Tony Zara, Publisher Have you had a trip, slip or fall? Rizzotto Law Firm handles all types of personal injury C O M schools where there was enough interest. My grandfather often told us of his first Christmas in Canada in , which was memorable indeed. Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter! C O M retirement. Now available for foodservice.

The all-new Corolla is here. Hereare aresome someof of the the ways ways you you can can contribute contribute to to the Sign our building building progress. La pizza bianca con la mortadella al tartufo con un calice di metodo classico italiano. E poi accostamenti insoliti anche di pesce, come i calamari ripieni di zucca e pecorino giovane di Torri in Sabina.

Le proposte di vini a l bicchiere non sono mai scontate. Da non perdere assolutamente la tartare di manzo. I motivi del successo sono presto detti. Una bella selezione giornaliera di mescite, e una carta che vanta intriganti verticali e annate per appassionati. Bene, chiudiamo il nostro giro con uno dei nostri punti di riferimento in fatto di acquisti vinicoli. Each of our bakeries offer an array of mouth-watering goodies.

We've narrowed this one down to three areas; beginning in Rome, then down the coast to Sorrento, and ending south in Sicily. Rome Rome is the kind of place you can go to a hundred times, and always discover something new. The Campo de' Fiori is one the liveliest piazzas in the heart of Rome. During the morning hours, except for Sundays, the square is transformed into a market where local vendors sell everything from fresh fruits, vegetables and fish, to clothes and Murano glass jewellery.

Once the vendors pack up, the square becomes a popular meeting spot for locals. There are many bars and cafes that line the square for you to grab a bite, or to simply pull up a chair and enjoy an espresso while watching the hustle and bustle of passers-by. Finally, you can't leave Rome without enjoying a delightful scoop of ice cream. While there are so many places to choose from, many would consider Il Gelato di San Crispino to be the best spot in the city. The gelato here is made on site using the freshest ingredients. The choices of flavours are boundless, including fig, pistachio, pear, and in the summertime, the delicious lampone raspberry is exceptional.

While you enjoy your gelato, head over to the gorgeous Trevi Fountain and toss in a coin as you make a wish. Sorrento South of Naples along the Sorrentine Peninsula, Sorrento is a magical and beautiful place that boasts wonderful views across the Bay of Naples to Capri and Ischia. You can spend hours wandering through the small streets of the old town, visiting different boutiques, strolling through Piazza Tasso in the heart of the city, before pausing to enjoy a delicious meal at one of the many charming restaurants tucked away in a secluded alley.

Sorrento also serves as a great home base to visit other cities. The nearby volcanic Islands of Ischia or Capri are perfect for a day trip. Ischia, the Green Island, is renowned for its thermal baths and beautiful beaches, while Capri will enchant you with its striking natural beauty and authentic gastronomy. The name derives from the sunlight's refraction into the cave that creates a blue reflection in the water. The way into the cave is through a small hole about a meter and a half in diameter.

Once you get there by motorboat from the port, you will have to transfer to a small wooden row boat and lie on your back to get in. Once inside, you'll be able to sit upright and enjoy the spectacular sight; you can even take a swim in the brilliant blue water. There are many tales about this cake's origins, one being a baker who on no sleep, messed up the recipe and mistook flour for cocoa powder. Finally, an excursion down the Amalfi coast is also highly recommended.

Buses leave from Sorrento on a daily basis and the view on your way is just breathtaking. Time permitting you can also set off to nearby Ravello and Positano, or to Pompeii, where remains of a city destroyed and covered by a volcanic eruption in 79 AC are still visible today. Sicily From the Sorrentine Peninsula, make the trek south to Sicily, where your first stop should be Taormina, a small town on the east coast of Sicily, in the Province of Messina.

