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Black Rose has ratings and reviews. I nearly always enjoy this author's trilogies and this is no exception. .. The second installment of the In the Garden trilogy is easily the best of the bunch. .. Excellent book and series!.
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Using cliches to tie up plot points rather than investing time on them is just lazy and sloppy. Plus the characters are just so shallow!

In The Garden Trilogy

And by that I don't mean they're into bling Iean they don't have much depth, much personality other than one or two traits First and Foremost, I want to say I know nothing about gardening. I also know nothing about cheesy romance novels, as this is my first romance series I'm reading.

But I will tell you what I do know about. Basketball, and I can say with all certainty that Nora Roberts doesn't know much about the subject and clearly didn't do her research.

Black Rose: Number 2 in series (In the Garden Trilogy - Old Edition)

So, Mitch has a son who plays college ball for the Memphis Tigers. At first, I was thinking 'nice, I like sports. Finally something to enjoy about this book. Error 1 comes on page Harper talks about the basketball game but says, "I missed the first quarter. However, she is oblivious to the fact that college ball is NOT divided into quarters.

It is divided into two 20 minute halves. Small error, so I decided I would let it slide. However, a very very big error was about to come. On page , Mitch and Roz go to a game. Mitch starts the conversation talking about how his son has been drafted 10th by the Boston Celtics and will soon move to Boston. This is sooooo not possible.

First of all, it is January. The college season is still going, and still has two months left. And there is no way to know the Celtics will pick 10th, since the order of the draft is based on a lottery that determines the first three picks, and the rest of the teams are placed based on how poor their records are. With still three months left of the NBA regular season, how does Mitch know the celtics will be pick 10 and they will select his son, when the draft is still so far away. And don't try to tell me that it was from the previous year's draft.

In order to be drafted, the Prospect must declare his eligability, at which point he is no longer eligible to play in the NCAA. If this happened with some no name author, I would let it slide.

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However, this is Nora Roberts, the only romance novelist I've ever heard of. Surely she has many many resources, and the fact that no one at the editing company saw this mistep, and she couldn't get a sports fan with standard basketball knowledge to read her book before it was published is quite sad. Like I said before, I know nothing about gardening, but I hope she researched that subject better than she did College basketball, or I am no longer just reading a fictional novel; I'm reading a book that no longer applies to the rules of reality.

This book, in my opinion, was worse than the first. In the first, I thought Roz was a likable character, but in this book my opinion changed. Roz is full of herself and she's annoying. Also, her taste in men is terrible, and I'm not just talking about Bryce.

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Mitch is a boring character. He lacks the sizzle that a character like Logan had in the previous book.

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  7. Mitch has absolutely no personality, and always seems to say exactly what Roz wants him to say. He's not a character that challenges Roz in any sort of way, which makes their romance boring In the previous book, Logan and Stella both challenged one another. At times, it made me wonder whether their relationship would work out, but at least that made it interesting.

    I picture mitch as a blank canvas, not a real person. Whatever Roz needs for that particular scene, mitch becomes that. So pretty much his character is incredibly fake, even more so than bryce, or Nora Roberts just ran out of ideas about how to make characters interesting. I picked up the audio cds from my library in a rush and didn't really know what I selected. Well let me tell you, on top of the syrupy self-righteous characters, the only interesting thing in the whole book is never answered.

    By disk 3 I had vomit in my mouth and, yes, it's that bad. I listened through all the disks what else did I hands down I listened through all the disks what else did I had to do but drive just to find out the one mystery of the book: How the ghost died I wanted to careen my car off a cliff upon getting to the end. Did not finish this because I found it unbearably heteronormative two examples: Mitch is comically inept at picking out presents for his womenfolk!

    And that one woman chides a man for letting Mitch go into the greenhouse to see Roz without warning her beforehand so she could put on some makeup!

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    Of course Mitch is not used to cleaning his apartment! So when he does clean, the first thing his visitors say when they enter is "Wow, you cleaned! You really cannot judge a book by it's cover! I absolutely loved the name of this book and actually decided to read the series because of it but did not enjoy this one at all.

    I liked the first book in the series but this one just did not do it for me. I am hoping the next one is better and hopefully has less bad language in it! I dont like this very much. I feel they are too old. And the love scenes, I just cant take it. And there are ghosts. Nice try Nora Roberts but Couldn't figure out what was going on half of the time. Bad writing for Nora Roberts. A ghost flying around the house - give me a break!

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