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Eyre said: From the publisher:Book one in the Rose and Thorn Series Seth and Michael, Realising he'll never dominate Michael, with his Master's permission, .
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Tension is thick as the hands are revealed. He has other plans, which include ravishing Trey and hatching a plot to make the man his own.

The Fray - Never Say Never

Published February 27th by Totally Bound first published February 26th To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about An Unexpected Win , please sign up. Lists with This Book. Mar 07, Inked Reads rated it really liked it. FourStars This was an interesting plotline that turned in a way that I didn't see coming. A few times too. Hawk wins a week with Trey, Carter's submissive, in a hand of poker. While Hawk already has a submissive, that sub is also looking for more than what Hawk has to offer. What Trey tells Hawk about his life with Carter is not only shocking, but sickening.

Needless to say, Hawk feels the need to confront Cart FourStars This was an interesting plotline that turned in a way that I didn't see coming. Needless to say, Hawk feels the need to confront Carter about his treatment of his sub. What Carter tells him is a surprise and things take an interesting turn from there. While I found the characters interesting and the plot unique, I also found some of the actions quite unbelievable. I never quite understood why Carter completely flew off the handle at certain parts or why Hawk so instantly took up for the man that hadn't really done anything positive for him.

That being said, I enjoyed the story and liked the way we were given surprise after surprise with a bit of sexiness mixed in. I was given this in return for an honest review by Inked Rainbow Reads. Mar 07, Andrea Goodell rated it really liked it. This is book four of the Rose and Thorn Society series but can be read as standalone. Hawk, has trey for one night and decides he wants to keep him, that he is exactly what he has been looking for all this time.

An Unexpected Win

The problem is trey already has a master, Carter. This novella is packed with emotions from all sides. Not just sexual but healing and growing. The transgressive thrill of Chomsky's world view, in which an American elite routinely bombs and terrorises in the name of 'freedom' and in defence of market share, has led fans such as Bono of U2 to describe the year-old professor as the 'Elvis of academia'. In a recent profile in the New Yorker, Chomsky was identified, perhaps more accurately, as the 'Devil's accountant', totting up the foreign corpses sacrificed in America's 'quest for global dominance'.

Chomsky works from within the empire, in one of its more rigorous outposts, at the Massachussetts Institute of Technology. MIT has none of the marginal, down-at-heel feel of a British university.

Pure White Rose

Its pristine campus, all smoked glass and soaring marble, across the Charles river from Boston, has the sheen of a hi-tech business park. MIT advertises itself as 'America's ideas factory', and nowhere does the production line work as efficiently as in the offices of Professor Chomsky. His little suite of rooms, above a wholefood cafe full of ardent acolytes flirting with semantics, is piled variously with books and papers from the world's subjugated corners and on the terra incognita of the human brain. On the walls are posters advertising the talks and lectures he has given over the years on East Timor and Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq.

Above a door there is a large photo of Bertrand Russell, a fellow libertarian pin-up, and beside it a blue aerogram addressed to 'Palestine' and officially stamped by the US Postal Service 'Return to Sender, No Such Address'. In a side office Chomsky sits with his assistant signing off proofs, going through letters and deliberating over demands on his precious time; a one-man cultural revolution.

See a Problem?

I am greeted with the stern information that today Professor Chomsky's hours one of which is allotted for our interview are lasting only 50 minutes - take it or leave it. The interviewer of Chomsky is faced with a series of anxieties. To anyone who has even dipped into his books, the idea of pinning him down or catching him out, or even directing his attention in the course of a truncated hour seems vaguely absurd.

In reviewing a volume in which Chomsky debated some of his ideas with America's leading philosophers, one critic noted how the book was like 'watching a grandmaster play, blindfolded, 36 chess matches against the local worthies'. If great minds are casually embarrassed, Chomsky reserves much of his scorn for the mainstream press, which he sees as mostly in collusion with orthodox power structures. Second, you would not be able to answer the arguments because they're correct.

Therefore what you have to do is somehow dismiss it. One technique [is to say] "It's just emotional, it's irresponsible, it's angry". In person, I'm bound to report, as in his prose, Chomsky seems anything but emotional or irresponsible though a quiet anger does not often seem too far away. He is an unassuming presence.

He pretty much always wears the same clothes: He speaks barely audibly, leaning back a little in his chair, which has the effect of making you strain forward slightly, and hang on his every word.

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I start tentatively enough with a question about a remark he made recently in the New York Times about the fact that he continued to live in America, because it was 'the greatest country in the world'. In what sense did he believe this? He starts, too, as he means to go on. It is rather interesting, interviews like that never take place. There is no country in the world where interviews like these would happen.

Where these kind of trivial questions would be asked. I laugh a little, nervously, quickly running through some of my own more frivolous lines of inquiry in my head. Chomsky does not smile. Does he understand this kind of profile as an effort to marginalise him, by 'the ruling elite'? I was asked, for example, why I thought there were so many euphemisms for genitalia. Seth truly ticked me off.

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He knew he and Michael were in love, and yes he loved Carla too, but he left Michael for Carla's bed at the first sign of trouble instead of talking or even fighting it out. I didn't find the BDSM in this story all that interesting or exciting. Also, the resolution was too quick and too easy. May 10, Jane Stewart rated it liked it Shelves: Lots of explicit bdsm sex: Sex is pretty good. The story is too short to do much else. Seth and Michael are gay and have been together for eight years.

In the bedroom Michael is always the dominant. Seth likes bondage, pain, and being submissive. They go to parties where Michael orders Seth to orally please other men.

Switching Seth (Rose & Thorn Society #1) by Jenna Byrnes

They love each other very much, but Seth has a recent desire to bring in a third person whom he could dominate. Seth meets curvaceous Car Lots of explicit bdsm sex: Seth meets curvaceous Carla. Seth and Carla are drawn to each other. They end up agreeing to try a threesome relationship including Michael. It works well, until something happens. The purpose is erotic explicit sex with bondage, whipping, sex toys, rear door activity, and sex in front of others. A little more emotional development might have made them hotter for me.

The plot and characters were ok, but nothing special. The story was shorter than I normally like. Seth loved Michael but left him for no logical reason. Digital count story length: Number of sex scenes: May 08, Ja-paige rated it did not like it. I really didn't like it. It pissed me the eff off, big time! Swati rated it liked it Nov 11, Laura's Book Addiction rated it liked it Apr 11, Paula rated it it was ok Nov 22, Dawn rated it liked it May 10, Verity rated it did not like it Dec 17, Janna rated it liked it Sep 21, Sondra rated it liked it Oct 08, Rebecca Smith rated it it was ok Jun 23, Fiona rated it liked it Jul 26, Jade F Baiser rated it liked it Oct 10,