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Christians Going To Hell Paperback – May 9, Today’s churches do not always touch on the subject of hell. Seung Woo Byun, senior pastor of Great Faith Church in Ulsan and Seoul, South Korea, launched People Seeking the Face of God, a prayer gathering for the revival of.
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I have real respect for Christians who will say this in public despite the unpopularity of such beliefs. What has changed in the interim? And no, not Christianity; my appreciation for believers in exclusive Christian salvation stems from the choice I made, after college, to embrace traditional Judaism. I derive great joy from the all-encompassing framework of Judaism: Yet, though nearly all of Judaism is beautiful in my eyes, there are some elements of my religion that trouble me deeply. To be clear, this commandment applied only in antiquity, and never applies today, but even in distant history, a commandment of genocide is appalling.

And so also will be their children, for all generations to come. I have come to accept, and even to embrace, many elements of Judaism that I abhorred in my secular days. Many of these were never really problematic; I had only misunderstood texts which deeper, more patient, investigation clarified.

But to problems such as the two above I have heard no answer, no context, no explanation that comes close to being satisfactory. My conscience stands in unwavering opposition. My secular self — he of the late-night talk with Neil — would never countenance belief in a system that includes concepts at odds with my conscience. It is unjust , he would thunder, and it must not stand. You may change the system, or you may reject it, but embrace such a system?

A woman participates in a protest to end gender segregation at the Wailing Wall. Rejecting the system means rejecting all the meaning and beauty, the purpose and the call.

The Concept of Hell is Absurd (Luckily)

Change the system, then? The problem, I have come to see, is that if I change the system to match my taste, I annihilate one of the most valuable elements of religion. Religion at its best sounds a voice that commands, a voice that will not be silenced. Religion must be uncomfortable and unusual, or it will be tautological.

It must be authoritative and binding, or it will be a sham. To put it another way: Yes, I could change the system.

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Conflict between personal conscience and divine revelation is not a new problem of modernity. This dynamic is central to the paradigm of faith presented in Genesis 22, the Aqeidah Binding of Isaac. Being commanded to slaughter a son would be torture for any parent, but for Abraham especially it is the ultimate nightmare. Abraham is a paragon of love; in earlier chapters we have seen him eagerly welcome strangers into his tent, fight a war to rescue his captured kinsman, and plead with God to save Sodom and Gomorrah.

We have also seen him greatly distressed at the prospect of sending away his older son, Ishmael. Now God commands him to lose Isaac, as well; and not only to lose him, but to see him die; and not only to see him die, but to personally cut his throat, and offer him as a sacrifice. Every cell in his body must have cried out in horror. It is not correct to assume that all the Christian sects gave up adherence to the Law of the Old Testament.

On the contrary, in my opinion, it actually seems more realistic to believe that the Christians living in the Arabian peninsula during the times of the Prophet sws and the revelation of the Qur'anadhered to the Mosaic laws of the Old Testament in letter and spirit. My opinion is based on the following points:. The Qur'anhas criticized the Jews and the Christians for their malpractices and incorrect beliefs.

These criticisms of the Qur'an focus on the malpractices and incorrect beliefs of the Jews and the Christians living in the environment in which the Qur'anwas being revealed. For instance, the Qur'anhas criticized the Christians of holding Jesus sws and his mother — Mary sws — to be divine 5: However, this was an incorrect belief only of the Christians living in that region. We are well aware of the fact that the general Christian population does not ascribe to the belief of the divinity of Mary.

The Qur'anhas not criticized the Christians of holding the law to be abrogated. If the Christians of the times and region of the revelation of the Qur'anhad actually held the law to be abrogated, the Qur'anwould definitely have criticized them for it. We see that the Qur'anhas criticized the Christians on a number of issues, but these issues, generally, pertain to the divinity of Jesus sws. Thus, it should seem safe to assume that the Christians living in the Arabian Peninsula during the times of the revelation of the Qur'anlived their lives according to the Mosaic laws.

Just as it would be safe to assume that those Christians did not ascribe to the belief of 'atonement', for if they had, the Qur'an, most definitely, would have criticized them for it.

The Concept of Hell is Absurd (Luckily) – Jakub Ferencik – Medium

The Qur'anhas called the Christians by the name of 'Nasara'. While, it is known that the general Christians had come to be known as 'Christians' or 'Masihi' from a very early period as is mentioned in the 'Acts of the Prophets'. In view of this fact, it seems quite plausible that the Christians living in the Arabian Peninsula at the time of the revelation of the Qur'anwere generally those who ascribed to the Nazarene creed4.

According to the Encyclopedia Britannica: Although they [the Nazarenes] accepted the divinity of Christ and his supernatural birth, the Nazarenes also maintained strict observance of Jewish laws and customs, a practice that had been dropped by the majority of Jewish Christians. It is extremely unfortunate that the Gospel according to the Hebrews or the Gospel of the Nazarenes is nowhere to be found anymore.

Had it been available, we would have known more about the beliefs and practices of this sect. I hope the above explanation should raise a few questions in Mr Katz's mind regarding his objection,. The complete article may be accessed at: Although Mr Katz has not included this verse in his main discussion, but has referred to it in his brief introduction to the article. In one of my responses to a question regarding whether the Jews and the Christians have a chance of success in the Hereafter http: The Qur'an has very strongly negated the idea that the Jannah or the bliss in the life Hereafter — the Paradise — is the right of any particular religious group.

Whether one ascribes oneself to the Muslim or to any other belief, the criteria for success in the Hereafter is going to be his true faith in the Almighty and in the Day of Reckoning.

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According to the Qur'anic view about life, each individual who lives on the face of this earth is put through a test by the Almighty. Whether born to Muslim or Jewish or Christian parents, each individual is tested for his honest and unbiased search for and surrender to the truth, as he sees and understands it.

To go through this test, God has bestowed upon us the sense and the intellect to judge right from wrong.

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A close look at our general attitude towards religion and religious beliefs shows that we normally go through life with the beliefs that we inherit from our parents. If we are born in a Muslim family, there is a greater chance that we shall remain Muslims through out our lives. The same holds true in other cases as well. But unfortunately, this passive belief shall have absolutely no importance on the Day of Judgment. Whether we attended the Sunday Church or the Friday Congregation shall only have a secondary importance.

Aren’t some non-Christians too nice to go to hell?

The first thing that would be judged is whether the individual truly searched for the truth or not and then, whether he lived his life in accordance with that truth or not. In the light of the above explanation, in my opinion, success in the Hereafter is not dependent on my ascribing to any one or the other group. It is basically dependent on my attitude towards searching for and submitting to the truth. Thus, those Christians who, without any prejudice, had searched for the truth and had submitted to it, shall be among those who are successful in the Hereafter.

While those who called themselves Muslims in this world, might fail in the Hereafter on the account that they did not seriously and without any bias, seek the truth or that even after knowing the truth, did not submit to it or lived their lives in accordance with it. Thus, the criteria of success or failure is one that depends purely on the internal mechanism of the human soul and intellect.

Because we cannot say that a particular person has rejected Islam or whatever we hold to be the truth after being thoroughly convinced that Islam is the divine truth, we therefore, cannot pass a judgment regarding his success or failure in the hereafter. It is only the Omniscient God who really knows whether a person rejected after being truly convinced of the truth or whether his rejection was because of some misunderstanding or unanswered questions, regarding that truth. On the Day of Reckoning, God shall give His decision on the basis of His absolute knowledge about the reasons of the rejection of the individuals.

According to the Qur'an, when a messenger of Allah Rasul as distinct from Nabi is sent towards a people, he removes all doubts that are found in people's minds regarding the truth. He answers all their questions. Truth becomes evidently distinct from falsehood. Those who accept his message, accept it with full knowledge of what is right and what is wrong; and those who reject his message, reject it after gaining full knowledge that it is the truth they are rejecting. It is because of this particular position of the messengers Rusul of Allah that it becomes evident that those who are rejecting his call are rejecting the truth, and those who are accepting his call are submitting to the truth.

The former are, thus, bound to be thrown in the Hell fire and the latter are promised the bliss of Paradise. Therefore the Jews and Christians who lived during the life of the Prophet sws and who did not accept his message are doomed. We, even with our limited knowledge know about this fact, because if as the Muslims hold, Mohammad sws was a true messenger of God, then those Jews and Christians who lived during the life of the Prophet sws rejected the truth knowingly. They shall have no excuse for their rejection.

It is these Jews and Christians that are sure to be doomed.

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As far as the Jews and Christians of other times and places are concerned, they are subjected to the same test in the life of this world. If they submit to whatever they truly believe to be the truth and live their life in accordance with that truth, they shall be successful.

There is also some evidence to suggest that the Nazarene creed also ascribed to the belief of the divinity of Mary Maryam sws.