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And they were learning the ropes in other people's bands - Berenyi in The Bugs, Anderson in The Rover Girls - working to make their own band a reality.

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Eventually, along with the absurdly good-humoured Lancastrian punk drummer Chris Acland, and bassist Steve Rippon, they went out on their own. For music, the late Eighties were a vibrant and volatile time. There was acid house, US art-core, death metal, fledgling industrial and European sampledelia, a rising Madchester and the shimmering punk pop of The Primitives, plus the delicate oceanics of The Sundays.

Having much in common with these last two and, attitude-wise, at least three of the others, Lush were quickly hot property. It sold upwards of , in the US too, in part due to one of the most glorious chapters in the Lush story: Regularly swapping band members with Pearl Jam and Ministry, while proving beyond all argument their hellraising credentials, Lollapalooza was a hedonistic and enlightening experience for the band.

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The recording of Split , their second LP proper a collection of their early EPs, entitled Gala , had been released in the US only was exceptionally testing. Expectations of an American breakthrough were high and the pressure was on. While the pressure came off, new enthusiasm was injected by the arrival of new manager Peter Felstead. The band threw themselves into recording what would be their final LP, Lovelife.

Lush’s New Halloween Collection Is Filled With Spooky Bath Bombs and Cleansers

As such, the pressure was immediately back on to break America. Now the touring became back-breaking and repetitive. Frustration and bad feeling within the band grew inexorably. Acland, ordered to rest by his doctor, returned to his parents' home in the Lake District.

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Anderson, dissatisfied with her current position, called a meeting and announced her departure. Then worse news was to follow. Up in the Lakes - horribly, terribly - Acland had hanged himself.

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The shower cream, available in standard and Naked formulas, comes in a bright lime-green hue and smells of citrus. The scent also comes in a solid perfume variation and a wash card.

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Of course, the Halloween fun doesn't end there. Lush also released a few more treats, including an adorable Monster Bath Bomb that transforms your bath water into a pastel-colored wonderland, the return of the Lord of Misrule Bath Bomb , and a Jelly Bomb adorned in white ghosts that's said to "ooze" purple jelly containing skin-softening seaweed when placed in the water.

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  • Lush’s New Halloween Collection Is Filled With Spooky Bath Bombs and Cleansers.
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