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How Premier Organizations Win the Race Against Time: Dan Carrison. Deadline!: In this book Dan shares "numerous, practical deadline-management .
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He suggests that 10 percent of customers will accept X-engineering without hesitation, but the remaining 90 percent require time, money, and persistence p. His advice is to manage the change campaign for the long term. Because X-engineering is done in the open, everyone will know when a firm makes a mistake. The cumulative result of an error will erode the confidence that suppliers, customers, and partners have in the firm and the processes it endorses. Reinventing Your Business in the Digital Age provides a framework for the future. The evidence that Champy offers is that many are embracing the reality of technology-driven change in the processes they are using.

These industry leaders will continue to shape the market in which their followers will compete. The thesis of the book is that effective planning is the key to using time effectively. The book is about more than planning, however; it is about leadership at all levels of an organization executing the plan under stress. The plan becomes a guide to solid decision-making during the situation that prompted people to function in extraordinary circumstances.

It specifically addresses the schedule portion of the cost, schedule, and quality components of project management by retelling the stories of six organizations that effectively managed time-sensitive projects.

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Each story is well written, with time management commentary interspersed within it. The story of how Airborne Express captured the movie-theater film distribution market provides a model for the service industry. The public sector is covered with an FBI kidnapping tale that comes to a successful conclusion.

And the mobilization of employees of Conoco to assist victims of Tropical Storm Allison in June covers the volunteer segment. Each story is followed by a checklist of deadline management techniques that were subtly introduced in the story. Here the importance of the schedule is emphasized above all other factors in the race against time. In each case the schedule was not found to be a capricious document; rather, it is well planned and carefully executed at all levels of the organization. The effectiveness of the effort to maintain the schedule, adjust it only when data clearly indicated it was necessary, and celebration of milestones along the way resulted in the successful completion of each task and the project.

Partnering summarizes another recurring theme that involves everyone in the project.

This includes employees who must communicate openly with one another for the greater good of the project rather than their individual interests or fiefdoms within the organization, but it goes beyond the organization to suppliers and customers. Customers must be prepared to permit processes to be developed and used that will result in successfully completing the project within the specified time frame.

DEADLINE!: How Premier Organizations Win the Race Against Time

All of this is not without risk. Some organizations are not prepared or willing to take the risk. Airborne Express accepted the Technicolor Challenge to create a new movie-theater film distribution system that would break the National Film Service hold on the business.

Boeing was shown to take a risk of promising United Airlines that its first would roll out of the hanger certified for transoceanic flight, even though the Federal Aviation Administration had not agreed to modify its certification practices. Conoco accepted the risk of liability from the natural disaster victims and the people mobilized to help them after the project was completed. In final analysis, the race against time is about people.

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Dan Carrison captures the zeal that people in organizations can put forth in something they are passionate about. In Search of Excellence: Camp championed the idea in Benchmarking: How Premier Organizations Win the Race Against Time rekindles the passion of people engaged in a collective effort that leads to superior performance. The book is thought provoking as well as inspiring. Reviewed by Becky J.

Are these suggestions radically different from those fostered by others in the quality planning and management literature? The Prometheus Process encompasses many aspects used before, such as environmental scanning, vision statements, setting standards, identifying goals and objectives, teamwork, and measuring for success. Here, based on the author's personal on-site interviews and observations, are the stories of prestigious organizations in a wide variety of industries successfully facing seemingly impossible deadlines.

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Feb 05, Omar Halabieh rated it really liked it. In this book Dan shares "numerous, practical deadline-management techniques" through a number of case studies.

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As listed in the introductions these include learning how to: The learnings and lessons from this book are distributed through six chapters each re-telling a deadline-based challenge. Below is a summary of excerpts that I found particularly insightful: Deadlines create a crisis environment; under pressure we are all apt to risk, if not our own safety, our better judgement Emil's leadership style of pushing - and of delegating someone to push back occasionally - is worth emulating on any time-critical project.

Make it "we", not "they". Let those closest to the task make the decisions. No one anywhere should give the impression that the deadline could slip. Take advantage of every opportunity NOW. Show your team there is not alternative to victory. Either present a more realistic schedule or walk away.

Consider creating a marketplace to swap margin. Yet, one could not find more conservative organizations! The inherent risks in these projects were not accepted by corporate swash-bucklers who revel in danger.

These challenges were accepted by serious professionals who immediately went about finding ways to reduce the risk, by preparing backup plans, by brainstorming creative solutions, and even by taking out literal insurance policies. Vin rated it liked it Sep 15, Jeffrey rated it liked it Jan 09, Ippei Ichimaru rated it really liked it Apr 05, Ray Savarda rated it really liked it Nov 18,