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Rate this book Selena Koren is the moon god's most powerful Paladin; a skilled warrior and Shelves: fantasy, arc, read-in, demons, dragons, magic, romance, adult 3) Illior and Selena are terrific. . cant wait to dive back into the mystical world E.S. Bell has created as the next books in the series are published.
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She is sent on a mission to kill two dark priests and is told this will heal her wound, ending her cold suffering. Along the way she meets the deadliest assassin in all of Lunos although she does not know it's him and together they sail to find the people she is set to kill. The assassin, Sebastian Vass, under the fake name, Julian Tergus has a mission of his own. But only after she kills her first target. Sebastian has been a "retired" assassin for four years but he agrees to take on this last job for a hefty sum of gold.

During their journey, Sebastian and Selena begin to fall in love and- you'll just have to read the book to find out the rest! While there is a love story in this book, it is NOT a romance. This is a true fantasy novel. I was worried that the lack of romance would be a problem for me but I couldn't have been more wrong! This story was amazing! It was one of the best fantasy novels I have ever read!

Bell takes her readers on such a vivid and exciting journey. You will not want to miss out on this one! I was transferred from the real world into the magical and sometimes dangerous world of Lunos. I am so excited to read more and see how everything ties together. The side characters were just as interesting as the main characters. It was an entertaining and fantastic journey all around. My only complaint is that the next book isn't out yet!!

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. ARC provided by the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. I adored this book. It was pretty much perfect and if the rest of the series is any where near as good, I will have gained another favourite series! I don't want to explain the plot because it's so lush and rich I couldn't do it justice. What you really need to know ARC provided by the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. What you really need to know is it is a beautifully written, that characters are fantastic and the world building is on point!

I normally have one or two that I love but this time, even though all the characters were brilliant, Sebastian is my favourite. Did she actually just say she has an actual favourite character? Yes people, I did. The relationship between Sebastian and Selena is great and I especially adore that Selena is a powerful, strong character in her own right. Softer than Sebastian but with the ability to obliterate islands But all I will say is this: She stayed strong and firm and I love her for that.

I want them to end up together but it would have felt wrong for it to happen by the end of this book. I cannot wait for the next one. I haven't forgotten I need to do this review but I'm having such a hard time putting into words how much I loved this book! Try again tomorrow lol! I seriously loved this so much.

Is this book for real!? This author surprised us all with a very unique story compared to what she has written in the past. I admit I had a difficult time keeping up and remembering all the terms. I am blaming that solely on English as my second language though: Some of the vocabulary is hard for me to grasp, but I think the fantasy world has its own vernacular that you have to learn. Fortunately, the author provided a comprehensive glossary at the end of the book and that really saved my life. I usually scan the book at the beginning and the end, and then go through it slowly: I also want to point out that the story is long with many characters so you need to really pay attention to all of them and their roles.

The storyline is obviously very fascinating and unique. The heroine Selena is a skilled warrior who is gifted with a special magic. A decade before, during a war, Selena summoned the seas to destroy her enemy but unfortunately hundreds of innocent people died. As a result of that, Selena was left with a crescent-shaped hole in her chest which breathes icy breaths. Now, Selena is given an opportunity to heal her wound in exchange for killing two priests.

She is not sure she can kill without being provoked. Will Selena go through with the mission given her past actions that resulted in so much pain and suffering? The hero, Sebastian is a merciless assassin. What must he do? Murder Selena or betray the dark forces who hired him? The characters in this book are all complex and interesting. Sebastian seems dark, cold and dangerous but there is more to him than what meets the eye. All his life Sebastian wants blood revenge but he is tired of it all. When Sebastian met Selena, he was intrigued by her kindness and courage.

Selena is kindhearted, compassionate and so easy to love. As I mentioned the story is unique, complex, and nothing is quite as it seems. You have to use your imagination and get lost in this fantasy world. There is a lot going on — war, criminals, pirates, secrets and the vast ocean surround. Half the time you will be on the edge of your seat anticipating what will happen next. If you enjoy magic, mystery, fantasy worlds action packed with twists and turns, strong heroes and heroines — this book is definitely for you. I find the story quite thrilling — it will hook and reel you in.

I urge you to get a glass of wine, sit back, relax and enjoy. A movie on the horizon perhaps? Kind of reminds me of Pirates of the Caribbean: View all 5 comments. Aug 14, Grey rated it really liked it Shelves: I received a copy of The Dark of the Moon to read and review in advance of its release.

The author is familiar to me, I'm not outing their identity here, others may, but that isn't my place. They chose a pen name for a reason on this novel, so I'll stick with that Bell definitely has a knack for the fantasy genre. The beginning of the book was a bit heavy to digest, just because of the content and world building that is required for all books of this nature. Also, I feel it important to point out I felt smarter after reading this book, that's for sure! Now, about the book!

I don't do spoilers, you know that. But, I can tell you that I felt I was there The characterizations were on pointe. Multidimensional, all the facets, the different layers that were exposed and hinted at in the most subtle of nuances, were nothing short of brilliant. You'll be treated to multiple points of view This was a great read for me. I look forward to next installment in the Chronicles of Lunos series and appreciate the author sending me an ecopy in advance of the book's release for review. Nov 28, The Captain rated it really liked it Shelves: Ahoy there me mateys!

So here be me honest musings. Ships, magic, islands, assassins, dragon-kind, merfolk, gods, and so much more. Of course the cover drew me in but the main idea in this book is what tickled me fancy. A woman named Selena possesses magic in exchange for service to the Two-Faced God.

