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Rosa Luxemburgo. La liberación femenina y la filosofía marxista de la Revolución (Spanish Edition) - Kindle edition by Raya Dunayevskaya, Fondo de Cultura.
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Labastida, Jaime, "Jose Revueltas: Literatura, realidad y politica", Revista de Bellas Artes , Entre la paradoja y la dialectica: Una lectura de la narrativa de Jose Revueltas 2 Parts , Olivier, Florence, "L'Heterodoxe et le Renegat: Situations de Pouvoir", De la Nota Roja a Los errores ", N. Ponce, Jacabo, "El realismo de Jose Revueltas ensayo sobre su obra literaria ", Rabadan, Antoine, "El luto humano de Jose Revueltas: Asfura, Antonio, "Anotaciones al margen de algunos problemas de derecho penal", Herrera and Montes, "Reglas de estudio en libros de texto de consulta", N.

Cordero, Dolores, "Como reacciona la iniciativa privada cuando se siente en peligro", N. Guajardo Suarez, Roberto, "Mesa redonda sobre la nueva ley federal del trabajo", Rojas Juanco, Carlos, "La sociedad de consumo y el drama del subconsumo", N. De conformidad con el ordemiento contenido en el Art.

Time and Space in Two Novels", , Francisco Torres, Vicente, "Los errores de Revueltas: Metaphor of oppression and resistance", Oversized clippings removed to Box , Folder 4 in Oversized Materials. Oversized clippings removed to Box , Folder 5 in Oversized Materials. Oversized clippings removed to Box , Folder 6 in Oversized Materials.

Oversized clippings removed to Box , Folder 1 in Oversized Materials. Oversized clippings removed to Box , Folder 2 in Oversized Materials. Oversized clippings removed to Box , Folder 3 in Oversized Materials. Texto Inedito de Revueltas in Xilote , Separated from Andrea Revueltas' collection of clippings in Box , Folder Separated from Andrea Revueltas' collection of clippings in Box , Folders Separated from Andrea Revueltas' collection of clippings in Box , Folder 7.

Separated from Andrea Revueltas' collection of clippings in Box , Folder 2. Separated from Andrea Revueltas' collection of clippings in Box , Folder 3. Separated from Andrea Revueltas' collection of clippings in Box , Folder 4. Separated from Andrea Revueltas' collection of clippings in Box , Folders 8. No morira aunque muera el libro? Preciones sobre Nicaragua la forma y el contenido del estado que alli surgio y algunos otros aspectos de la lucha proletaria en curso, Mesa rendonda celebrada en Jalapa.

Adolfo Ruiz Cortines, s. Ubersichtskarte zum amtlichen Kurscbuch der Deutschen Reichsbahn, N. La Narrativa y Sus Narradores, N.

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Entre la Retama y el Laurel: A Socialist With a Human Face". Consultado o 18 de maio de Weitz, "'Rosa Luxemburg Belongs to Us! Deux mots d'ordre petit-bourgeois , Rosa Luxemburg, Die Wehrmacht Feinbilder Vernichtungskrieg Legenden. Die Leiche im Keller ist nicht Rosa Luxemburg. The Golden Age , W. Arquivado dende o orixinal PDF o 13 de decembro de Consultado o 31 de decembro de The Essential Rosa Luxemburg: Reform or Revolution and The Mass Strike. Main Currents of Marxism. Consultado o 30 de novembro de Lessons of the Life of a Revolutionary".

What is the sense of the right? With this question, neither the traditional jusnaturalism nor legal positivism answer us in a satisfactory way. We cannot adopt such prospects without calling upon a normative metaphysics or the idea of legal system. The other theories do not seem satisfactory either, since they also take the right as a thing, always thinking in a krono-logic way and never kairo-logic. The right is not. The right is the legal sense which is given to the objects in the world. The proposal of the article consists on putting in evidence the sense of ethical freedom in Spinoza according to existence, remaining itself the bedding of conatus.

