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This edition of Odyssey One has been completely edited and remastered to correct Into the Black [Remastered Edition] (Odyssey One Book 1) and millions of.
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Now guess what he does? You guessed it, he follows this trail until he becomes embroiled in a firefight with aliens, chock full of military and literary cliches. It was actually pretty amusing to read all the different descriptions of how thick the tension was and what you could do with that tension. Saving graces that kept it from a one star? The descriptions of space battle and likening them to naval surface battles was actually well done.

And the fact that there was talk of him being court-martialed for his absolute idiocy although he wasn't , at least acknowledged to some small degree that the plotline was ludicrous. So many better books to pick up off the shelf in this genre. Aug 21, Diane rated it it was amazing Shelves: You know, that high we all get when reading a good book. Where your practically jumping out of your skin with anxiety, anticipation. Losing sleep because you have to know what happens.

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Slightly manic and bursting to tell anyone who will listen how good the story is. I was really excited because it's hard for me to find military sci-fi that I like. That has a good story, straight-forward space travel and battle technology, no cookie-cutter characters and a plot that you can get lost in. I I left the Earth's orbit right along with the Odyssey on its' maiden voyage to test it's new faster-than-light jump technology.

Manned with a crew of of the world's best military, scientists etc. I was drawn in to the mystery when they jumped to a system that held debris and wreckage from a very recent fight and further when they find a pod with a HUMAN in it. She explains that they were attacked by alien creatures and the epic battles that go on as the Odyssey and it's valiant crew fight them and we find out more about these colonies of humans so very far from earth.

I had a great time, got caught up in the semper-fi life and death human survival of it all. Dec 04, Daniel rated it liked it. The tech is futuristic, of course, but described just enough for us to suspend the disbelief and see it as possible. And the story is nicely rounded with an ending that suggest grand things to come.

Personally the greatest failing for the book ar the characters. Fairly one dimensional and uninteresting. I understand they are not important and so the focus isn More like 2. Since I received this book through the Amazon. You can see it here: Lead by Captain Weston, its mission is to explore other systems. Once the crew deciphers her language, they learn about the brutal species that has the power to destroy whole worlds the Drasin.


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When Captain Weston attempts to return Milla to her home planet, he finds himself in the middle of a war between her people and the invading Drasin. Unable to let genocide occur, he puts the Odyssey to the test in battle. I thought it was a good first book to the series. As is typical of sci-fi, the first few hundred pages are devoted to an explanation of technology and world-building. There was also a bit of rush to get to the action, but once the action got started it was pretty good.

I liked the characters, and it was easy to get invested in them despite the somewhat sterile environment of a military spacecraft. I'll be reading the next one to find out what happens. I listened to the audio version of the book and it was a bit more difficult to follow than other audios. The POV bounces around a lot and you don't get the benefit of a page break like you do with text; the narrator just plows on into the next POV without pause.

Not a deal breaker, but you have to pay a little more attention. Mar 10, Ed Tinkertoy rated it did not like it. I didn't like this book. It's too heavy on military tack and bearing and very light on science fiction. I knew pretty much from the first several pages that this person is a lightweight sci fi writer. I think I read a review that said as much. The book is based on the story line that a ship from Earth named the Odyssey One leaves on an exploratory mission around the universe.

But the ship uses a technology that makes the crew sick when it goes faster than light speed and the ship is more a battl I didn't like this book. But the ship uses a technology that makes the crew sick when it goes faster than light speed and the ship is more a battle ship with all types of armament than a scientific exploratory ship. The ship is run like an Earth bound battle ship with descriptions of lots of military terms.

But it's not until the Epilog that any description is given of this enemy. And then only a few words of description. At the end of the book there is mention of a book two describing the second voyage of the Odyssey.

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I pretty much skimmed from the middle of the book to the end and will certainly not be interested in reading a second story. There really are too many editing errors in this book. This couldn't stop me from giving this the five stars it deserves. Interestingly enough it's as impressive to me as his others because it was his first. This fact is only noticeable through the editing error that mottle this otherwise exceptional military science fiction.

Take note, Evan C. Currie is to military science fiction what Brandon Sanderson is to fantas There really are too many editing errors in this book. Currie is to military science fiction what Brandon Sanderson is to fantasy. There I said it. That's pretty much all the review I have. This tale is epic, keeps you guessing and if you've read Currie's work before you'll know that it will be filled with great theoretical tech. It's out of this world.

Apparently, taking a quote from the book. It's what he does! Oct 13, Melina rated it it was ok. No character development, no back story. The characters don't interact and don't form relationships. What is the reason of introducing characters by name if it is not to learn anything about them? And to this point, I have no idea, what the culture of the humans or the aliens is, or why the Drasins attacked.

No, they are evil beings doesn't count as a reason to me. I have no issue with books that are parts of series, but this book doesn't even feel like an episode in a series. It feels as i No character development, no back story. It feels as if I were dropped in a single scene of an episode, with no explanation of how I got here and no idea where I am going.