Ten years prior to this story, Selena used her magic to destroy a naval army. Only she lost control Ahoy there me mateys! Only she lost control and killed the hundreds of innocents she was meant to save. In retribution, the god marked her breast with an icy hole in the shape of a crescent moon.

The wound does not heal and Selena has never been warm since her mistake. These ten years later, an order has come that may lead to her redemption. She swore she would never kill again. But will she if it means she might be warm at last? So Selena was an excellent character. I loved following her journey. She does appear a bit naive at times but I chalked it up to being raised in a temple and the ramifications of that. Her magic is awesome.

She can summon the sea and heal and such. But because of her grievous mistake, she is wary of using her own power and it causes extreme internal conflict. Her wound is creepy and otherworldly. It is a void that she can put her hand into up to the elbow!

The other characters are also extremely fun and multi-faceted. There is the assassin, Sebastian Vass, who has taken one final job to get out of the business altogether. Snarky, intelligent, and ruthless. There is Selena's companion, Ilior, who is a dragon-like creature and her best friend and self-appointed protector.

Caring, stoic, and faithful. There are bad folks who have actual reasons for being evil and other folks that I remain ambivalent about in the best ways possible. Best of all, these characters change and grow as the plot progresses! The world-building was lovely too. I loved the island world and its reasons for existing. I would certainly find adventure sailing in those waters. Some more dangerous than others. The religion of the world was very interesting. The ramifications are only hinted at in this book but what ideas were there were thought-provoking, and to me mind, fun. The only downsides for me were the somewhat uneven pacing and the romance.

The book is over pages and there was a little too much filler for me taste. Mostly at the beginning. That said, the majority of the book kept me avidly flipping pages. Also I would find meself thinking of the characters when I put the book down and would be excited to pick it up again. So a minor grumble. The romance itself was overall fine and it certainly isn't all perfect rosy goodness all the time.

But I found meself wanting them to get over the angst. Of course then I got a sex scene that just seemed out of place. I was glad when the deed was done. I very much enjoyed the voyage and certainly want to read the next book which I believe comes out in I couldn't find the e-book version on sale. But being as I read an e-book it's likely out there somewhere. Check out me other reviews at https: Jul 30, Sejla rated it it was amazing Shelves: This was one of the most amazing and mind-blowing reading experiences I've ever made. My heart and mind are still caught within the pages of this epic book because I can't let this story and the characters go.

I want them back and need the next book in this saga like my next breath! I love the fantasy genre and the way it challenges my imagination. And let me tell you that this book was fantasy at it's best! The excellent writing and plotting was otherwordly!

I'm in awe of E. Only a super talented mastermind could put such a story together. The world of Lunos with it's different islands, folks and gods was fascinating beyond words. I could literally see all these places and characters right before my eyes. I loved the magic and mystical creatures and the fact that the hero of this story was a woman!

I sincerely hope that this book is going to be made into a movie. If I had to tell you what to expect, I would tell you to expect the unexpected. A lot of things are not how they seem at first sight. There are a lot of lies and deception. Sometimes you won't be able to tell right from wrong and other times you won't be sure who the real friend or foe is. She succeded but killed four hundred innocents in the process. In its fury, the god marked Selena with a terrible wound: The Moon Temple sends Selena on a quest to kill two powerful dark Bazira priests with the promise that it will close her terrible wound.

The thought of killing without provocation troubles Selena but she can't suffer the cold any longer. But Sebastian is done with the bloodshed. Now he must choose to either murder the woman who ended the war, or betray the dark forces who hired him. With another war looming on the horizon, Selena and Sebastian, along with a crew of mute sailors, demons and dragonmen, sail across Lunos where the oceans are full of scary magical creatures and dangerous pirates at every turn.

Old secrets thought to be as dead as the dragons who broke the world will come to life, making Selena and her crew question everything they thought they knew I won't give you more information about the plot than the blurb reveals but be assured that this crew's journey is a long and scary one.

They will face danger beyond your imagination! Things will be revealed that will leave you with your jaw on the floor. I sure as hell was suprised! Selena was a heroine with the purest heart. She wasn't only physically strong but mentally too. She is carrying the wound for 10 years, making her feel alone despite having her loyal dragonman Ilior by her side.

Selena is compassionate, caring and so brave! I loved and admired her for her strength and kindness. Sebastian was a very complex character. He is an ice-cold assassin, a skillful killer without remorse There is so much more to him though than meets the eye. There is goodness inside him that is very well hidden behind his reserved persona. Give him a chance and you will descover that this young man is more worth than only your sympathy! I can say without a doubt that The Dark of the Moon is going straight on the very top of my favorite books shelf as a new favorite of mine!

Jul 30, Selma rated it it was amazing Shelves: Fantasy novels have been my guilty pleasure since I was a teenager and I'm still a huge fan of this genre. I love how these books allow me to escape reality and immerse myself in the unique world the author has created. It's amazing how E. Bell's captivating writing has created a picturesque setting for this epic saga. I could see it in front of my eyes: Put magic into the mix and a tragic, forbidden love story and I'm immediately sold. This fantastic book is going to consume your every waking thought until you've reached the last page, trust me.

Bell will take you on an unforgettable journey full of dangers and trials you soon won't forget. She is a fierce warrior blessed with the most potent magic among her kind. They all died but so too did innocent people. Selena is ever since wearing her god's curse on her chest - a crescent-shaped hole that breathes its icy breath. Now her temple sends Selena on a quest to kill two powerful Bazira priests assuring her that this will close her wound. Killing without provocation is against her morals but Selena can suffer the cold no more Ballads are composed about his depravity and sang on the streets and in taverns by children and adults alike.