Initially, the substance concept is retaken in Spinoza, showing where measured it surpasses the substance of the conceptions aristotelian and cartesian. After that, being overcome it definition of freedom that the substance concept in allows them to relate, questions it importance of conatus and the removal of the contingency in the spinozista rationalism, relatively to the existencialist positioning. Substance, Conatus, Freedom, Contingency. Jornal Tribuna de Macau.

Confucius — morale — ignorance — normes — vertu Resumo: Elle aime la danse: Il testo vibra di oscillazioni tra empatia e presa di distanza. Permette di stare sulla soglia, di esplorare con pudore gli interstizi tra spazio pubblico e privato, di mettere in movimento categorie cristallizzate legate alla rappresentazione dei generi e della loro relazione.

Therefore, the author will develop the hypothesis that, in spite of the low representation of the traditional media in the cycle Les Trois Villes , it is nevertheless possible to find a very rich media imaginary, if we focus on the effects of the machines and technical objects that inhabit it. The analysis will focus on two novels that open and close this ensemble, Lourdes and Paris. Would media exist without Literature? As the digital world is reinventing itself, the current issue emphasizes the role of literature in the construction of our media.

At the same time, the hybridation of our digital contemporaneity encourages us to rethink the capacity of the media to reinvent themselves reciprocally, renewing the order of the speech and the function of Literature. Because of its capacity to testify the heterogeneity of the media universe, Literature offers a fertile ground—where everything is yet to be done—to take on such a research.

Fragmento traducido por Odile Bouchet. Fragment traduit par Odile Bouchet. Can the young man of today visualize the impossible dialogue of Kafka with his father? However, does that not open up a restructuring of his figure? The English paediatrician and psychoanalyst Donald W.



However, is this structuring enough? Does this not open up an era lacking references? Mais cela est-il assez structurant? This contribution aims to introduce a theoretical and conceptual framework on which focuses a PhD project. The research emphasizes on high school choices from non-migrant parents living in the Montreal area. Relying primarily on the work of Bourdieu, this project aims to identify the role of cultural capital in school choice during the primary-secondary transition.

Educational policies, school choice, education, educational market, transition, mothers. Ha publicado una veintena de libros, en gallego y castellano. Urco, el perro del mar tiene algo de cuento de terror. En Galicia se perciben los aparecidos, los fantasmas, estos perros al acecho, y el mar es como un arsenal de misterios.

El relato tiene algo de historia de terror. Currently, she analysed the autism controversies and the role of the associations of parents and of patients. A questo punto, risulta chiara la posizione cinica di Foucault: On comprend finalement la position cynique de Michel Foucault: Time and memory, irreducible couple at the foundation of the studies of medieval letters led by Michel Zink, are revisited in this book during the closing lesson delivered on February 10, The analysis of founding narratives pre-existing to each community and giving in question the very notion of historical truth, where each story implies the possibility of another, or the conception of poetry as a narrative, that of the past in order to tell, to put in writing, the memory of the present are all reasons that motivate the study of medieval literature.

This is what the author will try to at least remind us, if not to show us at the end of the reading. In this way, we will see how these new devices structure the idea of the network, a new concept thought up by Saint-Simon at the beginning of the nineteenth century. Phone, gramophone, French literature, nineteenth century, network, voice. Lee is a journalist of United Daily News, a Chinese newspaper, and interested in Taiwan-China relationship and national defense affairs.

Both sides of Taiwan Strait confront from Cold War till now. In Taiwan, majority people intent to keep staus quo. But situations of Taiwan Strait connected national interest of major powers, for example United States and Japan. It is impossible to solve this problem in the foreseeable future, except war. For a few decades now, and mainly in the past twenty years, Europe has been under construction. The process aims at creating a bind between people who live in Europe, a feeling of belonging to a political, social, economic community.

With a strong desire, however, to preserve the existence of multiple cultures and identites. The question of how Europe should be built emerges in each and every field of human existence and activity. When it comes to European citizenship and intercultural values education critical thinking, curiosity, respect, solidarity and others , construction of communicative skills is often cited as a value that should be developed.