This beautiful town blends its Roman and Greek past with a modern fusion of boutiques and restaurants. A must-see is Mount Etna, the tallest volcano in Europe and still active. A great way to visit this force of nature is with a tour guide taking you 1, metres above sea level to enjoy breathtaking views at Rifugio Sapienza. About an hour down the east coast, discover the once powerful Greek city of Siracusa. The theatre once held 15, spectators and was the site for many famous Greek plays and speeches. Another site to see is the Roman Amphitheatre, one of the largest arenas of its kind, dating back to the 3rd century AD.

This large, circular, open-aired venue was used for events such as gladiator combats, animal slayings, and executions. The outside is beautiful enough, but gives no indication to what's inside: Finally, you cannot talk about Sicily without mentioning its cuisine. Besides an abundance of fresh fish, one of the most popular Sicilian dishes is panella, a popular finger food made with ceci chickpeas. Arancine rice balls are another staple of Sicilian cuisine. This itinerary is available with Transat Holidays. Centre Decoration St-Leonard , boul. Si contano ben 29 bacini termali, da cui scaturiscono 69 gruppi fumarolici e sorgenti naturali.

Dal punto di vista agroalimentare, Ischia ha diversi punti di eccellenza. Tradizione vuole che sia preceduto da un piatto di bucatini al sugo di coniglio. Dal la Fondazione dedica a Luchino Visconti un festival articolato e prestigioso. Donato che dista circa 2 Km dal centro storico, il Mausoleo dei Duchi, che ospita al suo interno la celebre Pala di Piero della Francesca. Per chi preferisse sedersi ad un tavolo per godersi un vero pasto luculliano, a Piazza S. Se vi capita, il mercato popolare si svolge proprio in quelle vie ogni sabato mattina.

Urla di ciabattini, panettieri e pescivendoli esibiscono orgogliosi i loro prodotti sui banchi che seguono il profilo delle mura. Fu lui a dipingere il doppio ritratto dei Duchi di Urbino, celebre effige del Rinascimento Italiano. Dopo seicento anni, la straordinaria silhouette del Palazzo Ducale sorge ancora trionfante e la facciata dei torricini abbellita da tre logge sovrapposte sono un meraviglioso scorcio visibile anche dalle vallate lontane.

Newman Lasalle boul. Newman Rive-Sud boul. Its exquisite natural beauty, wild and mysterious nature, and rich history make Calabria unique and fascinating. Nature lovers can explore the Calabrian hinterland, discovering pure and unpolluted landscapes, while those who prefer basking in the warm rays of the sun can choose from the many charming towns along its stunning coasts. History enthusiasts will also be captivated with the wide variety of beautiful churches, castles, and ruins to discover in this former cradle of Magna Graecia. Traveling east from the mountains of the Pollino massif towards the sparkling Ionian coast is Sibari.

A wellestablished bathing resort, with a long sandy beach, an enchanting little town, and home to a series of ancient Greek and Roman ruins, makes Sibari a favourite Calabrian holiday destination. From Sibari a number of important archaeological sites can be visited, such as Parco del Cavallo, Casabianca and Strombi. Just south of Sibari is the historic Byzantine town of Rossano. The 11th-century church of San Marco is a mystical masterpiece, one of the great Byzantine monuments in southern Italy.

Another fascinating church is the Cathedral of Rossano, the origins of which date back to well before Rossano is best known for its Codex Purpureus Rossanensis, a page illuminated 6th-century manuscript representing the Gospels of St. Its name derives from the purple parchment on which it is written. Before leaving Rossano, visitors should be sure to taste some of the town's famous licorice.

Cosenza is the largest city in Calabria. It is home to a distinguished university and many fine aristocratic buildings. The most romantic approach to Cosenza is from the south, beneath the 12th-century Norman castle set high on a hilltop, then on into the Old Town centered around Piazza XV Marzo. Near a Madonna by Luca Giordano is the tomb of Isabel of Aragon, who died after a fall from her horse on the return voyage from the Eighth Crusade.