Everybody is afraid of him. But Sebastian is done with it all. Now he must choose - murder the woman who ended the war or betray the dark forces who hired him Sebastian will find himself drawn to the kind-hearted, compassionate and brave warrior. With every minute spent by her side he will find it more and more difficult to stick to his plan. Selena will soon realise that there is so much more to the handsome and standoffish captain of the Black Storm than meets the eye.

He is not only bold and fearless but also protective when it comes to his beloved crew and ship. Sebastian thinks that his morals and heart died along his family during the war. He has no purpose in life whatsoever until he meets Selena and realises that this woman's love and trust could help him redeem himself and find absolution. I loved this very much since it allowed me to get into the head of the narrator. Like in most fantasy stories there are lots of characters to get acquinted with.

Some of them you're going to adore with all your heart and the others you're going to hate with the passion of a thousand suns. I was disgusted by Bacchus and sick of Skye. This was a breathtaking first installment in the Chronicles of Lunos saga with many smart twists and turns that will make your jaw drop in shock.

It's truly an inspiring and thought-provoking story about faith, love, forgiveness and redemption. It's going to blow your mind, mark my words. Grab this amazing book and let this author's magic put you under her spell. Bell - I bow to your incredible talent! This gem goes straight to my favorites of shelf. Aug 07, Dylan Allen rated it it was amazing. I was so excited when I heard that one of my favorite authors was writing one of my favorite genres. The Dark of the Moon did not disappoint. I was transported to a different world, immersed in a story that was unexpected and rich. I'll write a full review when I'm able to do it justice.

A torturous wound, an impossible mission, a forbidden love and a terrible betrayal. It was unputdownable once I became involved in the magnetic characters and their incredible story. The Dark of the Moon is an actioned packed fantasy adventure involving Selena, a powerful paladin, who is sent on an impossible mission to assassinate two dark priests.

He is sick of the bloodshed and takes on one last job — to assassinate Selena. Sebastian is smart-mouthed, handsome and dangerous. It only takes two acts of real f…g depravity to make a reputation. The secondary characters were just as intriguing, with Accora and Ilior being my favourites. Accora will stop at nothing to exact her revenge. I want to see it happen. I need your sword. And you need me if your wound is to close.

There is no trust, there is necessity. He was the rock she set her back to, unmovable and unyielding in his devotion as a mountain is unyielding to the elements. He was always there for her, beside her, dedicating his life to her instead of pursuing one of his own. He was willing to die for her, never asking for anything for himself beyond her safety. The Dark of the Moon is beautifully written, refreshing and original, teaming with unforgettable, diverse characters woven in an intricate, spell-binding plot.

Perfect for those who love fantasy, tales of friendship and adventure, and stories that grab you and suck you in until the very end Aug 06, Na rated it really liked it Shelves: I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book. Just to be honest. It was not easy for me to adjust but somehow, without realizing it, I was in midst of the story around half time, I felt almost part of the crew. By the end of the book I was so attached to each crew member that I felt lost, when I finished the last chapter.

Belle did a great job creating the world the I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book. Belle did a great job creating the world the story takes place in. She took her time and described all so well, that I could almost really see it. In addition to that, this book shows a very well plotted character development of all main characters. Because of the steady view change you are able to get to know the links among each other, get to know the past of each in a way that makes their action and decisions more transparent.

Further more it makes it possible for you to also see the story from different angles. Selena with her pure heart is easy to love and fall for. She is brave and strong and I really like the way she is dealing with the lies she uncovers during her journey to fulfill her task she took so blindly by trusting her faith. Sebastian is a little more complex and dark because of his past. He's still looking for his place in the world and it seems he found it but fate has other plans. I hope to hear a lot more of some other "side" characters in the next book, as they caught my interest right away and IMO they all have an interesting story to tell on their own.

The Dark Of The Moon contains a lot of lies and trickery. Sometimes you won't be able to tell what is right and what wrong. Suddenly you don't know anymore who is your friend and who your enemy. It's pretty twisted and even at the end you are not much wiser. This in combination with the slow but steady suspense-packed story line is what keeps your eyes glued to the pages. Once it caught me I could not stop and I was swallowed by it completely. Honestly I can't wait to lay hands on the second book as I am most curious how this will go on!

First I was not sure how to rate this book. So I'd go for 4. What do you do when an author you know for her emotional, romantic stories reveals she wrote a story under a penname in a totally different genre? You want to read it of course! Bell and introduces the reader to the world of Lunos and its inhabitants. The price is too high. As a Paladin Selena has devoted her life to the Two-Faced God, and she serves it by healing the people on the various islands.

A black crescent moon, stark on her pale skin.

5 Mythic Eclipse Monsters Who Mess With the Sun and Moon

Not the black of a tattoo or bruise, the blackness of a shadow, a starless patch of night sky. Blackness that had depth. Throughout the story the reader learns more about the different islands and different inhabitants, but it never feels like the author is teaching a history lesson, it all comes naturally. I know the author normally writes romantic stories, but this book is very different. Besides reading romance books, I love watching tv-shows like Game of Thrones and movies like Lord of the Rings.

I get the same feeling from The Dark of the Moon ; a multi-layered story with characters who all have their own agenda, paranormal events and an outcome unknown. Well, I know what I want for Selena; getting her life back. If I survive, that pain…it will be there. This is the end. A truly promising tale of magic, love, understanding, and betrayal. And of course, a tale of second chances. Selena is an outcast. Celestine and the Temple treat her like the plague.