Christos Chrissopoulos is a novelist, essayist and translator. He was born in Athens and is among the most prolific young prose writers on the Greek literary scene. Since , he has collaborated with the visual artist Diane Neumaier on several art projects. Their exhibition Encounters was held at the Reykjavik Museum of Art in and the corresponding catalogue was published in Christos has been featured in many anthologies of contemporary Greek fiction and writes regularly on literary theory. His work appears in five languages. He was an Iowa Fellow in He has built his novel The Destruction of the Parthenon upon this story, combining history with the contemporary nnd fiction with documentation.

The most recent book by Christos Chryssopoulos Une lampe entre les dents. Une lampe entre les dents. If UNESCO was to think about peace without including politicians in its organization, it would only aim at a mere concept of peace. On the opposite, should a peace be built without any thinking, it would only be peace by compromises, a pragmatic approach of peace in which means would justify the ends. More important, it would be risking an unfair peace, a peace that would be no more than a no-war situation, whereas all peaces are not necessarily good.

Two phenomenons kept my attention: Although we could expect that television, as it pretends, would build a perfect broadcast, the new narration ways lead us to a surprising result: Since the 19th century, but especially during the 20th century, a lot of theories about urban space have emerged, recognizing the capacity of the latter to produce subjects. In other words, those theories — that one can find in the work of Le Corbusier, Lewis Mumford, Henri Lefebvre or Guy Debord — have tried to pinpoint a link between the organization of urban space and a specific type of mentality.

Presenting those theories, this article aims to show that it is possible to consider the modern city itself as an apparatus, and to present the consequences of that consideration on the orientation of collective action. Quel relais est-il pour les revendications des travailleuses? Although both books share the same principle —narrating films—, I will show that they are in fact very different in the way they envision the relationship between literature and film: Et, avant tout, pour parler du cadre de ce livre, le nationalisme chinois.

Ce premier texte date de This article aims at clarifying the differences between the Kuomintang, the Chinese national party based on Taiwan, tempted by conditional unification with China, and the DPP, the indigenous pro-Taiwan party. After showing how these two parties share a basic common understanding of the Republic of China on Taiwan as being a sovereign entity, this paper shows where are the true lines of demarcation between the two political forces: The article questions the reasons behind the obvious diminished importance of the national identity debate in the elections, and shows that the vote for Ma Ying-jeou, in just as in , is not equivalent to a vote for China, nor to a vote for unification.

Last, it tries to understand what are the reasons that led swing voters, who hesitated until the last moment, to finally decide to give a second mandate to a President that is not anymore popular, and who is generally not considered by most of them as being very competent.

One can find in the letters a characteristic way of the romantic time to get bored and to say it. The analysis of the role of boredom in their epistolary writing brings me to sketch a picture of a boredom which is connoted both negatively and positively. This negatively connoted boredom becomes historically marked when it is viewed as the romantic rejection of a society perceived as superficial, and the conviction that only true love is worthwhile. Boredom would then be a feeling which the sensitive individual could not avoid.

Austin first characterized the notion of performative utterance and thus opens the way for the study of speech acts. After Austin, Searle proposes to consider the performative in a more contextual way while Derrida reinterprets the idea of performative in terms of iterability, which renews the notion of performative. Unavoidable with Butler and then with all the Gender Studies, performativity must not be reduced to a theatrical performance of gender nor be totally excluded from that field either.

Moreover, Parker and Sedgwick propose a new way of thinking together performative and performance that need to be compared with some recent considerations on the active role of spectator.


Most French scholars tend to oppose the swedish model of immigration to the french one as they are thought to handle the otherness of the other in opposite ways. These two distinct models are thought to call forth the well established distinction between the traditional communitarian approach to otherness and the individual universal one. The French model is therefore seen as stressing the right of the individual irrespective of the right of the groups whereas the Swedish model is depicted as promoting the rights of communities before those of individuals.

This distinction is appealing at first sight since it provides an insight into the global frame of reference for Swedish and French policies handling the otherness of the others. It fails however to highlight the similarities between immigration and integration policies of the two countries as well as the increasing convergence that has been taking place since the s.

While Sweden mitigated its multiculturalism to promote an integration policy, France departed from its universalistic stance in order to better address the issue of cultural diversity. Hence, differences between the two countries have been dramatically reduced despite some enduring peculiarities. This investigation hence aims at paving the way for future fruitful comparisons between policies related to otherness in the two countries.

