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Residential Design Using Autodesk Revit is designed for users completely new to Autodesk Revit. This text takes a project based approach to learning.
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To fix this, simply go to the Project Properties an adjusting the View Range to a more wider range. When viewing floor plans, you can change the view range under the Properties window and adjust it accordingly. Anything outside of this range will be clipped from the plan. When building Revit Families, creating different models for different Levels of Details can help in how fast the Revit Model can function later on.

When building a family, build a generic geometry such as a Box, Circle, or Linework to represent the Object and have it sit on top of the Detailed Model.

76 Autodesk Revit Tips and Shortcuts

Select the Detailed Model and Group it as one object. Uncheck Coarse and Medium and click OK. Similarly, select the Basic Geometric model mentioned earlier and edit its Visibility so that only Coarse and Medium are checked. Now a simplified geometric model will be used in place of the detailed model when Revit Views are set to Coarse or Medium.

This can allow users to work on the Model Space quickly without the need for the computer to process the detailed family model constantly.

Modern House Design In Revit (Time Lapse )

Adding two reference lines that intersect can act as a point of reference when placing views on sheets. Draw detail lines on the sheets for the views to snap to when place on the sheet. You can specify representational colors for your models categorically through your visibility settings. You can be more specific by opening the tree down further and only specifying certain parts of the Family be a certain color.

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In the screenshot above, all ducts are set to show as red. This will only affect the view currently opened. If you change views, this visibility needs to be set again. Any views that cut through an object such as a wall would show the Cut Lines and Cut Patterns. Linking Revit Files are essential in using external models as references in order to detect clashes between models.

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Make sure these Linked Revit Files are placed in the correct locations and are pinned down to ensure correct referencing. The difference between Linking and Importing is the ability to update. Linking a CAD or Revit file will allow the Revit file to check the file and update if the reference file is changed at all. Imported files will not update and will stay the same as when it was imported.

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Make an effort to learn the keyboard shortcuts for common commands in Revit. You may customize the shortcuts to your preference, but it is suggested you learn the existing shortcut layouts so you can work interchangeably with others easily. Often times, you may not be able to fully comprehend a model in just a single view.

Keep the Project Browser clean by deleting these views afterwards if you do not intend to use them in the future. When you create a section view, you can right click the section line and click Go To View to directly open up the corresponding section view. Adjusting the depth of view for the section using the drag-bar can control what is being cropped out of the section. Adjusting the drag-bar on the left and right will adjust what is being cropped in the section view.

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  4. Creating sections and 3D Views will create these views under the Project Browser. If you are going to utilize this view in the future, do not delete it.

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    The advantage to these views over the typical floor plan, elevation, and section views is that it enables the users to quickly see the model in different views without creating new sections, floor plans, or elevations that may clutter your project browser. To view particular sections of the model, enable the section box within the properties window and adjust the box to section the model in the desired location. Utilize the viewcube in combination with this section box to see sections of the model quickly.

    You can also orient the view to a direction that corresponds to the project coordinates, e. The selected objects in one view will remain selected in other views, helping you locate these objects in the different views. To orient a 3D view in another view, right click the ViewCube and select Orient to View and then select the view type and name.

    To orient a 3D view in a specific direction, right click the ViewCube and select Orient to a Direction, and then select a direction. When working with families such as ducts, it is important to make sure these dimensions are as precise as possible.

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    5. If they are estimations, they should still be set to a whole integer. In the case seen above, the initial duct was set with dimensions that are not rounded. Change these numbers to whole integers by selecting the duct, then clicking on the dimension number. This will allow you to change the dimension to a set number. Press enter and this dimension will be adjusted. When inputting certain fields of measures into different Revit fields, such as the length of a wall, you can put away the calculator.

      Revit can read formulas in this fields, and will calculate this formula for you. Prior to selecting the line for the wall, set the location line to either exterior or interior to ensure the walls created line up to the edge of the linework. Create the wall and trim, align, or extend accordingly. Rooms are essential for scheduling, especially in a multi-discipline team. Make sure they are the correct height by turning on a cut section and looking for the room fill. Otherwise you can click on the room and set its height in the properties.

      This ensures all fixtures are correctly assigned to the room and that the room is the right size for MEP calculations. If you need objects to move in a certain direction ever so slightly, but sacrifice precision, you can nudge them by using the arrow keys with the object selected.

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      The closer you zoom into the object, the finer the nudge will become. Vice versa, as you zoom out, the nudge is greater. Holding Shift while nudging will increase the amount of nudge as well. Joseph demonstrates a straightforward, down-to-earth teaching style in order to reach students at widely differing levels of expertise. His extensive product knowledge and exuberant teaching style makes Joseph a consistently highly rated instructor at NetCom Learning.

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      This Course is also part of: Do you have the right background for Autodesk Revit Architecture Advanced? Additional features such as tags, schedules and photorealistic rendering will be covered.

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      About the Videos Access to nearly videos, almost five hours of content, is also included with your purchase of this book. These videos break down each topic into several short videos so that you can easily navigate to a specific aspect of a tool or feature in Autodesk Revit. This makes the videos both a powerful learning tool and convenient video reference. The videos make it easy to see the menu selections and will make learning Revit straightforward and simple. Courseware eBooks eLearning Purchasing Options.