Into the black bag. The overall concept was neat: However, the actual storytelling is as vibrant as mayo on white bread. The vast majority of characters are just names, a few with varying degrees of military bravado. Much of the activity in the book is a recounting of procedure, or bland technical descriptions. I'm not opposed to military sci-fi. There are s The overall concept was neat: There are some good ones out there, e. This one just isn't. Too often the author is rattling off details [apparently] just to show he knows some military history.

And the endless justifications for why 20th century equipment and tactics are still the best in this age wears thin fast. Sure, this isn't Star Trek and the characters are military personnel, but the idea no one is excited by answering one of the greatest questions in the universe "Are we alone? I finished the book, but I doubt I will continue the series.

Captain Weston and his crew are thrown into an unusual situation on their shakedown cruise in the first real Earth spaceship, at least with jump capability. They handle the resulting conflicts with a lot of competence and this makes for an entertaining read. The story left one major aspect unexplained that should have been explained, and that was about the race of the initial contact.

Trying to avoid spoilers here!

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Also, I do not believe that there had been sufficient 'history" to explain why t Captain Weston and his crew are thrown into an unusual situation on their shakedown cruise in the first real Earth spaceship, at least with jump capability. Also, I do not believe that there had been sufficient 'history" to explain why the Captain and crew were so adept at fighting other space ships in space; why they had all the procedures and plans at their fingertips.

As far as I could tell all of the Earth war fighting had been done on land or using attacks from orbit. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the book and will look for the next one in due course. On second read, I enjoyed it a lot and will read more in this series. Mar 02, Banner rated it liked it Shelves: This is a classic space opera tale, big on space battles with a new twist of faster than light speed travel. First of series and it does a great job of setting up an extended plot without cheating you at the end of this tale. Character development was pretty good as far as it went meaning that when there wasn't space battles going on the characters were pretty interesting.

The battles were good but a little drawn out and detailed for my taste. I never could quite visualize some of the action, so This is a classic space opera tale, big on space battles with a new twist of faster than light speed travel. I never could quite visualize some of the action, so that's what made it seem drawn out to me.

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This was better than some of my 3 rating books, but not as good as some of my 4 so I went with a 3. Entertainment value is good, not much on the thought provoking side however I did like the theme of the use of violence vs peace, that was a minor thread. I do recommend and plan on continuing with the series. I'll admit that I did not finish this book. This is the only book on goodreads that I failed to finish and still reviewed.

I read most of the book a year ago and failed to get into it. Honestly, I think it was Evan Currie's writing style. I did not feel connected to the characters or absorbed into the space odyssey environment that I was promised. Nov 30, MrsJoseph rated it it was amazing Shelves: Good enough to make you want to read the rest of the series.

This is an engaging first contact, space military adventure. The Odyssey is the first spacecraft sent out from earth with a crew culled from the best of the best. They were really on a test mission, intended to see what the Odyssey can manage and do a little exploring beyond the Solar System. Now they know there are other human races in the universe… and other unknown, and apparently bru This is an engaging first contact, space military adventure.

Now they know there are other human races in the universe… and other unknown, and apparently brutal, alien beings. Captain Weston is new to the position of North American Confederation NAC spaceship captain but he is a battle experienced pilot having led the legendary Archangel Flight Group, the specialized fighter units. Weston tries to return their rescued passenger to her nearest planet world only to find an unimaginable situation. The other galaxy human characters have different backgrounds, views and technology that make the interaction interesting. The space travel tachyon dissolving and restoring particles is creepy and pretty disturbing, even to the characters.

The story moves at a good pace with action and mystery pulling my interest. I admit I spent a couple of nights listening later than I should. I recommend this as a fun, action packed ride to readers who like space opera and first contact genre. Darcie does a nice job with the narration.

He presents varied voices and captures the feel of the different characters. The narration moves at a good pace and enhanced my enjoyment of the story. The discovery of the new Transition Drive and the creation of the Odyssey One finally saw the end to a decades long war. You have a humanity that has grown achingly familiar with war that, when faced with peace, must struggle to find something to do with the droves of soldiers it has left on its hands.

Into the Black

Similarly you are also given a society with no experience with the organisational structure necessary for deep space travel. As a result unlike many other novels with a similar premise Into the Black reveals a ship whose crew is still growing used to the unique difficulties of a military force operating in deep space. This would be a fascinating aspect on its own but Currie uses it only as a background element to the more overt notions of duty and honor that drive the rest of the plot forward.

In a bit of an eye-rolling coincidence the crew of the Odyssey are quick to encounter a race of alien humanoids whose society has strayed far from the violent and war-like tendencies of humans. Thus there are many moments in Into the Black where our various human characters are forced to toll the virtues of service and the willingness to do violence in order to protect the greater good. Unfortunately, all these monologues are precisely that: To be completely fair all of that still manages to remain an entertaining and engaging read but there are many bits of information and hints that Currie drops which could have been used to give the novel a more well-rounded feel as well as some greater depth.