Because she is a reminder of their God's wrath, it is a reminder that they were wrong. People hate being forced to see the ugly truth of their actions. Where is my jaw? You have to know a thing about me. The cover, the blurb, the title… all have to click together to get me in the line. And I was so in the line for this one. Fantasy…well, it challenges our mundane minds, right? And I think I just foun Oh.

And I think I just found one of the best fantasies ever. This whole world is brilliant. Well, nothing is flawless, but this book is pretty damn close to it. They were interesting, exciting and hands down amazing. Bell started with this book. I don't trust books that don't have many reviews below four stars No honest book is ever universally loved, and not all honest book reviewers will adore the same book due to personal preference.

The fact that this book was glowing with rave reviews should have been a sign. Lots going on to the story with varying layers of twists and points of view. Sebastian was set I don't trust books that don't have many reviews below four stars Sebastian was set up well to establish his character. I don't like pirates or ships and pirates on ships. And was that a dragon that got in here?! I couldn't connect with any of the characters on a personal level enough to care about what happens to their external and internal motivations throughout the story.

Because what ever was the reason behind Connor and Kyre? A lot of focus for that to go nowhere. And so what's up between Illior and Selena? And minor characters who are repeatedly named and given roles Maybe that all went over my head. Good adult fantasy, adventure and violence, plot twists. It all just lacked the amount of action and suspense and urgency and romance that I wanted. Bell has done something that very few have been able to do for me. Anything romance is my genre or choosing. Without a doubt one of my favorites!! I was hesitant to read this because really I was just too much in my own head.

But, I'm familiar with the author. I love her writing and get sucked into anything she writes. And again I was not disappointed in th E. And again I was not disappointed in the least! This book is long and I read it in four days, with a full time job. I'd be working and thinking and Selena and Sebastian, wondering what the story was with Ilior, hoping Selena got the answers she wanted, waiting to see if Accora would stay true to her word.

Basically I've been consumed by this book. I've been binge watching One Tree Hill for the last month and even put that on hold. It could totally wait!! I don't want to go much deeper into the story then what I just mentioned because you'll want to discover every part for yourself! But just know, when you pick this book up? You're in for the adventure of a life time! One I'm ready to go on again. I adore these characters and can't wait for more! That being said, I've also learned it's ok to go out of your comfort zone when reading.

You are more than likely going to be rewarded handsomely. Just like I was! Aug 14, Mel rated it it was amazing Shelves: The Dark of the Moon is fantasy at its best. Selena Koren is an Aluren warrior with the ability to heal and has the power to Summon the water around her. She is able to Hear and be Heard by the god she follows and is known for being one of the strongest of her kind. Khonshu seemingly willed Moon Knight back to life in order to thwart the plans of his three greatest villains: Marc, questioning if his death was real or not, started experiencing dreams of the future in which Marc concludes that it is either Morpheus or Khonshu speaking to him once again.

With the knowledge that he is the "white-light" of Khonshu, he sets out to thwart their plans, receiving help from Stained Glass Scarlet as well. The two are able to defeat the trio and stop their plans of attacking a U. Afterwords, Moon Knight went back to his crime-fighting once again. He helped save the Black Panther from the Kingdom of the Dead and subsequently joined the Marvel Knights , a group of street level superheroes and vigilantes. However the team broke apart and went their separate ways including the Crescent Crusader.

In an attempt to bring down the Moon Knight, the New Committee hired the The Profile to fully utilize his unusual talents to not simply defeat Moon Knight, but to break him. As per his suggestion, they embarked on a long term strategy. First, they hired Bushman to attack the Lunar Legionnaire again. As part of their campaign, they wanted Bushman to physically cripple him and both of Marc's legs were severely fractured.

However, Bushman grew overconfident and was unprepared for Marc's brutal counterattack and then, in a fit of indescribable rage, Marc used one of his crescent darts to carve off Bushman's face, giving him a true death's head. Unable to continue his career as Moon Knight, Marc began taking more and more painkillers and anti-psychotics, burning through his fortune and was no longer able to maintain his crumbling financial empire. His manner had gotten to the point that he completely and irrevocably alienated those around him, especially Frenchie, who came to the conclusion that there was simply no course of action that he could take that could attempt to assist Marc in even the slightest way.

After a heated argument with Marlene, Marc struck her and Marlene left. His sanity apparently deteriorating as he is constantly "seeing" and "hearing" Khonshu talk to him and give him foul suggestions while Khonshu decided to use the guise of the deceased Bushman without his face to torment Moon Knight.

My Science Project 1985

Knowing that he was both physically and psychologically weakened, the Committee overstepped themselves by hiring a thug to physically assault Frenchie and left him hospitalized. Instead of breaking Marc, it reinvigorated him as he tracked down and savagely injured Frechie's assailant. Panicking, the Committee hired the Taskmaster to take out Moon Knight. Taskmaster tortured Marc but he was aided by Marlene and defended by his butler, Samuels.

This gave Marc the strength to defeat Taskmaster and destroy the Committee once more. Soon afterwards, Marc learns that one of the struggling companies that he still retains ownership of has just made a significant technological breakthrough and he will once again be wealthy and begins to rebuild himself and life; finally getting himself out of his wheelchair and began physical therapy with the help of Frenchie's boyfriend. It is only afterwards that Marc makes an appalling discovery that Khonshu was responsible behind the entire affair. After Marc's latest resurrection, his reputation had taken a nose dive and so Khonshu decided to ensure that his Knight of Vengeance was firmly back in the saddle; nudging the Committee, bringing back Marlene at a critical moment, even arranging for Marc's wealth to be restored while reminding him who and what he is; Khonshu's Knight of Vengeance and bades him to go forth and do his work in Khonshu's name once more.

Although the Committee has gone underground, Marc locates the Profile who discovers that he was no match for Moon Knight, and ironically, became an informant for him instead. Moon Knight takes back to the streets and attempts to be make up for lost time and would discover a string of murders were perpetrated by his former sidekick turned cyborg, Midnight who had survived their last encounter and had gone insane.

Realizing that he had no choice, he was forced to kill his former sidekick Midnight. During the Civil War , Moon Knight chose to ally with neither side because, as he had said to Captain America , "The war is just like a game of capture the flag". Captain America retorted that he didn't want Moon Knight to join the fight because of his "methods" of bringing justice and Iron Man , seeing his history of psychotic tendencies and feeling some sense of obligation due to their past history as Avengers, decided that arresting him will just make his condition even worse.

When the Super-Human Registration Act became a law, Moon Knight felt that he didn't want the law to disrupt his work, so legally registered. Tony Stark assigned Marc to undergo a psychiatric examination, sure that he would fail. But when the psychiatrist placed Marc under deep hypnosis to talk to Marc's other personalities, Khonshu emerged and possesses Marc who then demoralized the psychiatrist and rebukes him. After this the intimidated psychiatrist approved Marc's registration, but also did something quite peculiar--he bowed down before him and started worshiping him.

Afterwards, Marc claimed to the Profile that he had faked the whole possession and had employed the information given to him by the Profile to frighten the psychiatrist as a ruse to get his registration approved and proceeded to stalk the nights, bringing brutal justice to the thugs and gangs running around the city.

Unknown to Marc, the Black Spectre was recently released from jail and sought revenge against Moon Knight. The Black Spectre decided to turn to his life of crime again and frame Moon Knight for murder by killing his victims and carving a crescent moon on the victims head, which was Moon Knight's previous calling card. Looking to still bring justice on Black Specter, Marc finds out that he is going to release a stream of nanobots into a big parade in a plan to control the city. Moon Knight thwarts his plan and ends up throwing him off the roof of a building to his death.

With a warrant out for his arrest the, C. Iron Man strongly opposes the idea but is overruled on the matter. Moon Knight continues to lay low only to resurface in a black uniform and a with a few new bones to pick. Now is the time for the Thunderbolts to strike. Several weeks later after having a run-in with the Thunderbolts, Moon Knight pleads with Khonshu for forgiveness for losing his faith at him, but the Lunar god will not have it and says that he has worshipers that actually follow him.

Marc returned into his costume to help Frenchie, who was attacked by a gang and left his boyfriend injured. But little did he knew that the attack was used to set-up Moon Knight to be captured by the Thunderbolts. Moon Knight was then ambushed by Venom. Frenchie agreed to help Moon Knight while the Thunderbolts release Bullseye to kill him. Moon Knight and Bullseye fight all throughout New York and the battle leads them to a warehouse, which was secretly planted with many explosives.

Moon Knight sets it off and the warehouse explodes. Later in a press conference Norman Osborn tells reporters about the Thunderbolts' success in eliminating Moon Knight while Iron Man condemns his team on the death of the vigilante. However, it all was a ruse for Moon Knight to fake his death via a prepared escape tunnel. However, the events effectively killed the "Marc Spector" persona with the Jake Lockley persona now in control. Lockley fled to Mexico to recuperate and is hired by a millionaire to search for his daughter who has been kidnapped by corrupt cops.

Little does Moon Knight know that the Punisher is also in the trail of the corrupt cops and is now out to bring them justice through a method he knows best, punishment. Moon Knight then goes to fight off the Zapata Brothers who were brought in by Alcantara after Jake killed his henchmen and took his condemned daughter only to make a deal with them to take down Alcantara. Moon Knight then proceeds to launch a full-scale assault on Alcantara when he finds everyone is murdered except Alcantara himself until Toltec finds them and Moon Knight walks away as Toltec kills Alcantara.

Moon Knight having taken Alcantara's money and bought himself a condo has seen on TV what Norman Osborn has become and vows to go back to the U. Moon Knight has returned to New York to exact his revenge on Norman Osborn and did so by stopping a bank heist in progress without killing a single bank robber, much to the surprise of the police. Khonshu is still convincing him to become the ruthless vigilante he was before, but Moon Knight continues to ignore the temptations of the deity and plans to redeem himself as well as reform into a new hero. News of Moon Knight's return circulated throughout the bustling city, with Norman Osborn denouncing him as a renegade and a menace while promising the public that Moon Knight will be dealt with for his acts of vigilance accordingly.

The Sentry appeared before Moon Knight and reminded him that he can never run from his past and that he will be tested for to prove himself as a hero, to which he replied that he will also be tested as well. Moon Knight paid a visit to his criminal contact, the Profile and told him about the Slug and some stolen diamonds that he has. Moon Knight confronted the Slug and his henchmen for the diamonds, while Khonshu urges him to kill the villain but he was squashed in the floor. The Hood then had the Profile to track down and profile Moon Knight. The Profile thought of a plan to take down Moon Knight and it involves the grave of his late nemesis, Raoul Bushman.

Jake goes home and sees the news coverage about the jailbreak in Ravencroft. Jake suits up as Moon Knight and tells his butler to call his pilot for the Mooncopter, but he cannot reach him and Moon Knight decides to use his other vehicle, Angelwing. When the hanger doors were opening, Moon Knight was surprised to see his old partner, Frenchie, dressed in a aviator suit and walking on a cane. Reunited with his friend, Frenchie flies the Mooncopter and drops Moon Knight inside the melee of the escaped convicts.

In the middle of the chaos, Khonshu is still persuading Moon Knight to kill for him, but to no avail. When Moon Knight called Frenchie to come back, he told him he can't because of an enormous flock of birds blanketing the sky, which was summoned by the Scarecrow. Frenchie then shoots a large net from the Mooncopter to catch the flock, neutralizing it. Moon Knight then catches Scarecrow, but he then argues to him that Moon Knight should confront his old nemesis, Bushman. Moon Knight goes to his contact, Crawley for any word from the street,but they were suddenly attacked by Bushman. Moon Knight rushed in to hold the building and Bushman left him to be beaten by his army of convicts from Ravencroft.

After beating the convicts with only his underwear and mask on, Moon Knight carves his symbol on all that he defeated on their strait jacket. Spider-Man then swings by and he tried to convince Moon Knight to stop his heroics before he return back to his murderous ways, to which Moon Knight argued that his heroism doesn't fare better because Norman Osborn is still in power.

Moon Knight then infiltrates the warehouse and begins searching for Bushman to no avail, until he surprises Marc. After a much drawn out, grueling fight between Marc has Raoul pinned down and mounts him with his crescent dart in his hand as if to cut off Bushman's face again. Though Bushman begs Marc not to take his face again, causing much hesitation for the hero before stopping his act.

Marc left and let the authorities take care of him. Meanwhile, now that Marc has prevailed, The Profile left to the cavern of Khonshu, for reasons unknown. Moon Knight finds that someone has forcibly enter a hospital. When he got there, he saw Deadpool about to kill a bed-ridden patient. Moon Knight stops him and they go into a brief scuffle until Deadpool gets thrown through a window and escapes.

Moon Knight then finds out that the person he just rescued was a Ukrainian crime boss dying from cancer, that made him question himself about being a hero. Deadpool then met up with his employer, a mother whose son was kidnapped by the crime boss' henchmen. Moon Knight goes to see Deadpool and after they talked, Moon Knight goes to a warehouse to rescue the employer's son. Moon Knight saves the boy and left the henchmen for the police, but soon Deadpool picked up where they left off in their previous encounter.

They fought in a carnival's hall of mirrors where the duel turned into a sword fight, which left Moon Knight left as the winner. When Jake was having nightmares in his sleep, he suddenly woke up rushed to get into the hospital but he was too late to save the crime boss from Deadpool's employer who killed him with an injection of potassium chloride, stopping the patient's heart.

Captain Steve Rogers then forms the Secret Avengers as a group of superheroes to operate under a veil of secrecy, in addition to the main Avengers team. Moon Knight was approached by Steve Rogers and he asked him to join the Secret Avengers to find his redemption. Moon Knight agrees to this and his first mission was to go after Captain Barracuda who was capturing Oil Tankers.

Moon Knight proved himself to the team by saving them and the Tanker crew when Captain Barracuda used the Horn of Proteus to summon sea monsters and destroying the Oil Tanker. They then had to travel to Mars to rescue another teammate, Nova who was looking for the Serpent Crown. When they found him he is wearing the Serpent Crown and he also detected their presence. He and Black Widow were knocked unconscious when they confronted Nova.

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After the threat on Mars, the team went back to Earth and continues their objective of finding out who is trying to steal the Serpent Crown and why they want it. Moon Knight goes to his mansion and sleeps with Marlene, he wakes up and is taunted by Khonshu on going back to his murderous ways and to kill in his name.

The other night, Marlene asks Jake out and reveals that she is pregnant, which he is happy about. After days of being taunted by someone calling himself Shadow Knight , Jake gets a mission from Steve Rogers to infiltrate Shadowland as a prisoner. As the heroes and the Hand ninjas fight each other, Jake takes a white cowl and joins to the brawl. Daredevil then attacks Marc from behind, but when Moon Knight begins to fight him, his mind is subsequently infiltrated by an unknown entity that has been inside Daredevil.

Khonshu then appears and tells Moon Knight that in order to kill the creature, he will need the Sapphire Crescent, an artifact that was a part of the original sculpture of Khonshu. Moon Knight asks for it, but Khonshu demands him to kill in his name, which Moon Knight declines to do. When he returns home to his mansion, he finds Marlene in a bloody pulp and is informed that Shadow Knight did this and that the baby she was carrying is now dead. Moon Knight then agrees to kill for Khonshu and he will start with Shadow Knight.

When he begins to fight him by crashing his glider, the crazed man reveals himself to be Randall Spector. The brothers fight it out but Randall escapes. Driven by revenge over what Randall had done to Marlene, Jake agrees to kill Randall in Khonshu's name. The deity then tells him the Sapphire Crescent's history and that is found in New Orleans. Jake finds it in the possession of a fortune teller which he buys for a large sum. As Jake walks through a carnival, Randall steals it and the brothers again begin a scuffle in the middle of a Mardi Gras festival.

Shadow Knight begins to tell Moon Knight that he is doing this because he was sent by the acolyte of Khonshu, the Profile. Jake persuades him that he is being played for a fool by the Profile working for Daredevil but he will not have it all. When collateral damage begins to mount, Moon Knight takes control of the fight and corners Shadow Knight on a dock, but he is prepared to commit suicide and kill them all with dynamite. Moon Knight then throws the Sapphire Crescent into Shadow Knight, slicing his throat and causing him to fall in the water below.

Moon Knight then flies off back to Shadowland to face Daredevil and the Hand. Unable to cope with his past identities, Marc has instead developed a new batch of personalities in the form of other heroes including Spider-Man, Captain America, and Wolverine. Marc honestly believes that he has been asked specifically by these three heroes to once again take up the mantle of Moon Knight and frequently consults with them, unaware that he is hallucinating.

Investigates an illegal deal going down in the docks, Moon Knight stumbles into a major case involving high-end technology being run by Mr. Moon Knight engages Hyde in hand-to-hand combat but Hyde escapes, leaving behind a shipment of Ultron technology. Marc later continues on to uncover more details about this new gang by subconsciously dressing as Spider-Man while attacking the new gang lead by Snapdragon. Overwhelmed by the Snapdragon's henchmen, Marc was rescued by Echo , who was undercover at the time and had to blow her cover in order to save Moon Knight.

Teaming up with Echo to continue their investigation together, Marc begins falling in love with her and tries to pursue a romantic relationship only for it to fail badly. When Moon Knight and Echo target his bases of operations, Nefaria retaliates and kills Echo before demanding that Marc serve him. Apparently surrendering, Marc instead lures Nefaria into a trap and is later congratulated by Iron Man for a job well done. Marc was involved with the 'Age of Ultron' crossover series, and is shown to be one of the few heroes left in the city of New York, after the Avengers' villain Ultron took power.

He is working with Black Widow from an old hidden base left by Nick Fury , and their plans focus on destroying Ultron, before they are destroyed. Using laundered old money, Marc returned to New York with a host of new equipment including an upgraded baton and an automated limousine. When a more direct approach is needed Marc discards the Mr. Knight persona and instead will use the Moon Knight one with a new updated light armor. He also discovered with the help of a psychologist that he has never had DID Dissociative Identity Disorder but instead when Khonshu 's consciousness colonised his own, it forced Marc's mind to adapt to it's four aspects which has resulted in brain damage.

Moon Knight would later try to fight off a gang of punk ghosts; but was unable to harm them. Konshu reminded him of his various acquisitions of ancient Egyptian artifacts, including enchanted weapons and armour. Facing of against the ghosts again in a ornate armour with a bird skull mask he was able to fight and defeat them. Due to his multiple personalities, Moon Knight possesses formidable psychic resistance and most telepathic or mental attacks are less effective on him. It has also been noted by several people that Moon Knight possesses an extraordinary degree of pain tolerance and has casually ignored debilitating wounds and major injuries to keep fighting.

Throughout his varied careers as a boxer, marine, commando, and CIA agent, Moon Knight possesses a wide range of skills and abilities including military strategy and tactics, infiltration and stealth techniques, military interrogation and torture techniques, driver evasion techniques, and is a competent pilot who can fly most types of aircrafts.

He is an expert in a wide variety of military firearms including pistols, sniper rifles, and machine guns with a marksman rating. His military training and background makes him not only an unconventional hero, he can and will use drastic means and extreme violence to stop criminals. Moon Knight is a highly skilled combatant who is equally adept in both unarmed and armed fighting techniques; he is a former heavyweight boxing champion who has comprehensive knowledge of the weak points of the human body.

From cosmic serpents to demon warriors, these creatures have been blamed for celestial mayhem.

Moon Knight's fighting style is brutal and straight to the point and combines techniques from Krav Maga, Dambe, Savate, Silat and FMA Filipino Martial Arts to put down his opponents as quickly and as painfully as possible. He also has advanced skills in Judo, Kung Fu and is an Olympic-class athlete, acrobat and gymnast.

Taskmaster claims that there is no one's fighting style that he hates copying more than Moon Knight's. This is because unlike most other fighters, Moon Knight prefers not to block or evade an attack or injury if it allows him the opportunity to counterattack his opponent; much like how some boxers will actually court their opponent to attack and trusting in their stamina and ability to take punishment. He is also highly adept in various conventional and unconventional weaponry as well including shurikens and thrown projectiles, combat knives and swords, batons, truncheons, bo staffs, nunchucks, three-sectional staffs, longbows, chains, and bolos.

Thanks to his extensive experience in criminal investigations, Moon Knight has also picked up a surprising degree of skill as a detective including how to profile psychopathic behavior and a broad base knowledge of the criminal underworld. When he became the Fist of Khonshu and was possessed by Khonshu, Moon Knight gained superhuman powers derived from the moon itself.

During this period, Moon Knight had enhanced strength, stamina, and reflexes based on the lunar phase of the moon. He was at his strongest during a full moon, as he could lift the weight of 2 tons and at normal strength when there is a no moon, where he could lift around lbs. He could also see magical beings that normal humans cannot see and possessed night vision as well.

Moon Knight could also become invisible in a shadowed area and had a "healing factor" that allowed his wounds to quickly heal when shined in moonlight. After the exorcism of Khonshu from his body, Moon Knight appears to have lost most of his powers but there is speculation that he may or may not retain some aspect of them. He still appears to receive prophetic visions and a connection to Khonshu but it is unknown just how much is actually Khonshu's influence or Marc Spector's own mental hallucinations. Moon Knight has also shown that he can be resurrected by Khonshu.

This may prove that Moon Knight is near immortal. Thanks to his immense wealth, Marc Spector has financed the development of numerous weapons, armored costumes, devices, specialized vehicles, and equipment as Moon Knight. Even though Moon Knight has utilized a wide variety of weapons throughout his career, his most widely utilized and best known are his crescent darts. The crescent darts are sharpened metal throwing weapons similar in size to Japanese shurikens and visually appear to be based on the Gibbous moon.

