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Americans to expand their farming, trade, and manufactur- ing. Settlers ships in new and old parts of Maine. Settlers carving out town included all of present day Hallowell, Augusta,. Chelsea ed Ephraim Ballard's earlier attempts to settle in Maine) Note: All of the homes on this self-guided tour are private- ly owned.
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Look up the regularly scheduled artist programs, like the annual Sculpture Symposium. The entire Kennebec Valley is crisscrossed with trails, but Augusta is lucky enough to be home to some of the best maintained, and easily accessible trails around. Amazingly, many area residents are unaware that this park exists. But Bond Brook has a growing reputation and the potential to become a world-class trail-sports venue that supports Nordic skiing, mountain-biking, trail-running, and hiking.

Castonguay Square Santa is seeing children outside in Castonguay Square again this year. Turn left at the light. Follow directions below from Randolph. Follow Route 9 East towards Augusta. The turn for the Arboretum's Visitors Center is on the right hand side about 5 miles from the intersection of Routes , 27, and 9. From Routes , , from the East bank of the Kennebec River: Follow signs to Augusta. Go up hill and straight through the traffic lights. From Belgrade Lakes Area: Follow Route 27, approximately 2 miles past the Civic Center. Turn left onto Bond Street at the Cumberland Farms on the left.

Turn right at the end of Bond Street. Go up the hill to the rotary. The turn to the Arboretum's Visitors Center is about 0. Follow Route 17 west to the traffic lights at the intersection of Stone and Hospital Streets, where Route 17 turns right. Turn left at the traffic light onto Hospital Street. One that are obvious are not listed.

Maybe she should have consulted with a history Major? Quit whining about Washington. When you round the bases, you try to clip the corners. A recent blown up volcano is a landmark. Hahaha, first thing I questioned too. Since when do we count Superfund sites as destinations? Space Needle at least? Those chemicals were often stored onsite in poorly-constructed and poorly-reinforced storage tanks that leaked their contents into the ground and into groundwater tables. A surprisingly large number of these sites, still designated as Superfund sites, have yet to be cleaned up and remediated.

So parts of Silicon Valley might indeed count as tourist destinations that are also Superfund sites. Hanford is neat and all, but certainly not the top of anything. If one wanted to stay way from traffic and still see something worthwhile, at least go see Mt Rainier or Mt St Helens. Mt Rainier one can get to if you are going north from Portland then cut in and keep going east to Yakima or if you are going west, go to Yakima, cut over to Mt Rainier and then down to the Portland area.

The Washington Sate stop is in Seattle. Gee Jaynie the comment was made 2 years ago when there was a jungle, but thanks anyway for showing everyone what a hateful intolerant progressive bitch you are. My one experience with the eastern side was not good, I could not believe it was so different and so downright blah. There is much more to see at Hanford than leaking radioactive waste. It is a must see for anyone interested in the history of the 20th century.

The B Reactor is one of the most historic buildings at Hanford and marks an important point in technology. There are two tours available the, full site tour that takes a day, and the B Reactor tour that takes about 4 hours. You stop at the B Reactor on the full tour but you spend more time there on the stand alone tour. I have been on both and they are both very interesting. Still, Hanford is one of the least significant places in Washington.

When you consider how many new species of critters have been found in the Hanford Reach National Monument, the historical significance of the area to local native tribes, the geologic history of the Rattlesnake hills, and much much more, it is just as significant as all those you listed. It is not as significant, scenic-wise. Rainier, North Cascades, St.

Helens, Adams, Enchantment Lakes, etc. If you are replying to me I was not suggesting it was the 1 place to go just that it is a historically significant site and a very interesting place to visit particularly if you have an interest in science or history. Mary Hill is a Marvel and you won;t have to come all the way to the Puget Sound.

Grand Coulee Dam is another good choice.

Yeah, San Fran cable cars are so much better to see that Yosemite or Redwoods. And why go out of the way in Texas to visit the Alamo, when they could have stopped much more easily at Cadillac Ranch and saved a lot of miles. Certainly as interesting as some of the other crap they visited!

The Alamo is a much better tourist stop than the goofy Cadillac Ranch. The fight for freedom at the Alamo was the fight for the right and the freedom to create something as goofy as Cadillac Ranch. I am not sure if you read below grade level or just skimmed the article, but I recommend reading it again. I suggest you get a reading buddy this time. Your position may be valid, but you could have stated it without the ad hominem attack and the foul language. Did you not read the article before you commented?

Besides, oh ignorant one, there is far more to the Hanford Site than what you appear to think. Really cool stuff, Randy. Eureka Springs is not a stop in Arkansas? It is the best Victorian era town in the South, and has a colorful history. There is a perfectly decent bypass, 89T, that goes through the Navajo reservation, and it would probably make the trip even more direct, but I would hate for someone to start out this awesome road trip and get stuck in the first day! Could you write a programme that will tell you the cost of car hire fuel, motels, sites and food cause that would be even more awesome?

Historic Preservation Commission

This would be a great promotion for Tesla and a lucky data scientist would get a cool ride. Do you think it be possible to attack this problem with R and the lpSolve package? The island itself is part of New York, though the surrounding waters belong to New Jersey. Yup, better sites that are in NY. Well most are, Holland Tunnel is partially in NJ at its eastern terminus. Liberty is clearly within the state boundaries of NJ, read a map.

You can read the Compact or the recent Supreme Court ruling for history or clarification. Man, this map is so awesome! This inspired me, from Brazil, to go to the US asap and rent a Motorhome to enjoy that road trip. And clean air and water. And, you can solve those problems too, right? Thanks for putting it together. Ha, thanks for the ego boost! I think you mean every state in the continental united states. It is very interesting to see how the climate changes. The East is temperate. The West is desert. I hate to burst your bubMicrosoftshave been using Microsoft Streets and Trips for at least 20 years to do all of this and more.

I have never run into a limitation on waypoints. You can schedule start and stop times for each leg of the journey. If you update construction data it will inform you of the trouble areas. Rerouting is a simple click and drag the line to a different location. You can search for every type of point of interest around any location or along your route. You can even put in the price of fuel and the type of milage you get on the highway and city also the size of your gas tank. It will then tell you about when you need to fill up and the total cost of the trip.

I use Google Maps on my phone but I always plan a lengthy trip first with Microsofts program. Also, the fault is one of the least interesting things in the state. I noticed same problem. Also, the pin is located a good distance east of the San Andreas fault, which runs along CA highway 25 in a set of fairly obvious fault-created valleys. The route should have cut over Highway James Dean was killed where 46 crosses the fault, at an intersection that is necessitated by the roads following the fault-generated topography.

A James Dean memorial is nearby: Before committing to this trip, do some serious research on what you want to see! The same goes for Tennessee — Nashville beats Memphis handily. I think Randal intended it more as a fun exercise than as an actual recommendation for a trip. And then there is the museum created in the hotel where Martin Luther King was murdered. Do not skip Memphis; if you feel you need to visit other places simply add them!

You do NOT want to miss Memphis. In fact, I really enjoyed it a lot better than Nashville. The vibe is awesome, the museums are amazing, and the food is to die for. When you stand where Elvis stood, in Sun records, you just get this feeling of awe. It was worth it to us to go see where he was born. People are murdered all the time in the general vicinity. The civil rights museum is incredibly overrated as well.

In a Defender ….. Been driving around South America for the past 2. Will be attending the Overland Expo so may just head up that route and loop back down to Las Vegas! Tx for the suggestion! Tucsonan is definitely correct. Check out the Shafer Trail. Also, this book is well worth the investment! Seconded on the Seattle comment, the Pacific Northwest is gorgeous, take the Ferry you can drive your car on over to Friday Harbor for a day— depending on the season you can sometimes see migrating whales right from the beaches.

No one lives in a fifty mile radius give or take in any direction. Pikes is one of the 54 14, ft peaks in Colorado and you can drive to the top of it easily which makes it convenient. If you are feeling adventurous and have a Range Rover, Mt. It also may have the most beautiful view from the top of all of the mountains in Colorado that I have climbed. Thanks for that suggestion. I live in Colorado Springs, so of course, Pikes Peak is already on the done list. You would be a great fit at the company I work for, Quintiq.

A big part of our customer base is logistics, where we solve route optimization puzzles, taking into account many factors such as delivery windows, road restrictions, perishable goods windows, driver rules e. Clockwise, from Southern California:. Not only is it a fabulous drive probably the best in the country , it also takes you over the Golden Gate Bridge instead of the Bay Bridge. The Bay Bridge is cool but the Golden Gate is more iconic and fun to drive across.

Also stop at some distilleries in the Frankfort-Lexington corridor. Drive across Adirondack Park in New York. But definitely go down the East Side of Manhattan as on the map. Much more scenic than the West Side. Instead take 71 N through Columbus and after eating some crazy good food and craft beer, go North on 23 for your visit to Detroit.

O H I O where or where are you? How about something slightly different. Also, does the genetic algorithm specify that the routes will not cross over each other?

Donate to Viles Arboretum

That seems potentially overly restrictive. For smaller road trips, I actually recommend tools like this one: Road trips are anything but. You plan to go to places that are on your route as well as vice versa. This route may be mathematically close to an optimized solution, but no one in their right mind would pick these points exactly.

Computing the optimal road trip across the U.S.

How should I know? I planned a spring break road trip that encompassed 14 stops in 4 states in I optimized it myself without the use of a genetic algorithm. I simply used functional requirements to outline the major elements of the trip and then complimented that outline with locations that would fit in the scheme. This provided a much more agreeable route. Sorry, but how is Niagara Falls not in the top 50 US landmarks? I had the same thought.

Take the I north from I You must be from California. I lived in Jacksonville, FL. My first reaction… How do you miss that in the list… And the route is within miles of it too. I had a map on my wall when I was a kid, , where I had created a road trip I wanted to take in a VW bus of course. This is so close to what I mapped out it is frightening.

I went directly from New Orleans and across to San Antonio.. I did the same thing. Mapped National parks, etc. Never took the trip… but this brings back memories. I actually kept the map rolled up thru college and finally tossed it out somewhere in the late 70s. Somewhere in a box of photos there is probably a photograph of it before it was taken down.

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I used to take pics of my bedroom all the time as a kid… and it would have still been up for part of the early 70s when I was in college. I was also into math big time, so it was an exercise in time, money, miles per gallon, that sort of thing. The map was this very cool typography relief map and I had colored push pins in it for the stops. Glad Atlanta made the Interesting Cities list. Why is it ordered 31 Vermont, 32 Michigan, 33 Ohio, 34 Kentucky? If your current ordering is correct, then the map shows you going through Cleveland on the way to Detroit, then going back to Cleveland, then partially taking the route back to Detroit to then go down to Kentucky.

The stop in Cleveland is an extra stop I had to add to force the route to stay in the U. Sure — Cleveland has all kinds of interesting things to see and do: This is super interesting, but as a Montanan I have to say: I know no one who considers Billings to be a great place to visit relative to some other Montana cities. Bozeman and Missoula are both far more interesting and beautiful. Have you ever been to Billings Montana? Sweet Jesus its the worst place in Montana.

No kidding… include Billings when at least two of the North Dakota cities are more appealing. At 19 I got sent there on a work trip. Walked out the tiny airport and was shell-shocked and called Mom to ask what to do. My Name David Philip I have good news to share with the world today, i made a vow to my self that i will tell the world about Dr.

We where both married for years without issue, we visited different hospitals but nor could help us. One day as we where both deliberating on how to solve our bareness we got a new from a radio station that Dr. Do you have problem of any kind and you think all hope is lost then you have a chance to met Dr. We made a special trip to Missoula just to see the levels of the great floods. Then followed the route of them down to the coast where the Columbia River met the Pacific Ocean. It was a great treat and if I were not 78 and living on the Texas Coast I would repeat that trip.

You are doing a disservice by missing the enter Pacific Coast Highway. Some of the most scenic sites in a America are up and down that coast line. Was this just to showcase a genetic algorithm? This is really just to show a practical application of optimization.

When I was in college , I took a trip with my friends to visit every county seat in the state of Colorado there are Being a programmer, I also implemented a genetic TSP-solver to determine the route and ended up with a very similar map — except smaller and entirely within state bounds. Hi, is there a way you could post the. You literally tried to find the path that has the least interesting scenery, and the least number of interesting landmarks through California. What did you manage to hit? It makes a great starting point that can be modified easily to make it a lot better.

With a few minor detours you can hit Death Valley and Napa. You could even do a longer route to include San Diego. Yosemite is great but a pretty far out of the way, and have fun with traffic if you want to visit Hollywood. See my post for more suggestions. Thank…this is super cool. It make me want to map all the routes I have taken. Then travel 99 South back on to your route.

Then travel East and cut across the Antelope Valley, possibly driving 14 North to back to the 58 East as your route suggests or take to the 15 East same highway to Vegas in the end. And if Superfund sites are something you are into seeing, there is a great one in Oxnard CA, the Halaco site.

I used to play on the toxic waste heaps that they made when I was kid, having no idea…they made great BMX jumps…what did we know? Actually, the first one was Yellowstone, but Yosemite is definitely worth a trip. Yeah there are some passes and a little mountain scenery, but compare that to Highway 89, , 36, 44, 97, etc, Interstate 5 is the most boring route you can take. That is one boring long drive, I would much prefer to go down the PCH. But with that said, this map is a a guide to follow, not one to be taken in stone.

Oh and you left out Monterrey in your list of California site, love their aquarium. The Cape May route you use is dependent upon a Ferry that only runs at certain schedules. The better route would be to head west from Philly through Lancaster to Gettysburg to get another historic site. This routh not only avoids the landmark he speaks of, but does not even travel to any of our historic sites, the state capitol of Dover, or even the Dutch settlement, Zwaanendael.

If anyone turns this route into a GPX file, please share it here. There have been several requests for a GPX version of the route. GAs are super useful in many optimization problems. Basically roughing it out in a rooftop tent on my Jeep and seeing more of the country. This could be a potentially awesome campaign to send over to Kickstarter or some sort of crowd funding to fund the trip!

As someone who takes a Great Road Trip every summer, this is fun. Usually there are some planned destinations in our trip to visit family and friends. But yes, we start with Google Maps and mark the Must Attends, then begin to plot. The Canadian side is very touristy, but it has the best Fall Views. PPS Have you been to Vermont? It is gorgeous, but it has little in the way of cities, most of it is tiny towns. Even their main state roads are two lanes, 1 in each direction, no dividers.

But it is well worth the visit. From experience dropping into regions of the U. S for the specific purpose of visiting National sites for the National Parks Passport, I recognize some lost opportunities. You might add many sites without significant or any diversion. For instance, when traversing South Dakota, you route might actually pass directly by the Minuteman Missile National Historic Site as just an exit on the highway. Adjusting the algorithm to add opportunistic sites, within x miles or x minutes, would be an interesting exercise.

It would be fun to see how many sites you could add without meaningful diversion. Is the Minuteman Missile Site open? The last time I drove through western SD, it was still in development. I never plan my trips. I head in a direction and pick and choose my route along the way. I ride a motorcycle and I average about miles per tank, if I ride conservatively. Depending on how aggressive I wanna ride, I get less mileage. Like, flat tires, blowouts, and minor mechanical issues.

I truly hope those never happen. But I would love to do this or a similar road trip one day. Here is our post, we took the Lincoln highway out to California then coastal highway along the coast and route 66 back home. There were a few side trips along the way. My wife and I were on the road for about a month. Is Niagara Falls part of the National Parks system? While I understand your thrill of creating such an algorithm, your set of sites is rather flawed.

All of these are major sites important to the history of this nation, and far more deserving of being on the list than say West Baden Springs Hotel…. And regarding that site, I will say that if you are including sites such as that, Hanford, or others just to get a site in a state, you could have picked far better sites.

Heck, you could have picked Johnny Appleseed Memorial Park yes, he is buried there … but there are other sites which are even better and more widely recognized for Indiana, and the same is true for Washington and Hanford, or Spring Grove Cemetery for Ohio. In the latter case, you totally miss other sites in Ohio, such as the the sites dealing with the first settlement in the Northwest Territory Marietta OH. Hanford Site is really the best and only thing worth looking at in Washington state?! It has some of the best natural beauty in U. Hanford Site is their choice of a destination for Washington?!

Are you flippin kiddin me?! The computer program itself looks like a good first step toward something useable for people who rely on maps. How do you pass by Niagara Falls without stopping? Why not go down the East coast of Florida, and then back up the West coast? This would be a fantastic motorcycle trip!!!!!

Walking Tour of Historic Sites in Augusta, Ga

Interstates were made to move freight and to get people in a hurry places quickly. A Road trip is about seeing things and blending into the part of the country you happen to be in. Hitting secondary landmarks and interesting places. This should be named the Quickest way to the follow points of interest and not a road trip map.

So here I jump to the article thinking Wow, maybe someone has improved on genetic algorithms and approximation techniques to truly find the BEST solution. And what do I find.. Sure the processes have improved over time. I do not want close to perfect. When a scientist develops some method to do that, call me. Until then, this is old, old news. This is so amazing! I love everything about maps! So this is super-cool! Burlington is one of my top 5 cities to visit. And Vermont, as a whole, is gorgeous. Other areas as well are not what a majority would want to see.

The one for landmarks goes to the Alamo; the one for cities goes to Houston. Science is a wonderful thing. You will be able to sleep for the entire trip. Make sure you set your alarm so you know when the trip is over. Maybe just send the car by itself, then you can sleep in your own bed. Sometimes science only fools itself. But if you allow Canada, you have to ask is Canada one point on the graph, or should all the provinces be considered separately in which case you have to take some ferries around the Maritimes and Newfoundland? You leave out Niagara Falls for the Statue of Liberty?

And omit Crazy Horse? You could fit Mt. You can, and should, do both Mt. Rushmore and Crazy Horse in the same day. Randal your Computer is Dumb. Lets face it it chose for Missouri the C. However in Kansas cityMo. It missed the Truman Library also In Independence.

American Basswood - Self-Guided Walking Tours - University of Maine

As someone from Flint, MI and now living in Grand Forks, ND…I actually would prefer visiting Grand Forks from a tourist standpoint but would prefer to live in Flint from a personal standpoint home is where the heart is after all. My Dad had a US road map that he used to highlight every highway he traveled so if he went through that region again, he would travel a different route. He loved to see whatever was on the way, famous or fields, and talk to the people of the area. He instilled that same love of new places in me and I think I would rather wander a little than have too much of a preset route.

Thanks for the fun map. Highway 6 to Highway right through Yosemite. Then head straight over to San Francisco. This is not accurate. Bryce Canyon and Grand Canyon are not optimal, sorry. It is clearly not the most efficient. It is the most efficient way to see the things the author wants to see. At that point anybody can throw together a map like this.

Best cities and you pick Wichita, KS? Have you ever been to Wichita? At least go to KC and get some damn bbq. This is the approximate route my family took June August 17, to visit all 51 US capitals in 51 days. I laboriously put it together in Photoshop before we left on our trip. It only goes through the northen part of the state. Charleston is down in the southern part. Like I said, I laboriously put it together piece by piece in Photoshop because neither Mapquest or GoogleMaps will let you have this many stops on a map. If I get around to trying the code out myself, I would definitely want a route to visit every national park in the US, and a separate one to visit every national park in Canada!

Scott Fitzgerald is buried , both in Maryland. But that would remove the Annapolis State House oldest state house still in use, opened I am planning just such a trip in the near future. This will be a great help in planning. Board of Education Building? Is it possible to get the turn-by-turn directions for this with editable stops?

I want to add a couple of stops on either end of Canada. Probably Summer of Fantastic work though and I will share with other MSU fans! Moab and Arches through to the Canyonlands and then across to Durango and the San Juans is just pure amazing, gorgeousness. And you may not see another vehicle all day. I been to every state Multiple times. Omitting Milwaukee and Chicago would be a crime!

The second Map is, by far, the better choice. I am a big National Park fan. I really have enjoyed collecting the stamps and it has enhanced my time spent at the parks. How about you use it as a guideline and make your own. No one is perfect, not even machines. We have been looking to create a route for a trip around the U.

In our RV in August! We are going to use this map to travel! Did you end up doing the road trip? I would love to hear more about it. I got a road map on the wall of my living room. I highlighted all the freeways and roads I traveled. West Coast to East Coast. Up and down the coastlines. Only part missing are the Southern States. Makes a hell of an interesting subject to talk about when guest show up. In the summer of , my Social Studies teacher parents took us 5 kids in a station wagon and 14ft trailer to all 48 states.

We had daily worksheets. The countryside through I past was …, The historical markers I saw today were…, The major crops grown here are… It was the trip of a lifetime. A few National Monuments are operated by other Federal agencies. Best city in Delaware is Wilmington???? Not following THIS list! Awesome and would love to do it someday but you missed something huge.

Burlington to the Adirondacks should go through 3 to Watertown and then down 81, missing some amazing parts of the park. So here we have a least cost path model visiting the major sites in the USA. That is great if you are looking to check things off a list but is this the best way to see America. I would say no.

Museum in the Streets

Look at the route taken. It seems that the majority of miles are on interstate freeways. How many interesting miles have you spent on these straight thoroughfares?