This article examines how the relationship between fictionality and referentiality has evolved since the beginning of the s, from a double perspective which combines two disciplines that rarely cross paths: The analogical model allows a better understanding of the hybridity of interpretative practices resulting from the frequent use of social media platforms, whose discourses frequently escape current generic classifications.

The following interview was made with Michel Crozier in December With a strong reputation in the academic world, he imported the sociology of organizations from the United States. He taught this field to numerous student generations. In , he founded in Paris the Centre of sociology of organizations. Since forty years, he has been criticizing the irrelevant beliefs of the French society and has been calling for an enlightened pragmatism. Michel Crozier gave us his opinion on the evolution of French society with a focus on the relations of power, the bureaucratic illness, the decentralization as well as the work of the European Convention.

Tocqueville has made a come-back in today political philosophy in France and beyond, and in the same time a new distrust of democracy has appeared in politics and philosophy. Political rationality is identified with pedagogical governance rather than with the autonomy of public sphere, republican order is preferred to democratic control of power. I prefer to talk about incivility when this hatred is dressed with political legitimacy. In the following lines, I will associate this incivility with an irresponsible refusal of the paradox of democracy. The distinction between discussion and negotiation tends to fade, in ordinary use as well as in political discourse.

But this distinction is not only a grammatical matter of different language uses, it deals with the foundation of ethics, in so far as it is a condition for the constitution of a secular and postmetaphysical moral world founded on universal values, in a modern society where relations are agonistic and values heterogeneous. Can this world still be ours? This is the core question of the following text. Le elezioni presidenziali francesi del maggio , con la secca sconfitta del Fronte Nazionale di Marine Le Pen, sembravano aver esorcizzato lo spettro del populismo in Europa.

Ma cosa significa essere giovane nel teatro italiano? The objective of the article is to comprehend the limits of J. In other words, this article tries to understand the structural and historical anthropology as a Science. Then, it is necessary to compare it to the ideology analytical reason that tries to suppress the principle of nonconformity between the Being and the Wisdom through the examination of the teleological structure of the inorganic. It is convenient to observe that these limits form the structural and historical anthropology as scientific method based on the knowledge of alienation.

Structural e historical anthropology, alienation of knowledge and knowledge of alienation. The objective of this article is the comprehension of the antithesis between nature and culture highlighted by J. Rousseau on the second Discourse, once it reveals how the man kept away from his harmonic element. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the resentment of the French writer in view of the objections that were addressed to him by the specialized criticism that has never admitted the amorality in the literature.

New York, Cambridge Universitaires Presses, , pp. Answer at Juliette Simont. Reflections about the phenomenom of alienation in Jean-Paul Sartre. This dossier gathers six articles, facing the subject both from a theoric and practical perspective: Fugazi, one of the most respected bands of the American independent music scene, recently posted almost all of its live performances online, releasing over recordings made between and Such a project is atypical both by its size, rock groups being usually content to produce one or two live albums during the scope of their career, and by its perspective, Dischord Records, an independent label, thus undertaking curatorial activities usually supported by official cultural institutions such as museums, libraries and universities.

This approach will be considered here both in terms of documentation, the infinite variations of the concerts contrasting with the arrested versions of the studio albums, and of the musical canon, Fugazi obviously wishing, by the constitution of this digital archive, to contribute to a parallel rock history. Stavridis Next Generation Advisory Panel. Prost sur les anciens combattants. Indeed, in the months following September 11th, , G. The fruit of this exchange appear in her recent book Philosophy in a Time of Terror: Dans les mois qui ont suivi le 11 septembre , G. Philosophy in a Time of Terror: A few decades later though, another type of projects seems to bring back the idea of architecture as rooted and transmitting something to the inhabitant.

To fully understand what is at stake here, one may notice that the shift from architecture to computer architecture is mainly a displacement of a historical responsibility towards memory. In this process, memory leaves the realm of the visible and becomes something more of a recognizable. Then do we have to think of a new responsibility for architecture? He had made hundreds of in-depth reports and interviews for the Sunday edition.