The characters of Into the Black are defined by what they do rather than who they are. In the end we are left with a group of characters that are all too similar to feel completely unique. There are flashes here and there of potential but again Currie backs away from those moments in keeping the plot pushing forward. Other than their roles aboard the Odyssey or elsewhere there is very little to help differentiate characters from one another.

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  8. Truth be told with as large a cast as the novel has there is just too little time spent behind the eyes of any single character to really get a handle on them beyond the basics. The sparks of creativity the Currie manages to achieve throughout the novel kept me pushing forwards and the mysteries he poses over the course of the novel will keep me coming back for future volumes.

    Military documentary fans, hard scifi fans. It was great to find our armed forces written with such nobility and compassion in the genre. Too often in science fiction there is a dark military industrial complex looking to rule the universe. This book takes place in a near future where the world is getting back on its feet after WWWIII, North American Block v "Warriors are never appreciated in peacetime, except by those they saved during the war.

    This book takes place in a near future where the world is getting back on its feet after WWWIII, North American Block vs Eastern Block, and taking its first foray out beyond our galaxy more for global moral purposes than scientific expectation. Captain Weston's Odyssey has a crew of scientists and a mix of military from all branches of the sharp end; the best of the best, deadliest of the deadly, were asked to join the crew as security. It is understood that this is the government putting them to pasture as the political climate switches from war to peacekeeping.

    For this the same reason all the best of the war time armaments are loaded onto the Odyssey resulting in a very well armed space exploration vessel expecting no trouble at all. Whatever the reasons I would never enter the unknown black of space any other way. Immediately after their first jump the Odyssey detects a distress signal that leads them to an escape pod amidst the remains of a recent space battle.

    The survivor is a very human woman from one of the many colonized and highly populated worlds with thousands of years of history we knew nothing about. She hints that our world could have evolved from "the others, the oath breakers" but, as there is a social stigma attached, she never goes into it. Besides, there are bigger issues, like what just killed two of her planets. Thousands of years of peaceful civilization had bred a complacency towards defense Weston and his crew have trouble understanding.

    Armed to the teeth or not the Odyssey did not venture into space to involve themselves in someone else's war, but neither will they stand for genocide. This is hard scifi with long, detailed, and very exciting battle scenes in space and on the ground. Romantic subplots were absent, I like romance in everything but it's a small matter. I enjoyed the narration free with kindle unlimited. Already downloaded the sequel! This was another debut military sci-fi novel, this time by Evan C. However, unlike the "Man of War" series I recently started as well, this one is not only quite clearly a "first novel", it is also clear that it was self-published first.

    Although it gets better near the end, the first part of the book is amateurish and difficult to continue listening to. It shows why good editors are so important in fiction writing. The author makes a number of choices in the story that simply are too mu This was another debut military sci-fi novel, this time by Evan C.

    The author makes a number of choices in the story that simply are too much to possibly believe. Feeling like a kind of cheap Star Trek copy, the novel starts with humanity's first faster-than-light ship's maiden voyage, that then quickly turns into a Jack Campbell-style military sci-fi romp.

    Odyssey One

    But the jump is way too sudden, and the situation utterly unbelievable. Almost immediately upon arriving at Alpha Centauri, the ship responds to a distress signal in yet another system, which they blindly follow, after which continues one unlikely decision after another until this fleet is involved in full-scale battles with alien forces. It is simply not believable that such a captain would make decisions like this, not based on our current knowledge of military procedures and extensive and careful prototype testing.

    While the book does get better later on at least the space battle are well done , it can't make up for the strange and out of place decisions that are made by both the author and characters in the first half. Another seriously unbelievable element is in the type of "aliens" they run into, although I won't spoil that particular point. Ultimately if he wanted to write an exploration novel, then exploration should have dominated the theme of the book and the conflict kept small and realistic. If he wanted to write military space battles, then he should have introduced us to a world in which this was already feasible, not tacking it on to what was essentially an exploration mission.

    Some people might disagree with me and say that it worked for them. If so, then please continue reading and I hope you enjoy the rest of the series. I'll be stopping here, thanks. I also need to give a language warning on this one: There is a lot of profanity, so this is definitely not for younger listeners or readers.

    Beyond the confines of our small world, far from the glow of our star, lies a galaxy and universe much larger and more varied than anyone on Earth can possibly imagine. For the new NAC spacecraft Odyssey and her crew, the unimaginable facets of this untouched world are about to become reality. The Odyssey's maiden voyage is an epic adventure destined to make history. Captain Eric Weston and his crew, pushing past the boundaries of security, encounter horrors, wonders, monsters, and people, all of which will test their resolve, challenge their abilities, and put in sharp relief what is necessary to be a hero.

    A first-rate military science fiction epic that combines old-school space opera and modern storytelling, Into the Black: