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Stress? Find Your Balance has 4 ratings and 1 review. Jill said: This fourth edition defines what stress is and the affects stress has on physical and me.
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Practicing deep breathing for a few minutes each day will help to keep feelings of stress under control. Whether positive or negative thoughts, you build momentum on a thought process by continuously focusing on it. Have you noticed when you start your day off in a bad mood, for example, you spill coffee on yourself, drivers may be cutting you off, then everyone around you seems to be grumpy as well? If you are getting caught up in a negative spiral of your own thoughts, you need to make a conscious effort to choose different thought s.

Choosing alternative thoughts will bring more awareness to the positive, which changes your energy and in turn, affects your interactions with people around you. Instead of ruining the rest of your day by complaining about your morning, focus on what you can do to show up differently and not pay your grumpiness forward. Try this for fun! The next time you go outside, say to yourself that you will see red cars.

Simply making this statement has an effect. You will start to notice them more because you set an intention to focus on red cars, bringing them into your awareness.

Finding Balance

The same concept applies to your thoughts; if you set an intention to focus on more positive thoughts, you will start to see more positive results. Even if you eat healthy, exercise and are getting plenty of sleep, you may still find yourself feeling out of balance when your mind is running a hundred miles an hour.

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The mind tends to jump around from thought to thought, obsessing over an event in the past, or what might happen in the future. The point of meditation is not to sit still until your thoughts stop, because they will keep coming. Using meditation to tame your monkey mind allows you to disconnect from your thoughts and to observe them for what they are — just thoughts — they do not define you.

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When you cultivate a seed with love, the more it blossoms. There are two general types of meditation; meditation with an object such as focusing on your breath , and meditation without an object sitting quietly to observe your thoughts, without following them.

The art of thought control: finding balance and managing stress

There are numerous benefits of meditation, on both the physical and mental level, when practiced regularly, including:. The key is not to give up on meditation too soon. Begin with very short meditations, until you get comfortable sitting for longer periods of time. With practice and patience, you will soon start to realize some of the benefits. Are you a people pleaser? Part of the problem of our busyness culture is that people are often afraid to say no; taking on too many tasks at the expense of their own wellbeing.

Have you ever stopped to notice how it feels in your body when you are going against your true instinct? Not everyone recognizes or identifies with their intuition daily, however most people can say they have experienced a gut feeling at one point in their life. Your intuition allows you to receive warning signs when something is off, so that you can address it. If you have a gut feeling about something and you are experiencing a sensation in your body — that something is not right — then listen to it.

You can practice this today as you engage with people by noticing how your body is feeling in various situations. When you meet someone, who is gregarious, compared to a shy person, notice any sensations you are experiencing in your body.

Stress? Find Your Balance by Lynn Osterkamp

Simply by being aware, you will notice the signals and recognize patterns. Your intuition is like a muscle; the more you tune into it, the stronger it becomes.

You will better understand yourself and will be able to discern what is truly in your best interests when it comes to making decisions. You can control your thoughts, which empowers you to have a balanced outlook on life. You can take a few minutes for yourself out of each day to reset and breathe deeply. When you are feeling in balance, it allows you to experience a more joyful life with ease. This post was inspired by my talk at DrupalCon in Baltimore.

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Download the slides here. Finding the right balance in life is the key being productive and healthy. When stress threatens to overwhelm our lives, it wreaks havoc with our routines and throws us off balance. A little stress is good; it helps to charge our instincts, increase our creativity and spur us on to better learning.

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This leads to a buildup of tensions and frustration, and takes away the state of balance we work so hard to achieve. Unfortunately, stress is everywhere today. It exists externally, with work, family and friends, and internally in how we deal with them all. It is important to find stress reduction techniques to counteract the negatives in life.

With relaxation tips and changes to your daily routine, you can find the state of calmness that will produce a healthier you. Yoga is a great way to balance stress and health. It is an excellent way to get fit, but also has meditative qualities that encourage people to breathe deeply and soothe the mind. This deep breathing helps to minimize feelings of stress, tension, anger and frustration. The benefits of good hydrotherapy can be significant.

If you suffer from stressful migraine headaches, soaking in swirling waters for 30 minutes or so can open up the tense blood vessels in your head and relieve the pressure.