Rosa Luxemburg, Women’s Liberation and Marx’s Philosophy of Revolution

He had wrote Malas influencias Bad influences , a short-stories book in wich Calle Velarde Velarde Street is included. Calle Velarde is a short fiction inspired on the tragic figure of Michi Panero who is named as Archi Escario , the youngest son of a Spanish poets saga who spent his last years sick and lonely in the middle of Madrid. The story told the relationship between Escario and a young woman who is obsessed with the bohemian life-style.

She is looking for the last bohemian till she found Richi. Calle Velarde would be a reflection about success and loose in modern times and about the fascination for the outsiders which used to be typical in middle-class intellectuals. Mais leur conversion en spectacles et en marchandises produit une analogie psycho-politique instructive. Efficaces pour une fascisation douce et invisible des masses - du moins apparemment.

The 21st century is marked by unprecedented environmental issues and the climate change. These dramatic have a direct impact on societies all over the planet. Yet actually, our globalized societies, our consumption culture and our economic system are the source for many environmental issues and especially climate change. In order to find a proper response to this global emergency, we need a comparatist and transdisciplinary approach. For example, Stephanie Posthumus proposes to analyze the current ecological crisis by using literary theory and fiction instead of focusing on scientific theory, in order to create new concepts which give rise to new subjectivities.

Her approach is based on the cultural specificities of French literature. This approach has four key concepts: They are interconnected and central to the goal that aims to rethink humans and their environment. Or do they demand an unbearable emotional and intellectual labour from the viewer? How do we position ourselves when faced with the imagery of horror? Gifted with expressiveness and resourcefulness like no-one else, his lyrical and eruptive style has made him an important figure on the world jazz scene. He has recorded dozens of albums with different formations, and regularly tours Europe.

How did he become a musician? How does he create his music in collaboration with the other musicians? He began classical piano lessons at the age of nine and saxophone by twelve. He is considered a renaissance man in contemporary music with a career stretching over forty years. By offering an evaluation of the gap between the end ot the Second World War and today, this essay allows us to have a clearer idea of a work in progress and to identify some positive developments. Along thoses lines, we are able to have a new point of view on the thinking of Simone de Beauvoir concerning the evolution of women and of men as such, the social values, the female body, the freedom.

Elle commande sa construction. In itself it is the signal that they constitute an obstacle within thought concerning the tradition, and hence within the tradition itself, in other words within our history. By appealing to the voice of the other, he thus engages the perchance of a reorientation of discourse, history, and the tradition. Qui de la parole? Psychoanalysis has societal implications. In other words, it has an historical responsibility regarding the evolution of societies in which it has developed.

It is also influenced by the societies and political systems in which it unfolds.

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Psychoanalytic theory may integrate this reciprocal influence in order to reflect on it and learn from it for its own politic. However, in the current context, this cannot be achieved in a theoretical or practical isolation, especially in regards to social sciences and social innovations. In this article we would like to focus on the position of women in the Christian teachers union in Belgium in the years In spite of their numerical dominance in the teaching occupation and in the union, women teachers never exercised real structural power in teacher unionism during this period.

Yet, the union was alive to the fact that women teachers formed an important segment of their members. The marriage bar f. Based on primary sources, interviews, national and international literature, we will focus on the apparent lack of female militantism by situating it in its social and historical context and by analysing the prevailing ideology concerning labour and the family.

Les prises de position des institutrices catholiques au sein de leur syndicat. Le bannissement du mariage, p. Paris, Actes sud, , pages. Engagement cette fois direct, et non plus par le biais du compagnon. Mouvement populaire des familles. Considering the economical impact such a classification may have, those questions seem legitimate. He concludes with the idea that the best should be, perhaps, to put the whole planet under the protection of the World Heritage Committee, for it is certainly in need of being protected.