While in town, it is worth spending a few moments in the serene cloisters of San Domenico, and at the 13th-century San Francesco d'Assisi church. Heading eastward, La Sila is unlike any other spot in southern Italy. Many think of Il Mezzogiorno anywhere south of Naples as a sunburned rocky wilderness. However, with its snow-capped mountains, pristine reservoirs, and lively streams and waterfalls, La Sila is actually more reminiscent of British Columbia.

Today, it is considered one of Europe's most densely wooded areas, and the most famous woods are the Bosco di Fallistro, just outside of Camigliatello. Here one can admire the giganti della Sila, trees which are over years old, six feet across and feet tall. Camigliatello, a classical alpine village, is the best base for exploring La Sila. In summer, there are several opportunities for hiking; in winter, this is one of Italy's best cross-country skiing areas. Heading west to the stunning Tyrrhenian shores of Calabria is the idyllic beach resort of Tropea.

A favourite holiday destination on the Costa degli Dei Coast of the Gods , Tropea is renowned for its beaches and little coves lapped by a crystal clear sea, as well as its delicious red onions. The town stands in a magical position on the promontory between the bays of Gioia Tauro and Sant'Eufemia. Its historic center has a number of noteworthy patrician town houses and impressive monumental edifices such as Palazzo Toraldo, and the 12th century Norman cathedral.

The Sanctuary of the Madonna dell'Isola, an historic pilgrim destination built on a tiny peninsula at the foot of the town, has become the symbol of Tropea. L e aving t he Costa degli D ei and he ading southwards to the Costa Viola Violet Coast where the colour of the sea at sunset really does turn purple, sits the beautiful seaside town of Scilla. The town of Scilla is comprised of two centers: Marina Grande with its long beach and modern aspect, and Rione Chianalea, a characteristic fishing village complete with pretty little cottages built right on the water's edge. Dividing old and new Scilla is the town's Ruffo Castle.

It is the most beautiful fortress in all of Calabria, its ramparts offering a great vantage point for La Chianalea. A pristine natural landscape, panoramic seaside and an abundance of historic sights are just a few factors behind what makes the Gargano Foggia in Puglia the perfect place for a spring visit. Come springtime, certain regions shine more than others thanks to their natural assets. One of the loveliest spring seasons can be found in Puglia, a region too often absent from Italy guidebooks that focus touristic energies on must-sees like Rome, Venice and Florence.

Of course these major cities warrant a visit, but true, repeat offender italophiles should make it a point to explore new areas, most especially to the south where the climate is warmer, prices are more affordable and the sights are breathtaking. The province of Foggia makes up the spur of the Italian boot form, jutting out — mid-calf — east into the Adriatic Sea. This geographic position means that Foggia enjoys a degree seaside, while inland, it boasts vast green spaces, nature reserves and historic old towns, each with their own distinct charm.

The heart of Gargano is without a doubt Foresta Umbra, a woodland area brimming with flora and fauna on the promontory part of the park. Home to many different animals, such as boars, deer, woodpeckers, wolves and wildcats, the forest is divided into four sections. Zone A is exclusively home to wild life and off limits to the public, Zone B is the most uncontaminated part of the park accessible to the public — but you have to keep the noise level down — Zones C and D are accessible by car and make up more of the surrounding inhabited areas.

If you decide to make Foresta Umbra a part of your visit, be sure to find the Cerro di Vico, a year-old tree which was planted by a Franciscan friar. A big hole can still be seen on the side of the tree from when a storm hit over 70 years ago, causing one of the large branches to break off. It stretches inland out to the Adriatic Sea, forming a promontory the spur on the boot. The park was properly established.

What to see Pizzomunno: According to ancient lore, it is named for a fisherman who was turned to stone by sirens.

Esilio by Ada Negri - Free Ebook

Michael the Archangel is said to have appeared to a bishop here in the 4th century AD. What to see Medieval Quarter: Santuario di San Michele: Michael the Archangel is said to have visited. Ischitella A small, hilly town with a prime position amidst green parks and a proximity to the shores of Lake Varano and the Adriatic seaside. What to see The Church of the Crucifixion: Pamela Maria Massi Names: Co-owners of TwinsDelights, a baked goods company that provides freshly baked treats to cafes and restaurants in the Montreal area, and offers home delivery service.

Mandy, Mands, ManMan Clothes: Ralph Lauren Fashion idol: Running and baking Goal in life: Grow TwinsDelights into a successful business and start a family Favourite thing about being a twin: Thing about you that would surprise most people: I run half-marathons Pet peeve: Peanut butter, nutella and banana sandwich Best pizza in Montreal: Chez Dany on de la Montagne Favourite aperitivo: Grey Goose on the rocks with a lime wedge Describe your ideal night out in Montreal: A delicious meal and good wine in a warm, cozy restaurant with close friends Flavour of gelato: Tiramisu You know you are Italian when or if: You are short and like to eat like me!

Emmanuelle Blanchard Special thanks to Phillips Lounge - www. Italian saying or quote: Buona Notte Last time you went to Italy: June Favourite Italian city: Milano or Positano Soccer team: Montreal Impact Sexiest Italian: Raymond Massi, my father Best Italian district in Montreal: Little Italy What you like most about Panoram: The Travel section and the baby pictures Best memory growing up Italian-Canadian: Yves Saint Laurent Fashion idol: Grow TwinsDelights into a successful business and get married and have a big family Favourite thing about being a twin: Positano for relaxing, Milano for shopping.

I could dead-lift pounds at the gym Pet peeve: People who chew their gum loud Restaurant: Pinot Grigio Describe your ideal night out in Montreal: Enjoying a great meal and lots of laughs with friends Flavour of gelato: Tiramisu Italian saying or quote: You know you are Italian when or if: When people notice how short I am 5 feet tall Musical preference: Hip-hop and House Best Italian song: June Best way to feel Italian in Montreal: Going to Tre Marie for Sunday night dinners with the family.

Pursuing music on a national and local level. Their long list of achievements includes appearing in a commercial for CTV, performing the national anthem at the Bell Centre and taking center stage at Club Soda. They have recently begun working on a music program for youth in the community. You can stay updated with Sara and Jessica by visiting their YouTube channel www.

Singing Goal in life: Be happy, make music and create Favourite thing about being a twin: Knowing Sara is incomplete without me Thing about you that would surprise most people: I can sing opera Pet peeve: Talking with your mouth full, bad manners and the list goes on….. Vasco de Gama Favourite aperitivo or vino: The very alcoholic water Best nightclub in Montreal: Pear Italian saying or quote: Robyn, Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder.

Sophia Loren Best Italian song: Little Italy Best way to feel Italian in Montreal: Since the beginning What you like most about Panoram: Being enlightened about our community Best memory growing up Italian-Canadian: Winning Superfantastico Favourite thing about being Italian: Off the Hook Designer: My Nonna Mena Passion: Creating Goal in life: Being active and involved in things that inspire me Favourite thing about being a twin: I never watch chick flicks Pet peeve: Ristorante Lucca Favourite dish: Cammomile is my favourite tisane Favourite aperitivo: H2O Describe your ideal night out in Montreal: Discovering new corners of Montreal to fall in love with Sexiest Italian: Monica Bellucci You know you are Italian when or if: You constantly refer to things making you Italian Last time you went to Italy: Sinatra Favourite Italian city: Want to be our next Living Italian Style model?

Send your profile with 2 pictures to info panoramitalia and join us on Facebook. Stelline in Brodo Best way to feel Italian in Montreal: The initiative of keeping the community involved Best memory growing up Italian-Canadian: He takes his espresso standing at the bar while he has a morning chat on his Bluetooth handset. His shirt is colourful or patterned, obviously creaseless, tie: If we could transport that everyday bourgeois Italian style to the men of our fair Canadian cities, then we may just have it all. Fashion has become universal, but demanding markets still look to Italy for trends, especially when it comes to menswear.

The abito su misura, made to measure suit is arguably the most valuable Italian fashion export of the past generation. Brands like Ermenegildo Zegna, Brioni and Canali still pride themselves on offering these personalized services that examine the posture and physical attributes of gentleman clients in order to craft his ensemble. Neapolitan tie masters E. Marinella became a phenomenon in Japan based solely on a word of mouth reputation. This spring season, embrace that effortless Italian style with bold and vibrant colours.

Choose lightweight suit jackets in linen or cotton and pair them with denim or chinos. Whether sandals, brogues, lace ups or slip on loafers, remember no socks and woven ties are a great bet this season in the place of classic silk ones. From flapper girls to disco queens, nostalgia for past eras is dominating the fashion industry. Collection after collection, major designers such as Karl Lagerfeld and Marc Jacobs blatantly refer to a decade or figure of the past century as a source of inspiration.

Gucci also embraces the Roaring Twenties with a bold collection of Art Deco designs done completely in white, black, emerald and gold. Their fashion show was a dream come to life with models donning beehive hairdos and tiaras while sitting on a moving white carousel. Prada embraced the muscle cars and Letterman jackets of the Fifties by printing caricature cars and girls all over its readyto-wear line as well as adding 3D flames to the backs of high heeled shoes and sunglass frames. The Swinging Sixties are alive and well at Burberry, while Versace brought back Seventies disco glam with its studded collection of party girl outfits.

Racy, colourful, and provocative styles have become the calling card designs of their joint label DSquared2. Born in Toronto - distant from the high fashion frenzy of Milan - the Caten brothers developed a passion for fashion design at an early age, which later led them to study fashion design at the prestigious Parsons School in New York City. Though they achieved success in Canada, it was ultimately the allure of Italy that beckoned the brothers to make the move to Milan and try their hand at working for an Italian casa di moda fashion house.

And where better to begin than at Versace, a familyoriented brand with a decidedly bold and brass attitude. By the late nineties, the identical twins had moved over to creative posts at Italian street wear brand Diesel who would ultimately become the official backer for the brothers when they launched DSquared2 in It wou ld, howe ver, b e t heir cow b oy inspired commission in for the Material Girl herself that solidified their status as an international fashion house.

In the realm of sportswear, the brothers were responsible for designing the official uniform for Juventus soccer club, a collaboration that would last four years.

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Not bad for a couple of boys from Willowdale, Ontario. Ennio Morricone uante volte ascoltando una canzone ci siamo detti: E dopo tanto cercare veniamo alla conclusione che siamo di fronte ad un plagio! Le note, in fondo, sono sette! Di canzoni copiate, o quasi, ce ne sono centinaia. Provate ad ascoltare Iris di Biagio Antonacci, melodia orecchiabile e rilassante. Resterete sorpresi anche nello scoprire la somiglianza tra due storiche canzoni: In pochi conoscono Love at First di Joe Yellow.

Molto probabilmente Max Pezzali la conosceva bene Una somiglianza la troviamo nella celebre Diavolo in me, dello stesso Zucchero, che ricorda da vicino High time we went di Joe Cocker. A Zucchero dovevano piacere anche i Queen ed i Coldplay: Ascoltate Occhi e mettetela a confronto con Bella stronza di Marco Masini Reception Halls for all occasions. Steps away to Olympic Park and Botanical Garden. Known for being an extrovert, his showmanship - characterized by the way he shows up on stage wearing make-up and extravagant costumes - has attracted audiences for more than forty years.

Soul-Pop Nina Zilli real name: Singer, songwriter, actor, director, comedian, TV host, no one can ever predict what his next move will be. After postponing the release of new material for five years, this album introduces a new and reinvented Irene in an exciting new chapter of her career.

  1. Media Messages in American Presidential Elections (Contributions to the Study of Mass Media and Communications).
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  3. HANK (Or How We Tried To Get Rid Of Our Ants).
  4. The Chicago Druid and the Ugly Princess (Irish/American Fantasy Book 4)?
  5. Here she works alongside Tuscan poet Alfredo Vestrini and acts as co-writer and co-artistic director on most of the songs. One of her strongest statements is in the title track: My family believes my mother was conceived by a virgin. The logic being that my grandparents were unmarried when it happened. A harmless myth - until my life started to veer off script and the whole herd of virgin worshipers turned on me.

    The idea that everyone actually thought that my grandmother was a virgin when she conceived my mother was always something I wanted to use. What is the connection between your life and the play? In our culture, a lot of families think this way: They want you to be a virgin forever. By writing the play, I was beginning to write my own story The only memory I have of her is telling me stories.

    I always felt that if I told stories, she would hear me somehow. And my mother, of course My earliest memory was when I was 3 or 4 before my grandmother passed away. I would come up with stories and tell them to anyone who would listen. I would get up on the kitchen table and recite poems An injured collar bone was the result one time. Everything I knew about myself and my identity was filtered through stories. When I stop and think about it, I feel so overwhelmed. I remember my professors asking me what my biggest fear was: I thought that no one would care.

    I think that it could happen. What did you learn from writing and performing this play? To create my own story and never settle for less. Once you take control of your own life, things start to come to you. For tickets, contact the National Congress of Italian-Canadians at or the Rialto Theater at Due pieghe gli solcavano il viso duro, agli angoli della bocca, come a chiudere e ancora accentuare quel sorriso. This awareness led him in the choice of his literary models and career. These novels do not follow a chronological narration nor do they logically present a plot.

    Consolo uses language metaphorically and historical events are presented from several viewpoints and are drawn from archival documents, epistolary accounts, chronicles and critical commentaries. An act of justice will be accomplished only when the prosecutor Giovanni Interdonato, who has a striking resemblance.

    He understands how unjust a society is, where only the dominant class possesses the instruments of power, the right to speak, to write and to legislate. Just before he died in January at age 78, he was tempted to go back for good to his native island. Vincenzo Consolo can be considered with Elio Vittorini and Leonardo Sciascia as one of the most significant contemporary Sicilian writers. Reading his novels is not an easy task because of the complexity of the language and the experimental style he uses, but his search for justice and constant fight against the pervading presence of the mafia put him in the category of politically engaged intellectuals who were never willing to compromise with power.

    Aside from the obvious material signs, years ago in Italy, people also made the distinction between classes by attributing specific titles to respected individuals. Priests, people from noble descent or individuals who were highly regarded were given this title. Families or individuals were given a unique nickname that identified them as much as their family names. For the most part, the nicknames were attributed generations ago and were chosen depending on either a physical trait common in a family, a job that someone exerted or an anecdote.

    Each of these adjectives tells us a different story tied to the rural traditions of Southern Italy that people carry with them to this day, even after emigrating from Italy. Hundreds of examples of such nicknames are found throughout Calabria, Basilicata, Puglia Salento and Sicily. Some of them were well thought of, some. You can definitely learn some interesting facts about people based on these nicknames! Here are a few examples: Ciorno is also a common last name in the town of Rossano in the province of Cosenza.

    Sono una diaspora simile e diversa. Essi parlano un misto di rom e di rumeno. I Rom italiani, invece, sono cattolici ed hanno cognomi italiani Spinelli, Cavallo, Orfei, ecc. Se i primi hanno una dieta alimentare tipicamente rumena basti pensare alle foglie di verza ripiene di carne macinata e salsa , i Rom italiani si nutrono come gli italiani pizza, pasta, ecc.

    Spesso incompresi, a volte invidiati, gli zingari e il loro stile di vita boemo suscitano da sempre sentimenti contrastanti, spesso ostili. Come promuovere l'integrazione delle nuove generazioni gitane dell'Est europeo nel Bel Paese? I primi Rom sono arrivati in Italia nel Sono rimasti per secoli allevatori di cavalli, artigiani, arrotini, circensi come la nota famiglia Orfei , giostrai. Basti pensare al flamenco in Spagna o alla musica rom rumena e alla rom balcanica.