Moon Knight has often concealed a crescent dart in his hand and in the past has used them for close quarters combat; as his calling card; and during certain parts of his career--even using them as makeshift gruesome carving tools into his victims. Moon Knight can hurl several of these darts simultaneously with impressive force and accuracy as well as performing deflection shots. In addition, he has utilized crescent dart throwers; mechanical devices mounted on his wrists that enable him to discharge a barrage of crescent darts at high velocities for better penetration and offensive spread patterns.

Over the years, he has employed crescent darts forged out of silver for anti-werewolf use; specially modified explosive crescent darts that detonated on impact; as well as ones forged out of unbreakable adamantium alloy that can cut through virtually anything. Another signature weapon that Moon Knight frequently makes use of is a specially modified truncheon. Originally forged out of reinforced stainless steel, he later had it adapted to include a gas-propelled grappling hook with an attached cable reel inside which enables him to ascend or descend from buildings or swing around a fixed point.

The 12 inch long truncheon weighed about 12 pounds and he could use a club and blunt instrument. Moon Knight's trusty truncheon has undergone numerous upgrades over the course of his career and has be refitted to have a nunchaku mode or an extendible 8-foot long bo staff mode. Some models have been forged out of unbreakable Adamantium and he also had certain models capable of acting like a taser or projecting an electronic disruptor field capable of knocking out electronics within a certain radius temporarily.

He usually carries two identical truncheons.

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Moon Knight has employed a variety of other weapons including a pair of silver coated cestus which were armored gauntlets like ancient boxing gloves with spiked knuckleguards to increase damage that they inflicted when he punched an opponent, particularly certain supernaturally enhanced individuals like werewolves. He has also utilized a longbow and arrows; a katana with a crescent moon-theme hilt guard; a three-sectional staff; and brass knuckles with spikes.

He has also carried a pair of TripWire Guns that fire crescent darts that are connected with a cable that enabled him to grapple, pin down, or entangle criminals with sufficient force to embed the darts into solid stone. The TripWire Guns also had a grappling hook mode or could deploy a parachute in an emergency. While he was the Fist of Khonshu, he was given ancient Egyptian weapons by the followers of Khonshu. This included a golden ankh that he wielded a bludgeon and had the mystical property of glowing when he was in danger, golden scarab darts that replaced his crescent darts as his primary throwing weapon, an ivory boomerang engraved with protective runes, throwing irons , bolos, and a golden axe that could also be used as a grapnel.

He retired these items after he was exorcised of Khonshu's presence. He also utilized mechanical bracelets that replicate Spider-Man's webshooters, Captain America's energy shield, and a trio of retractable claws that mimic Wolverine. Moon Knight has worn a variety of protective raiments over the years. Primarily, his default costume for years was a full body suit of bulletproof kevlar and was equipped with a two-way radio in his cowl that enabled him to maintain contact with the Mooncopter.

In addition, his cape also functioned as a parachute and he could use it to paraglide for short distances. Recent modifications have enabled the paraglider cape to fit within a small backpack pouch for ease of movement and can be unfurled on command. However he also has worn armored uniforms for better protection including a protective Adamantium Armor that also incorporated a pair of crescent dart throwers mounted on his wrists and a magnetic recall device for his truncheons.

The Adamantium Armor retained the two-way radio in his cowl but also included a remote control device for the Angelwing and his glider cape. He has also worn body armor made out of carbonadium that he claimed was as durable as adamantium but much more flexible. The Carbonadium Armor was able to protect him from large caliber bullets and by locking it's joints, enabled him to hold tremendous weights and giving him the appearance of superhuman strength as he once used it to prevent a building from collapsing.

The armor incorporated the crescent dart throwers mounted under his wrists, jump jets, a mini-laser torch, and had a deployable mini-Angelwing surveillance drone that had a camera that transmitted its feed to a micro-HUD which enabled him to scout out dangerous areas. Moon Knight has employed a supernatural anti-ghost armor which he created by adapting numerous ancient Egyptian artifacts, mummies, and death garb that were first used to contact the dead and map out the underworld.

In this protective suit, Moon Knight was not only shielded from the vengeful ghosts' weapons and fists, but he could conversely touch and hurt them in return. Moon Knight has numerous vehicles but his primary mode of transportation is the Mooncopter that is mainly piloted by Frenchie which is an advanced state-of-the-art VTOL which is also virtually silent. In addition, he has utilized the Angelwing which was a smaller one-man aircraft but his more recent models have as a one-man crescent moon-shaped hangglider-like conveyance that he can remote control and has built-in turbines for long distance travel.

Moon Knight also has a moon-themed motorcycle and most recently, has employed a white stretch limousine equipped with advanced computers that he uses for crimefighting. All of his vehicles can be remote controlled and voice operated. A female Moon Knight is featured fighting crime in the lunar city of Attilan. Her identity, abilities and motivations are never revealed. He later worked in Roxxon Industries under the name of Paladin until Roxxon fell apart, and later adopted the guise of Moon Knight.

Moon Knight first fought Spider-Man as he thought that he caused a building to explode, and he later got involved in a gang war between Kingpin and Hammerhead. In the middle of the fight with Spider-Man, Iron Fist and Shang-Chi , he was impaled by Elektra , but not before impaling a moon blade in her head when she was about to kill Black Cat. Once he had awoken from the coma, courtesy of Elektra, he fought Spider-Man, the Punisher and Daredevil. He was later invited to join Daredevil's new group, known as the Ultimate Knights , whose primary goal was to bring down the Kingpin of crime.

He created a new personality, Ronin , in order to infiltrate Kingpin's organization and get closer to him. He discovers that a majority of the criminals in Kingpin's organization believe that Spider-Man goes to Midtown High School. So, in order to lure Spider-Man out of his daily routine, he drives a bus through the school's wall.