ENS and the Grand-Lyon occasionally invite intellectuals and political thinkers to share their points of view. These meetings aim to discuss new social regulations in the globalization. The debate between them focused on the latest economic crisis and questioned the functioning of the economy and the politics after the crisis. The "marketplace", according to them, requires a new conceptualization because its development threatens our future. We present here a part of this interesting debate. The municipal elections in French cities always have a national dimension. The objective of this article is to draw the portrait of the urban mayor in thanks to the results of an empirical investigation made on all the communes above 5 inhabitants in order to appreciate the change that occurred after the municipal elections of March Indeed, the search for truth in Deleuze is not driven by love of wisdom - philo-sophy - but on the contrary results from an anti-sophy, a torment which makes us tend towards truth according to the signs of our lives and the drive that forces us into thinking.

Theodor Herzl is nothing of a philo-semite, for it is in the anti-semitic torments of his century that he envisioned the obviousness of Israel. His lack of interest in politics goes with an ethical reflection centered on the wish to reach a better self and become more authentic, two elements of his moral perfectionism. In this paper, I shall analyze the links between moral perfectionism and the social issue, focusing on three major difficulties: The author was an eye-witness of all the events that unfolded between May In this paper, the following points are analyzed: The potential behavior of various social categories in the event of a popular uprising or military intervention is analysed using results of a survey carried out immediately after the crisis.

Civil war was avoided by calling the silent majorities to express their voices in elections. Currently, the use of standardized tests in Canada and the United States is widespread in preschool education, especially for assessing early literacy skills. However, this assessment practice seems to be inappropriate when it comes to the support of young children in their learning process.

According to the vygotskian approach, usual assessment practice incorporated into symbolic play would be more adequate. In literature, few empirical studies document assessment practices of early literacy integrated into symbolic play in preschool classes. Thus, this article will present the case study we will conduct in order to describe these assessment practices as currently applied by teachers.

This research could have an impact on the education area by offering models to preschool teachers where early literacy assessment has been incorporated into symbolic play. Case study, assessment for learning, early literacy, pretend play, preschool education. The European Union has made the security of energy supply, as a strategic priority to maintain its independence, while reducing vulnerabilities.

However, Brussels is looking for its brands and a common energy policy, pragmatic and fair. Currently, new geoenenergetic balance under construction, arising from the recent turmoil geostrategic, represents a tremendous opportunity for the EU to impose on the world stage as a key player. In , Portugal was still with the catches with dictatorship. However, since end of the year 50, the regime was the subject of disputes more and more sharp, in particular on behalf of certain Catholics. In addition to calling in question the policy of the New State, the latter criticized the collaborating attitude of the Portuguese catholic hierarchy with respect to the State Nouveau.

It is thus in the light of this context politico-religious so particular that this article analyzes the glance related by the Portuguese catholic press to the events of May In this article, we tried to decrypt the nature, the structure and the ways of actions of an active minority within developped countries. Individuals who belong to the transhumanist movement reflect to some extent the conflictual situation which is the own case of our Mankind in this beginning of 3rd millenary which has to cope with the growing importance of Sciences, Techniques and Technology in our daily lives.

Discussing about the future of Mankind, Transhumanists interrogate burning core questions which put forward a new ideal posthuman identity where technique, helping human beings, restores their social and cosmological legitimacy. Transhumanism, posthuman, utopia, futurology, Ray Kurzweil, progress, technoscience, economic intelligency. Choreography, gesture, contemporary dance, everyday life, corporeity, incorporation, social interactions. She is a philosophy high-school teacher and worked as a part-time lecturer at the philosophy department of the Blaise Pascal University in Clermont-Ferrand in Peut-on parler de vie imaginaire ou bien les images sont-elles trop pauvres pour cela?

In that case is life a vain quest for being, a useless passion, bold freedom or painful liberation which struggles against and cooperates with an ambiguous imaginary? His research is focused on aesthetics of disappearance with intermedial approach. This paper offers an analysis of two different performances: In particular, it considers that performative theatre, as a specific validity claim of aesthetic form, can only be understood as an artistic code which reaches far beyond the limited realm of the imitation principle.

I thus argue that these two performances, although based on non-mimetic logic, create internal theatrical coherence in communication with the audience. Alain Roger Edou Mvelle is a specialist in conflict resolution and post conflict policies. He is currently undertaking a doctoral program on post conflict reconciliation and justice in Africa. He also serves as a career diplomat in Cameroon and as an associate lecturer with the International Training Center of Applied Democracy, Development, Ethics and Governance. Political violence is common in Africa.