    La maggioranza sono Rom italiani, tali da generazioni, addirittura da secoli. Dopo il , con la crisi del socialismo reale, sono arrivati in Italia migliaia di Rom dalla Romania e dalla ex Jugoslavia. In altri casi, lavorano in nero in fabbriche e cantieri in condizioni di vero sfruttamento. Nel rispondere va tenuto in conto che molti di loro sono cittadini italiani da secoli e generazioni, ed i nuovi arrivati lo stanno diventando. I Rom risolvono i loro problemi in assemblee dette Kris o nominando al proprio interno dei giudici parenti stretti, anziani, persone rispettate.

    Sulla base della politica di Artezian diritti in cambio di doveri , il Comune gli ha concesso un terreno su cui far sorgere il campo, lasciandoli tuttavia vivere in baracche di legno con servizi essenziali: Gli uffici di Artezian hanno comunque un computer ed Internet. Grazie al modello Artezian, I generi di Dainef, Menelao e Vitalis, hanno fondato due imprese individuali: Ho visto anche gara di Bari.

    Adesso, degli zingari felici in piazza si deve solo sperare Maggiore a ubriacarsi di luna, di vendetta e di guerra. Ma cosa succede in Italia? Riassumendo, quale consiglio dare? Can't decide between a fixed rate and a variable rate? Combine the 2 options and diversify your mortgage. A good way to build the loan that works for you and get a better average rate.

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    2. Door to Silence: An Anthology for Meditation.
    3. Cosmic Conversations: Dialogues on the Nature of the Universe and the Search for Reality?
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      For everything you need to know about buying a house, consult your advisor. You can also obtain the Desjardins Home Guide from your caisse or at desjardins. Wealth management services Tel.: With professional dance partners from the Arthur Murray Dance Schools by their side, they danced everything from a sultry salsa to a dramatic paso doble, to a tango and an uplifting disco routine. Nadine Korah 2nd place finisher and Dr. Circondati da tantissimi giochi e palloncini, i principali protagonisti di questo avvenimento — i bambini — hanno partecipato con tanto entusiasmo a tutte le iniziative.

      Attraverso le maschere e i costumi confezionati da loro stessi, ognuno rappresentava un personaggio misterioso. Unico nel suo genere, il carnevale ha fatto vivere tanti momenti allegri anche ai nonni, ai genitori e ai numerosi volontari. La sala da ballo era stata decorata con delle bellissime immagini di Venezia e tante decorazioni veneziane. Gli invitati sono stati accolti da giovani vestiti da gondolieri. Ogni premiato ha ricevuto una pergamena e una bottiglia di prosecco.

      Almerindo Riccio che ha compiuto cento anni. Vittorio Emanuele II di Savoia. Writer and actress Michaela Di Cesare recited an excerpt from one of her plays. The conference was followed by a cocktail and the vernissage of artwork by women belonging to different ethnic communities. Wanting to do more for children who suffer from health complications or disabilities, eleven dedicated members who strongly believe in this cause have been putting their efforts together to raise funds.

      The date for their fifth annual gala, is April 14, Come Visit our New Showroom Do you want to secure you business from theft and vandalism? Do you want to keep an eye on your business anywhere and anytime? Microcomp provides leading integrated camera surveillance solutions. You will be able to access your camera surveillance system remotely with your smartphone in real-time.

      Call us to secure your business and have peace of mind. Le Groupe Technique Microcomp inc. Vittorio Pellegrino — Presidente onorario di questa edizione del Premio Venezia, i candidati premiati: Groundwater, Me Paul E. Legault — Presidente della giuria, premiata: Ringraziamo tutti coloro che hanno contribuito al successo di questa bellissima serata. Fun-filled activities for children and talks by special guest speakers will bring home something special and will encourage and spark awareness all year round.

      Proceeds from this event will go to Autism Canada. I First row from left: Second row from left: On this occasion, six deserving university students of Italian origin were honoured for their excellent academic results for the year University representatives were among the numerous guests that represented the Italian Canadian community of Ottawa.