Nevertheless, conflict resolution in this continent has been for long a matter of international actors. This paper emphasizes on their efficiency from to The author focuses on their classification, strategies and tactics, merits and limits. Furthermore, the presence of International mediations during the period considered is questioned in order to analyse their interactions with African mediations in the sense of complementarities or conflict.

La culture protestante des martyrs , Paris, Champ Vallon, Consciousness is not related to the world by virtue of a set of mental representations and acts of mental synthesis that combine such representations to provide us with our knowledge the external world. His lyrical and eruptive style has made him an important figure on the world jazz scene. The proposal of this text, starting from the methodological directions provided by Jean-Paul Sartre and Georg Simmel, is to discuss the entrance of the idea of modernity in Brazil through the chronicles published on newspapers in Rio de Janeiro around the middle of the 19th century and how, in that context, individual-society relations are crucial to formation of modern subjectivity.

The entrance of the culture of consumption in Brasil in the 19th century, produced a new existential experience and, at the same time, a rupture with the mode of living and with the mode of relating until then. The concept of mimesis is, since ancient times, one of the concepts that shapes the structures of Western thought. The two most influential thinkers of Greek philosophy, Plato and Aristotle, gave two different readings of mimesis, relying on the intrinsic ambiguity of this concept.

Through a formal analysis of this ambiguity, we propose to think about the new forms of mimesis that take place in the digital age — especially between human beings and machines —, a historical moment that, it is said, leads to the disappearance of any distinction between model and copy. Peut-on faire de la philosophie sur Twitter? Can we philosophize Twitter? Is characters enough to cultivate a virtual community based on representative communication and the sharing of opinions?

The present article seeks to address these questions through the analysis of two studies conducted on Twitter by the author. It is a question of understanding these times and these tools, to relinquish the acquiescence of common sense and its categorizations, to exercise the right to critique, which philosophy has always upheld, particularly when faced with that which may seem inevitable. In return, it is a question of understanding what philosophy can be today, in an era of new technologies, to ask oneself what philosophizing means with regards to and through these new technologies, and especially to explain how it is possible to truly philosophize, in a just and good way.

Non-English | Marxist-Humanist Initiative

Philosophy, Twitter, social networks, authority, virtual communities, ethics of information, ethics of communication, post-truth. At the time when Slovakia affirms itself on the international plan as a member country of the European Union, the intercultural communication becomes a necessity for the Slovaks. This brand-new situation represents a tough challenge that the Slovak schools must take-on: The course described in this article proposes and gives out the idea of a solution for the future French teachers.

From these writings Heidegger retained the notion of homeland Heimat and derived a racial conception of Germanity and Russianity that found positive expression in his Black Notebooks of , coeval with the German-Soviet Pact. But this does not mean that Heidegger favored Russia on all points. Mais nous ne comprenons pas tout. In January , as part of my post-doctoral research into the autobiographical work of the Brazilian-Israeli filmmaker, David Perlov, I spend a month in Tel Aviv, Israel.

I arrive with my family — my parents and my sister — and we rent an apartment. The afternoon of our arrival, a tempest of wind, rain and sand prevents us from leaving the house for a few days. In the confines of the apartment, between family discussions, we follow the television pictures of the latest events. Bemused, faced with pictures of the white storm paralysing the country, we learn about the attack on Charlie Hebdo in Paris, the city we had only just passed through on our way to Israel from Brazil.

Everything, in that situation, became impenetrable: It is for this reason that I chose — so as to show the inevitable differentiation of the two sexes - a cinematic concept that is completely different, that of Eric Rohmer. La Quarantaine de J. This contribution intends to analyse textually three contemporary narratives: La Quarantaine by J. As oppressing as the prison is, could it turn to be liberating of self-consciousness and communalism? Which aesthetic and ethical questions the perception and figuration of a palimpsestic body raise about the indescribable of the chained human condition?

Dans cet entretien Michel Maffesoli, sociologue, aborde les valeurs du monde moderne: